Monday, November 19, 2012

Global BC and Christy Clark, BC Liberal Ally and Flagship Station

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Shocking, Democracy destroying propaganda at its finest...What the Hell is going on around here..Have businesses lost their morality, this story exposes the silent propaganda campaign the BC Liberal Government is engaging, along with its willing partners..

Not only is this corrupt Christy Clark Government spending $15 million dollars on a partisan phony Jobs plan, designed to look like and piggy-back on the $50 million dollar Federal action plan partisan ads....Christy Clark apparently didn`t learn a lesson when she authorized spending $7 million PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS dollars on HST stickmen propaganda ads...

So desperate is Christy and the Liberals, so corrupt, Michael Smyth wrote a scathing story this very morning about Christy`s Liberal Government using more PUBLIC TAX dollars to make, produce and distribute the "CantaffordDix" attack web site...

We are entering very dangerous place, a slippery slope, BC Liberals will stoop to any level to confuse, to lie and distort, a corrupt Government that at this very moment is attempting to find a means to cheat an election victory in May/2013...Will they change the election ACT, will Christy Clark allow and condone an online voter fraud scheme, will Elections BC officials be bribed, fired and replaced if they don`t cooperate with the Christy Clark Government, Will Christy Clark find a reason to cancel and postpone this upcoming May 2013 provincial election..

Here`s the story, just confirmed by members(unidentified for reason) of Global TV news room..

Last Friday(November 16/2012), right after a propaganda news story about the BC Government going to a California jobs fair to find employees, that entire story used silent discreet words like.."anticipated,..expected..potential"...An entire story that Global news was selling as factual, including participation by a one Keith Baldrey..

Let`s break-down that segment, ...First off, no pipeline has been approved(Enbridge or Kinder Morgan)..Not one of 6 proposed LNG plant has even started as no long term LNG buying contracts have been signed, and Site C dam is still a decade away from even starting, if it ever does..

The Global news propaganda piece that was aired in collusion with the Christy Clark Government was full of holes..Number 1)...These projects may never happen, in-fact BC will be lucky if 1 LNG plant is built..

2) Any worker shortage at present is small, the number bandied around in that Global propaganda piece was hundreds of thousands, that problem only exists in a perfect storm, that storm being ..
All 6 LNG plants...Site C..Enbridge..and Kinder Morgan..And 9 mines all happen at once...

Yet that didn`t stop Keith Baldrey, Christy Clark and Global news themselves from engaging in this propaganda..

So what`s the big deal you say...I haven`t even started yet, this story is about something else all together..

Just after that propaganda story on "potential" worker shortage...I was already fuming with anger..

The female host, I believe it was Debra Hope,.....She stated and said, I`m paraphrasing here..

{Join us, staring next week every Thursday night at 6:45 for weekly updates on the state of provincial affairs hosted by Christy Clark}..Snip..

Well I was flabbergasted...I was also too busy(At that time to investigate), ...

I called(The next day, Saturday) Global news, the weekend staff knew nothing of what I spoke...

But today, Monday, November 19/2012....I called Global news and asked what was up with Christy Clark and this provincial propaganda weekly update bullshit...

The man(source)...Told me in confidence that there were problems with that airing(the piece I saw on Global about Christy Clark doing weekly updates) of that piece..He said it was an actual Christy Clark ad..

He told me many people have complained and in fact it was not portrayed as an ad, it was portrayed, it came across as part of the official newscast 

So apparently, starting next week(maybe this week)..the BC Liberals will have ads running on Global News, ads with Christy Clark giving weekly provincial updates, these will be actually paid ads (or programming)...Ads paid for by the BC Taxpayer!!!!!


 So what apparently Global BC news did was,  a minute or 2 after they aired a story about the BC Government in the near future going to a California jobs fair, a Global news story where Baldrey and Global bandied around numbers like 600,000 odd workers were needed, a complete upbeat propaganda story where where words were inserted discreetly, words like "potential, anticipated, ....." And then there was the aired spot about Christy Clark every Thursday(weekly) will be giving provincial updates and progress reports...And that my friends according to a Global newscast member was in fact a...

A BC LIberal ad!.....Global BC television was........
promoting BC Government ads, disguising advertising as programming..How did this happen?....Was this just the excuse given?... an excuse to justify advertising a new weekly BC Government ad, or was the intent to confuse viewers that this was new programming???
In all my life I have never heard a news outfit, and or newsroom personalities promote an advertisement, the time, the place, the content, involving a BC Premier, an advertisement that is occurring in the future, at a set time, and on a weekly basis....Are you Kidding me!!!

You have some serious explaining to do Global TV...

 There was no mention in the promotion of this future Christy Clark advertisement that it was, in fact an actual advertisement..

Just imagine, a whole series of different Christy Clark ads, each disguised as a provincial update, promoted on, played on Global news, and...

Paid by your tax dollars..

Let the propaganda games begin

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

We do remember Elections BC, when the Fight BC HST was on. They used some very dirty tactics. I don't trust them with our votes, one damned bit.

The media is a, total utter shameful disgrace, to their professions. There is no such thing as, good honest journalism and reporting anymore. The media reminds me of, Joseph Goebbles propaganda machine for Hitler.

Christy can spout about trade school all she wants. Campbell signed the deal with China, long ago. China owns the resources and, are bringing their own people over, to work our BC mines.

Same deal Harper made with China at the tar sands. China owns the resources and the jobs.

Anonymous said...

It's also worth checking out how the mainstream media do their propaganda. They play on people's fear, present themselves as the voice of common sense, and make their 'enemies' sound like ridiculous idiots (taking the piss is essential to propaganda). You don't want to copy all their dirty tricks but it does pay to watch how they operate. They are part of the problem, after all.
When you have decided to play by BC Liberal Party rules, I am standing by to help you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant...not certain but I am wondering if there is still talk of machine voting by Dominion(Cdn) providers I would be wary.
BradBlog..the best and knowledgeable on this type of voting using all types of vote by machine.
CC talked about this awhile ago and I absolutely do not trust any of the machines.
Any idea if this is still being promoted and considered?
Especially since we do have an election soonish.

Grant G said...

There will be no electronic voting machines...However, Christy Clark and the backroom boys are pushing for online voting for the next Provincial election.

I have no faith(at this time) in any online voting schemes..

Oh, one more thing..

There is a push(especially if the BC Liberals remain low in the polls) to delay the election until the Fall of 2013..

Look for a provincial(BC Liberal) made emergency to "justify" the delay..


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Great piece. Any ideas of what we can do about this besides be angry? CRTC involvment? There has to be a way to expose Global and the Liberals and hold them to account.
Global has been the Liberal's tv GCPE the old PAB) station since Campbell was in Opposition. The adjectives they use, the camera angles, everything is so blatant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks jogged my memory re:on line voting which I was wary of because of too easy to manipulate,same as voting machines.
I really do not trust her or the him whose name I cannot repeat except he is raping Canada IMHO.

Grant G said...

Watch Global BC news on Thursday night, we will find out then how they(Global) plan to play up this..

"Weekly provincial update by Christy Clark in the form of a scheduled commercial"

My source at Global news was embarrassed by the stunt Global BC pulled last Friday night(November 17)

He called it what it was, "Blatant propaganda"

To advertise as new programming, a future series of infomercials starring Christy Clark..

Beyond partisan..

Circa 1942 Germany..Does Goebells ring a bell.