Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Passion Within, The Resurrection

Hello friends, just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the progress of our project.

New glass, home-crafted window trim, a whole lotta elbow grease, sanding and oiling the middle window wood, that wood is old growth fir..

And let me say, painting fiberglass is such a chore....

I have maintained the colours Dad loved..

This boat was originally gold coloured, Canoe Cove(boat make) ...Canoe Cove gloden fiberglass was their stock colour, Dad liked his grey, blue and white...

Right now the sides and main colur is white, , the flying bridge stripe is imperial blue...the walkway colour is battleship grey..

The back-deck has been rebuilt, fiberglassed, new engine rooms, ..

I still have painting to do on the back, the fishing area, the port engine is about to be put back together and fired up, new hydraulic steering lines, ..

Everything takes time and everything in priority order...

The stairs to the top of the dock needed to be replaced and the top ramp decking needed replacing, ...

To tell you the truth I`m exhausted, my leg is ready to fall off and sleeping is very hard, between my leg pain and lack of sleep, as stated before I suffer from severe sleep apnea....My machine died two weeks ago, I have come to Vancouver to get it replaced, they provided a loaner sleep machine and last night I finally got some REM sleep, and boy oh boy did I dream, boating, fishing and smiling..

Unfortunately the damp weather wreaks havoc on my bad leg but damn it...I will prevail because..

Because everything I do on the boat, in the yard, stairs, dock work, every corner of the yard, the boat images of family, of father and mother, it is like Dad never left and one day I will fish and family with him ....again.

Meanwhile my leg will soak in ice to bring down  the swelling, my sleep will be restored and the projects completed..

Dad`s boat with me skippering has a date in Kitimat....

I have been thinking a doing a new series of posts starting next spring, a view from the coast, voices and stories from rural coastal British Columbia, ..

In other words a British Columbia coastal adventure, blogging all the way, ..

The boat will be ready, mentally I`m ready the only hold-back is financial, ..

We`ll see about some sponsorship for boat expenses...Something will come up, voices from Prince Rupert to Kitimat, Campbell River and Haida Gwaii need to be heard..

There is no money to hire anyone to do this work, either the Powell River Persuader does it or it will be left to rot away to nothing..

We live in fascinating times, anything you can`t do someone has youtubed a video on how to...

And yes, the persuader has viewed countless videos on engines, on fiberglass painting and plumbing repairs..

And lastly, I was in Vancouver 2 weeks ago for a medical procedure with a camera, the results were excellent, looks like I will be around for a long time to come, funny though, in the recovery room where you relax and doze..

The have wires and finger grips to monitor your alarm kept going off, thus startling the staff, it was my oxygen monitor, it tends to beep when you stop breathing, ...Ever since blood clots from my injured leg penetrated my lungs breathing has never been right..

Well, that is sleep apnea for you, I told the nurse to chill out, or give my a sleep machine, ...They sent me home instead..and now that I have a functioning sleep machine my mind is sharp and refreshed..

The stories of love for family, for environment, for animals will continue, the exposing of corruption and hypocrisy and crimes against humanity will continue as well, professor Robin Mathews will enlighten too..

Go dance in the rain, wet, warm and invigorating..

P.S.....I wish our lazy media would stop calling this sweet rain and weather a "storm"...rain is not a storm, snow is not a storm, winds blowing 30 kilometers per hour isn`t a storm...The media so wants to distract people`s mind from the reality of today, ...

Again, media please stop calling normal weather storms...

I took these pictures from north Burnaby at 6:30 pm Saturday night,


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful.


Don F. said...

Great job so far Grant, looks well worth your efforts.

Anonymous said...

All your hard work really paid off and it looks wonderful. I really love the steps and new deck top too. Now I need to find out why it's so hard to paint fiberglass!!

Happy Sailing friend,


Anonymous said...

It was a labor of love for your Dad. The boat looks fantastic. Well done Grant.

Grant G said...

Thank you friends..

My dad loved the ocean and boating, it meant freedom and privacy..

He also loved his son, he taught me everything I know, especially, how to think clearly, how to remove the propaganda..

When I`m on the boat his spirit is with me..

And it is a matter of respect, too many children allow rot, decay and neglect to destroy their heritage and past..

One must respect and remember the past or be destined to destroy the future.

I`m glad that some of you understand.

Good Day