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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swimming in Cedar......A Quick Preview, 5107 Harbourview road, Burnaby BC, On Capital Hill

Hello friends, readers and privileged real estate buyers

Here is a little taste of what I have been doing...

Near the end of the video, ....There are some before shots.....

At the 3:18 mark of the below video there is a picture of the old detached car garage, it WAS a flat tar n gravel roof with open sides, not any more!.....The roof over the side door was tar n gravel too...That`s what they did back then....They have been transformed......Cedar siding was replaced on one side of this custom built home and a brand new detached car has been built, wrapped in beautiful triple stained cedar..

A new cedar plant deck was built, a few little touch ups and this house glows, for those wanting a better look or inside the house view contact me at jgough@dccnet.com

These improvements were done for my beloved mom, we are the only owners of this beautiful estate property, ...However, the time has come to sell the home...mom is moving in with me on the Sunshine Coast...

For My Mom

Some of the improvements made...A cedar planter deck...new cedar siding, triple stained with Behr 501 natural cedar stain..cedar gutters hand made, ....new front entrance light fixture, landscaping landscaping and more landscaping..

new upper glass rail on the upper deck...new lower balcony, .....new garage...now with roof complete and more cedar siding, ...Those pictures to follow very soon..

New kitchenette...new cupboards, new sink, new fridge, new ensuite....

Painting, staining staining and more wood staining, all in Behr 501 natural cedar..

New roof and cedar facia over side/back door...

Cedar wire covers...Cedar corner wraps...New plants, shrubs, yards and yards of new top soil, bark mulch..

Getting close to the finish line...

More pictures to follow.....Click the below to view the spectacular new garage, it too swimming in cedar, and some more partial pictures of the massive back yard


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Good work.

Handsome-loking place.

Plenty of fine karma coming your way.

Northern Gateway decision immanent.

Congratulations on your efforts

Danneau said...

Isn't it grand to engage in something as rewarding and constructive as the subject of this vid? Great looking updates.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Ghun....Danneau..

I`m tired, a one man wrecking crew, created so many tools to create leverage, reach and lifting power,...

All the neighbors have been feeling envious I do believe, everyone around us is in home improvement mode..

There are a couple of ladies who walk their dogs out in the back alley, every night they engage me in complimenting banter..

It is indeed rewarding to see it all come together..

Like I said some time ago, we are leaving no money on the table, Mom will get top dollar and relocate to an easier home, she has much difficulty with the walkway up to the front..

She is so torn, her home has never looked better, yet time and mobility pull...

She may move in with me on the sunshine coast, she may buy a new seniors special..

She will have options...

Capital Hill in north Burnaby is her home, her roots dug in over the last 40 years..

Saddens me too, once she leaves here, once I leave here, ..

Unless one wins the lottery, I`ll never afford to live in/at an estate like this..

Thanks friends..

Be back raging against the machine very soon..

Enbridge is still dead, despite Merky Marissen hired as a piupeline lobbyist, oh indeed, it`s not about the refinery, it`s about the tar pipeline..

Refining makes sense in Alberta, no need for a dual pipeline, one for diluted tar, the other for condensate to thin the tar...

Refinery in Alberta, ....more to come.


RossK said...

Fantastic stuff Grant!


Anonymous said...

Pleasing to the eye and mind; what a great son!

My respect goes out to you, I have followed your site for quite some time and have a sense of you as a person, a human being.

Good work Grant.


Grant G said...

Thanks for that Ken....You too Mr. K...

Family is very important, a wild-eyed youth, now cherishing every moment with history, time, our mortal enemy time, fleeting, don`t blink, and never forget..

Still haven`t figured out how to say goodbye..


Hello, how are you...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot and a gorgeous home. You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...


What an amazing, beautiful job you have done basically all by yourself. Can't wait to see the inside! The view is spectacular. I know that area well, growing up in east Van and living there for 50 years.

I'm sure your mom is very grateful for the caring, "brilliant" son she has. Lucky her.

Jean xo!

Don F. said...

Looks fantastic, so fantastic it will be a sad day to part. Isn't life a curious thing by the time you have enough experience to do something right you are too old to do it.
You have done a fantastic job you can be proud of, just like the boat, rest assured it will be worth it no matter what you choose to do!

Grant G said...

Thanks Jean...Yes, all construction was a solo show..

Mom is very proud, kinda like ...How cid you do dat..she had no idea it could be done..

Who knew?...

Anywho..Brilliant?...No Jean..

Stubborn and determined...

You dear might just get a personal tour..

Good day

Anonymous said...

Well it is very clear now Grant, you must be one of those welfare sucking socialists!


Nice work, you have a very generous heart.