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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please and Thank You, What About Showing Class?

(The above picture says...SHAME)
Well well well, so the first day of the spectacle comes to an end, I want to talk about about day one but first, first we have to discuss recent history!

As we all know Gordon Campbell is arrogant,smug, selfish, corrupt and a Habitual Liar, we know he has lied his face off over B.C. Rail, over tearing up contracts, Gordon Campbell tells more lies than Tiger Woods, back in the 90s the NDP came up with a slogan for advertising British Columbia.....The Slogan was....

"Super Natural British Columbia" and I personally loved those ads, the scenery, the NDP along with Tourism BC nailed it, it was the perfect slogan because we are "Super Natural" ....From our Salmon to the Orca to vast river systems,from one end to the other British Columbia is "Super Natural".

But, mentally I can read Gordon Campbell like a book, he is arrogant,smug, selfish, and I imagine Gordon was a greedy child, underneath his skin is a vindictive child mind, now why would I say that, let`s get back to "Super Natural British Columbia"......The greatest and most accurate description of BC, in fact those ads were copied by countries all over the world,but no other country was "super Natural" but BC....So along comes the child mind Gordon Campbell who is greedy,doesn`t like to share and Gordon Campbell went out of his way to destroy "Super Natural British Columbia" not just the slogan but our land,sea and wildlife. And friends, we got rid of super natural BC only to replace it with Gordon Campbell`s slogan....."The best place on earth" .

You see the arrogance in that slogan, but that`s how Gordon Campbell`s mind works,the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell can`t raise the minimum wage in BC ever, meanwhile he has given himself two massive pay increases and a lucrative golden parachute pension, yes indeed, Gordon Campbell,a greedy little child mind!

Lets go back to last summer, Gordon Campbell appeared on the "Today Show" on NBC....It was in the morning and he was talking Olympics, why is that important, simple, Gordon Campbell invited Americans and the world to come to BC for the 2010 Olympic games, when the host of the Today Show mentioned Olympic medals Gordon Campbell said.

"Your welcome to win Bronze or Silver medals but the Gold medals are all ours" Snip.......You see folks, arrogance, the appearance reeked, Gordon Campbell again displayed his inner selfish child mind.....Which brings me to our 2010 games, as you know between all levels of governments(but mainly BC) an Olympic program was developed, the cost over the last 5 years for the "Own the Podium" program is/was $120 million dollars, well with a team of 206 members it works out to nearly 1/2 million dollars per athlete, now I don`t have a problem with the money I have a problem with the name..."Own the Podium".......Another Gordon Campbell name selection, and it`s greedy,selfish,arrogant, own the podium, who the heck are we to say we are going to own the podium, the world media has noticed the name "Own the Podium" and they feel the same way,we`re acting arrogant,cocky and I agree, why couldn`t our program been called..."Strive for your Best"....or...."no gain without pain".....Okay that last one is a little hokey but it`s better than..."Own the Podium".

A luge slider died yesterday,tragic, should never have happened, the world media and reporters have sniffed out a story, a story about denying other teams practice time on the world`s fastest sliding track, about going out of our way to gain an advantage, I have heard that about every Olympic Venue in B.C.....And friends I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Gordon child mind Campbell is behind this ......CHEATING, Gordon Campbell and his entire party have been lying,cheating, and selling out the province, in fact the slogan for the BC Liberal party is...."We only cheat when we can`t win".

So day one has come to an end, the highlights are in my head, the men`s 1500 meter skate, we had two potential medalists, one got eliminated in a quarter final as did the other, the second quarter final our Canadian got tripped up by a competitor and the judges ruled our Canadian could go through to the final because of the trip....And in that final he finished a distant 4th....Both of these skaters in my opinion didn`t represent Canada well,I`m not talking about their athletic ability, I`m talking about the appearance of Sportsmanship.....But the most egregious display of the Gordon Campbell effect was at Cypress Mountain....The Girls moguls.

I watched intently all day, there was 27 skiers in the preliminary round and 20 skiers would advance to the final mogul run....The running order went by scores in the first round, the worst lowest scoring skier went first in the final and the best Preliminary round scorers skied last in the final.....Which set up an interesting final, our best Canadian in moguls skied second to last and an American skier was the last one down the mogul run....

Anyways, our girl (Heil is her name) skied a great mogul run and her score put her in the gold medal position with one American skier to go....And lo n behold the final American skier made even a faster,better run and knocked (heil) out of the Gold medal and into Silver medal position...So the Cypress mountain mogul event was America Gold..Canada Silver...And America Bronze.....

Now I understand everyone wants gold but Silver is okay.....But the display on the mountain by our girl (Heil)was....Gordon Campbell like.....The three medalists were on the mountain waving and celebrating.....No friends that`s not true...The two Americans were jumping for joy, the gold medal winner was ecstatic, the American Bronze medal winner was so excited,smiling,waving,teary....The American Bronze medal winner was on top of the world, she was thrilled to have a Bronze medal.....Meanwhile our Silver medalist was sulking, not excited,barely a wave, the last event of the day being broadcast to the world and we showed selfishness, arrogance,poor sportsmanship, we displayed a Gordon Campbell child mind selfish hissy fit for the world to see!

You see friends, the games are cursed,Gordon Campbell with his "Best place on earth".....Gordon Campbell`s "Own the Podium"......Has turned bad karma towards us.

I hope we win more medals, I don`t know what our athletes were promised if they win a Gold Medal, but something is up,something that has tainted our country, it smells of Gordon Campbell.....However, someone needs to have a serious talk to all our athletes and remind them the world is watching,they need to be reminded, "Don`t be like Gordon Campbell"....Try Showing some class.....And a 300 to nothing score in Girls Hockey isn`t helping matters!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

I have to disagree with your observation on Jennifer Heil. She may not have been dancing in the streets with her second place finish, but what you saw was disappointment with not having won considering the pressure put upon her by the media etc. The media's obsession with the fact that no Canadian has ever won a gold medal at any olympics while competing on Canadian soil is probably exerting undue pressure on our athletes. Considering that she was the defending olympic champion in this discipline from the last winter olympics and the media pressure heaped upon her to repeat must have been a tremendous strain on her. I'm surprised that she didn't just wilt under the expectations and fail to medal altogether. What I think you saw was her reaction to the failure to attain what was not possible on this day. To equate her to Gordon Campbell does a disservice to her dedication to her sport and to her character which is unwarranted.

I was very impressed by two of the athletes. The young lady who won the bronze exhibited the most excitement I can ever recall by anyone. When they presented the flowers after the event was over, she was just bubbling over with enthusiasm which was a joy to observe.

The other was the way Kristi Richards dealt with adversity. She was obviously a medal contender, but adversity struck and she fell partway down the course losing a ski in the process. She could have just picked up her ski and walked off, but knowing that the Canadian fans were at the bottom of the hill, she picked up the ski, fought with the binding to get her ski back on then finished her run as if nothing was awry. She was one classy act.

I dislike Gordon Campbell and what he stands for as much a you and many others do, but I think comparing him to any of Canada's athletes does nothing but a disservice to their dedication to the various sports that they represent. As far as I know none of them have lied, cheated or obfuscated to get to where they are. We can't say that about Gordo, can we?

Evil Eye said...

Now didn't the government promise anyone who won a gold medal in this Olympics, will receive $1 million?

The real scandal is over the Luge fiasco where, tut-tut, it was really the participants fault for the accident and not the fact he came into contact at 140 kph with unpadded steel beams.

Oh no, no, no, not our fault is the refrain from VANOC, it is his fault!

Grant G said...

Crankypants...I`m proud of all athletes who achieve this level,just being chosen for an Olympics should be a thrill.

No one is a bad as Gordon Campbell,true...But she has (Heil)medals and achievment already...

Unfortunately the woman`s moguls was yesterday`s prime-time event, she,all athletes have to think about the world optics,especially since in the world of media and sport the "own the podium" program is causing a unhealthy stir...

As for the bullshit about never winning gold on home soil....How many Olympics has Canada held as host?....30 times...50 times...10 times...

This is the third time...Montreal in 72...Calgary in 88.....Vancouver in 2010...Not exactly a curse....Still with the womans moguls...Another American competitor who fell during her final run....Her husband was sent packing by Vanoc...Apparently he was banned from all venues for trying to get to Cypress mountain without credentials(It adversly affected her performance)....Yet that American athlete who was upset about the treatment her Husband got,the athlete carried rose petals in her pocket,they were for good luck,given to her by her barred husband...She fell in the final, got up,finished her run,at the bottom of the run she had a grin from ear to ear,smiled and waved...The Korean athletes are promised a pay cheque for life if they win gold.
Cranky,we can do better,better with the optics seen by others...As for your assumption that Heil was upset...Well there were 24 other "upset" athletes in that event..I`m sure Heil is a beautiful soul and mind...She just didn`t display that on the mountain like the Gold and Bronze winners did.

Anonymous said...

What the hell ever became of BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA ? Oh I think Gordon (KORSIKOFFS) Campbell must have thrown a screw into that slogan also. On that note I say LET'S PUT THE BEAUTIFUL BACK IN BC, OUST GORDON CAMPBELL !!!

Anonymous said...

Grant said "back in the 90s the NDP came up with a slogan for advertising British Columbia.....The Slogan was...."Super Natural British Columbia"

'Super, Natural British Columbia' was the ad slogan for the tourism ministry launched under Grace McCarthy during the early 1980's.

It was also effectively used in the massive television advertising campaign launched in the State of California prior to Expo '86.

Anonymous said...

My license plates are simple, BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA. I could give a hoot less about expo 86 or Grace somebody. Either campaign is less insulting than Gordon (KORSIKOFFS) Campbells best place on earth. Who voted for this piece of s#@@t ?

Grant G said...

Okay...I may be wrong on when "super Natural British Columbia" came about...I certainly don`t remember it way back then,I guess I was too young...However..The NDP were smart enough to keep what works,you don`t gut success over politics,or at least you shouldn`t....

Gordon campbell came-up with "The best place on earth"..I hate that...Late last year over pressure from professional advertisers,pressure from tourism BC..."Super Natural British Columbia" was brought back!

Here is another slogan you may remember..."Buy BC"

Remember that slogan on BC fruit and produce...Gordon Campbell killed that slogan because the NDP created it...And guess what..

BC`s fruit and produce manufacturers want "BUY BC" back..

On another note...The Canadian athletes today were all classy, there was no pouting over bronze or silver today...And guess what,we got our gold medal....

As for owning the podium, I wouldn`t count on it and who cares..10 medals..12 medals..20 medals..It doesn`t matter.

What matters is we try our best and show some class.


Anonymous said...

Grant, further to my previous 'Super, Natural BC' post, you are right. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 'The Best Place on Earth' is not only arrogant but turns people off both inside and outside of BC.

Leah said...

It likely wouldn't turn me off so much IF it were the truth Anon. It hasn't been the truth since Idjit took office!

Anonymous said...

Grant G Ive never seen you print anything so nice about Korsakoff Campbell as the above comment. I hope your not feeling sorry for this grey haired devil. By that I mean you didn't even refer to him as habitual, a lier, convicted felon, or the putrid disgusting individual piece of S#$$#t that he is.

Grant G said...

I was feeling Patriotic for a nano second..My Mistake...Forgiveness please!


Anonymous said...

Carry on Grant. We love ya on the big island.