Saturday, September 21, 2013

British Columbia Media, Blinded By Science, Or Stupidity Pills?

Written by Grant G

I really didn`t think it was possible but since the election of Christy Clark our media has become even more stoogier..

Perhaps Smyth, Palmer and Sean Leslie believe it`s trendy and neato to be a ditxy dummo like like Christy Clark, I mean really, how many Adrian Dix articles must one endure, let us be clear, very clear, Adrian Dix has been a dead duck since the election, it wasn`t a matter of if but when, Vaughn Palmer threw a hail Mary pass to save Adrian, ...Michael Smyth has been blathering about the election loss since that fateful day..

I wonder why the real issues facing British Columbia are being ignored, well...That answer is simple, Michael Smyth and Vaughn Palmer have been relegated to selling newspaper cookies door to door in a bid to save their jobs, therein lies your answer as to why the stupidity bug has infected our media, yes indeed, we must play nicey nicey with the BC Liberals for we need advertising $dollars.....Idiots, doesn`t the media realize that big advertising $dollars from Government are years away..

The Massey tunnel replacement, with a big 10 lane super bridge for the nominal price of $2 to $3 billion dollars, construction to start the week before the 2017 B.C. provincial election...???..Maybe..

Yet there is no money allocated, no business plan, no mention that any replacement bridge would have to be tolled, ..$5 dollars each way, $10 dollar round trip, and yes the Massey tunnel would be closed, blocked, there will be no free way to cross, ahh, except the Alex Fraser bridge, the free-alternative-a-mere-hour-out-of-evryone`s way crossing..

But yea, .Our life it will improve, by 2020 there will be a new crossing available, just seven more years until a new crossing is built(maybe)...And our astute media stooges ran with this story no questions asked, just like Christy`s election promises, ..our media, heads down counting gum stains on the floor, hands in pockets and stenograph at the ready, for when one reports a bogus political press release accuracy matters, does it not Dirk Meissner?....

And more from Dr. Dirk, the repeater of political spin Meissner...imagine this, a revenue sharing deal between rural communities and the province, sharing mythical LNG revenues...I wonder if anyone noticed there still isn`t one shovel in the ground, no final investment decisions..Christy Clark is promising revenue sharing on a industry that doesn`t exist, this imaginary revenue will be used to build northern city infrastructure and hospitals to service the hundreds of thousands of LNG workers..Even Robin Austin, the useless NDP critic, ..oh indeed, Robin Austin was previously the NDP critic on education, a role he relished, and ketchuped, and dined out on, yet delivered nothing for public education, now Robin(BC`s version of Herve Villechaize from Fantasy Island) also a plane and train spotter...

Robin Austin, a Christy Clark bootlicker, a failure, how on earth can this clown pretend LNG is real when there is nothing, no shovels, no deals, no concrete, we have major energy companies who want massive tax relief, royalty relief, capital building write-off relief and Robin Austin is standing on the corner like a badly dressed hooker asking for revenue sharing...My gawd, Robin Austin believes LNG is real because by george, he spotted a jet aircraft in the north..only LNG people fly in jets..


"Generally speaking, now there's tonnes and tonnes of industrial development taking place in the northwest, and it is a region of the province that has been really hard done-by historically and is in a huge deficit in terms of infrastructure," said Austin, the NDP's natural gas critic.
The Haisla bridge over the Kitimat River that links the community to an industrial area where work is underway on a Rio Tinto aluminum smelter upgrade and the site of proposed LNG plants is in need of a refit because there are concerns it cannot withstand the weight of constant truck crossings, he said.

"There's a lot of work to be done, but it has to be done quickly because we are already feeling the incredible effects of all of this activity," said Austin.
"There is a huge demand on services, but we have very limited hospital services in the northwest. We have very limited school services. We have very limited transportation. Right now, everything is being stretched and we're not even close to a final investment decision on an LNG plant."
At the UBCM on Friday, Clark said the government will fund grants totalling $150,000 to northwest communities to perform needs assessments to study the impacts that LNG developments could have on community water and sewer systems, roads, health, safety and social systems.
Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Terrace, Port Edward and the Kitimat-Stikine and Skeena-Queen Charlotte regional districts are eligible to apply for the grants under a community, sport and cultural development ministry infrastructure planning program, said Clark.
"We're going to work with you to assess your needs for housing, water, sewer, health, education and justice," Clark told UBCM delegates. "This is just the first step in this process. We need to continue to work together so that communities can meet the challenges of growth."
Clark's Liberals say LNG development in northern B.C. could translate into a trillion-dollar economic opportunity that generates 100,000 jobs. The government is currently drafting tax laws to earn revenues from the proposed developments.
Prior to the May election, Clark announced the creation of a prosperity fund the government plans to develop from oil and gas revenues. She said the fund has the potential to help wipe out the province's debt within 15 years.
B.C. debt is currently more than $62 billion.
Austin said he and members of the Terrace council and the Terrace-Stikine Regional District met with Clark and discussed a revenue-sharing proposal she announced during the campaign.
Austin said the municipal leaders and the province are looking at an area-wide agreement similar to provincial revenue-sharing deals in place for the oil and gas sector in the northeast and the Columbia Basin Trust in the Kootenays.
"The (municipal leaders) want to be part of the conversation on this agreement around revenue sharing," he said. "They don't want something that's just worked out down in Victoria and then imposed."
Austin said local leaders want their communities to be better prepared for what appears to be an oncoming surge of new residents.
Northwest politicians are already feeling population growth pressures and they "don't want to end up with a Fort McMurray, where we hear stories about what happened with the boom there and the community wasn't ready and it got overrun.
"We don't want that to happen."
Federal International Trade Minister Ed Fast told UBCM delegates Friday that Ottawa supports infrastructure development projects that will help ensure Canada's oil and gas resources find new markets.
Fast told reporters after his speech to delegates he was not about to say how the federal Conservative government will react if a federal joint environmental review panel rejects the proposed $6 billion Northern Gateway pipeline project from Alberta to northwest B.C. to export oil to Asia, but Ottawa remains committed to supporting infrastructure development.
"We've made it very clear that we need to put in place infrastructure, the critical infrastructure, that's required to get Canada's resources out to market so that we can enhance the value that we receive for these resources," he said.
Austin said Terrace and Kitimat are already in a midst of what he called a pre-boom and none of the proposed LNG projects is even at the go-ahead stage.
"If you go to the Terrace-Kitimat airport now, Air Canada used to have three return flights a day. They went to five flights a day now and West Jet is in here in November," Austin said.

"This is huge. We haven't had jets flying into Terrace for 10 to 12 years."


I wonder what those jets were doing in Terrace 10 or 12 years ago..they must have been laden with LNG workers and energy executives..

Hey Robin Austin.."Da plane, da plane"....Well, I wonder if Robin Austin has seen the jobs report, we keep losing jobs, we rank near last place in Canada in job growth, people are leaving British Columbia and yet..

And yet Robin Austin must have consumed a double-dose of Christy Clark stupidity pills....

Oh goody, a new toll bridge over the Fraser river by 2020 and or a LNG industry by 2023...isn`t that special..

My money is on neither happening..

Lastly...Adrian Dix`s replacement..George Heyman..The previous head of a public union...I don`t think so, just hand another term of power to the corrupt BC Liberals..David Eby, a man who when was employed by the B.C. civil liberties defended the notorious blackhoods, you know, the ones who smashed windows at the beginning of our 2010 Olympics...Hand over another term to the BC Liberals..Mike Farnworth????...I respect you Mike, you are a hardworking MLA..However, the Bible belt and those bigoted B.C voters won`t vote for a gay man...cue the family photos, children, typical traditional family photos, the church, faith and the future..Just imagine what the haters like Jim Sheppard and Phil Hochstein will do with Mike Farnworth..

There is only one choice at present for new NDP leader, his name is John Horgan..

Anyway, how are you, my little boat project has turned into a little bit more..

She needs to be sea worthy for a trip through Hecate Strait and a date in Kitimat..

And lastly...Robin Austin..Keep on looking skyward, da plane, da plane is loaded with revenue sharing dollars..

Enjoy the stoogier pills, talk to Smitty, I hear Michael Smyth has a source for lifetime stoogier pill prescriptions.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

Funny thing Grant. It occurred to me that Dix's leaving garnered billions more words than when that jerk Campbell slithered out of town. The silence was deafening.

lumberron said...

The only man for the job is Horgan.He always was and Dix was a goof.If Farnsworth,evan though I don't mind him aven thinks of leading the party we are done again.Don't anyone of them think about the party and not themselves.I'm sure they have blind high aspirations for themselves but the only one who should run this party is Horgan.Period Lumberron

Anonymous said...

Details coming Tuesday for LNG Supply to Japan.

Grant G said...

@anon 3:55...

Your LNG article link is nothing, no details, no facts, politicians agreeing to agree in 2020 is not earthshattering..

here is the entire article(cut n pasted)..


"Japan, Canada close to deal on shale gas export boost


Sep 22, 2013
Article history

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are expected to agree to increase Canadian shale gas exports to Japan from around 2020, Japanese officials said Sunday.

Canada’s envisioned shale gas exports are likely to total 40 million tons a year. The gas will be shipped after being processed into liquefied natural gas, the officials said.

Abe and Harper plan to reach the agreement in a meeting on Tuesday in Ottawa during the Japanese leader’s five-day visit to Canada and the United States from Monday.

Canada will be the second country to export shale gas to Japan. The United States plans to start shipping 6.7 million tons a year of shale gas to Japan from around 2017"


There are more details on a bubble gum wrapper..And let me be clear, Harper will be gone in 2015, punted to hell, him and his convict crew are history..

2020...sheesh, oh yea, the world will need 7 billion high skilled, high priced LNG workers by then..

gimmee a fucking break anon, where can I get some stupidity pills, ..

Please don`t present anymore drivel articles, meaningless garbage.

Good Day

the salamander said...

In the not too distant future ..

.. look for a joint announcement from Christy Clark & the Harper Government.. and hey ! There's Stephen Harper doing up his suit jacket and adjusting it endlessly (nervous affliction) beside her.. and Joe Oliver rubbing his rheumy eyes and putting his spectacles back on again and again .. & there's Jason Kenney, who's brought his mommy.. constantly bobbing his little smug head and smiling at each and every camera.. how cute ..

Uh .. yes .. Christy at the podium, resplendent in understated taupe Dior pantsuit-coveralls and matching oil rigger hardhat .. with the flags of China, Chinese Columbia and Harper Country behind her

The new Heavenly Twin Sea to Shining Sea Undersea Pipeline from Port Alberni will deliver LNG and dilbit downhill and directly to China.. (cue recorded applause)

The impregnable undersea petroduct will eventually be extended directly into Alberta where new suction technology (suck and blow) developed by the PMO scientists will ensure all energy resources are efficiently transferred (sucked) from inland holding ponds to (blow) vast coastal basins.. and then use tidal power and the will of gawd to force and flush the clean green resources straight downhill to China

Pause for applause .. Christy simpers nicely for the cameras .. The approved & invited evangelistic media clap like seals and file their pre-approved news releases ..

Later, the ruling VIP's chopper to Whistler for radiant japanese oysters (Fukashima) served on rare Greenland glacier ice, prairie hen au glas, and toasted garlic orca fin, then Peruvian coffee harvested by robots.. before heading off on stealth snowmobiles for a special, secret and private outdoor hockey game between the Vancouver Cantonucks and Edmonton Oil Mandarins.. with Robin Thick performing the international ekonomic anthem.. Blurred Lines to kickstart the gala evening off.

.. .. ** .. ..

OvEr My dEaD bOdy ..

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Nathan Cullen, sure hope I get the chance.