Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Made In British Columbia LNG Tale

Written by Grant G

 Unfortunately I can't believe a word Christy Clark blathers, on anything.....

Christy Clark through her entire youth and adult life has used every opportunity to advance her career, and she does it using the crudest of political tricks and smears...

As a longtime watcher of question period and legislative proceedings... Christy Clark snickers, smirks and responds with nothing but smarmy lowbrow responses, doesn't matter if the questions were Mount Polley or on a death in the Children's ministry, Christy Clark is always rude, partisan and even worse, nauseating.. , Christy Clark in the legislature acts, and talks like a sassy rude teenager...Christy Clark never misses a chance for a photo-op, a coattail hitching she will go....

The majority of British Columbia public doesn't like Christy Clark...With a massive campaign war chest, with son Hamish, with ex-hubby Mark Marissen campaigning for Christy she still couldn't win the well to do Point Grey riding...the queen of mean(disability bus pass clawback, wheelchair fees, skyrocketing utility rates, MSP increases) and word salad master chef had to run to the interior of B.C. and run in the safest BC Liberal riding...a riding where a snow-cone running for the BC Liberals would win...

Yes, I am Cynical, skeptical, and it bothers me that I have to say this...Christy Clark has used every opportunity for photo-ops, whether a child commits suicide or whether the Vancouver Canucks are playoff bound...even when there are no photo-op opportunities Christy Clark's never-stop-campaigning team invent photo-ops...First inaugural Times of India Bollywood award show that was purchased by the BC taxpayer for the exclusive purpose of advancing her election prospects comes to mind...or a LNG energy company sponsored Yoga-fest on a bridge ...

Is it just me, oblivious or obvious, some people seem oblivious to the callous childish politicking Christy Clark never stops engaging in...their memories are short, maybe Dementia or Alzheimer's disease is a job requirement ...Yes I am talking about the gang led by Tom Fletcher, you know, the BC Liberals disguised as legislative reporters and columnists....a group of apologists and excuse sellers, a legislative media in dire need of Polident, perhaps then our legislative media could keep their teeth from falling out when they bite into one of the many BC Liberal Government scandals, or crimes...

However, for me, Christy Clark is an open book, the slowly moving cogs in Christy Clark's brain are clearly visible to anyone that looks....The Judy Tyabji book on Christy Clark, the buzz has faded(yawn)..All the BC Liberal funding announcements, the "book" the endless media fawning and still Christy Clark is deemed the queen of mean and for goodness sakes.....

How high a pedestal can the media build for Christy Clark...

You do know what demographic Christy Clark polls the worst with..

That would be middle-aged females.. 

Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist...I don't listen to CKNW very often(anymore), however, a couple of days ago, Tuesday past, the day after Christy Clark's fundraising dinner, a staged event where Christy Clark snickered and tee-hee'd  at the NDP's expense at every chance, Clark talked of the LEAP manifesto and of 10 seconds, as in 10 seconds it takes to mark a ballot, 10 seconds to destroy B.C. with a NDP vote..10 seconds of foolishness to destroy all the great things the BC Liberals have done..

The day following that fundraiser while flipping through radio stations, on CKNW..Michael thin gruel Smyth was filling in for Simi Sara and his guest was no other than BC Liberal cheerleader Keith Baldrey...My ears perked up in anticipation to what these legislative super sleuths might have to say about the Christy Clark speech...and yes, the slow turning brain cogs of our legislative media are clearly visible too....

The two old legislative club members Smyth and Baldrey on cknw played snippets from Christy Clark attack speech againstthe NDP, particularly on LEAP Manifesto and a myriad of other things, Keith Baldrey went to great pains to inform the cknw listening audience in detail what LEAP Manifesto is.....Then the radio jockeys praised Christy Clark's campaigning skill, how talented she is...Hmm, yet history tells me that Clark had to parachute into the safest BC Liberal riding and run in a by-election just to get into the B.C. Legislature...The pair of legislative BC Liberal media cheerleaders also went on to chat about what Christy Clark said in her partisan speech about BC's red hot real estate market, how Christy Clark said the government was going to bring in more measures to make first-time home buying easier...Michael Smyth asked Keith Baldrey if Christy Clark was vulnerable on the real estate issue....Baldrey nuanced his answer with something about a multi-pronged issue...In other words Baldrey said nothing...However, Keith Baldrey did say something very interesting Tuesday past...Baldrey said the disability buspass clawback was botched and Christy Clark is perceived by many as "the queen of mean"  and how she needs to soften her image in this already started year long election season...

Smyth and Baldrey laugh at the NDP in lockstep with Christy Clark..put no meat on the table, repeat BC Liberal talking points, never mention ballooning BC debt and or any of the unanswered BC Liberal scandals and while their at it they give Christy Clark political this case..."soften up her queen of mean reputation"

(June 7th/10 :30 am to 11:00 am)

That is exactly why I rarely listen to CKNW anymore...poor journalism, bad radio

Did I mention this posting was and is an LNG story...?

Christy Clark needs to soften up her Queen of Mean image

I remember an election campaign in 2013...what was Christy Clark advertised nauseating election mantra..

Families First and LNG riches for everyone.."What would you do with a $trillion dollars"..

Wheelchair fees, ferries fares, Hydro rates, MSP premiums all increased every year under Clark's governance, no new money for disabled after a decade long rate freeze...

We also learned recently that Christy Clark besides her Government creditcard and huge premier's salary she also gets a $50,000.00 dollar stipend from the BC Liberal party...

Let us run through this again...Christy Clark told BCers during the 2013 that BC Families will be first and LNG would create over 100,000 jobs, money for First Nations, money for northern communities, eliminate the B.C. provincial sales tax, pay off the $70 billion dollar provincial debt (and growing)...and..and and create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund...

And in 2013 the Straight Goods was reporting, along with others that the advertised LNG job projections were bogus, made-up out of whole cloth, wrote that massive LNG supplies are coming online and along with a boom in renewables that Japan was going to restart their nuclear plant..

In other words Christy Clark's 2013 election win was based on fiction....

What was it that Christy Clark said in 2013....("Peoples will say anything to get elected"...Christy Clark)

I believe politicians would and will say anything to heed Keith Baldrey's advice..."Soften up the Queen of Mean's image"

Christy Clark won the 2013 election....and as of still in 2016 the Families First meme has fallen away, those LNG fantasy predictions withered away too...Story after story written here describing, telling and forecasting the demise of BC's LNG aspirations...Reason, a major glut...too much supply seeking too little demand, the surge in renewables and Japan returning to nuclear power for financial reasons...

Altagas...Bankers pulled the plug on their uneconomical proposal..Shell Canada just announced they are NOT increasing or growing their LNG assets..dooming their Kitimat proposal, also dooming BG Gas's(British Gas) proposal for Prince Rupert(Shell bought out BG Gas)..

Shell to move away from growth in natural gas business

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth never said a word about this latest nail in Christy Clark's LNG coffin...

Now, as a regular joe, a simple internet scriber, a reader of data....For years I have peeled back the stinky onion like layers of the mythical LNG pot of gold....Renewables..Over supply..hyper-inflated on paper written off by taxpayer build costs...the Japanese return to nuclear as well as natural gas discoveries in near every country...Been ignored, laughed at by BC Liberal operatives and spindoctores(eh Zubyk)...

And...well, Shell Canada is the canary in the natural gas drill hole, they are walking away from LNG.....and then along comes a LNG report by this little outfit, an organization with accountants, statistical examiners, energy company pros, bankers and business experts....perhaps you have heard of them?

The International Energy Agency

What the IEA had to say about LNG is quite informative, unless you are a regular reader of The Straight Goods..if that is the case, you regular readers will find nothing new or interesting in what the IEA has to say about LNG, it was all said here first...Let's have a little look..


LNG glut will continue for years as demand falls and supply surges: IEA

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market which Australia has pinned much of future economic fortunes on will remain over-supplied and stricken with low prices until at least the end of the decade, according to the International Energy Agency.......

The IEA's annual medium term Gas Market Report for 2016 released in Paris overnight makes for grim reading for Australian gas exporters, their investors and the Federal Government who are hoping for a strong revenue stream flowing from the massive $200 billion worth of investments in the sector.....

"Barring any significant supply disruption, markets will struggle to absorb these incremental supplies," the IEA warned.
Currently four of the seven big new LNG plants sanctioned in Australia have commenced production.
The wave of start-ups is likely to see Australian gas production almost double from 2015 levels of almost 80 billion cubic meters to 153 billion cubic meters in 2021.

Lower generation, cheap coal and renewables growth crushing LNG demand

The ongoing pain the gas producers will endure results from the massive surge of supply about to hit the market being not particularly responsive to tumbling prices and the simple fact the world is becoming increasingly less energy intense and demand is falling.

"Slower generation growth, rock-bottom coal prices and robust deployment of renewables constrain gas's ability to grow faster in today's low-price environment," the IEA said.
"Reversing a long-standing trend, gas usage in power is projected to grow more slowly than total demand; its share of incremental demand falls to one-third compared with almost half between 2009 and 2015."

The IEA finds little respite in any global market.

"Europe's flexibility to take in additional LNG is limited by slow demand growth, cheap coal, and competitive Russian supplies.

"Demand in Japan and Korea — which today account for almost 50 per cent of global LNG imports — is forecast to stagnate or even decline sharply depending on the scale of nuclear comeback in Japan."

Latin America and the Middle East are marginal markets at best, and pinning hopes on China to bail out the gas producers looks a forlorn hope with infrastructure bottlenecks and regulatory hurdles limiting the growth in its demand.

While Asian demand, including China, is forecast to increase by more than 100 billion cubic meters by 2021 the IEA said it still would not be sufficient growth to bring the market back into balance, and that is one of the better scenarios.

There are far worse potential problems that would push the gas glut out well beyond the time frame of the IEA report's forecasts.

"Should the implementation of environmental policies be slower than expected, the expansion in Chinese gas demand would also be much slower; were gas demand growth in China to stabilise at 2015 levels, there would be no need for incremental imports throughout the end of the decade. In this case, the oversupply in global gas markets would extend well into the 2020s," the IEA noted.

Spot prices crash as long term contracts rewritten

The report also found increased evidence of large buyers who have found themselves over-contracted with supplies renegotiating contracts to lower prices and volumes, as well as pushing excess supplies into the spot market and forcing prices down there as well.

Spot prices in the key Asian market have tumbled 75 per cent from $US20 MBtu (million British thermal units) in early 2014 to below $US5 MBtu currently.

The producers will have little alternative to just survive through several tough years and even then improving conditions are unlikely to deliver anything like the returns expected when the new capacity was commissioned.

"LNG liquefaction plants will need to run below capacity, as demand growth will not be sufficient to balance the market, particularly during 2017 and 2018," the IEA found.

"Utilisation will recover by the end of the forecast period but will not be back to the high levels of 2011-12."

"For new projects in particular, this suggests that returns on investments will be low for some years."


Call me a skeptic when it comes to anything Christy Clark blathers, she lies, has lied, lied during her time at SFU, cheated during elections, ...Christy Clark really will say and do anything to get elected, honesty or facts have no bearing on Queen Word Salad's blatherings...

It pains me to say this...

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth just advised Christy Clark to soften up her "Queen of Mean" persona..
Call me a skeptic....40 years ago...A 13 year old social butterfly named Christy 13 she was already in the workforce, a job in a restaurant, a ton of school girl and boyfriends, two loving parents, one a school teacher, fellow employees...No visible wounds, no trauma of any kind observed, never missed a day of work, ...

A 13 year old teenage girl who said nothing to no one, said nothing to parents, employers, girlfriends...not a word....Christy Clark managed to escape unharmed(physically) and remained forever silent, not even a word mentioned in just released/published Judy Tyabji's biography book about Christy Clark, not a word about this alleged traumatic event 40 years ago..

Not a single word about that event until today...Two days after Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth advised the queen of mean Christy Clark to soften her image..I'm not saying it didn't happen....But if it did?...Christy Clark's policies have not exactly been young person friendly..Education funding shortfalls, children in care money shortages and no real action taken on the highway of tears..Booming British Columbia according to Christy Clark and we can't afford a daily shuttle service for that notorious highway..

I would like to remind you what Christy Clark said in election year 2013
..And I quote..

"people will say anything to get elected" Christy Clark

I wonder if certain politicians will say anything to soften up their "queen of mean" image too?

Shell Canada announces to the world they are out of the BC LNG race...Literally the same day the IEA comes out with a damning forecast for any B.C. LNG prospect and dire warnings for up and running LNG producers in other countries....

Election year 2016/2017 and Clark's memory returns on the same day the BC Liberal LNG dream fades to


P.S. I wonder when Keith Baldrey and company will finally stop playing the BC Liberal LNG fantasy card...and lastly....Any and all assaults are wrong....Forgive me for being an election year cynic...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not the only one thinking she's beyond the pale. Does she not realize; if it is true, she is complicit by not speaking out? What if that was Pickton who dragged her in a bush? Come on women, call her out for the despicable cow she is. Peace out!

Evil Eye said...

Sadly, Postmedia, Corus Radio and Global news are the BC Liberal Party's official organs and they constantly bleat the Premier Photo-op narrative.

LNG is tanking, the new BC Hydro Dam is tenuous, BC's debt is rising past the danger point; the housing bubble is turning into a massive Chinese money laundering scheme, Children continue to die in the Ministry of "Fear's" care; and the Premier is openly taking graft from major corporations who pay handsomely into the BC Liberal Party's coffers and on it goes.

First it was a new high school in New West, but that did not stem the questions why Osoyous is losing their only high school and today it was another new high school for the North Shore.

Despite the good news stories, Photo-op is losing popularity so today it was a boo hoo, I was sexually Assaulted and of course the Liberal party organs continued reporting as nauseum. The narrative is to feel sorry for Christi and forget all those terrible things she has done. Over and over again we hear Christi well choreographed rendition, more and more people become sympathetic towards the very woman who charges seniors in care $25 a month for wheelchairs.

She is an evil sociopath who cares nothing but for herself; insane people seldom do.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed...LNG fantasy dying fast, a perfect political time to plaster the Vancouver Sun..The Province newspaper front pages and Global news lead story with a Christy Clark tale of trauma....She remembers everything so clearly, the weather, the time, the place, remembers feeling relieved and remembers catching her breath...She doesn't remember what the person looks like..

Anon 5:43 pm...Many sexual assault victims go silent, fear of being shamed, or fear of religion tainting one damaged...But that usually happens with victims who were actually assaulted..Those who use cunning, wrggleness and run like the wind speed to escape are usually the loudest voices after the fact..

This was a difficult post to write, political correctness you know...No media nor opposition can say anything about this Clark tale except....Poor poor little Christy Clark..anything else one sets themselves up to be attacked..

Big media gave Christy center stage to retell her story of trauma and survival...

LNG disaster drifted out of the news cycle..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant for this timely reality check on Christy, the LNG pipe dream and today's other revealing news.

The collapse of the LNG maket you have predicted and posted on so many times is no surprise to anyone paying attention. Only Christy believers are still holding out for the promised mythical sparkle ponies. But most BCers didn't see this latest LNG backdown today as it was preempted by a breaking Premier Clark exclusive.

Tonight's Global News was all hands on deck with Sophie and Kieth's exclusive focus on Christy's tell all. Few news watchers would have noticed the lack of any update on Shell's backing away from BC LNG today, announcing intentions to throttle off funding due to uneconomic market outlook. More Sparkel Ponies down!

I find it telling Ms Clark today of all days, for the first time ever (to anyone) has revealed this personal attempted assault as a youngster. Not surprising it was reported in all the local media. It is surprising to me that Ms Clark given this history has been far from empathetic in sincerely speaking out on this issue until just now. Ms Clark said she was motivated to speak out now because she wanted to highlight the issue and support the important bill sponsored by the Green Party's Andrew Weaver. Clark's praise of the independent MLA Weaver in Question Period seemed more about bullying the Opposition NDP with snarky smirking - calling the NDP the party of no (actually the NDP totally supported Weaver's UVic sexual harassment private member bill). Clark appeared to be more about enjoying hardball partisan politics for points and deflection more than supporting the importantt new bill.

Another recent example that also seems incongruent with Clark's sensitivity and sincerity was her handling of her then Chief of Staff Ken Bosenkool's aggravated sexual assault of a work mate. The assault was reported and there was little outrage from the government. In fact there was actually no record of how the internal investigation was handled, no meeting notes, record of discussion, findings... nothing. It appeared as if the firing took place in a darkened hallway and was all secretively hushed up. Bosenkool departed abruptly and quietly. There was no transparency from Clark's office and little empathy and respect for the attacked victim. I think someone that has experienced an aggravated attack such as Ms Clark recalled today would be much more forthright in dealing with the Bosenkool crime and charges and more respectful and empathetic to the victim. I did not see this from the Premier or her government in this case.


John's Aghast said...

I must have missed this traumatic attack? Was it in the newspaper? I don't get newspapers, have a TV set or get radio reception unless I'm in my truck. Pretty ideal, but I'm somewhat bereft of news. Mostly I like it that way.
What did I miss? Any links?

Grant G said...

Here you go John..

I'll put the link in the article..