Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Corporate Propaganda Government, Stephen Harper`s Bed Of Fleas

Written by Grant G

A thing of beauty isn`t it, watching Stephen Harper squirm from scandal, to lie, to betrayal, from hiding in parliament backrooms to slithering under countless rock bottoms...

The coward, Harper the mouse that muttered, Harper had no courage to take ownership of Enbridge`s Northern Gateway approval decision, instead of a press conference and answering questions old Harper merely released a 4 paragraph government statement on the federal website, pretending this decision was just business as usual, ....Ah but it wasn`t, Joe Oliver calling BCers radicals, eco-terrorists, westcoast nutbars, Stephen Harper`s henchmen made this never-going-to-be-built-project personal..

Those Conservative MPs had no problem photo-oping when they announced the Seaspan shipbuilding contract 4 years ago, remember that, euphoric Christy cluck cluck Clark was there too,
, those thousands of jobs that..oops, that`s right, there are still no ships being built, an entire federal term will have passed since that announcement and still no jobs..Harper has taken the committed $dollars for shipbuilding back, a lame attempt is on the horizon to claim a balanced budget., done through delaying and canceling every military procurement...Smoke meet mirror..!

Peter O`Neil, one of the Vancouver Sun`s rightwing rhetoric blatherers, his article is spun from threads of denial, obfuscation and delirium, ....

Vancouver Sun is a corporate propaganda rag, tired old voices whose journalistic integrity was long ago beaten out of and pryed from their typing fingers...

Same thing is happening in Canada`s lamestream eastern rags, the National Post and Glob n Mail, denial of what happened in Ontario`s provincial election, those paid scribers have no balls, no courage to tell the public why the corrupt Ontario Liberals were elected with a massive majority, it`s real simple, a total rejection of Harper`s agenda, a rejection of Veteran abuse, a rejection of scaling down healthcare contributions, a rejection of grubby corporate fingers making Canadians work longer for a meager stagnant Canada pension...

Montreal Simon wrote a good piece on this obvious media pandering position..

Stephen Harper`s top elected team stumped for Tim Hudak, federal Conservative cabinet ministers campaigned for Hudak, eastern media highlighted every Ontario Liberal scandal, Bryan Lilley, Ezra Levant and Sun News were giddy, scandal newscasting, slime dripping from every Sunnews reporter, all in attempt to carry Stephen Harper`s farm team stable boy Tim Hudak to victory..

And I personally thought Justin Trudeau might be making a mistake by stumping for Kathleen Wynne during the Ontario election writ period, it wasn`t, it proved his charm and drawing power is real, it proved what has been written here before about Stephen Harper...The most despised prime minister in Canadian history

And then,.....A funny thing happened on the way to the polls, ......

Peter O`Neill`s conclusions in his Vancouver Sun article are flawed, biased, corporate driven, delusional..his electoral arithmetic isn`t on par with kindergarten math, Peter O`Neil claims...

Take a look at his headline and sub-header..

Northern Gateway: Approval unlikely to hurt Harper much when B.C. votes


Tory’s hard-core support is likely the same 30 to 40 per cent that are pro-pipeline in polls — and that’s enough for Harper to keep his B.C. seats

Tory’s hard-core support is likely the same 30 to 40 per cent that are pro-pipeline in polls — and that’s enough for Harper to keep his B.C. seats


His conclusions are pure delusion, there`s a big difference between 30% and 40% electoral support...And considering Harper received 46% of  the BC vote in 2011...That`s a mile-wide difference, from 46% of the vote to 30% of the vote is cavernous decline....

I liken Peter O`Neil`s analogy to a rich petulant spoiled child possessing 21 Conservative MP fudgesicles, the child rather than share them thinks he can eat all 21 of them in 110 degree Sahara desert heat before those Conservative MP fufgesicles melt away.....Delusional...Peter O`Neil was right about only one thing....

 Northern Gateway: Approval unlikely to hurt Harper much when B.C. votes

And the reason is, Stephen Harper and his cult-controlled gang was already mortally wounded BEFORE the Enbridge Northern Gateway decision..

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2015 federal election polls..

The public remembered, saw first hand, knew, ....and wept..

The public remembered veterans committing suicide over their abandonment, all those shipbuilding jobs canceled so Harper could give the wealthiest Canadians income splitting tax refunds while our antiquated military ships burned, helicopters crashed, military transport vehicles sidelined, coastguard stations closed, workers betrayed for imported slaves, high-tech airplane maintenance jobs abandoned for corporate greed, ..Healthcare assaulted, pension reform denied, abuse of our courts, antiquated moral highground assaults on prostitution, tampering with our highest courts for political gain, every environmental law and regulation shredded at the behest of CAPP, attempt after attempt to invade people`s private internet world and a thousand other Stephen Harper personal abuses.....

A funny thing happened on the way to the polls.....

The people looked at their shiny brass mailbox now laying on the ground tarnished, dented, screws dangling from, looked at the outline on their fence where it was once mounted, remembering how $5 billion dollars will be expended yearly for tax cuts to Canada`s corporate, wealthiest 5% ers..

When you Lie with dogs you end up with...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..

You are right Peter O`Neil, the Enbridge Northern Gateway decision will make no difference on Harper`s re-election chances, those cards have already been dealt...

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

And that 5 billion for tax cuts for the elite are going to be coming from transfer payments to BC over the next 5 years. It's 240 million roughly this year.

Jon Ghun said...

Right you are.

The media corps(e) is going to kick into full-scale propaganda projection mode from here on in.

War's been declared and the battle is on for the minds of Canadians.

Time to re-double our effort and tell the truth every time we get a chance.

Northern Gateway must be stopped and the northern cons must be gone by 2015.

As always, I offer much appreciation to you for what you do.

Brian Snelling said...

Copy and paste the above link. It really shows our LNG dream is dead.

Brian Snelling said...

LNG in BC is dead

Grant G said...

I appreciate your well thought out contributions Mr . Ghun...

Brian S...good article..

LNG in BC is a dead horse
Forget any fake polls suggesting Enbridge support is growing.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have to make a no win choice..

If they go against the masses they lose the plentiful middle of the road voters, if they support the majority of BCers opposed to Enbridge they lose their Con base..

Welcome to the great northern wall..

Enbridge is dead..So is Harper


SD said...

Great post Grant! I needed this as I just returned from the picket line.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark is sucking up to the thousands and thousands of Chinese in BC. I believe they bought the Chinese votes with, BC's resources and resource jobs. Another BC mill shut down, because of a shortage of timber. Meanwhile, freighter after freighter of BC's raw logs, sail to China. Now they are after BC's ancient forests. I signed the petition against that atrocity. Harper had visited Vancouver Island not all that long ago as well.

The give-a-way of BC to Communist China, began way back in Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. Fadden of CSIS warned of China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned because, Gordon Campbell had already given much of BC to China.

The Washington Marine Group is the same outfit, Christy's brother Bruce was involved with. SeaSpan is a derivative of the WMG. Christy had given that outfit the ship building contract, that doesn't seem to be happening.Just another Harper line of bs.

If China can have the NG on their terms? Christy will give the gas to China. Same deal with the oil sands. China has their cheap labor to extract the oil. Petro-China put in a bid to *help* build the pipeline. Tanker's their oil back to China and refine it with their own cheap labor again. Not one damned thing for the people of BC.

On behalf of Agent K said...

Pipeline Promises

The Pipeline Protests have begun. After unilaterally removing BC's say in the proposal to build a pipeline for dirty tar sands out across the province to be refined in Kitamat, Stephen Harper announced they have decided to proceed regardless of local concerns. Time for some court action with Stephen Harper's name on it. Especially when it comes to legal liability for damages when that pipeline leaks. No corporations without legal liability here. We need to make Stephen Harper personally liable.

Before I examine some of the very significant local concerns about the pipeline let's remember that Stephen Harper removed BC's say in the matter. That was yet another step away from democracy and another giant leap away from the principles of the Reform Party Stephen Harper has prostituted. The Reform Party promised referendums. Stephen Harper bans them.

Let me say I'm not against the idea of a pipeline. I'm just totally against how they doing it. First, it's not refined oil going through the pipeline it's dirty tar sands oil. When that leaks and we know it will, it create a much more significant amount of environmental damage to our drinking water.

So why not refine it at source? Why risk putting that extra toxic substance though to pipeline? Why? The other obvious concern is what to do with the petroleum coke byproduct. Detroit had a mountain of petroleum coke from Canadian Tar sands oil brought to them by Enbridge and they just didn't know what to do with it. If we don't refine it at source we will need a plan in place what to do with all that byproduct in Kitimat because putting that toxic mes into tankers is just way too high risk for our precious coastline.

Why Enbridge? They have a horrible record for pipeline maintenance and oils spills in the United States? Whey have we used tax dollars to create a oil monopoly and thereby destroyed the free market. Years ago the United States rule that illegal when the Rockefellers used ruthless tactics to obtain an monopoly on the oil through Standard oil. Anti trust law forbade it. Now politicians who get kickbacks in campaign contributions call it good business. That is wrong. An oil monopoly is bad for Canada and most certainly bad for consumers.

Why China? Why give China a our oil rights and our oil profits? Selling China oil is good business. Giving them our oil rights and our oil profits is not. Now when we get gouged at the pump because their is no free market, China gets those profits not Canada. That is messed up.

What assurance do we have that Enbridge will do a better job at pipeline maintenance and leak clean ups then they have in the united States? Right now they are the wrong choice.

Alberta won't pay for BC oil spill clean up

Third Alberta Oil Spill in Six Weeks

Enbridge Oil spills in Wisconsin

A Damning Indictment‏

Enbridge Gag Orders

The Nestucca Story

Nationalizing the oil in Canada would benefit taxpayers and consumers both

Anonymous said...

“A reliable way to make people believe in falsehoods is frequent repetition because familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth.”