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Friday, January 4, 2013

Updated)Christy Clark Going Mobile, John Slater stabbed in the Back

MLA: John Slater

Elected: 2009

UPDATED January 14th/20130( BOTTOM OF POST)

Yes indeed folks, remember how the BC Liberals stabbed Moe Gill in the back, Moe Gill who signed up hundreds of new BC Liberal members and raised a-lot money for his anticipated election campaign...Then Rich Coleman brow beat Moe Gill with his stench and bellow, only to turn around and hand an uncontested nomination to fellow white trasher Bob Plecas...A crude rude move typical of this disgusting, lying, corrupt and inept BC Liberal Government...

John Slater is apparently shell-shocked that as an incumbent he not only wasn`t granted the nomination to run in a riding he won, but John Slater won`t even be granted an opportunity to win the nomination..

In another disgusting display of BC Liberal arrogance John Slater has been given the big heave-ho right out of the party, instead these Liberals things gave the Boundary-Similkameen nomination(uncontested) to Linda Larson, a former mayor and now a...City of Oliver Councilor.....

Yes indeed, this is one classy bunch....

And guess what else is going on....

All incumbent BC Liberals(The ones who want to run) have been given their nominations, all except two....

Those two are Christy Clark and Rich Coleman....And here`s the deal, these criminal , corrupt BC Liberals have left the door open for several scenarios,...

First off, by not nominating Christy Clark for any riding, backroom string-pullers like Mike MacDonald and Patrick Kinsella can still give Christy Clark the heave-ho as premier and bring in a new leader...

Rumour has it that party power-brokers within the BC Liberal GANG have given Christy Clark until the end of February to turn the polls around or she is gone, caput, kicked to the curb like Moe Gill and John Slater...

And....If Christy Clark does move the polls a little, or enough for party power-brokers to give her a shot(That is if the election isn`t postponed for a year)..Christy Clark will not be running in Point Grey, she has requested a safer riding to run in..

And that`s where Rich Coleman comes in, Coleman has other plans, something about a Senate seat, and guess where Christy Clark`s safe seat is????

You guessed it, Rich Coleman`s old riding..


 updated here...JANUARY 14TH/2013...click the below link.


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