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Friday, September 21, 2012

(updated,Sept/22nd/12:32 pm) Revenge of the Turncoats and Alone in the Wilderness

You know friends its almost like I have access to the BC Liberal playbook(maybe I do)....

Let`s go back to what I wrote earlier this week in this post...


"I don`t think there`s enough toilet paper in British Columbia to wipe the ass of all the flunky foul(fowl) smelling pundits, those being Bill the shill Good, Sean the bowl swirler Leslie, Michael the sky is falling Smyth or even lost in space El Bloatto....

Can`t you see it, feel it, the coordinated efforts of cknw, Vancouver sun, the Province, here they come, Hocstein, Ian Black, the liars have returned for the fall season, no legislative session but we will have a rip-roaring laxative session, starring the usual bought suspects,
all plotting, all organized to disparage Adrian Dix and the NDP...And guess who just crawled out from his rock????"


(UPDATED HERE....The Bloatted El SEWERMAN strikes out again, John Cummins will remain leader, as predicted here at the Straight Goods)

Before we get started, I told you there was organized plotting by all the media to dump on the NDP, ...Here is a little example, this week on CKNW, Ian Black twice, Bill Bennett, Phil Hocstein, John Winters, head of the small business council, all NDP fear mongering...

Several months ago Norman Farrell wrote about how Bill Good SEEMED to have changed his BC Liberal bias and was playing square, I too contemplated writing a similar article, but something told me to wait, I didn`t trust Bill Good, and my instincts were spot on, again...

Bill Good on Tuesday stated on air.."I won`t be in tomorrow(Wednesday) as I have personal business to attend to" snip...

I was curious as to what this personal business was, and as it turns out, Bill Good was in Kelowna, with Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey...And I found out later through sources that Christy Clark was also in Kelowna, interesting no?...Personal business, no, it was a coordinated planning and plotting session between Billy Good and the BC Liberal party, how to turn the BC Liberal trainwreck around, how to bring down Adrian Dix, ....

Bill Good`s editorial at 8:30 this morning, Bill stated that Adrian Dix wants to redistribute wealth, ...News flash Bill Good, all Governments redistribute wealth, tax money, royalty money, resources revenue gets distributed to ministries, or in the case of the BC Liberals, corporate tax cuts, need more Billy Boy Good, the HST, that was Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell redistributing $1.9 billion in taxes, making consumers pay $1.9 billion MORE in sales taxes and giving it to corporations who already had the lowest corporate tax rate in North America, ...

Yes indeed, Billy Good is plotting and scheming with the BC Liberal party and personally with Christy Clark to bring down Adrian Dix, and Michael Campbell all week has been stating on air, and I quote..

"Government can raise money three ways, Corporate tax, income tax and sales tax, raising corporate tax 1 dollar costs the economy $11 dollars, raising income tax results in less revenue to Government, the best tax to raise for Government is sales tax"

Well well well, if that`s true Michael Campbell if Governments removed all corporate tax and income tax we would all be rich, in other Michael Campbell is still trying to save the HST, along with con man John Kesselman, and by the way, Michael Campbell`s Money Talk show tomorrow is being broadcast via London, that`s right, Michael Campbell is partying with his brother Gordon the thief Campbell, sheesh...

Back to Billy Good, it`s been attack the NDP all week, ATTACK Gregor Robertson all week, in fact he started the week defending Christy Clark for canceling the fall session, claiming people were more interested in hockey, really Billy, did you get any calls on Hockey today on the cutting ledge?...And now Billy Good has added a new word to his vocabulary and jumped on the word.."Redistribution"..As in Romney versus Obama.. Also on CKNW, Michael Smyth, the fill-in guy has come out swinging against Adrian Dix, as for Simi Sara, it`s so sad, a good person, a good radio voice and now CKNW has clipped Simi Sara`s wings and ordered her to back off on being critical of the BC Liberals, infact all her shows this week have been carbon copies of the Bill Good show, anything for a paycheque...Simi`s balls have been cut,

Need More..


That story was/is yellow journalism, Jinny Sims didn`t bump anyone`s birthday party, someone from the parks board in Delta asked the family to move to another section of the park, Jinny Simms knew nothing of it, she had a constituency party, everyone was in Delta was welcome, free dogs and pop, 700 people from Delta attended and the Vancouver Sun and Province put this story on their web edition front page and totally misrepresented it, sad journalism for sure, sad and pathetic...The coordinated NDP attack continues..

Back to Billy Good`s editorial this morning, asking for all of Dix`s election platform, not once did Bill Good mention CLBC, BC Rail, HST, child poverty, no, instead he was trying to paint the NDP as economy killers, the economi8c killer theme continues...

And kudos to both Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer today on the cutting edge of the ledge, because both of them stated on air, and I quote..

"No other opposition party has released this much of their election platform 8 months before an election than Adrian Dix has" snip...

Bill Good went silent and stayed silent, it blew his 8:30 am editorial out of the water...Look folks, I`m no fan of Keith Baldrey or Vaughn Palmer but both of them are realistic, Billy Good not so much, Billy Good got his CKNW marching orders and has returned to his BC Liberal bias, Billy Good has returned to his own lying on air and allowing BC Liberal MLAs to blatantly lie on air! ....You think I`m kidding..

Bill Good had Colin Hansen on just before the cutting edge of the ledge and Billy just sat there and allowed Colin Hansen to lie, blatant lies...

Here is what Colin Hansen said, the big lie...And I quote..

"Adrian Dix said he would raise small business taxes" snip 

That is a bold-faced lie, Adrian Dix, on Thursday, at the Vancouver board of trade said, in his speech....If elected he will raise Corporate taxes to the 2008 level under the BC Liberals, Adrian also said he was returning the minimum bank tax...And, the BC Liberals have also stated that they too will raise corporate taxes to the 2008 levels, no where has Adrian Dix ever said he was raising small business taxes, yet there was Colin Hansen blathering out a blatant lie and Billy Good remained mute....Sad, Billy boy, very sad that an old man like you with tons of money would allow pure fabrication and lies to spew from Colin Hansen, you allowed Bill Bennett to lie on air, Phil Hocstein to lie and spin, Ian Black to twist and contort, no, Ian Black too lied his face off, ....Your station really needs to be taken to the CBSC(Canadian broadcast standards council)...

I`m glad that I held off posting anything positive about Bill Good`s 1 week of honest radio journalism, it`s absolutely amazing how quickly Billy Good`s corporate masters got him straightened around to the corporate dark-side.

Now, the big breaking news, the BC Liberal coup...HA, now that is funny, John Martin who ran for the BC Conservative party just a few short months ago has jumped ship and ran to the BC Liberals, are you kidding me???...This is a coup, worthy of a press conference, a man who finished a distant third place in the Chiliwak riding, a man who called Christy Clark names, a man who stated while campaigning that Christy Clark was a

"graft Opportunist...BC rail scandal alone is enough to send them to the penalty box...BC Liberals don`t deserve a 4th mandate"

John Martin said many more negative things against Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, I figure myself to be politically savvy, are the BC liberals that desperate that they call a major presser about a third place loser who only a few months ago called both Christy Clark and the BC Liberals every name in the book, are you kidding me!!!...

John Martin is a loser, a turncoat, the BC Conservatives paid for his election run last spring, what if he had won?...Not only has John Martin lost all his own credibility and respect, he has also demonstrated that he is a very low form of the human species, he wants a job, a paycheque, he will do and say anything for that money, he has no morals, no ethics, no honour, he didn`t even have the balls to inform the BC Conservative party that he was defecting, he wanted to do a "gotcha"..All he gotched was his own respect, he has none now, he not only flip-flopped but changed ridings too, he now intends to occupy the seat the land fraud artist John Les held....

Are the BC Liberals that stupid, and this isn`t partisan, had Laurie Throeness won the Chilliwak by-election and Gwen O`mahoney lost, finished third and John Martin joined the NDP in this fashion I would be screaming through the phone line at both Adrian Dix and or John Horgan calling them idiots, this will hurt....How can any party be so stupid...eer, never-mind, Christy Clark is still in search of a brain, you think not, when Christy Clark was asked about the harsh insults John Martin threw her way during the by-election, she answered thusly, and I quote..

"When politicians are running for office they will say anything to win".. Christy Clark(September 21st/2012)

In other words Christy Clark put both feet back in her mouth...

And lastly, poor old John Von Dongen, he has snubbed John Cummins who graciously accepted his floor crossing, now the BC Conservatives are in flux, stalled, he`s burned his position with the BC Conservatives, he can`t go back to the BC Liberals, he`s lost in the wilderness alone, because...

The BC Liberal infestestion of rats into the BC Conservative party come up snake eyes.

The BC Liberal presser and pre-AGM ploy designed to oust John Cummins, back-fired.

John Cummins will retain his leadership by a wide margin tomorrow...

John Von Dongen, the man without party.

John Martin, the man with no moral fiber.

Christy Clark, the unelected leader of the BC Liberals, no brains, both feet firmly stuck in her mouth, hated by woman, stunned...

BC Liberals addition of a turncoat, an historic blunder for it demonstrates how utterly desperate they are.. Time for new backroom advisors, again!

Adrian Dix, Premier of British Columbia.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

gregory says:
September 21, 2012 at 2:19 PM

How do you think this affects Cummins chances on the weekend in Langley.

AGT says:
September 21, 2012 at 2:20 PM

It shouldn’t. They’re done with Cummins at the wheel. Look at the polls. He’s a millstone.

It will help with with the God squad, but not with anyone who is one the fence and wants a leadership review.

Anonymous said...

Ha, thanks Grant, I won $100.00. Tacky the fool just doesn't get it....the BC Conservatives are totally controlled by Herr Harper, Tacky's hero also. Cummins is doing his job well, exactly as his federal leader orders him to and so are his so-called 'party' of commies.
Lunch is on me next time.
Loser Tacky will continue to comment back and forth with Hiself.

Anonymous said...

I just checked the propaganda blog and he doesn't have any BREAKING NEWS today, guess he doesn't have anything to brag about again.
Someone is screwing with the 'please prove you're not a robot' thing too. It took me 7 tries to post the first time and I am now on #4 for this one.

Grant G said...

JD...Sorry you had trouble posting, glad you won a C-note..

Yea, my predictions seem correct, that happens when you base predictions on the facts-on-the-ground..

When you start talking to, and debating yourself you end up looking the fool..

Thanks for the Saturday afternoon smile..


Crankypants said...

The way I see it is that JVD was a Trojan Horse. His goal was to infiltrate the BCCP to discredit Cummins in the hopes of getting a leader for the party that was more willing to capitulate to the wishes of those on Howe Street. Inserting a new leader that was a little more manageable would have made it possible to reunite the coalition on the right side of the political spectrum before the next election.

What may be more interesting going forward is what is the next ploy of the Howe Streeters. Do they hit the airwaves with a barrage of us versus them ads that lack both credability and fact? Do they try and convince Ms. Clark to call it a day and hope that they can insert a more willing leader of the Libs that will entice a merging of the right? If they can then the next step will be to repeal the fixed election date to buy time and bring the Libs and the BCCP into the much preferred big tent.

That's the way I see it.


Anonymous said...

A member at large attempt to remove Cummins failed. This attempt was sponsored by the Hells Angels, who BTW controls much of ICBC and Vernon. (see chops shops in Vernon). Do some research. Gov's in Canada infiltrated by Angels and in Quebec, Maffia. Boy are we in trouble.