Monday, April 14, 2014

Vulture Capitalists Swoop in to Dine on Enbridge`s Still Warm Corpse

Written by Grant G

We sailed straight towards the eye of the hurricane, met its power and prevailed, battered and a little bruised, like a mother screaming while in a laborious state, all that pain is forgotten when the package delivered cries for nurture and touch....Leaves one breathlessly content...

   Kitimat`s non-binding referendum was a victory for the ages, corporate thug with deep cavernous  pockets loaded with loot engaged in carpet-bombing advertising on every national cable channel, every high ranking radio station, print ads plastered in all daily papers, video ads inserted behind articles one clicks to read, even progressive new media like The Tyee took Enbridge money, $60 million dollars Enbridge spent in the last 12 months in British Columbia, $60 million Enbridge spent before the Kitimat plebiscite, ......Enbridge flew near 100 people into Kitimat to persuade, doorknock, canvass and spindoctor, they held barbecues, open houses, fancy glossy mailers arrived in every home in Kitimat and surrounding areas, phones were dialed, workers were visited, lies were told, exaggeration of benefits and denial of risks while answering no questions of substance was planned, practiced and executed.....Saturday April 12th/2014 on the day of Kitimat`s non-binding make or break all the marbles on the table winners celebrate while losers take their ball and go home plebiscite I relaxed, no pressure, content knowing the outcome in advance...

Enbridge go home was the message sent, delivered in person, revenge is a dish best served cold and Enbridge felt a chill wrap around their cajones causing shrinkage a turtle would be proud of..

To be clear, (Janet one with the Orca) Holder and other Donny(dick) Dyck representative voices for Enbridge downplayed the result however, had this corporate thug won in Kitimat front pages would be branded with jumping for joy oil whores, victory is ours, V-day all over again, Billy Good would be calling his stock broker to check on his Enbridge holdings, Balderdash and Vaughn Palmer would dust off their Enbridge-is-a-go-and-we-called-it columns stored under their pillows...

A crushing blow for Enbridge, end of the line, rope cut, already several First Nation`s groups after the NON-BINDING PLEBISCITE result decided to cut ties with Enbridge....Beginning of the end for Northern Gateway...

Kitimat, a resource town, smelters, heavy industry, a working port, terminus for Enbridge`s proposed northern gateway limited liability 49% owned by China pipeline, a town that would have seen most of the very few permanent jobs if built said.....Take your pipe and shove it where the sun don`t shine!

Those results in Kitimat(60% against..40% for) .......Add 10% to the against and subtract 10% to the for...70% opposed ..30% for ....That`s what the result would be if we had British Columbia province-wide vote on Enbridge`s proposal....Guaranteed...

The Dogwood Initiative environmental group is proposing using BC`s recall and referendum process to force a province wide referendum vote...

And I say....Forgetaboutit....I was part of the HST referendum, gathered up hundreds of signatures on the Sunshine Coast, thousands across our province gathered up the required signatures and forced a referendum...Which the good guys won, British Columbia shoved the HST up Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal`s ass!

Unfortunately the Dogwood Initiative doesn`t understand the process, they think the HST referendum is the standard, they are wrong, what the Dogwood group is proposing is a guaranteed Enbridge win, how can they be so stupid..The HST referendum was granted special treatment, Gordon Campbell in an attempt to save his sorry ass from exile made an exception...50% plus 1 vote was good enough for victory....however, Enbridge and Christy Clucking Clark won`t be playing nice, or granting a special treatment exemption from the referendum rules..


If the application is approved, a petition is issued to the applicant (called a proponent) 60 days later.

 The proponent then has 90 days to collect signatures of 10% of the registered voters in each electoral district. The proponent may be helped by volunteers when canvassing for signatures.

When all the signed petition sheets are submitted, the Chief Electoral Officer has 42 days to verify that enough valid signatures have been collected. If the verification process shows that sufficient signatures have been collected and the financing requirements have been met by the proponent, the Chief Electoral Officer sends a copy of the petition and draft Bill to a Select Standing Committee of the Legislature.

The Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives must meet within 30 days of receipt of the initiative petition and draft Bill. The Select Standing Committee has 90 days to consider the legislative proposal. The Committee must either table a report recommending introduction of the draft Bill or refer the initiative petition and draft Bill to the Chief Electoral Officer for an initiative vote.
If an initiative vote is required, a vote will be held on September 27, 2014, and on the last Saturday of September in every third year after that date.

 If more than 50% of the total number of registered voters in the province vote in favour of an initiative, and more than 50% of the total number of registered voters in each of at least 2/3 of the electoral districts in the province vote in favour of an initiative, the Chief Electoral Officer must declare the initiative vote to be successful and the government must introduce the Bill at the earliest practicable opportunity.


Did the Dogwood group forget how to read....British Columbia during provincial elections, or Federal election at most get about 55% of registered voters actually voting, pathetic turnout, voting has been on the decline for years..

So, let me break it down to simple math......First off....If even one of the 85 ridings falls short of the 10% of required signatures there is no referendum...Enbridge would claim victory...And I have no doubt that we could gather up 10% plus in every riding...

However, here is what Dogwood doesn`t understand, the NO TO ENBRIDGE REFERENDUM....

The no votes would have to get near 100% of the vote to be successful, because only 50% of registered voters vote...Read the above passage from Elections BC.....Dumb-asses.

A vote using our written in law referendum act would guarantee an Enbridge victory!

A province-wide vote on Enbridge is a fine idea as long as it`s a straight vote, our recall and referendum act make it impossible to win, a referendum to be successful requires 50% of registered voters in 2/3rds of all ridings to cast votes against, ...NOT 50% of votes cast, 50% of all registered voters, our last BC election we barely had 55% of registered voters vote....If we had the same turnout in a referendum vote we would require nearly 100% to vote against Enbridge....

The prudent thing to do is wait....

So we wait, as written at The Straight Goods after the NEB gave Enbridge approval, albeit with conditions, as written here in December 2013....We can`t do sweet-fluck-all until Stephen treason Harper gives Enbridge the nod(That nod is expected in June/2014)...However, with the way Harper and the Cons are registering in national polls I have a feeling Harper won`t approve the project, he needs another majority before he rams it through...That`s my gut feeling..

Now, I have been wrong before(I thought Adrian Dix couldn`t blow a 20 length lead with only a nag in pursuit)...If Stephen Harper approves Enbridge`s 49% Chinese owned limited liability northern gateway inc pipeline proposal the Haisla and other coastal First Nations are going to court, British Columbia supreme court and eventually this dispute will end up in the supreme court of Canada..

A place that doesn`t like Stephen Harper...Doesn`t matter, we have a federal election in 2015 and like it or not, as predicted here 16 months ago Justin Trudeau will be prime minister of Canada, and if Thomas Mulcair can pull a rabbit out of the hat and win...Both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair are opposed to Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline, it will be a federal election issue in British Columbia..

So, we will have First Nations battling in court, battling for years where they will eventually win, we also have Stephen Harper`s Con party punted out of office, long before our courts have ruled, plus both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair are campaigning against Enbridge`s northern gateway..

We have more, today icing was placed on my contentment pie....David Black crawled our from his rock denouncing Enbridge`s proposal, David Black`s altruistic motives are personal greed, not protecting our environment, and the shocker, crony capitalist vulture number two Aquilini held a press conference today in Vancouver, he proposed an $18 billion dollar refinery in Alberta and pipeline to Prince Rupert with First Nation partners, already those far from the coast First Nations who signed with Enbridge are ripping up agreements and cutting ties, as everyone smells a rotting dead horse named Enbridge...

David Black and the Aquilini Group, vulture capitalists come swooping in to dine on Enbridge`s corpse(On the first Monday following the Enbridge`s devastating plebiscite loss), while it`s still warm!

Put the northern gateway pipeline battle to rest....She is dead, we`ll deal with those other clowns in due time.

Meanwhile, like the cat pictured above, contentment rules the day, can`t you hear me purring.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



kootcoot said...

Dave Black's "new" idea, of building a refinery in Texas North (Alberta) and then pumping refined oil through the pipe to Prince Rupert instead of Kitimat makes more sense than the original Gateway two way (dilutent piped east and dilbit piped west AND Black's original refinery in Kitimat proposal.

However I suspect the greedbags want the refining done in Asia due to cheaper labor and keeping the piles of "petcoke" somewhere that isn't Alberta. Check out the shameful petcoke piles accumulating in Detroit and east Texas. The petcoke either accumlates or can be burned, though it is an extremely dirty fuel, right up there with coal.

Frankly the garbage bitument should be left in the ground, but if they are going to dig it up I would prefer they keep all the crap east of the Rockies and refine it in Ontario, New Brunswick or Texas.

Another point to consider about the plebiscite on Saturday is that as I understand it, migrant (from elsewhere, not necessarily foreign) workers in town (in camps) were allowed to vote, even though they don't live there. I used to log on the north coast and live in Kamloops, but I certainly wasn't allowed to vote both places. Of course proof of residence ain't all that important to Pierre Poillivre or his hero Steve if the voters in question are voting the way the Reformatories and their petrogangsters prefer

Just for the Record said...

The insiders know that there's going to be a major conflagration in the MIddle-East and the flow of energy from there is going to be interrupted.

Canada plans to invade Syria:

Revealed: The rabidly pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

Jon Ghun said...

Yours is very wise, sensible counsel.

The idea of pushing for a province-wide referendum doesn't make sense. We'd best not try taking that path. Even the smallest defeat--and there are many places where such could occur--will be totally misconstrued and expanded into a full-blown mandate to go ahead with the Northern Gateway.

I also concur with your sense that harper may not risk taking a stand until after the next election.

And damn did it hurt to laugh at the image of ole dixie losing to a nag after leading her by 20 lengths (grin). It would be even funnier were it not so accurate.

Anyway, let's enjoy this victory. It's an important if small step towards ending this gassy pipe dream and getting back to reality.


Anonymous said...

And this may be a reason for the fast passage of the latest (environmental review) Bills in the legislature:
Woodside could move quickly in Canada

Date: April 17 2014
Kim Christian

Woodside Petroleum could be forced to move quickly on a growth project in Canada after agreeing a three-year land use deal.

The company has signed a land access agreement with the British Columbia government to conduct feasibility studies to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility at Grassy Point on the northwest coast of Canada.

"The agreement is for three years and is subject to Woodside meeting milestones, including making annual payments, obtaining an export licence and commencing environmental approvals processes," Woodside said in a statement on Thursday.

The Perth-based oil and gas giant said work had started on technical, economic and consultation activities to meet its obligations under the agreement.

The company is still assessing the feasibility of building an LNG plant in Canada, a year after submitting an expression of interest.

Macquarie analyst Adrian Wood said the tight timeframe for land access would put pressure on the company to make a decision.

"That's certainly shorter than I was expecting and that will, perhaps, foster a greater sense of urgency than, perhaps, the market was expecting," Mr Wood told AAP.

"If it's going to go, it's going to go in the next three years."

He said Woodside's greater plan for the region was still unclear and a capital injection would not be required as yet.

The company has slated billions of dollars for two major growth projects, including the stalled Leviathan natural gas project deal in Israel.

In March, Woodside missed a deadline to seal the $US2.7 billion ($A2.92 billion) deal for a stake in Leviathan.

Woodside had intended to take a 25 per cent stake in the offshore project with an $US850 million up-front payment, but has not yet agreed on terms with the Israeli government.

The company and its joint venture partners are still in discussions about how profits would be taxed.

Meanwhile, Woodside said its second major growth project, Browse in northwestern Australia, will be in a position to consider entering front-end engineering and design (FEED) in the second half of 2014.

Mr Wood said the company had stopped making any material commentary around those growth projects in its quarterly releases.

"Leviathan very much hangs in the balance," Mr Wood said.

"It's very much too close to call either way and with Browse they're working towards going into FEED later in the year and that's still the plan."

Woodside also released figures showing production revenue for the March quarter was up 1.6 per cent on the previous three months, which was in line with expectations. It was up 15.9 per cent on the same period in 2013.

The company produced 23 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMBOE) during the March quarter, down 0.9 per cent on the last three months of 2013, but up five per cent compared to the same time a year ago.

Its shares were up 33 cents, or 0.83 per cent, to $39.92 at 1358 AEST.