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Friday, February 12, 2010

Canada, home of fiddlers and Lip Sinc

Well well well, the opening ceremonies, confused, cluttered,missed the mark, on a scale of 10.... I rank the opening spectacle 3

You know what friends, I was actually hoping for an interesting opening ceremony but very early on the truth of the colossal deception became glaringly apparent, look, I don`t want to talk about the final torch lighting ceremony at BC Place that had a major malfunction,as you know only three of the four arms came out of the ground, it was good for a laugh.....
And I don`t really want to talk about the fact that the singers all lip sinc their songs, no doubt it was their voices but it was their voices recorded, I`m no expert but....Bryan Adams and Furtado lip-sinc, the woman who sang the Canada anthem lip- sinc.... As was the Olympic operatic piece.....Okay, so you think I`m nit-picking because the music was faked and they screwed up lighting the big torch.....

But friends, I`m not upset over technical problems, that`s real life, shit happens, nothing is perfect, but the lip-sinc...Now that annoys me, because no matter how much Vanoc strove for perfection they came up short, the torch lighting error was a classic, but singing, I want to hear people actually singing live, if they lose a note or err a bit so what, at least it is real, I figured after the lip-sinc scandal in Bejiing they wouldn`t try that here....Well I was wrong and they did, pawned off a fake.

Now as for the overall theme....Come on, sure there was a strong First Nation`s theme but what theme was that, a theme that First Nation`s do nothing but wear colourful headdresses and dance and chant, what`s with the stereotyping of First Nation`s, no folks I`m not a racist, but First Nation`s people are lawyers, carpenters, plumbers,politicians, but, the state of affairs among First Nations in rural Canada is that of Alcoholism,drug abuse, gas sniffing, dependency, deplorable housing with black mould,zero job opportunities locally....And yet a select few First Nation`s groups who happen to have traditional land near ski-resorts or natural assets that whitey wants do quite well, but for the most part the representation of Canada`s First Nations was false, deliriously false!....Which brings me to the remainder of the show.

I had no idea that Canada from coast to coast was known for fiddling and tap dancing, now don`t get me wrong, I love tap and riverdancing and I have seen the movie deliverance(yea I know,it wasa banjo) many times, in fact I suspect that premier Gordon Campbell is a product of banjo music and inbreeding but I digress.....In fact the best part of the Opening ceremony was on the TV when they were showing off B.C.s natural beauty, you can`t mess up mother nature or can you?

You see friends I did at one time have pride,I felt so good to be a Canadian but over the last decade everything I hold dear is dying, which brings me back to the "spectacle" the opening ceremonies.

Symbols mean a lot to me, the Spirit Bear, the Raven, Eagles, Wild Salmon....My goodness the wild salmon are in my blood, so anyways these symbols will be on my coffin or ash urn, so when the Vanoc opening show dedicated so much fanfare to Salmon,the Orca,Spirit Bear and others, the show came across like we actually care about these species, we portrayed these symbols as important part of Canadian life, as something we hold dear,as something we would never allow to vanish, and for me friends that`s where the rubber hits the road. There is so little wildlife in B.C. compared to even a generation ago, we can`t blindly do what we do and expect the Orca and Salmon to adapt to us, neither Federal or Provincial government has been able to grasp that fact, WE have to save habitat, Canada`s governments are watching species die....Like I say friends,I`m a realist, I was reading biographies on the Wright brothers,in particularly when they were at Kitty Hawk.(eastern seaboard) They describe every stream as brimming with fish,games birds aplenty, at one time wildlife was rich and diverse from Texas to the high Arctic, there are nothing but pockets of wildlife left, 100 years to remove 90% of the big animals and fish.....A concerted effort will be required to save what`s left and unfortunately all levels of government are only concerned with growth,industry and development, tonight`s spectacle was nothing but false advertising, we as a country care not for other species.

For 9 years Gordon Campbell government has assaulted wild salmon, gutted environmental assessments, rubber stamped industrial projects with no regard for any of the wildlife, Barry Penner and Christy Clark...Both who advocate the Grizzly bear trophy hunt, a massive expansion of Alien species fish farms all over our west coast and study after study has proven the catastrophic consequences associated with Farmed fish pens in the wild salmon`s ocean, sea lice infestations, toxic tailing`s, escapement, night lights and fish food attracting wild salmon to the alien fish farm pens where alien Atlantic salmon devour wild Salmon smolts, a complete disregard for all wildlife in this province yet Vanoc and the Campbell government engage in fakery on all levels, no, the dancers were great,the costumes were stunning, the story line was a fictional novel, our wild Salmon are in complete collapse,bear numbers are down,bird numbers are down, and Gordon Campbell has ignored all the evidence, we, Canadians are proud, friendly, helpful, we are also gullible and lied to by politicians and big media....

Lastly friends, I was paying special attention to the VIP section, I noticed Stephen Harper with his wife,the Governor general, I also spotted the loneliest man in B.C.....Gordon Campbell appeared to me to be isolated among the group,I didn`t see Nancy Campbell, it appears that important federal politicians gave Gordon Campbell his marching orders,don`t sit near me!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


lailayuile said...

Hi Grant,

I'll have my commentary on the opening ceremony tomorrow, but I did see Nancy there beside Campbell once he changed out of his VANOC blue jacket into his suit jacket. She was clearly seen sitting to the right on the telly. But....

No where else to stick this but here. I talked to the key player in the big 3million dollar MOT Supreme court lawsuit today, and have his statement up on the story. The Supreme court upheld the original ruling( against the MOT)without costs- see the judgement.

This case is important, because it was shown in court many times how far the province would go in getting what they want- see both the posts on it.

I've called for a public inquiry and investigation into all the ministries, as should all of us. Not often one gets the back up of the supreme court with respect to the BC gov's bad behavior.....

jaydee said...

I read your posts earlier and I was so livid I had to take a walk around the block. My son is in heavy construction, a pipelayer, and this crap has been the rule and not the exception since Campbell' been dictating. Keiwit seems to be one of his favourite contractors too and of course two other good examples of his bidding process or lack of it would be B.C. Rail and the c-class ferry fiascos. You are also on my read every day list, keep up the good work.

jaydee said...

PS, Just more examples of a broken justice system (and a corrupt RCMP e-division). Local policing is a must-do for B.C. Check out wallace-gilby-craig@shaw.ca Sept. 16/09 - Exit B.C.'s Red Serge Road. If Campbell should survive it would seem very probable that he would give them another 20, they're buds.

jaydee said...

PPS, Grant, Even a better pal of the e-division is Dianne Watts.

Laila Yuile said...

Jaydee,I'm well onto Kiewit and they are a key player in my upcoming series on corruption and collusion- as is the BC government. The more people like your son speak out about it, the more people like me can get the missing links. That is how the story developed on this one, and for the series. People with firsthand knowledge.

As for Dianne Watts, I've lived here in Surrey for several years and have probably written hundreds of posts about her, her activities here, and her connections. I brought CBC out here once and did astory with them too. A google of my name plus hers should bring up enough to keep the province reading for weeks, if not months!!

jaydee said...

Thanks, Laila

Grumpy said...

Way back in '88, when the CBC did a story about SkyTrain, how we got it, what was wrong with it, and who was paid off to get it, was killed off by Mulroney 4 hours before it was aired.

Anonymous said...

My sources informed me that Steve the convicted impaired driver Fonyo was supposed to light the cauldron at the circus but Gordon the convicted impaired driver Campbell hates competition.

jaydee said...

Anon 11:09
I think Steve Fonyo worked very hard and raised a lot of money for cancer and nobody should be able to take his Order of Canada away, he earned it. He is a very troubled guy, losing his leg to cancer at a very young age and I believe is addicted to alcohol and I just hope one day he can work it all out. 50% of emergency room cases are drug related and 50% of drug addictions are BEER. Shocking and scary.

jaydee said...

Rain, fog, sunshine, now all we need is a good freeze to cripple Skytrain!

Leah said...

Jaydee, I totally agree with your opinion on Steve Fonyo. Taking his Order away from him shows how much smaller the minds who gave it are, when compared to the heart that it took to accomplish what he did.

How many others would lose their Order if their lives and backgrounds were put to the test? And where does it say that once it's given, you must live your the rest of your life without error?

The shame is not on Steve Fonyo, it's on those who made the decision to take it from him. Hyprocrites.