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Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government Sold Out British Columbia to a Probable/Potentially Corrupt Criminal Prime Minister Najib Razak

 Written by Grant G

What is it with the BC Liberal Government and the doing business with what appears to be corrupt criminals all involved with the LNG racket?..

The only two projects that are possibly going forward, Woodfibre LNG and Petronas`s PNW LNG....Woodfibre LNG is a proposed project owned by an Indonesian criminal, a environmental criminal and tax evader...(Below picture is Christy Clark with the criminal Sukanto Tanoto)

The first part of this Straight Goods article highlights some of Sukanto Tanoto`s vicious crimes, further down in this posting is breaking, shocking news about Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak`s potential bribes and corruption..

Human Rights Violation and Violence History of Sukanto Tanoto


RAPP Land Disputes

the management of PT RAPP agreed to meet the Gading Permai community on May 1, 2006. However, instead of sending company officials to attend the meeting, PT RAPP mobilized 300 people in black uniforms to attack, destroy and burn down the people’s houses.”
“The attack was well planned, considering that RAPP had arranged an ambulance to be present, to assist victims of the violence. This attack follows a similar incident on November 3, 2005, when the management of RAPP mobilized 500 people to conduct attacks on the people of Desa Koto Baru, Singingi Hilir Sub District, at the Kuansing Regency.”

PT RAPP Commits More Corporate Crime. Eyes on the Forest. 12th May, 2006

The violence and vandalism by PT Riau Andalan Pulp Paper (PT RAPP) via its security guards took some tolls. The guards turned violent and destroyed the property of the villagers – houses, vehicles and even religious buildings. The violence did not end yet. Some villagers were taken hostage and knocked down by the company’s cars, inducing a deep psychological trauma to the others, who ran away for their lives.”

“APRIL should be responsible before the law as they provoked the riot first by preparing its 500 employees and security guards armed with machetes, and heavy machinery such as skidder to ambush and assault the residents, the joint statement said.”

NGOs blast APRIL for violence. Eyes on the Forest. Mar 16th, 2012

Three fatalities, 16 wounded and seven imprisoned this is the sad state of Tangun, a village in Sumatra. Its inhabitants have been fighting for 1000 hectares of agricultural land which was blatantly taken over by an APRIL subsidiary (Asian Pacific Resources International Limited). In response to the villagers’ resistance, the company had some villagers taken hostage by its security guards on 28 May 2009. Since the villagers were not prepared to accept such acts of intimidation, a conflict erupted the very same day, in which three people died and several were wounded. The APRIL Group claims these people died in an accident. The national Indonesian human rights commission does not believe in APRIL’s claim. According to Dede Kunaifi and other Indonesian environmentalists there is plenty of evidence that the villagers were killed.”

Pulau Padang Land Disputes

“Standing in front of the Parliament’s House building in the capital of Jakarta, members of the Communication Forum to Save Padang Island demanded that the government take back a permit it had issued for a paper company to clean out their forest, the Jakarta Globe reports.”
Indonesia has the world’s third-largest forest area, and one of the world’s fastest rates of deforestation.

– Elizabeth Flock. Indonesians Sew Mouths Shut in Protest Over Deforestation.  

The Washington Post. 3rd Jan 2012

Protesters from Padang Island in Riau province sew their mouths to protest the environmental destruction caused by the logging activities of PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP). The protesters, who camped outside the House of Representatives building, called on the Riau government to revoke the operating permit for the company.”
“This has been the case with residents of flood-prone Pulau Padang, a small island in Riau province. They have been facing environmental woes since the local administration gave a multinational timber company a license to exploit peat land forests in their area.”

– Elly Burhaini Faizal. Govt Told to Revoke Concession Permit

The Jakarta Post. Jan 6th, 2012

 Just when you think Sukanto can only conduct illegal practices in Indonesia where he has deep connection with the government and will learn to respect the regulations in foreign countries, you got it wrong. One of his company, Bahia Pulp S.A. in Brazil was sued for invading workers’ rights and causing environmental problems.

Bahia Pulp S.A.

the environmental pollution emitted by solid particles from the pulp mill chimneys, added to the intermittent dust from the boilers that give off lime dust and heat, affect the workers”
non-compliance with workers rights, guaranteed in the CLT (Consolidation of Workers Laws), such as non-payment of additional salary of unhealthy and dangerous activities, excessive working days, etc. This is currently being questioned through the courts by the trade union Sindicelpa (Trade Union of Workers in the Pulp and Paper Industry)”
These problems given an indication of the large range of uncertainties, fear and violence present in the studied region, affected by Bahia Pulp. Moreover, the peasants and small landowners in the region suffer from regular difficulties because of serious drought and lack of infra-structure in order to guarantee food security, both in the rural as well as in the urban areas.”

– Ivonete Gonçalves de Souza and João Luiz Monti. Bahia Pulp S.A. (Brazil). Pulp Inc. 14th May, 2007

2010-01-18 adili sukanto tanoto

This is Sukanto’s standard business practice. The local residents are always the first ones to suffer the direct impacts of stolen lands, pollutions, bribery and social injustice. They are forced to take extreme steps to protest for their loss because they are not able to get justice through proper legal proceedings where the companies can have an influence on. However, until today, their concerns are still not being addressed.

When Sukanto step into a place, there is no more transparency and the place became a sad state. Officials and representatives were bribed. All of the residents became sacrifice. Environments were ruined and can never be recovered. All the prosperity is only for himself.
I understand the villagers’ pain. It is the feeling that people can take away everything you have without consequences and can continue to intimidate you as long as they want.

Sukanto is very good at covering his track records, and it is hard for foreigners to find out his conducts in his homeland but if you take a look at the current condition of Riau you would not believe how a corrupted business practice can impact the world. There were people injured, killed and taken hostage by Sukanto’s employees, lands being stolen, houses and properties being destroyed, environments were ruined and can never be recovered again.
If the above cases do not demonstrate a threat to Canadians, then what does?
Indonesians are now struggling to stop Sukanto’s crimes and to chase him out of the country. Inviting someone like him to invest is like inviting trouble to your country.

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: Stop awarding medal to and receiving donation from Sukanto Tanoto 

– by Richard Ameri


Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are literally begging this criminal billionaire, a man with blood-stained hands, a tax evader, a human rights abuser, an environmental criminal to set up shop in pristine Howe Sound...My effing gawd, are there no investors available without long criminal rap-sheets....British Columbia residents should be in absolute fear over the actions of not this Indonesian criminal but the actions of what appears to blatant corruption in the BC Liberal Party itself...

Jordan Sturdy, a new BC Liberal MLA for the riding of West Vancouver...Woodfibre LNG, owned by Sukanto Tanoto paid big dollars in the form party donations to Jordan Sturdy, the event took place at a posh private golf course, the media wasn`t invited and was refused entry, the entire event cost, including big $dollars handed over to BC Liberal Jordan Sturdy, the entire event was paid for by Sukanto Tanoto..

And if those optics weren`t bad , this Woodfibre LNG paid BC Liberal fundraising event was scheduled and arranged at a time when Woodfibre was awaiting a provincial Government approved environmental certificate for Woodfibre LNG..

It absolutely reeks of corruption and influence peddling...That repulsive BC Liberal corruption? story is here...

BC Liberals Take The Cash At Swanky Election Fundraiser Hosted By LNG Proponent Wooodfibre, 2 1/2 Years Before The Next Election




And if that wasn`t bad enough for optics and the blatant appearance of influence peddling, the Petronas LNG deal the province rammed through our legislative house...A deal where Petronas was given a 25 year sweetheart deal, immune from greenhouse gas targets, immune from First Nation approval, immune from any new taxes, immune from paying almost everything, free Site C power offered to Petronas...And if any other LNG proponent gets any deal or terms that are more favouable the BC Liberals offered Petronas a "Me Too" clause to boot...Meaning Petronas gets any and all future incentives too..

  Petronas offered no employment guarantees to British Columbia workers, the sweetheart deal ran one way only, towards Petronas and away from British Columbia and its workers...Even more alarming, all this was offered to Petronas before they even have a federal environmental certificate or any First Nation support...The Christy Clark BC Liberals with their majority Government rammed it through our legislative house..

And now news breaks that the head of Petronas, the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been potentially bought up, bribed, $700 million dollars has found its way into Najib Razak`s personal bank accounts..

 The Malaysian crime and corruption commission have launched an investigation and boy oh boy is the fur flying fast and furious..The Wall Street Journal first reported the story, an un-named whitsleblower reported on the massive amount of money in Najib Razak`s personal bank account..

Even more alarming, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has now gutted the Crime and Corruption Commission, the investigation is stalled..


 "Datuk Seri Najib Razak must explain why the special investigation team on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) was disbanded, anti-graft movement, Centre to Combat against Corruption and Cronyism (C4), said today.

It also said Putrajaya must keep its hands off the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), whose officers were picked up for questioning over alleged leaks of investigation documents.

"Malaysians witnessed with disbelief how the Najib administration swiftly curtailed internal dissent, perceived sabotage and attempts to tear holes in his tattered government, following the 1MDB scandal that has rocked the country for months."


Early reports claimed the money was transferred from Malaysia`s debt-laden state investment fund 1MDB. which is currently $11 billion dollars in debt to Najib Razak`s personal bank account..

When this was reported, when investigations were launched Najib Razak used the power of Government to fire the Attorney General, to fire four Malaysian cabinet ministers and to shut down domestic Malaysian newspapers reporting on the scandal..And more, dozens of people looking into this shocking case of bribery and corruption have been arrested...Third world corruption and justice do not go hand in hand, this Malaysian dictator has stymied any and all legitimate investigations into this likely crime...

The latest reports and explanations being offered up by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is laughable at best..

Now the cornered Prime Minister is saying that this "$700 million US dollars is a political contribution"....Are you kidding me!!!!

Even more farcical, the donor of this largesse is apparently claiming anonymity, this person allegedly resides in the Middle East...The story is bullshit...Najib Razak makes a mere $70 dollars per year as Malaysian Prime Minister...$700 million US dollars even at 1% interest could create $7 million in interest per year...Yet this money isn`t making any interest, the money transferred is just buried, the cash into Rajib Razak`s personal bank account isn`t collecting any interest...

Any politician receiving $700 million dollars is literally a bought politician, just look at the decision making of the BC Liberals when it comes to rewarding corporations who donate $hundreds of thousands of dollars to their Party...Have a look right now at Canada`s federal election, 80 days long and political parties can spend a mere $55 million dollars, ...Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak has in his private bank account $700 million US dollars, and claims it is a political party donation from an anonymous source...Kapow!...The man is a crook, period!

Also, Malaysia`s next election isn`t scheduled until 2018..Over two years from now...Why would that much money sit as a political election campaign donation not collecting interest..

But here is where the rubber hits the road and this BullShit story gets interesting..The money deposited into Najib Razak`s personal bank account did not go from political donor`s bank, to Najib Raza`s bank..The money was transferred to a Wells Fargo bank in New York city, from there to a bank in the Virgin Islands, a place where secret money flows, where money laundering and tax evasion is ripe, from there the money went to Najib Razak`s private bank account...And, this so-called political donation did not come as one lump sum..There were multiple transfers..One transfer from the Virgin Islands to Najib Razak was $60 million dollars..Another transfer was $600 million dollars....

I did mention that the next Malaysian election is in 2018, over two years away from now...

Well, guess what, explain this shocking fact to the watching world Prime Minister Najib Razak...

The money that was sent to the head of Petronas, the money sent to the Malasian Prime Minister was sent in the year 2013....In 2013, two months before the 2013 Malaysian general election, the money, this so-called political donation from a secret source was transferred to Najib Razak two months before Malaysia`s 2013 general election, ...The money wasn`t touched during that 2013 election and today, in the middle of 2015 we are to believe that this anonymous Middle East political election campaign donor offered up monies nearly six years before the 2018 Malaysian general election..

I call bullshit on that...Prime Minister Najib Razak will fall on this, no doubt, he might as well be saying the dog ate his homework..

And isn`t that interesting, the 2013 Malaysian election was a mere month before the British Columbia general election..Christy Clark at that time in history was wooing those big LNG operators, offering up incentives, B.C. public tax dollar bribes?, and..... During the last two years Christy Clark`s provincial Government have racked up over $10 billion dollars in debt...Where is that debt, spent on what?..Spent on perhaps bribing Petronas with BC public cash?...Could that be where this bribe money came from..Is that why the BC Liberal Government is in panic mode over the Petronas proposed LNG project, panicked over Petronas pulling out?...How would the BC Liberals get bribe money back?..They couldn`t, not without going public and being jailed!

Let me be perfectly clear, no British Columbia Government has racked up more debt and faster than the Christy Clark BC Liberal party...No B.C. Government has so tied future Government`s hands with guaranteed largesse to a shady industry..No B.C. Government has had business relationships and close ties to so many well known criminals...

Did the BC Liberals funnel taxpayer money to Najib Razak, bribe money, bribe money so Petronas would play LNG $trillion dollar fantasy games with a desperate BC Liberal Government?..

I think it is possible, even likely..

The link directly below is a PDF file and accounting of the money transfers from Wells Fargo New York to the Virgin Islands then to Najib Razak, in the year 2013..Two months before the April 3rd/2013 Malaysian election and almost six years before the Malaysian 2018 election..

And now after this scandal broke Najib Razak is claiming this is simply election campaign donations...Absolutely laughable!


"On Saturday(August 1/2015), when speaking to an UMNO division, Prime Minister Najib Razak pledged to be transparent, but he also challenged the opposition to disclose their sources of political funding first and he would do the same. 

He also sidestepped a Wall Street Journal report in July which alleged that money, as much as US$700 million, was funneled into his private bank accounts in March 2013, less than two months before the elections.

A recent report said the money was from donors, not state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), as originally alleged."


 In light of these latest revelations, it would be prudent for the BC Liberal Government, if in fact they aren`t party to these massive bribes, influence peddling and downright dirty Government corruption..If indeed the BC Liberals have clean hands, at this point in time all dealings with Petronas and Woodfibre must stop, any LNG projects involving those entities must be halted..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


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1. BC Government keeps piling on massive debt. It's possible now due to low interest rates.

2. Govt tries to show that all the debt is sustainable because they measure debt as debt/GDP, so as long as GDP keeps growing, the debt/GDP ratio remains the same.

This is delusional.

3. So the Government is desperate for the GDP to keep growing.

4. So they are desperate for dumb ideas such as LNG export from BC.

5. LNG export will not work, however, because it is low EROEI - low energy return on energy invested. Not to mention environmental effects of fracking, pipelines etc.

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Another disaster?1.56 Billion dollars taxpayer ripoff?

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