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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Matter of Respect

Sometimes when I`m out and about whether it be waiting for a ferry, buying groceries or waiting in a bank line-up I tend to stare, I can`t explain it, people gaze at me and it`s not for my good looks or lack there of, many times people ask me what I`m looking at and the answer is nothing, despite an intense looking stare I am always deep in thought, the ability to see everything with clarity while formulating deep thought, I hardly blink an eye for that`s all it takes to miss something.

The last few years my mind has been burning, I listen to conversations and time and time again the words I hear are of anger or disappointment and always it`s government related, this raging fire ablaze in my head cannot be put out, maybe I am in need of therapy, time to concede, capitulate to the powers that be but something prevents me from laying down, I try and educate people where ever I go, funny though, where ever I have lived the riding has never voted for Gordon Campbell with the exception of 2001, in South Burnaby while riding buses I have made public speeches pointing out the crimes of Gordon Campbell, while listening to people and if I hear them complaining of one thing or another I go out of my way to tell them why it has happened, and almost always the culprit is Gordon Campbell and his MLAS.

Occasionally my outrage can`t be contained, 2 years back I was on the radio twice a week and I was determined to embarrass Gordon Campbell, for months I talked about insulin pumps for children with diabetes, the heart felt statements I made about Campbell`s inability to fund insulin pumps for poor kids on the radio, and you know what, the BC Liberals relented, and in typical Campbell fashion he announced he was going to fund the pumps for poor families with a photo-op, I didn`t care about the photo-op as long as young kids could live a normal life, I felt the weekly embarrassment I threw at Gordon Campbell worked, but as usual with Gordon Campbell the devil was in the details for it turns out that although he was going to fund poor families who qualified financially he set the limit on yearly funding at $2 million dollars, or about 200 kids, well friends there are over a thousand families with small children with the bad type of diabetes who qualify financially, just so we are all clear the serious type of diabetes these kids need many shots per day, they need to be tested multiple times per day and for 3 year olds, 6,7, 10 year old children their lives are on hold, these kids without an automatic pump can`t attend parties,field trips, sleep overs at friends, but with an insulin pump that costs about $10,000 dollars they can be regulated by this device and children can have their childhood back, and here as I gaze intently at nothing another fire rages, $600 million for a retractable roof and the insulin pump program is capped at $2 million per year or roughly 200 kids, but what about the other 1000 poor children waiting for insulin pumps, for with $20 million dollars all the poor children can have pumps, other provinces fund these pumps but not here in BC, I have heard there are so many loop-holes designed to deny families or only partially fund them, there is a 40,000 $ dollar cut-off for family income, well friends in this town,this province $40,000 for a family income is the poverty level.

But I ask you this, what do you say to the 1000 kids on the waiting list? next year? Maybe you will be chosen next year Billy, be patient Sally, you know childhood comes around but once, it`s short,fleeting, once kids reach a certain age they can test and inject themselves, how long is a year in a life of a child, with the massive spike in diabetes the Gordon Campbell $2 million per year program will never catch up or reduce the waiting lists, you know diet is important, poor families eat poorer quality food so the problem gets exasperated with the poor, Pepsi,coca cola, McDonalds, the big advertisers are as guilty as anyone for causing the spike in diabetes, but what I really wanted to talk about is respect, how can anyone fund that retractable roof for $600 million dollars while only $2 million per year for insulin pumps, what dis-respect to those families, yet this Government, this cowardly gutless Gordon Campbell who dis-respected us by lying about selling BC Rail, he dis-respected 9000 female workers when he tore up a legally negotiated contract and fired all of them.

Dis-respect for Wild Salmon, Campbell has lied and gored everyone`s ox, and for those who tried to speak up were gagged with an illegal law, a gag law that was approved by an ex- judge who knew it was illegal,that judge being Wally Oppal, the same Wally Oppal who Gordon Campbell wants to be the chief judge in BC, that of course is illegal,we have no Chief judge in BC right now because Gordon Campbell is working on breaking that law as well, mark my words,Wally Oppal by hook or by crook will be appointed to that position, a slap in the face of the judiciary,Gordon Campbell never met a law he wouldn`t break, when the new Government takes over I fully intend to lobby to have illegal contracts that are financially harmful to the public to be torn-up,that goes for all the power buying agreements,we don`t have to honour contracts based on lies, what`s good for the BC Liberals is good for the NDP.

The 2009 election was an insult to every BC voter, the election was an illegal fraud, the deficit, the HST, the cuts, the "Stealing of gaming grants" Gordon Campbell has no mandate to steal from us, recall, whatever it takes, the Cambie merchants were dis-respcted,they were told lies, no compensation, Susan Heyes and Cameron Ward, courageous warriors, yet I have heard many times on the radio and TV that Susan Heyes "Won $600,000 Dollars", that offends me,CKNW portray Susan Heyes law suit as a win, like a lottery win, Michael Smyth especially called the law suit "A Win" friends,Susan Heyes never "won" anything,the case isn`t over and those are her financial losses, there is no win, being made whole isn`t a windfall, it`s justice, Rich Coleman, Mike De Jong, Kevin Falcon,George Abbot, Shirley Bond, Pat Krueger, Wally Oppal, everyone of those habitual liars have dis-respected us, Wally Oppal especially, a man who knows the law, an ex-judge who when bringing in the gag law....You know what Wally Oppal said about the Gag Law?....Wally said.."I hoisted the Gag law up a flag pole to see how it would fly" Snip....

Can you imagine, an ex- judge bringing in laws he knows are illegal, a cowardly man you are Wally Oppal, you gave away any respect you had at the behest of Gordon Campbell, you are not worthy Wally Oppal, in fact any credentials you have should be torn up, $ 100 million dollars for rental of Whistler for the Olympics, $35 million for the owners of GM place for Olympic events, every crown corporation funneling money to Vanoc, Campbell has stated that mining companies who had leases in the Flathead valley "will be compensated" yet the Cambie merchants, flight schools, heli-skiing companies, none of these entities will get a dime from the Province, there are two sets of rules with Gordon Campbell, those who pay the BC Liberal party and those who don`t. A corrupt political party, Richard Nixon went down for a few minutes of tape while Gordon Campbell has ordered the destruction of thousands of documents!

Alexandra Morten has been dis-respected,injured workers have been left with nothing, seniors, my god the betrayal against seniors is beyond compare, Kam Lee wrote about his father in law, his wife`s father being treated with such dis-respect, I could feel his pain,it`s real and will never go away, Pete Piercey was dis-respected and robbed by the Campbell government, thousands of seniors have been left to die waiting, this year Gordon Campbell jacked up their care rates, seniors in these homes are now left with like $100 per month out of their pensions, and that Lying bastard Kevin Falcon was smiling and tee heeing when he announced the increases, I am not a violent person but I have heard people saying they wish Gordon Campbell and his cabinet ministers would drop dead, I could care less if the entire Campbell government all perished in a plane accident or died of food poisoning, the pain and suffering Gordon Campbell has inflicted upon the masses, the pain and suffering Gordon Campbell and his ministers have refused to alleviate, it`s a matter of respect, how many tears, how many Kam Lee`s, how many Grant G`s, how many young children with diabetes have to be dis-respected, what will it take for even one member of this government to stand up for those who can`t stand up on their own, how many seniors have to sit in soiled under garments for days, eat unhealthy foods, how many surgeries have to cancelled, how many people have to fly planes into buildings, how many more suicide notes will it take, it`s a matter of respect, how many of you would respect a sacrificial Martyr?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

If Campbell doesn't have the onset of Korsakoffs disease,then he's in full blown mode. Another one of this dispicable Campbells laws was the one in which govt. can sue its critics for defamation. Shit in Nanaimo the former mayor Gary Korpan is sueing a couple of citizens for a bumper sticker that read "free nanaimo from koruption" funny thing is fat ass Korpan also made a feable attempt to represent the Liebrals in one of the nanaimo ridings. google his name for more info on this fat arse wannabe Liebral. The good thing is the BCCLA has got on board to speak for the falsely accused. This Campbell govt. is pathetic and I like yourself Grant tell everyone I know at every opportunity that this arse Campbell and his band of liars has to go.

Kim said...

Can we sue Campbell in a class action suit for breach of the public trust? Can we sue the Conservative Party of Canada for breach of the public trust? They seem to be suing the people all the time, at least Mulrooney does!

Kim said...

Grant, would you mind enlarging your text just a smidge?

Pitty-Pat said...

First time I've tuned in.

It's almost overwhelming to hear someone else give voice to what's rolling around in my head.

If anyone can get a copy of the broadcast of Gordon Campbell's acceptance/victory speech after he was first elected premier, you will see the real Gordon Campbell right there. Instead of being elated or humbled or grateful, he was almost purple with vindictiveness and rage. I'd love to see that clip again, and to have others see it too. From that moment on, I knew BC was gone. Now it is.

Thanks so much Grant. I need to hear more from you.

Grant G said...

Kim,I increased the text size one notch.

Pitty Pat, thanks for tuning in,hope you`re not shy or easily offended, nothing is held back here at the Straight Goods,what`s your pleasure,Run of River,Wind Power, Corruption,Salmon,BC Ferries, we have it all, and anything not covered here the fine folks in the Favorite Blogs list will have it.


jaydee said...

A relief it is knowing there is someone like Grant G. out there doing such great work. Lotsa good reading to keep you going - read through his blog archive on top right hand of page...and the graphics are the best too.

Crankypants said...

Campbell will go down as the worst Premier there ever was in BC. There's a legacy for his granchildren to cling to as they make their way through life.

Unfortunately, I believe that we have the mainstream media to blame for his last two elections. Whether they were bought off or just too bloody lazy to do their jobs I cannot say. The majority of people still depend on the MSM for truthful information or what they perceive as truthful. The MSM has failed to deliver and we are all the poorer for it. Even when the opposition was on top of an issue and had Campbell on the ropes, the MSM would do their best to discredit the NDP.

I still suspect Campbell to head for the hills shortly after the olympics before he faces the wrath of the BC Liberal backroom boys and is turfed. The Libs will then choose a new leader, probably someone that seems to be a moderate type and hope to snow the electorate anew. What people need to be reminded of is that Campbell did not carry out his atrocities on his own. He was aided and abetted by the rest of the Liberal MLAs, and they must be held to account for both their actions and inactions.

You don't get rid of a cancer by only removing part of it. You must remove it all, and the BC Liberal party has been nothing but a cancer for the past nine years.


Evil Eye said...

The truth be known Grant Susan Heyes lost big time, her estimated loss of business was will over double of that of the award and then a large portion of her award went to her lawyer. Susan's actual recovery for "nuisance" was a fraction of her actual loss, but you would never hear that from the mainstream media. All one heres from the MSM is boo-hoo, sob, sob, the Cambie St. subway (which may have cost up to 10 times more than LRT on Arbutus) was for the public good and boo-hoo, lawsuits from gold-digging merchants may stop all public transit projects in the province.

No facts or truths about the RAV/Canada Line have ever been published in the MSM!

Has Bill Boring ever said that the Canada Line cost about double its original estimate? It went from $1.3 billion to almost $2.5 billion. No, no, and No.

All we are going to hear today is that the Canada Line carried, 157,000 people on....., no it was 200,000.........no, oh no it was 300,000 people on Saturday or Sunday or what ever day TransLink says, because Bill boring, just like the rest of the MSM read TransLink News Releases as real news, not propaganda.

Herr Goebels would have been never prouder!

Grant G said...

The MSM...A Pathetic bunch of toe-jam eaters..

Susan Heyes..Oh yea, Michael Smyth and other describing her a "Striking Gold" with the Award, it makes me sick....And the way over budget on Canada Line and Golden ears Bridge and other projects and the media couldn`t bothered to google up anything or ask one question....

Even today,as i write this comment I`m listening Translink and Bill Good defend Skytrain...Apparantly thousands and thousands of Vancouver partiers and Olympic event attendees are getting upset that that skytrain shuts down at 1:30 AM...

The only big city Transit system in the world that HAS TO SHUT DOWN EVERY NIGHT FOR MAINTENANCE......

And you`ll love this Evil..When I saw the Translink complaint story on the late news Sunday night, the reporter doing the story said...

"Other big cities built a third track so maintenance wouldn`t shut down the system" he went on to say...

"We built our system on the cheap" Snip

Skytrain Junk!

EVIL Eye said...


The "Evil Eye" has asked his friend at RFV why SkyTrain shuts down.

According to Zwei, automatic metros MUST shut down for maintenance every day or the system stops. Evidently this is not true for light rail, where many European tram systems run 24/7 on routes that show a need for 24 hour service.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the Child and family web page has changed, and is now on a page with the Ministry of Housing (MHSD)as the heading. Recent change,
are those 2 Ministries combining after the budget??

Leah said...

Kim, I see absolutely no reason why we can't launch a class-action suit against him and his cohorts...his outright lies, shattering laws, hell - he still has 8 sanctions against him with the United Nations!! All of those charges are provable - there is no reason we can't press them...at least not as far as I can see. Time to lawyer up and find out?

Also...if you have a wheel mouse, just press and hold your Ctrl key and rotate the wheel when on the main page - it will resize the font to whatever your eyes are happy with. Hope that helps you!

Hugh said...

BC Govt is allowing Wall St. to sink its money-sucking tentacles into BC Hydro:


Way to go BC Govt.

Here's another Vanc Sun article, which is critical of private power in BC:


"But deals cut in private and kept under wraps always smell bad."

Haven't all those private power deals been secret?

Grant G said...

The reason the Power X top traders have left is quite simple.

Read the story in my archives "The Writing is on the Wall"

Basically...BCs top traders are paid like a $200 K to $300 K per year..

The big money they make comes in the form of bonuses,bonuses for making money for Power X and the Province...

Well think about it...

Now that Power X will be losing money because of Power buying contracts, their bonuses are gone,the public would not be too happy if the Government bumped the Power X traders base wage to 1/2 million per year when Power X is losing money.

They left to save their own skin and make money....When Power X hires new employees when the shit hits the fan...

You don`t need a high priced trader to lose money.

Kim said...

Grant, thanks for the resize, and Leah thanks for the tip. As for lawyering up, how do you find one who would do it?

Hugh said...

A class action suit was launched in 2002 against the Govt and BC Hydro in response to the partial sell-off of BC Hydro to Accenture.

The Govt got around that by making the Accenture agreement exempt from common law:


Kim said...

Thanks Hugh, I urge everyone to visit Alexandra Morton's Blog today, she has an excellent video update on drug resistant lice. I sent her an email, since she has a lawyer, asking about class action suits. I'll let you know what she thinks. Now, off to read your links.