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British Columbia's Legislative reporters and Columnists go silent on Christy Clark's Epic Failures including her Whopping LNG Fabrications

Perhaps you wondered why I reposted this LNG article..


The answer is obvious...For several years now I have been calling out the LNG industry, and calling out the BC Liberal government...been warning everyone who will listen that British Columbia arrived too late to the LNG game, very similar to those dupes who gamble on a pyramid..you know..put in $10,000 dollars into the pot and then go bring in 20 more suckers so you get paid off..problem is with pyramids, only those who get in early reap any rewards and eventually all pyramids collapse under their own weight...

Greed...Pure greed killed the golden LNG goose..

Japan, faced with public fear over safety of their nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster shut down all of their nuclear power generation and..

And big energy companies pounded Japan financially with skyrocketing LNG prices...

Big energy companies did not help out Japan for altruistic reasons, they gouged Japan with sky-high energy prices, energy bills of $TENS OF BILLIONS per month ...

And it wasn't just big energy companies that went for Japan's scalp..So did Christy Clark and the BC Liberals..

Christy Clark told the British Columbia electorate, the world and Japan that British Columbia was going to become super rich, debt free, eliminate sales tax, payoff crown debt, remove road tolls, 100,000 s of jobs, money for First Nations, money for northern communities....and a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund!!!

All that wealth to be bled from Japan.....

And for the last 4 years nothing has happened , the LNG jobs aren't there, no FIDs...in fact the only one getting rich on LNG is Gordon Wilson..
School boards were forced to start training students for the BC Government advertised LNG jobs...

Full Stop.....

Christy Clark could have forecast during the 2013 election......The possibility of two LNG terminals and a few thousand permanent jobs and an opportunity to bring in some needed government revenue...

But no, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and Pamela Martin went all in, promised a $trillion dollar bounty, wealth beyond our imagination..

2013 Christy Clark promised the sun, the moon and endless wealth.....Students/young people jumped on the LNG training train

I don't blame the electorate for falling for the bullshit, the media deliberately failed...I and others reported on the bogus LNG job projections Christy Clark and Rich Coleman were using, on how they were manufactured for the 2013 election....The public for the most part is not engaged in fact-finding missions, yes, the public understands the basics, mortgage, job, bills, school, healthcare but LNG was a blank slate...

At one time in history legislative scribes like Vaughn Palmer would sink their teeth into an issue and suss out the truth, separate the bull from the shaft, at one time big media actually broke down the stories and informed the public of the facts, particularly the financial facts....Fast ferries were pounded by the media for years....

BC Hydro is in a very bad financial way and it's about to get a lot worse and the only ones highlighting this pending disaster is David Bond....Rafe Mair,  Norm Farrell..and a few other internet scribes.. 


Failed Liberal plans will boost B.C.’s deficit



Rafe: Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball



IPPs received $672 million above market price in 2015


  This BC Liberal LNG gambit started 2012/2013...It did not start in 2014..2015..2016...20 LNG proposals and not one sanctioned, nothing sanctioned for financial reasons..no return on investment..

Going on 5 years...LNG riches have been promoted by the BC Liberals as our financial saviour for 5 years...

and now, in 2016, even the most lazy media outlets, the most bias reporters and columnists, there isn't one media outlet that really believes in Christy Clark's LNG fantasy...They, Baldrey, Palmer, Smyth...Every media personality knows LNG as a moneymaker for British Columbia is D.OA...Dead on arrival....

Silence, all we hear is media silence on the BC Liberal failures..

Funny eh, instead of holding Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and the BC Liberal's feet to the fire on LNG, instead of criticizing Christy for the $trillion dollar lie our legislative gang just decided to forgot about those issues..as in what LNG..you mean LEAP Manifesto..you mean the party of no, are you talking about the anti-industry NDP..Fast Ferries...or perhaps Global BC wants to talk about Glen Clark's alleged crime of the century..a patio deck..call it a television blockbuster...Call it the Global TV elect the BC Liberals anniversary 2016 special...The Glen Clark trilogy....Global B.C.....March 2..in the year 2016..The below Global BC special anniversary Glen Clark trilogy was broadcast(in between the saturation/carpet bombing BC Liberal Government ads Blitzkrieg)


March 2, 2016 6:08 pm

Updated: March 3, 2016 2:20 pm

The police and the premier: remembering the RCMP raid on Glen Clark’s home



That Global BC Glen Clark trilogy anniversary special was a long program..as in most of the news hour, not a soundbite, ..Global BC went all in, nuanced, detailed, longwinded....A deck on a house, and now,...2016..BC LNG, the $trillion dollar lie...let's talk about LEAP Manifesto....

Now in 2016...LNG training curriculum falls away and Christy Clark's BC Liberal Government is talking "coding" as the new big thing for educators and students...Christy Clark's government has loosened the purse strings and allotted a massive...

$10 dollars of coding funding per student....

Full Stop...

Where is the media in calling out the BC Liberals?

Christy Clark promised BCers the moon in 2013....

What kind of ethical governing has the BC Liberals done since then...?

Still no real $funded transit plan...no money for seniors care, no money for education, no money for anything except....$Except BC Hydro being forced to spend 15 $billion on Site C dam(for the purpose of providing free electricity for a non-existent LNG industry) and a back of the napkin plan for a sky-high Massey bridge...High enough off the water so LNG super tankers can get up the Fraser River...even worse..

After a 10 year rate freeze for people on disability the BC Liberals offered up a meager increase, $55 dollar per month increase...Only to clawback the bus passes thus eliminating the rate increase..

A blatant slap towards all those on disability...

So brazen and crass, so out of touch with British Columbia the BC Liberals couldn't see the outrage, couldn't see the optics and the best BC Government spindoctors couldn't put lipstick on that disability rate increase pig!..

Altagas...Bankers shut down their BC LNG proposal...Shell Canada has cancelled their LNG project as has BG, Chevron and Petronas..

All the big LNG projects have faded to black...

What was Christy Clark to do?

Here's an idea, pay Gordon Wilson's better half(?) to write the Christy Clark book....it went over like a lead balloon...recent polling had Christy Clark swirling the toilet bowl in popularity...

And still the LNG news, the bad LNG news drips out from around the world...nary a word whispered by our BC Legislature covering media..

Fast forward to 1 week ago...(June 6th/2016)

Shell Canada announces they are freezing their LNG business, ..Shell announced to the world they were taking an LNG time-out because of the world glut and low prices..


Shell to move away from growth in natural gas business


Later that same day(June 6th/2016) the IEA ..International Energy Agency came out with a damning report on the LNG glut...low demand, massive glut for the next decade and on-going low prices....

LNG glut will continue for years as demand falls and supply surges: IEA


And where was Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth, Keith Baldrey, where was any mainstream media with any LNG article of substance...

The next day, June 7th 2016....CKNW radio, 10:30 am to 11:00 am..

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth talk Christy Clark on CKNW..How great a campaigner she is..They also bash John Horgan and the NDP over LEAP Manifesto..

Then...Then Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth mention the "Christy Clark botched disability clawback" and how Christy Clark needs to somehow dispel and or lose her "queen of mean" persona..

June 6th/2016...really bad news on the LNG rears it's head..

The B.C. media is silent....June 7th/2016...

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth tell/advise Christy Clark to work on losing her "queen of mean" persona...

The next morning June 8th/2016...

Lead story on Global news..headlined story on CKNW..Front page story at the Vancouver Sun..The Province and The Globe and Mail..

Even worse ...Big media called Christy Clark's revelation a "sexual assault"....it wasn't, not quite sure what it was...Christy Clark at age 13 went to work at a restaurant immediately after the alleged grabbing...she had no ripped clothes, no wounds, ..Christy Clark told no one..not her many friends, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, teachers or even her employer....Christy Clark was physically grabbed by someone at age 13, wriggled away, frightening indeed..However...

Big media went way over the top with their coverage of Christy Clark's 37 year old revelation, thus drowning out any real news..you know, like the demise of the promised $trillion dollars...!

Only after the Christy Clark book authored by Judy Tyabji went over like a lead balloon, only after BC Liberal supporter Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth advised Christy Clark to try and lose her queen of mean reputation did Christy Clark tell a 37 year old horror story....Which just happened to be uttered on the same day the BC Liberal advertised BC LNG road to riches fantasy came crashing down...

A week has gone by...I don't want to talk about Christy Clark..This article is about LNG and the future of LNG.

Where is the media on the LNG debacle...

Greed, greed by the big energy companies caused the LNG goose to die...

Fools rush in, everyone was going to cash in on Japan's power woes..

Game over..Japan has restarted some nuclear power, with more scheduled to come online this year, that combined with gobs of available LNG ...So much gas, gas gas everywhere gas and new gas discoveries..

Lastly..The reason for this posting...Big energy has a new plan to  get the LNG gravy train rolling...

Big energy is not interested in bringing poor nations and isolated communities into the 21st century for any altruistic reasons...

The LNG glut is so severe, so deep, no big population or populations can absorb the excess gas and LNG can't be easily stored...there is so much excess gas, so desperate to find away to move the excess gas a new plan is being hatched...and the plan is laughable..

In a nutshell...One particular company thinks they can build LNG burning electrical plants in rural towns, tiny villages, create many tiny niche markets...in other words, build gas plants here there and everywhere...for but one reason.., not to bring people out of the dark ages but to absorb the excess LNG big energy dumped on the market..

It won't work, those tiny little towns can't afford big LNG prices...The poor can't pay for the rip-off price for LNG Japan was paying a few years ago....

Those LNG prices will never ever get close to those highs ($21 dollars per MMTBUs, current price, $3 to $4 for longterm LNG buying contracts, spot market price?..Even lower..$3 dollars per MMBTU) again, never, there is too much available LNG/gas from too many sellers...and too much...

Cheaper renewable power..Wind..Solar..Tidal..Geothermal...

The Christy Clark LNG super power road to riches fantasy is dead...

Where is the BC Mainstream media on this.... That's right..

Polishing Christy Clark's "cowboy up" boots...What LNG says the B.C. legislative gang...we have 37 year old horror tales to tell along with some dated Glen Clark sagas..

The below article lays waste to any thoughts that British Columbia will reap any LNG rewards....

Game over Christy Clark


Coming wave of gas puts focus on finding new shores

Energy giants such as Royal Dutch Shell and Total are looking to build terminals and power plants in new markets to soak up the industry’s rapidly burgeoning supply.

Companies have invested billions in plants to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) in places such as Australia and the United States.

But gas demand growth is slowing, prices are down and the LNG volumes companies are set to produce will exceed those even major buyers such as China and Japan can absorb.

That has turned attention to the downstream market and opportunities to create new markets from Ivory Coast to remote Indonesian islands by building gas-fired power plants, pipelines, regasification and storage terminals.

“We are ready to go downstream as much as it takes to unlock gas demand,” said Laurent Vivier, president for the gas division at Total. “We need to be present in downstream ourselves, to create demand and unlock bottlenecks along the chain including regasification, pipelines and power plants.” Total aims to triple the number of its gas and power markets and raise its annual LNG output to 20 million tonnes and its trading to 15 million tonnes by 2020.

The company is taking part in LNG infrastructure tenders, including several gas-fired power plants, in countries including Indonesia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Morocco, Vivier said.
Shell believes the number of markets buying LNG could double, according to its chief financial officer, Simon Henry.
“From around 20 to 30 …we can see potential for around 50 different markets if you look out to 2030,” Henry said. “Our aim is to capture the best share of those who are looking now to start or grow.” The focus on downstream mimics a model that companies such as Shell, Total, Exxon Mobil and Chevron have used for decades in the oil sector where their operations span oil wells, refineries and service stations.

But some analysts question how easily that model can be reproduced.

“Whether they succeed in this is another story, whether they have the mindset for this type of work is also another story,” said Thierry Bros, senior gas analyst at French bank Societe Generale.

It will be a painful test for these companies who are not that experienced in building small downstream demand,” he said.


New technologies are helping speed development, with floating terminals, for example, offering a cheaper alternative to onshore units that cost more than $1 billion.

“We are looking at multiple markets around the world in terms of potential to regas,” said Shell’s Henry. “Quite a lot of it is floating regasification because it is quick and you can develop (a market) in stages.”
Shell, the world’s top LNG trader after buying BG Group, expects to produce around 30 million tonnes of LNG this year and trade nearly 50 million tonnes, accounting for about a sixth of global trading volume.

Global output capacity is expected to rise by half by 2020, potentially adding some 150 million tonnes of LNG to the market.

However, overall gas demand growth is expected to slow to 1.5 percent a year to 2021 from the 2.5 percent rate seen recently, the International Energy Agency has forecast.

In step with oil and gas, LNG prices have also struggled in the last two years. That has prompted traders to offer more single cargoes for immediate delivery on the spot market, making it easier for smaller buyers to find supply.



Well there you have it....British Columbia will create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, eliminate our $70 billion dollar and growing B..C. debt, eliminate our sales tax and create 100,000's of LNG jobs by merely creating LNG markets in remote villages on the Ivory Coast..

When Pigs Fly.......

Must be time for the BC Liberals and our mainstream media to publish and print liquor announcements and more tales from the 1980's

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

There is still enough time for northeast coal & Tumbler Ridge to save our economy... Oh, wait... that ended exactly the same way.

Thank GOD everybody remembers Bill Bennett for his economic smarts and not failed coal deals, the BCRIC scam and stock swindle.

No wonder CC likes having Bills bro around - he had a front row seat to watch the inside of the Tumble Ridge fiasco.

John's Aghast said...

Glad you're back Grant. The absence of any real news on LNG may have led some to believe Chrispy's vision is motoring along. Well, it's not, as you've repeatedly pointed out.
Perhaps, because of the glut of NG and the surge in renewables Chrispy should redirect her efforts to GIVE AWAY LNG to giving away NG. Yes, if its so worthless GIVE it to the transportation industry. Free NG to Ferries, Locomotives, Transport trucks. Donate it locally instead of to crooks like PETRONAS and Sukarno (Woodfibre LNG). Might not generate any revenue but it might reduce other costs, such as food, transportation etc.

Anonymous said...


Jon Ghun said...

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph": Haile Selassie

"The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread.

You know this and I know it, and what folly is this to be toasting an "Independent Press."

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." - John Swinton, editor of the New York Tribune, in the 1880s, at a banquet of his fellow editors

Unknown said...

Congrstulations on great reporting - the Postmedia press are disgusting and as I have reported in the Common Sense Canadian postmedia has a written deal with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers which can only be described as a mutual masturbation deal. I will gladly make it available to anyone at rafe@rafeonline.com

I write regularly at www.commonsensecanadian.ca

Unknown said...

A very courageous summary. Postmedia (Sun, Province, National Post and the rest) have a written agreement with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) which can only be called a "mutual masturbation" deal that has to be seen to be believed. I have published it at www.commonsensecanadian.ca and will send all the details to any who ask me at rafe@rafeonline.com.
The Common Sense Canadian was founded by award winning filmsker, Damien Gillis, who is the publisher and me - I write weekly - 6 tears ago.