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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ray Heard, Sunnews Network Redneck Ghost and Stephen Harper Pom Pom Girl Is Frothing at The Mouth

I don`t know if anyone remembers who this clown is?.....He is a staunch Conservative pom pom girl, and a regular hard rightwing reform spindoctor on the defunct Sunnews channel...Remember them..

Sunnews was a joke, featuring Brian Lilly, Ezra sue me for libel and slander Levant, Michael praise the lord Coren along with scantly dressed bimbos disguised as journalists...Eh Faith Goldy?


The man(ape) pictured above is an Alberta redneck goon, his name is Ray Heard....

 If anyone wonders why Sunnews network(Harper Conservative party broadcaster) could only get 5000 viewers during primetime hours one only has to look at the likes of the Sunnews spindoctors they aired...Ray Heard, how on earth did that man ever get any airtime...

Look, I`m no angel, but I only swear on rare occasions, .....

I like to browse Twitter and see what various pundits have to say...I look at Merv Adey...Norman Spector..Norm Farrell..now and then Ezra Levant(when I need a laugh)...

Ray Heard was one pundit I never searched for on Twitter, I stumbled across him tonight, as for Ray Heard, maybe it is senility, old age, a brain gone soft, on Sunnews Ray Heard couldn`t keep his anger towards Trudeau or Mulcair under wraps...Ray Heard literally had foam frothing from his mouth while on Sunnews ...

Tonight I watched the Debate on CPAC...My impression was...

Elizabeth May knows her stuff....And the mainstream media will always say how great the Green Party leader was...Simple mainstream media strategy, CKNW and Global played the same game during our provincial election writ period....Why?...BC Liberal television and radio pundits know green voters are votes that would go to the NDP if the Greens weren`t in play...The same thing is happening tonight....Pump up the Green party to take votes away from Trudeau and Mulcair..

And personally speaking I like the Green Party and many of their platform items, however, the Green party has elected the BC Liberals the last three provincial elections by taking just enough votes away from the NDP..

 This is the first story I ever did on Ray Heard, and truthfully speaking, the man should be all but ignored, however, his tweets on, during and before the Macleans Debate need to have a light shone on them, they are that repulsive..

Perhaps you think me calling him a redneck goon is over the top, well, if he was on air I could hit the mute button....

Ray Heard epitomizes the Stephen Harper voter, nasty angry bitter old bags of bones...!

Where was I...Ray Heard tonight on Twitter...August 6th/2015

Really sad to see so many Macleans-Rogers hacks Tweet undeserved praise on colleague Wells for fucking up debate


    I reach for sick bag as makes delsuional drama queen ending statement. Wells sucked as moderator.
  1. Moderator Paul Wells destroys his credibility by acting as prosecutor of in debate. He lobs softballs at Socialist, Grit and Green
  2. Having coproduced epic 84 debate may be qualified to say Paul Wells has staged this debate as attack ad on . Ted Rogers weeps.
  3. Paul Wells self destructs as worst debate moderator ever. Hook this idiot off.
  4. So uses redundancy "period of time" to confirm she's illiterate
    What the fxck is delusional drunk doing at national debate?

    Tweet text

  1. So does not look at Harper when demonizing him
  2. Paul wells stilted. Needs media training. This is cruel, unusual punishment.

    Problem with Paul Wells moderating Maclean's debate is he's on endless ego-trip, lacks humour. You Heard here, it will be a disaster!

    During debate, hope someone reminds she drunkenly praised killer terrorist Khadr and demonized "fucking" Cabinet.


    Looks like Ray Heard is angry because Stephen Harper was nailed so many times for false facts, eerrr, I mean lying, the country is in deficit, in recession, Harper has ran 8 straight deficit budgets, added $150 billion to our national debt, less Canadians are working today than there was in 2007...

    I imagine Ray Heard wishes Sunnews was still on the air so Ezra Levant, Brian Lilly and he could stage a non-partisan Sunnews political debate..

    Hey, and Faith Goldy could act like a boxing match showgirl by strutting out with a placard stating each new question...


    (The story that accompanies that Faith Goldy picture is linked directly below..)

    I find it amusing and tragic all in one, Sunnews Network, a Conservative propaganda now defunct network, a fake news station that was so bias, so partisan, so hack amateur, so pathetic they couldn`t draw viewers or advertisers, with the exception of Harper action plan ads, and Enbridge, their main sponsor was CAPP....A fake news station that had to have their on air  personalities retract, apologize and beg for forgiveness and money for lawyers...

    A fake news station that allowed Ray Heard to spin, distort, name-call and lie his face-off on-air, his target was Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau and Justin Trudeau, Trudeau`s father, his mother, his wife, his children, his friends...His second target was everyone who didn`t bow to Stephen Harper`s greatness...

    And here Ray Heard is frothing at the mouth over the Macleans debate moderator Mr. Paul Wells? Amazing!...

    Come election time, Ray Heard will still be frothing at the mouth over Trudeau, only now Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May will make him froth too..

    With the partisan trash Sunnews Network put on air daily, for any Sunnews mouthpiece to cry foul and think the debate moderator was bias...Welcome to The Matrix Ray Heard, choose the Blue pill!

    By the way...I thought three of the four leaders performed very well....Stephen Harper kept getting caught telling lies..

    The Straight Goods

    Cheers Eyes Wide Open


istvan said...

I think that Lizzy did well, Tom kept his cool, Justin not ready is not, and that other mp should be in jail

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Harper the treason using electronic voting.....Goodbye Canada.


Anonymous said...

Anon...loved this comment too....

Vera Gottlieb iluv 2sing • 20 hours ago

Don't underestimate Canadians...Harper once stated at a closed meeting in Alberta - long before becoming the PM, that he hated Canada. Well, let us not force him to live in Canada any longer.