Friday, September 13, 2013

Christy Clark Walkin And Talkin Tough While Donning Jackboots

 Above picture is Tony Abbott, Christy Clark`s newest mortal enemy, is it me or..or does Tony Abbott have a devious never lose look about him, contrast that with Christy Clark who still struggles with the English language, .."ya know, ya think", ..

Who wins that argument, well...Oh, who is Tony Abbott?...Details are at the bottom..


Christy Clark putting on the Jack boots...

Smart Meters Financial Assault Or Political Suicide 

Smart meter diaries, yes indeed, first off, this proposed $35 dollar per month fee to read my analog meter will not be tolerated, BC Hydro for years and years haven`t sent out a person to read my meter or anyone`s meter once a month, billing is every two months and up here in Garden Bay, and at my Mom`s home in Burnaby months go by when no one comes to read our meters, estimations are sent out, estimations which end up being corrected up or down at later dates..

The BCUC has yet to approve any meter reading fees and...And if a meter reading fee is enacted my bill will be paid...Paid $35 dollars shy, or $70 dollars every two months and if BC Hydro cuts me off the grid so be it, I have batteries and a good generator.

People have the ability to rewad their own meter and once, maybe twice per year does anyone from BC Hydro need to confirm the usage amount, in fact there are hundreds if not thousands of people in British Columbia who read their own meters and relay that information to BC Hydro..And more, a Fortis representative has to read your natural gas meter and report the usage every two months, this person was already reading BC Hydro analog meter at the same time, in other words BC Hydro isn`t sending a meter reader now..And I am in the possession of dozens of BC Hydro bills where the statement confirms that the stated usage bill is but a .."Estimate"

So now Christy Clark wants to Jackboots average British Columbians, she wants to now read their meter once a month when for decades a mere reading every two months was sufficient...Dozens of BC Hydro bills in my possession that state estimate, and those bills were notoriously high, BC Hydro months later adjusted the bills back when finally a real reading took place, albeit from the Natural gas reader..

So Christy Clark now wants to read my meter 12 times per year when in the past BC Hydro read our meter a mere 3 times per year...Also, this threatening letter was sent out months before the BCUC has had a chance to review the smart meter reading issue..

Let me be clear, BC Hydro does not come to your home once a month, at most every two months, and for some, 3 times per year, there are thousands of British Columbians who read their own meters, is the BC Government now going to p[ay these private home and business owners $35 dollars a month to read their meter, something they have done for free for years???

Hear me clearly Christy Clark...If you are going to send a meter reader once a month to my home, I want a knock on the door as proof this person is coming for real, and, ...And this person can`t be the same person who is reading my natural gas meter...

And a little math, the Christy Clark Jackboots Government is proposing collecting $30 million dollars per year from those who rejected smart meter, that is enough money to pay for nearly 400 BC Hydro meter readers...Before smart meters were forced upon British Columbia by the BC Liberals...BC Hydro employed a total off 500 meters readers for the entire province, 500 meters readers to service 4 million people, to 2 million hydro electric installations with analog meters..

Christy Clark`s Liberals are claiming they need the equivalent income, enough money to pay for 400 meter readers to read a mere 60,000 meters, ...Before smart meters BC Hydro was spending $40 million per year to read in excess of 1 million analog meters...

For some strange reason meter reading has become 20 times more expensive under Christy Clark..

I wonder why..

I will gladly go off the grid, not only won`t I pay the money to BC Hydro..

My neighbors will be thrilled having to hear a generator running at the strangest times, like in the middle of the night..

Looks like you better have a fall session in Victoria and enact hew laws regarding noise bylaws, of course there is no law regarding running generators during the day, bylaw be damned, batteries can be charged during daytime too..

I be writing fulltime again soon my friends, been real busy, ..

A couple of minor points, still nothing happening with LNG, nothing but more bad news, BC Group has put off their FID(final investment decision) until late 2016 and Chevron has put off their FID until other words nothing is happening, even Petronas is delaying, they are attempting to divest themselves of another 40% of their British Columbia nat gas position..

And there was even more devastating news for BC on LNG....Australia had a Federal election, Mr. Abbott won a big majority, the Government changed hands, that means a proposed industrial carbon tax that the out going(now gone) Government was going to bring in is now history, gone, and there is also a termination of even more resource taxation, industry got their man elected, basically a Stephen Harper type, all business with little thought to anything, an oil n gas man is now in charge down-under..

Australia is vying for a secondary wave of floating LNG investment...Shell is already building a floating facility, ..Australia is extending major capital building tax credits and labour relief for this second wave of LNG a nutshell, that means that Christry Clark has to go rock-bottom to attract any LNG investment to British Columbia, because, we don`t have a Federal natural gas capital building cost tax credit like Australia has..What that means Australia LNG export plant builders can write off their build cost in 7 years, in Canada it would take 30 years..

So..That my friends is one of the main reasons a fall session of the legislature has been canceled, there is no LNG taxation framework agreed upon, and there is no rush because ..

There will be no LNG shovel in the ground before 2017....And one more thing.

I have it on good authority that northeast BC natural gas is going to be piped to the gulf coast of the USA, from there exported to wherever..BC Gas will be what is called is "Feedstock"...

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has confirmed categorically – for the first time – that he would break the Coalition's pledge on greenhouse reduction targets if it cost more money than he had budgeted for.
Mr Abbott also branded the election a referendum on the carbon tax and said it would be “unimaginable” for a defeated Labor Party to stop him repealing the tax.
The Opposition Leader spent about 15 minutes of a 20 minute address to the National Press Club hammering Labor on the carbon tax. If elected the Coalition would repeal the tax within its first year in government, Mr Abbott promised.

“A Coalition victory, should it happen, will be a warning from alienated Labor voters to their leaders,” Mr Abbott declared. “Never again sell Labor's soul to another party.”

But when asked how he could repeal the carbon tax without calling a double dissolution election – given Labor and the Greens would likely block his repeal – Mr Abbott said he thought Labor would accept his “mandate”.
“It's unimaginable that a defeated Labor Party would persist with a carbon tax,” Mr Abbott said.

“Having lost one election through support for a carbon tax, why on God's earth would you lose a second supporting the same failed policy?”
Mr Abbott confirmed he was prepared to break the Coalition's pledge to cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 (on the levels recorded in 2000

Read more:


Anywho, the next big LNG fact-telling, ball-busting, Christy Cluck clobbering article should be up by Monday morning..

One last point, any rumors of Adrian Dix fighting to stay on as leader and possibly getting another shot at an election win are false, it`s Vaughn Palmer and other backdoor BC Liberals who are promoting this fallacy...If Adrian Dix and Moe Sihota aren`t both gone voluntarily, or within days of our fall convention this site and others will go on the attack against the NDP..

Survival sometimes means cutting off the diseased sections, lopping off the growing gangrene to save the body..Or to quote First officer Spock in the film ...Wrath of Khan..

"The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few"

Time is up Adrian Dix, no soup, no salad, no second shot at premier....

John Horgan, a passionate, wife loving, children bearer, no baggage, stable, firm on his feet, great speaker, wit, charm and a man with the..

...Courage of his convictions..John Horgan has to be the new leader, he wants it, he deserves it, and more importantly, he can win..

Talk to ya soon

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Grant. I cannot believe how BC Hydro is putting the jackboots to the necks to those of us that refused smart meters. Everyone must make their opinions known to the BCUC!

If Adrian stays on I am leaving my volunteer position with the NDP. No more money either.

Hugh said...

Smart appliances require a "smart grid". I think that's part of the push for the smart grid. Kind of useless though. My non-smart fridge works fine, for keeping stuff cold.

Hugh said...

The smart grid is about benefitting companies like GE and Corix, not the consumer.

The smart grid would allow for time-of-day billing, which would mean higher rates at peak hours.

The consumer did not ask for a smart meter. What happened to "the customer is always right"?

kootcoot said...

I received one of the "threat" letters, in spite of the fact I haven't said boo to BC Hydro re: dumb meters. Maybe they just assume everybody in my town is opposed to them, I don't know if any have been installed here yet.

Don't forget either Grant that those marvelous managers of money, our BC liaRs paid the same amount (one billion smackeroos) for dumb meters as Ontario paid for THREE TIMES AS MANY.

Buy IPP power and sell it for 1/4-1/3 of the cost and pay three times the price for dumb meters. Geeez, we certainly are lucky that those spendthrift dippers ain't controlling the purse.......

Anonymous said...

BC Hydro has really gone down the toilet.

The BC Liberals do not have any good business ideas - not so great for a business run government.

Adrian Dix should go and I do like Horgan but will it be enough? They are still too tied to unions specifically the BCTF. It is like a ball and chain on their neck.

This world is doomed.

e.a.f. said...

Tony Abbott, as in the new Australia, P.M.? So he is smarter than crzy christie crunch and Australia does better than Canada, so what is the problem.

The new stupid meters. Haven't been to the mail box to receive the letter about the new $35 a month fine, but hey lets wait and see. They are planning to come and visit my home every month???? That will be interesting. They haven't for the past 8 yrs. They going to start now? O.K. just to make sure I'm getting my $35 a month's worth, the access to the yard will be locked. Good luck getting over it. They can knock on the door, when they want access. I will not pay for services not rendered. I need to be able to ensure I'm getting a month check of my meter is I'm going to be paying for it. If they charge for services not rendered we could each take B.C. Hyrdo to small debts court. Should keep us entertained.

Is there a class action suit one can join? If so please publish the information.

Hugh said...

This is how the Govt responded to the last class-action suit against BC Hydro, over the 2002 Accenture deal:

gb said...

Class action suit info here:
"Tell friends about class action:

"From: Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Subject: update 2013-09-17 Resistance is growing. We must keep it up.

Yesterday during the hour-long interview for CFAX in Victoria, I saw Facebook comments, heard email and phone comments. People are angry, and are ready to tackle this effort to force us to pay for not having something put on our homes. When was the last time people had to pay the government not to hurt them? Thanks to all who called and wrote in.

I think we should consider protests and rallies. It's time.

1) Back East they are hearing about the "concessions" we've won in BC. Hope this gives those in Ontario and elsewhere a feeling that they can do it, too. This "resistance" movement needs to go national.


2) We need to inundate BCUC with emails and phone calls, letting them know that BC Hydro is going rogue , ignoring pleas to have the opt out, ignoring the fact that there is a class action. Here is the contact information:

Telephone: (604) 660-4700
B.C. Toll Free: 1-800-663-1385
Facsimile: (604) 660-1102
Utility Customers E-Mail:
Gas Marketers E-Mail:
Web Site: -

I suggest we also inundate Bill Bennett's office . Where is he in this mess -- he hasn't said a peep about these tactics which include misleading people into thinking the rates are set. Please email at and contact: Snail mail is good -- harder to ignore.

Ministry Office

Minister’s Office

Telephone: 250 387-5896
Fax: 250 356-2965

3) Where are the other MLAs? I hear nothing from any of them. Who are they working for?

Green MLA calls out BC Hydro over smart meter opt-out pricing:


4) Letters and articles:


Lots of good comments at the bottom.

5) Protests in various Canadian cities occurred on Monday re. muzzled scientists.


Bizarre that we had to learn of this from a UK newspaper. Scientists are being harassed if they speak to dangers presented by various products. This includes wireless devices.

Quick ways you can help each day

Visit our website:

Tell friends about class action:

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