Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking news...John Von Dongen Quits the BC Liberals(Updated)

Breaking news, John Von Dongen in a rare rebuke of his own Government lambastes the leadership of Christy clark..Von Dongen cites the Basi/Virk $6 million dollar payoff, He cites the naming rights debacle of BC Place...BC Liberal members floored..

Von Dongen has announced he`s now sitting in the house as a BC conservative..

BC Liberals self imploding continues..Christy Clark stunned and is in hiding..

BC Liberals are officially dead....Von Dongen also cited non-existent leadership, he was hoping the party would have found new direction but realizes things are getting worse..Von Dongen claimed many constituents keep asking questions on many issues which he can`t provide a credible answer..

Von Dongen called the BC Liberals a failing entity...I will get the Hansard transcript once it comes available.

Kevin falcon looks like he is ready to cry...BC Liberals are close to complete implosion...Christy Clark will possibly announce resignation as leader this week...Stay tuned for more...

Updated here...

From Hansard..John von Dongen`s own words

"Mr. Speaker, I rise and ask for the attention of the House to make a personal statement.
For almost 17 years I have risen in this chamber to represent the best interests of both my constituents, and the best interests of all British Columbians. I have done so as a member of the Official Opposition for 6 years, a Cabinet Minister for 8 years and as a private member for the last 3 years.

Throughout that time I have been keenly aware of both the privilege and responsibility that comes with being an elected member of this Assembly. I have always tried to conduct myself in a manner consistent with the expectations of those who entrusted me with this office. I am by no means a flawless individual, but have strived for personal and political integrity. I have always taken ownership of my own shortcomings.

Mr. Speaker, I had hoped that there would have been renewal in my party and in government. But, in the past 12 months, that has not happened. Indeed, every week constituents question government actions and issues that I am not able to defend.

What I believe people expect from political leadership are core values that include integrity and a genuine commitment to public service.
Integrity includes honesty, ethics and personal character. Integrity is non-negotiable. It is foundational for a strong organization. Most importantly, integrity includes accountability.

To this day, Mr. Speaker, there are still serious unanswered questions regarding the writing-off of 6 million dollars in legal fees in the BC Rail case contrary to government policy. Questions I have been asking for a year-and-a-half, and questions the Auditor General is seeking answers to through the courts.

{Did you feel that, BC Mary is smiling today} Grant G

Most recently, the unexplainable cancellation of a 35 million dollar naming rights agreement with Telus is another example of failed leadership.
There have been other lapses in proper accountability and I expect more to come. When more and more decisions are being made for the wrong reasons, then you have an organization that is heading for failure.

Today, Mr. Speaker, I rise because I can no longer carry on with my duties as a member of this government. I have decided to resign as a member of the BC Liberal Government Caucus and I am cancelling my membership with the BC Liberal Party.
Mr. Speaker, I believe the people of BC deserve a government that will look in the mirror and honestly contemplate what it sees in the reflection; a government that people have trust and confidence in; a government that models true accountability for its own actions.
To my colleagues in the government caucus, as well as those in opposition and those who sit as independent MLA’s -- I celebrate each of you and your willingness to serve the people of British Columbia. This is not an easy job, and so to all of you who continue to strive for excellence, I applaud your efforts.
To my constituents -- in the coming days and weeks I look forward to speaking with you and further discussing the decision I have made. Indeed, Mr. Speaker, I have much to share -- and will in the coming weeks, make it clear that while this was not an easy decision, it was the only decision I could arrive at in good conscience.
To the government caucus staff, constituency assistants and party staff -- it has been a privilege to work with you. To all those public servants who I have had the honour of working with -- rest assured that my work with you to accomplish the goals and policies that were right for all British Columbians has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my time in public office.
To my family and friends -- thank you for standing by me through some difficult times. In particular, I wish to thank Sherri and Lukas for their continued love and support.
In closing, Mr. Speaker, moving forward I will do what I have done for the past 17 years -- I will put my time, energy and talents to serve my constituents and the party that can best provide British Columbians with a broadly-based, credible, free enterprise option.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I will now be sitting in this House as a member of the BC Conservative Party. I look forward to continuing to work hard for my constituents in Abbotsford-South, and for all British Columbians. Thank you Mr. Speaker, and thank you members"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Kim said...

I think so too. She will be forced to find urgent pressing family matters by the end of the week. WooHoo!

Interior Roy said...

B C Mary, You will be able to rest in peace very shortly and know that it was you that kept the spot light on these theives as they sold our BCR. The rats are starting to jump ship, and the life jackets were sold to all the Liberal hacks. Jordon I would also like to say THANKS to you for all your hard work, exposing the corruption in the Liberal government.

Anonymous said...

There have been questionable ethics and integrity for years under this government. Maybe he is a respectable person, I don't know that much about him, BUT I'm Sorry, if this is only the beginning of what is to come with others members, and suddenly you're all about integrity and ethics, so now you'll move over to the BC Conservatives ... I don't buy it .. why did it take until now, it's opportunism, yeah he's jumping ship because everyone can see what's on the way for the current Liberals .. it's imploding and a disaster. So now there's John Cummins with open arms; Sure come on over and join us, which I suppose he will do for others also.

So the question is, if CC resigns, whether sooner or later, who takes her place?

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic attempt at integrity. Every sitting LIB MLA stinks to the heavens and the BC CONS taking any of them under their wing makes them stink before they are even out of the gate.

Good news for the NDP for sure.

Anonymous said...

So the rat was fine for the last 10 out of 11 years of his ruling regime??!!

The show is repeating right now!


Grant G said...

Absolutely correct..Von Dongen took too many years to find morality..

The BC Cons may not lose too many votes adding Von Dongen to their line-up but..

But Falcon, Bond, Hansen, Bell, Mcdirmud, Abbot, Leckstrom have far too much Gordon Campbell spittle and semen on them to make the move...Cummins won`t take them..

Falcon looked like a teary little boy today in the legislature

Anonymous said...

"Von Dongen took too many years to find morality.." He was actually looking for a more lucrative gravy train.
I believe 5 more jumping ship could kill CC's majority and finish her long before May 2013. (Maybe 6). Maybe Grant you could research this.

Grant G said...

Christy Clark is finished..

Yes, 5 more defections would remove the liberal majority..

However, I don`t suspect that many more defections..

The budget will be passed this spring, and until there`s another money bill they can`t be tossed out of Government..

BCers are finicky..If there was a 5 member defection destroying Christy`s majority..

There would be no guarantee that the defectors would cede to leadership to the BC NDP..And..

BCers are a funny lot..They(the voters)will gladly vote you out of office but when you try and use legislative tools to takeover they balk..

I would prefer...

If there were enough defectors..

To vote against BC Liberal bills each and every time, unless the Bill was a good one..

Better for the NDP to be granted a mandate from the people..

Besides, I suspect Christy Clark won`t survive much longer..we`ll be looking at another BC Liberal leadership race..

Abbot..Falcon..DE Jong..

They are all dirty too, second run candidates.

However..If there were 10 defectors the BC Government would have to call an election, that would be different..

I just don`t want the scenario where the public thinks the NDP have no legitimate mandate.

Stay tuned.

Good Day

e.a.f. said...

Well I can't be sure that having Von Dongen coming over to Cummings side is all that much of a favour/boost/assist, etc.

It costs him nothing to switch sides, his salary remains the same. I would suggest he is making the walk because he wants to continue sitting as an MLA & collecting a nice salary. By going over to the Conservatives they won't run a cadidate against him in the next election, if the riding buys into him.

I don't see any key players going over to the Conservatives at this time. They would have to give up their extra pay as cabinet ministers.

Von Dongen's comments about the $6 Million paid to Basi/Virk's legal costs, is a non starter excuse. The real issue should be the "sale/give away" of BC Rail, the privatization of highways/bridges, cuts in health care, etc. Basi/Virk deserved to have their legal fees paid. The lieberals threw them under the bus so they could save their own skins. Alex T.s blog is fairly clear on what did happen, as are any number of bloggers. No the $6million pd. to Basi/Virk isn't why he resigned & joined the Conservatives.

Mr. Cummins might want to remember that old expression, "lie down with dogs & you get up with fleas". By accepting Von Dogen into the Conservative fold, Mr. Cummins has done himself & his party a disservice. He has permitted the lieberal scandals to move to the Conservatives. To accept a lieberal at this time is to accept their baggage & it if more lieberals are permitted to join the BC Conservatives they willl have to face the electorate trying to explain why they let these people with their "history" join a yet untainted party.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Boessenkool, all work for Harper.

What about the BC Conservatives? Do they work for Harper too? Is there a big difference, if the BC Liberals cross the floor to the BC Conservatives?

What would make my day is...if they drag Campbell by the scruff of his neck, bring him back to BC, and try him for his, theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Everyone that assisted Campbell to commit his crime, should do time too.

All of the BC Liberals sat there with their fingers up their noses, and watched while this province was utterly destroyed by Campbell and Harper as well. Shame on them, for destroying their own damned province.

Anonymous said...

What I am wondering about is? Harper appointed Marc Mayrand, as the, Chief Electoral Office of Canada Elections. Perhaps I am a little gun shy, I trust no Conservatives, nor their ministries. Does Harper control Elections Canada? Harper controls by threat, just as Campbell did. Has anyone read, the Blog Board Collective? All the robo-calls, go directly back to the Conservatives.

It seemed to me, Harper was frantic and rabid to control everything in BC. This province had vast resources and assets, which have been thieved and sold, mostly to China.

I think Harper was depending on Campbell to force the BC people into the, Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers. To ensure Campbell would be re-elected, he lied about the HST, not being on his radar.

It will be a Frosty Friday in hell, before we will allow Harper to crap on us again. Good luck Herr Harper, trying force the Enbridge pipeline into BC.

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone I forgot to say. If you go to the website of the Sixth Estate. They say, don't depend on Elections Canada, to dispute Harper. Seems Harper does control Elections Canada.

Anonymous said...

The homework to the connections is being done. Amazing.

Doug said...

Was he 'One Fish' or 'Two Fish' Von Dongen?