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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jane Thornthwaite apology rings hollow!

Time for a serious discussion on ethics, thousands of Canadians are killed by drunk drivers every year.

When I lived in south Burnaby several years back,my apartment looked out onto Richmond park(In south Burnaby,don`t let the name fool you) I could barely walk as I was still not recovered from a serious leg injury and never will, anyway, one summer day in the early evening (5:00PM ish)...I heard kids screaming from the park (There is a little kid play area in the park and a community center adjacent to the park)...I limped to my bottom floor balcony and looked out to the park,to my amazement there was a little Honda car rat racing in and around the children at a high rate of speed,right inside the grassy park, I as quick as I could limped over my balcony and went to the park,on my way to the park the car took off, being angered beyond belief I asked if anyone knew who the idiot was...No one knew, I waited a few minutes and lo n behold the car appeared on the other side of the park and was heading down the road towards where it had entered the park the first time, I wasn`t sure if it was the same car but I went limping towards where it entered the park the first time, down the road came the car and then I saw it starting a 90 degree turn towards the park,the car had to hop the curb to enter the park,the car arrived, I arrived, I bolted(Pure adrenalin) towards the car and placed myself directly in front of the car, it revved it`s motor and inched towards me, it stopped, parents and kids congregated at the scene, the driver got out and cursed at me to move, I grabbed him by the collar and said your under arrest,I yelled for someone to call 911....5 minutes later the police arrived and hauled the man away, his eyes were bloodshot,he reeked of booze,he had no shoes on and one sock, his car had empty bottles all over the front and back seat,the drunk driver who blew triple the limit was lucky he never killed a child! The parents and community center staff called me a hero, I`m not a hero, I`m a protector of those who can`t protect themselves,it`s not in my nature to walk away.

But what I want to talk about is Jane Thornthwaite`s apology.

Would Jane Thornthwaite`s apology mean anything if she struck another car and there were minor injuries? Would she resign if she caused minor physical injuries? What if she killed someone,would she then resign? What if Jane Thornthwaite crashed her car into a telephone pole and had minor injuries to herself,would she resign then? These questions need to be answered, I was watching Global news tonight wondering what coverage it would get, 20 minutes into the news they did a 30 second spot, I then switched to CTV news at 11:30 with Bill Good to see what coverage he would give the story,a brief 30 second piece but then what happened shocked me, Bill Good said the people of North Vancouver were prepared to forgive her,they had 3 people whose names weren`t mentioned and showed the viewers what these anonymous people said...The first person said, "Well she did say sorry"...The second person said..."It`s not a good example but I can forgive her".....The third person said.." She has accepted responsibility for her actions,we all make mistakes" snip

Well friends, that was the most disgusting piece of dribble I have ever seen, CTV and Bill Good, a few hours after the story was reported and that BC Liberal news and radio hack Bill Good was making the case for forgive and forget,CTV and Bill Good should be utterly ashamed of themselves!

The Global news report said she was pulled over at a road block on Main Street under the second narrows bridge, that`s a long way from the sea bus, we know from her twitter account two days before this incident,while out partying she tweeted "BC wine is the best"

Did she take the sea bus that night, if she did she must have drunk and drove that night too, there must be witnesses who can attest to her actions two days before Jane Thornthwaite being busted for Drunk driving, by now you have heard or read Jane Thornthwaite`s statement, she said she knows drinking and driving is wrong,dangerous,she said she knew better, but we know that rings hollow because she drove anyway, how can anyone say I know it was wrong and dangerous but I did it anyway but I`m sorry and I take full responsibility, that doesn`t make sense,that`s a lie and I`m not afraid of libel from Jane Thornthwaite, the Tyee might pussy foot around but I won`t, if she sued me the publicity would be great, but that`s not the issue here,the issue is endangering lives and knowingly breaking the law on more than one occasion, unless she brings forth a witness to say they drove her home the night she tweeted about how great BC wine is, and testified under oath, I feel very safe in my accusations.

So is there really a difference between the drunk driver who just gets caught without a car accident or injury,is there really a difference? I don`t think so, Jane Thornthwaite must resign or be kicked out of Government, it must happen, for to "forgive and forget" is allowing this practice to continue, if a public figure knows his or her job is over for this type of infraction they will be less likely to offend, Gordon Campbell has no morals or ethics so don`t expect him to make Jane Thornthwaite resign, another real funny irony is this, she made a Christmas message for the public where she urged everyone to "Not drink and drive through the holiday season"

These anonymous people who were giving Jane Thorthwaite support on CTV amaze me, especially the one who said "At least she has taken responsibility for her actions"... Has she?

No bloody way, what else would she say in her written statement ....Would she say ..I take no responsibility for my actions, I was force fed booze, they put a gun to my head to drive, no friends the apology rings hollow.

And I would like to leave this with you, could you imagine, you know what would be an honest apology and taking responsibility, if after the first night she drunk and drove, Jane Thornthwaite made a public statement ...Imagine this because you will never see it...

I Jane Thornthwaite the other night drank wine and spirits, I drove intoxicated to my home in North Vancouver, I had no accidents and made it home safely, I never got pulled over but I should have been pulled over, I apologize to all the visitors to the Province of BC, I apologize to the people of BC, I let each and everyone of you who voted for me down, I failed in my duty as a public servant, even though I never got caught for drinking and driving I feel it is important to confess and to promise to never ever drink and drive again.

That my friends would be honest, Jane Thornthwaite`s after the fact apology rings nothing but hollow, she makes over a 100 hundred thousand dollars per year, she can afford a taxi, she must resign, she must set the example for the rest to follow.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

I wonder how much Gordo pays Bill Boring to soft pedal bad Liberal news?

I wonder what perks Baldry's wife gets for the great Victoria New Bureau to soft pedal bad Liberal News.

With Palmer it is quite simple, write bad news Liberal stories: lose job.

Thus the "Best Place In Earth" retains its status.

Herr Goebels would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

blowing over has a whole different meaning to a liberal drunk for
example :
if it doesn't make the news it will blow over

Grant G said...

Interesting, I was wondering how Bill Good was going to play the Drunk Driving BC Liberal story this morning...And guess what,an unexpected NO SHOW from Bill Good,Coincidence? No way,wait a day,say nothing, hope the story goes away,heard 2 morning newscasts so far today and nothing,for some reason the story has vanished!


Anonymous said...

Just before Christmas of 09 there was a huge counter attack program that went on all over the province, the liberal M.L.A. in question should resign ... now ! how much did that counter attack program cost us?, to put the entire province thro that then climb into her car loaded... my god the thought makes me sick
was she slurping B.C. wines as a government official? was she there on a taxpayer funded ticket doing business for the province?
yeah lady you let us down.... now resign

Anonymous said...

With Gordon (Korsakaoff) Campbell as her master don't expect any type of resignation period !!
He set that example long ago in Maiu. I'm sure this lady will be added to his liquor cabinet soon.

Anonymous said...

gordo the drunk will do his damnest to hide this story. He is a lier, he is a womanizer, and has mental issues. This woman should resign and show good character and help families that have been destroyed by drunks.

Kam Lee

lailayuile said...

This is a very, very important story to follow and keep in the news. Considering the support given by many agencies and government to the parents of that dear sweet little girl in Delta that was killed by a drunk driver, Alexa Middelaer, they had better make an example out of this woman.

Full details of the parents struggles here: http://www.act4alexa.com/media/Province_May.pdf

and here: http://www.act4alexa.com/media/WESTWORLD.pdf

And the site that details what they are doing and have done to combat drunk driving with stiffer penaltiess here: www.actforalexa.com

Clearly, this MLA is very lucky she didn't kill someones child,mother, father... I would hope her constiuents call for her resignation immediately, as I doubt she can say that she is an alcoholic and is going to go into treatment, which is what always seems to come out in cases like this.

Anonymous said...

Those MLA pay raises are sure attracting higher proof candidates eh Gordo!

jaydee said...

Is there no law to prevent elected B.C. Liberals with drunk driving convictions and drunk driving charges from holding office and stepping down when charged? Is Campbell not required to be bonded and if not, why not and if Campbell is bonded his criminal conviction would void his bond and how could it be that he still holds office? Something has to change to make it mandatory they resign and lose their $800,000.00+ pensions. What is the count on Liberals charged or on charges now? Too many for me to recall off hand. Thornthwaite, school trustee, mla, Campbell, premier, what a great example these Liberals are for children, especially teenagers.

Anonymous said...

On average a person has operated a Motor Vehicle 135 times, before being apprehended.
Based on that Statistic, how would you enjoy sharing the roads with the esteemed Ms. Jane Thornthwaite?
You wouldn't..............


jaydee said...

I was waiting for this, MADD is calling for Thornthwaite to step aside. That would be sweet but they weren't successful with Himself in 2003.

jaydee said...

Reading .11

Crankypants said...

There are a couple of things that irritate me about this whole situation. She was quoted as having said that she didn't think she was impaired and thus was okay to drive. If her judgement is this poor, what sort of judgement will she bring to the table involving political issues?

The other is her apology. She is only sorry about one thing, and that is getting caught, not about what she had done.

Grant G said...

That`s right Cranky....

Jane Thornthwaite apology was pathetic, she believes her only mistake was having just a wee little bit too much, she was trying to squeak under 0.8....

Which means but one thing...

She has drunk and drove over and over again..

Like I said over at the Tyee as Whiskey river...

It`s a 24 hour suspension if you admit to even one drink,that is the law....

Crankypants,you won`t believe this,John Macolm asked for callers tonight on the subject of..Should she be forgiven or resign...

The last caller said and I quote..."She should be forgiven,everyone breaks the law,even me,I`m calling and talking on a cell phone while cruising down the highway, everyone drinks and drives"

Statistics say...A drinking driver drives drunk 135 times before their caught, does anyone believe this was Jane Thornthwaite`s first time drunk behind the wheel?

When pigs fly!

Anonymous said...

Grant, have you seen a photo of this LIEberal Thorntwaite? Look at her face!!!! She looks like a glug, glug, glug! LOL

Grant G said...

Oh indeed I have....

Her picture,you can tell that her lips are never far from the jug.

It`s going to be a very interesting spring session in Victoria.

Anonymous said...

A dear friend of mine was t-boned by a drunk driver 6 years ago. We caught him the next day. Part of her fender was impaled into his car's front end. The Port Moody police said, "Thank god we got him, he has been ticketed many times." The upshot of the accident, my friend has had 3 major neck operations (it was broken from the impact), and will have a final fusing this year. By the way her operation was re-scheduled several times, the latest cancellation was because of the owelypics. I say she, and her master, gordo the head "bater", should resign and leave us alone. I can hardly wait for the Virk / Basi trials to start. You can run piss tank gordo, but you can’t hide!

Kam Lee