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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Search for Christy Clark`s Brain

Well, Jim Shepard definitely has a monumental challenge on his hands....

In a first for Canadian politics, a unique election strategy emerges, in a Sarah Palinesque move that can only be described as desperate, Jim Shepard for the price of a Tim Horton`s coffee($1 dollar per year}is starting a citizen`s front group backed by Corporate pigs looking for handouts, a citizens group that will traverse the province in a brazen attempt to prove that Christy Clark is indeed competent ...

Jim Shepard, a BC Liberal corporate backer has set out on the toughest challenge of his life, and no, he is not attempting to circumnavigate the globe in a rowboat, no he is not attempting to climb mount Everest in his underwear the task Jim Sheppard has chosen is far more daunting....


Jim Shepard, a senior policy advisory in the Christy Clark government, is leaving the premier’s office to form a citizens group dedicated to electing Clark in 2013.
Shepard, a former CEO at Canfor and Finning, said the purpose of the Concerned Citizens for B.C. group will be to promote Clark’s credentials as a qualified and competent leader for B.C.

“She has not been identified as a competent premier,” Shepard told reporters Tuesday night at the 2012 Premier’s Dinner in Vancouver. “Christy has not been given a fair shake . . . I want B.C. to see what I [see in Clark].”

It was at last year’s Premier’s Dinner that Clark announced that Shepard, 73, would be joining her office as an adviser. His remuneration was set at $1 per year.

It is not the first time Shepard has publicly taken steps to get a premier elected. In 2001, he took out full page ads listing reasons why British Columbians should elect former Premier Gordon Campbell to office.


Well well well Mr. Shepard, look how well your endorsed candidate Gordon Campbell did...He bankrupted BC Hydro, sold our ferry system, sold our railway, betrayed every British Columbian, lied about debts, deficits and screwed us over on taxation, he lied, cheated on his wife and had an ongoing adulterous affair with Lara Dauphinee, he disrespected democracy, Gordon Campbell assaulted seniors, students, workers, injured workers, he ran up $75 billion in debt, Campbell buried debt under every provincial cushion, he was infact the worst, and the most incompetent premier British Columbia ever had....

And now you want to campaign on the platform.....

{Christy Clark has a Brain}..Err, I mean...

“She has not been identified as a competent premier,”

Well Good luck to you Mr. Shepard, you are sure going to need it!....Perhaps Captain James T Kirk can give you some advice, after all, he too went searching for a brain..

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Chinese Sneakers said...

The situation around this provincial chief is becoming utterly surreal.

No one in their right mind can believe this executive team can be resuscitated and yet that's all we're getting.

All that's keeping it going is a quasi-legal mandate inherited from, and generated by, none other than, el capo, himself.

This is not good for any of us. But what really worries me is that this is getting worse, and there seems to be no civil way to oppose it.

And when i look at what goes on in the main mind-lock media, i just have to shake my head.

e.a.f. said...

Loved the column. It just about says it all. I would add, the lieberals have given us 8 yrs running of the highest child poverty rate in Canada. That alone should have them eliminated from office for child abuse.

Gary E said...

First it should read our NOT Premier. The Liberals have been operating without a mandate from the people since she took office. You can't expect that one bought and paid for riding can speak for the whole province.

Second, what's this B.S. about a "citizens" panel. It appears to be operating out of Falcons office and is being run by a former CEO of some very big businesses. His resume' alone shows he is not anaverage citizen but a pro big business exec. Next they are going to tell us that Phil Hochstein is on the panel.What a croc of shit.

Anonymous said...

They are now saying. Harper is merging Canada in with China. A $60 billion dollar merger. The U.S. is now worried for the security of their country. China has been hacking into more than a few country's secret files. Seems it was a bad idea, to buy electronic components from China.

Christy is going to finish, China's easy passage through BC. Harper wants BC totally dead. BC will just become a passage way for China. Prince Rupert Port, was enlarged to take the huge freighters from China. All the expanded rail yards, throughout BC, to store and then ship the goods by CNR. Roads and infrastructure built, to make China's passage easy for their goods.

There will be, RCMP anti terrorist squads, to protect the pipeline from Oliver's, terrorist Canadians. There will be a squad, to protect the tar sands, right on the site.

Because Campbell lied and cheated to be re-elected two different times. And especially the, Federal robo-call cheat election. The BC Liberals work for Harper...well, we will all have to wait and see, just who does win the BC election.

Anonymous said...

I love the "Spock's Brain" video. Could perfectly substitute in "She Who Must be Obeyed". Beautiful! I don't see much to smile bout in this country these days, but I am indebted to you for the best belly-laugh in years. Another excellent post, as always, Grant!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Message to the Vancouver Province: Jinny Sims did NOT have anything to do with bumping a kids party. The City of North Delta DID. Get your biased story straight. It's no wonder your paper readership has dropped as fast as Christys popularity.
Anybody but Conservative 2015!

Anonymous said...

I too got a good belly-laugh out of "Spock's Brain", Grant. Thanks for the chuckle.