Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ian Reid, A Voice of Reason

A heartfelt send off is definitely called for, a friend, a voice, a clear concise no holds barred voice has gone silent, brought tears to my eyes, tears not of sadness but tears of inspiration, of hope, of relief knowing his physical pain has relented...

He will be missed, his clear written words will live on in the clouds..

Ian`s spirit will twinkle in the stars above..

Life is hard, frustrating and at times without reward, fleeting and far too short..

I would like to thank Ross K for confirming Mr. Reid`s transformation from the physical to spirit form..It explains the emergence of a new shining star I spotted last night in our western sky..

Some of Ian`s greatest works were scribed while he was challenging tomorrow, writing today not knowing if another sunrise was in the making...

A great man once told me......"We are never guaranteed the next sunrise, only the next sunset"

A toast...

Until we meet again Ian Reid...

Good Day

P.S.   Norman Farrell has some nice things to say about Mr. Reid

Alex Tsakumis too..

And of course, The venerable one...Ross K

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full of Tears


the salamander said...

.. a life well lived .. A Canadian eh ..
.. and so is well remembered

I'll lift a quiet toast to your friend Ian, tonight
from the flatlands of Ontario and send it west

Ian .. a CANADIAN ..
held in the highest esteem

Kim said...

Joining you in a toast to Ian, I've shed many tears in the last few hours.

Bless you Ian, for your passion and courage and bless your family for their courage and support.

A very sad day.

Anonymous said...

A sad day turned into a beautiful night: yes, Grant G the newest star is there in the west, shining brilliantly.

Danneau said...

Expected, but no less difficult. A gem, was Ian.

Anonymous said...

Ian will be terribly missed. Ian's site was a very favorite visit of mine.

RIP Ian, we will never forget you.