Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christy Clark`s Milfgate Was No Accident(UPDATED)

 Richard Branson has suggested B.C. Premier Christy Clark try kite-surfing with him, noting she should be aware of the 'dress code.'
UPDATED AT BOTTOM---January 15th/2014

After the big bru ha ha over Milfgate, people like David Obee who ran to Christy Clark`s defense, Vaughn Palmer and others who tried to defend Christy Clark`s response to a question posed by someone named "Andrew from Comox" on the Drex show..

We never heard Andrew speak, Drex, the radio show host, in the interview read this statement, and I quote, here is what DREX said(What Drex read)...

"Andrew from Comox wants to know what it`s like to be a MILF"

Those paid pundits and deflectors claimed Christy Clark was put on the spot, they say Christy got blind-sided by an inappropriate question...To which I say..

RUBBISH, I am saying to all British Columbians that Christy Clark was not surprised by that question from Andrew from Comox(What`s it like being a MILF?) but was prepared and knew the question was coming, Andrew from Comox wasn`t put on the airwaves, Andrew`s question was read from a piece of paper in the radio studio.....

Christy Clark`s response wasn`t delayed, she instantly laughed and had a ready answer about "Better being a MILF than a cougar", that my friends is/was thinking fast on their feet, because believe me..

My sources tell me that the question was not only approved by a one Christy Clark before it was asked, it was Christy Clark`s election team that drew up the actual MILF question!    

And here`s the deal, Christy Clark has lost the female vote but Christy is polling even with Adrian Dix with male voters, so..

Christy Clark`s gambit is to lure more males to her side of the political spectrum, her plan was/is to get more men to look at her in a sexual manner, yes I know that seems bizarre but when you have nothing to lose, when you`re desperate anything goes..

Coupling these items together, that being my source telling me the MILF question was staged and pre-arranged with this very special New Years Eve announcement from Christy Clark reminding all of us about the Richard Branson offer and you have not a one-off but a consistent theme invoking sexuality..



Look at the facts, after the big flap over Milfgate why would a premier(even an acting unelected premier) want to draw attention to the fact that Richard Branson invited her(Christy Clark) to go naked kite surfing??????

Christy Clark in her New Years Eve video message does just that..

Christy Clark goes out of her way to remind the public of the Richard Branson offer, an offer that came with Richard Branson(senior citizen) with a naked teenager riding on his back..Branson`s offer to Christy silly goose Clark came with the above photo attached, a photo of Richard Branson with a naked girl on his back, not a woman but a girl.

Now perhaps if Milfgate didn`t happen I could see the joke about Branson`s offer of naked kite-surfing possibly happening, but after Milfgate????

Taken in context with this interview, combine all 3 interviews and it`s obviously to anyone with connected brain cells that Christy Clark knew exactly what she was doing, playing the sex card!

Christy Clark`s New Year`s message was no accident, either was Milfgate..

Not quite sure of what kind of strategy Christy Clark is employing..Same strategy she used at S-F-U when she was caught cheating on student body elections

And you know she quit S-F-U right after she got busted..

Regardless of what strategy Christy Clark and the Liberals employ..

This blogger and truth finder isn`t buying it..

UPDATED HERE..January 15th/2013

Christy Clark, back from holidays for 5 days, she has not addressed any of the current scandals..The port mann bridge pile up..John Slater..John Les and the Auditor General non-reappointment scandal, and so much more..

Yet again Christy Clark has reminded the BC Public about Milfgate..


Premier reaches out to fired DJ


She has been away on holidays and not available to comment on a list of topics.

But Premier Christy Clark has reached out to a DJ who got fired from his job in Courtenay.

Justin "Drex" Wilcombes was let go after asking the Premier a question about being a "MILF".

On his Twitter feed, "Drex" says he's now received a call from the Premier, and she wasn't impressed the interview lead to him getting fired.

He's now picking up some shifts on our brother station CFOX.


I said it before, I`ll say it again, MILFGATE was no accident, Christy Clark and her handlers are the ones who not only approved the question, they wrote the actual question....All one can say is...Bizarre.

What I find interesting as well, Rock 99.3 CFOX is CKNW`s sister station, Christy Clark had countless appearances on their radio station and Christy Clark when she was on radio(cknw)..Christy Clark had a weekly segment with a CFOX 99.3 DJ appearing on her afternoon show..

Christy Clark pulled strings to have Drex hired up by rock FM channel 99.3 the Fox...Why?..Because Christy Clark and her handlers didn`t want Drex to tell-all...Tell all that the MILF question was a BC Liberal set-up..Drex was an innocent, a patsy..

And lastly...How come Angus Reid and the other pollsters are holding off releasing their latest polling numbers...All I can say is..

They aren`t very good, for BC Liberals that is

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Nice tune, way to go Grant, you nailed this one to the wall!

Anonymous said...

With all this "funning' about crusty, we must not forget the criminal activities she, as well as most of the lieberals are involved with. We have a little over 4 months to turn up the heat. Thank you Grant, thank you for your honesty, and brilliant writing. The best of 2013, not 2014 as crusty says LOL. At least puff pastry is reading your blog also, getting an education at the same time. Be well Grant, BC needs you!

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Lee..

May a bright sun shine on your future..

Good Day

Don F. said...

I wish my photoshop skills were better, he wouldn't look so smug with her on his back. I'd love to see someone do justice to that!
And you are absolutely correct Grant, she wanted to remind us all of the incident, boy I wish I was capable and could produce that photo.
Happy new year Grant!

Anonymous said...

Better the conversation be about poor Christy seen as a sex object than one on Liberal corruption.

Grant G said...

Thanks Don F...Yes indeed, Christy Clark WANTS to be portrayed as a MILF.

My question is...How many men are out there who think with their penis?

Believe me Don F, this is deliberate political strategy...

The strategy won`t work, are 80% of men going to fall for the MILF gambit?

I don`t think so..

And by the way...PAB-BOTS are all over this post, actually, seems like everyone is all over this post according to stats.

All the best to you and yours Don.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

It was ok Bill Boring was back today and was all pover shifting thye blame to Drex. His Liberal panel of about BC (represnting only the lower mainland liberals and all female righties)were on it and I tuned out. Man this is getting worse. Hopefully his fall ratings are still low. Still can't read whatever for verification.

Grant G said...

Word verification, yea, I hate it too..

However, automated spam can litter my spam filters without word verification.

Viagra and goose down jackets are very popular right now in the spam department..

Hmmm, Viagra and MILF`s


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Grant, I always say Cluck does exactly as she is told and nothing is a surprise to her. If she ever refused she would be out of a 'job'. That 'job' is to destroy BC for her corporates and their election donations. It helps that she is a natural born idiot and a treasonous and corrupt sleazbag imo! The lowest form of human life there is.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22 PM

To make it a little easier I always see what the word verification is and if I can't be sure of what it says I will keep changing it until I can be sure....then type my comment.
Sometimes before I started doing this I would have to do it multi times until 'they decided I got it right'. It always seems to be the worst on Grant's blog and that's a good sign and who they fear the most the way I see it!!!


David said...

If I had not checked her out myself after the cleavage headline a while back, I would not have thought this was an effective election strategy. I've not been swayed, but I'm sure that there are those out there who will vote for the booty before a promise of competent duty.

Discovered your site about a year ago - I love this blog! Thanks sir.

Anonymous said...

Strange as it may be most of the younger Indo-Canadian males I know can't stop talking about hot CC is and claim they will vote for her on that basis alone. Pretty and a free enterpriser makes for a leader I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Grant you write amazing stories, passion anger and always the hidden message.

You are one underrated talent, unique.

Stay strong and god bless