Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BC Rail Saga, Gordon Campbell`s Shame

I hadn`t planned writing anymore on BC Rail at this time but I think we need to do an overview and highlight a couple of things that haven`t been explained to our satisfaction.

Before we get rolling, Gordon Campbell, over the last decade we have learned that he is an habitual liar, BC Rail, the HEU contract, the HST, he`s lied about deficits, he wrote no deficits laws only to break them forcing him to bring forth new laws that forgive the laws he broke, Campbell drove drunk in Maui, he`s been having an adulterous affair with Lara for years, Lara travels everywhere the premier goes, she`s on the public payrole and works directly with Campbell, Gordon`s marriage is but a sham, a cardboard wife and cereal box family, the point I am making is...

Gordon Campbell has no moral fiber, he`s a shallow man, ethics and honour mean nothing to him, we did not know that in 2001...But today we know in SPADES about ethics, or in this case, a total lack of any morals or ethics, and it`s important to remember that.

Gordon Campbell in the 2001 election promised not to sell BC Rail and did, the tangled web of lies that follow all stem from Campbell lying his face off.

In 1996, David Maclean, the head of CN Rail was the main money man in Campbell`s 1996 run for power, in that election Campbell said he was going to sell BC Rail, .....David Maclean wanted BC Rail,  David Maclean financed that campaign....Campbell lost that election.

2001, David Maclean(The head of CN Rail) is still with Campbell, Maclean is banking Campbell`s 2001 election campaign, David Maclean still wants BC Rail,  Patrick Kinsella is Campbell`s actual campaign manager in 2001...Campbell campaigns on not selling BC Rail...Campbell wins the election in a land slide.

So we now have a man with no moral fiber or honour in charge of the Province, BC Rail  in actuality is already gone, the mechanisms for disposing of the public`s asset is already turning, David Maclean is aware that BC Rail is coming his way.....Patrick Kinsella is rewarded with employment from CN Rail, Campbell rewards Kinsella as well by arranging a lucrative gig at BC Rail doing a core review for years, Kinsella working for CN Rail and BC Rail at the same time is not only a conflict of interest but highly unethical(Remember the start of this post)....Kinsella was rewarded with money from the commons.

Let`s go to the BC Legislature, Campbell and the Liberals after the 2001 election start beating the drum, day after day they beat the drum on how BC Rail has too much debt, no profit, a huge liability, all three of those assertions have been proven wrong, all was a stage play designed to placate the public, the bottom line was....David Maclean and CN Rail were going to get BC Rail, ....The Liberals beat the drum, 77 Liberals against 2 opposition members, 2 members that the media ignored and ridiculed, so not only did Campbell proceed to break his promise but he also deliberately devalued the worth of BC Rail! .....

Instead of talking up BC Rail and selling it, on mass they ridiculed BC Rail in the legislature, the debt, operating expenses, mis-management....It makes you wonder why Campbell kept the BC Rail executives on the payrole for years and years even after they had no trains and but a few miles of track, considering how(according to Campbell) they ran BC Rail into the ground and lost money year after year?..Yet they were kept on for years and years....More on that aspect a little further down..

Let`s do a quick review, the machinery is already in place to sell BC Rail, the fix is in, friends of the premier are cashing in, David Maclean, Patrick Kinsella, within the small confines of the BC Liberal cabinet BC Rail is all but gone, it was no secret in cabinet that BC Rail will be sold,  the lies and web weaving begin, ....Paul Nettleton speaks up, rings the alarm bell and is so disgusted that he leaves the Liberals, the PAB set out to discredit Nettleton.

Campbell breaks the news to the public that BC Rail will be leased for 990 years, hogwash, that`s a sale...There had to be a bidding process on BC Rail to give the appearance to the public that we were getting the best value possible for BC Rail.....But the bid process was tainted, I am actually surprised that CP Rail and OMNI trax  even bothered bidding, they knew that David Maclean had given a small fortune to elect Campbell in 1996 and 2001, in the back of their minds they had to be able to put two and two together that  CN Rail`s acquisition of BC Rail was a done deal.

Remember folks, Basi/Virk/Bruce Clark, Eric Bornman/Brian Kieran/Peter Armstrong/....Rocky mountain tours, Washington marine group...All the twists and turns of bribes, rigged bids, everything that transpired was a result of Gordon Campbell lying to each and everyone of us and selling BC Rail...All the lies, the court case, the $10s of millions on legal fees, it all started with Gordon Campbell lying in 2001.

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

What we have are lies layered upon lies, one lie leads to another lie and it grows and grows until it can`t be contained.

The Basi/Virk BC Rail Corruption Trial ....The raid on the Legislature all started with a drug investigation connected with Aneal Basi, drugs, grow-ops, money laundering, it was only after wire taps investigating into drug related issues did it come back to the legislature, this led investigators to  Basi/Virk, the wire taps revealed {talks}] about bribes for information on BC Rail bids, ......The headline immediately after the raid on the Legislature was .......{Organized crime has infiltrated the highest offices in the Province}

So they raid the BC Legislature, remember folks, it all started as a drug investigation, but, there were many search warrants, Pilot house was searched, Bruce Clark`s home and his bank accounts were searched, and as you know from the release of warrants on Monday that at Bruce Clark`s home they found confidential information on the BC Rail Port Subdivision....No charges were laid against Bruce Clark, and according to Eric Bornman, he had been bribing David Basi for years, it was also revealed in the warrants that Basi/Virk/Bornman/Kieran and Bruce Clark were in talks as early as 2001 about joining together and forming a communication/lobbying company....And that is very believable because, Bruce Clark, Patrick Kinsella and Eric Bornman were already connected and on the board of directors of this company

So the Bruce Clark, Patrick Kinsella, Eric Bornman connection is made again early in the 2000s.....Coincidence? I don`t think so..

Let`s stop here.....Something was bothering me and last night it dawned on me what it was.....The search warrant for Bruce Clark`s home, Bruce Clark wasn`t charged with anything but he had top secret information at his home, stuff he had no right to have in his possession, but he wasn`t charged???

What was on the search warrant, what were they looking for, they searched Bruce Clark`s home and bank accounts, there had to be a cause on the actual warrant, for a judge to grant a search warrant he/she must be given compelling evidence of what they are looking for...What was the cause of action on the search warrant, it can`t be the BC Rail Port subdivision or they would have charged him...Were the police looking for cocaine, marijuanna, money, the police had to be specific and the warrant had to suggest more than the BC Rail Port Subdivision information,.... because believe me...The police weren`t looking in Bruce Clark`s bank account for the BC  Rail Port Subdivision data....So what were the police searching for at Christy Clark`s brother`s home?

 That my friends is a very important question, the information would be on the warrant, and or the police themselves would know, someone needs to ask.

Full stop here....Remember, all of the above, the dirty players, the layer upon layer of lies all stems from Gordon Campbell lying and giving BC Rail away to his financing friend David Maclean.

The document dump on Monday also reveals that Basi was taking bribes for years, years and years of Basi taking bribes, Basi was dirty, Virk was dirty, Aneal Basi was a drug dealer and money launderer, all three were dirty before BC Rail, .....The reason I bring this up is because some allege that Basi and Virk were nothing but fall guys for the BC Government....Hogwash, they were dirty for years prior to BC Rail, and....And I have no doubt that Collins, Reid and others in the Campbell Government knew that Basi/Virk were dirty and it is even possible that Basi and Virk were persuaded by their bosses to ask for bribes from the other bidders in an attempt to keep the rigged bid game alive.....It may have went down that way, but let`s be crystal clear, Basi and Virk were dirty well before the BC Rail saga even started, I have yet to see direct evidence saying that Basi and Virk were ordered to ask for bribes and play the game...

Like I said earlier on, CP Rail, Omnitrax had to had to know the fix was in anyway.

And there is no doubt the plea agreement that ended the trial was done to keep the Government from a huge embarrassment over the fact  the fix was in from the moment Gordon Campbell took office in 2001....Remember the start of this post, Campbell has no moral fiber or ethics, the fix was in already, everyone surrounding Gordon Campbell was rewarded for playing along and remaining silent while the theft of BC Rail took place.

None of this whole convoluted story would have ever happened if Campbell didn`t lie and sell BC Rail, the mock trial, the layers of lies, the bribes, the intertwined connections who all fed from the trough, everything goes back to Gordon Campbell.....Were Basi and Virk prodded to ask for bribes in BC Rail bidding process, perhaps, but only because those two were taking bribes on everything else for years and years.

Let`s recap, Campbell wins the 2001 election, David Maclean knows his reward is coming(a free BC Railway)...Patrick Kinsella was rewarded with a profitable gig at CN Rail and BC Rail at the same time...Bruce Clark got rewards for the Washington Marine Group, Clark had confidential inside information, Basi and Virk were rewarding themselves for years...Peter Armstrong, friend of Campbell and one time employer of Campbell`s son was rewarded in the BC Rail deal, everyone who left the Campbell Government in that first term have been rewarded for silence, ....The BC Rail executives were rewarded for years along with a golden handshake for their silence on the going`s on at BC Rail....Even BC Rail executives had no idea why Patrick Kinsella was on the payrole...

And friends of the Premier were rewarded for their silence every step of the way, all the real estate holding`s of BC Rail sold or acquired for pocket change by BC Liberal insiders....

And then there was a failure of the BC Supreme court, for the price of about $30 million dollars for the Province`s prosecution legal fees, the court was overwhelmed with motions, procedure, disclosures, delays, stalls, from the BC Court to the supreme court of Canada, a shell game of stalls, lies, defend, deny, shred, a compliant court that let the charade go on for years spinning its wheels......And throughout this fiasco, this National embarrassment the BC Liberal government, the MLAs, Cabinet, they all hung together and kept their mouth shut, everyone knew the story, the meetings on Savory Island, Patrick Kinsella, Peter Armstrong, everyone was getting their piece of the action, Washington Marine Group got waterfront land and docks in the North Shore, they got the Fast Ferriers for free, Bruce Clark got his rewards......And all through this scandal, the BC Public was played like a piano, we paid for a corrupted court, a tainted trial that neither started or finished, we got hosed by BC Rail executives, by Basi/Virk, Patrick Kinsella hosed us, David Maclean screwed us, Collins, Reid and every BC Liberal screwed us...The lawyers, the system, the prosecutors, the entirety of everything was a scam from the git go......

And none of it would have happened without Gordon Campbell lying in 2001 and giving BC Rail away to his friend David Maclean....Everything in between, the tentacles, the intertwined ivy, all the connected  dots, the layers of lies, the cost to the taxpayer, the sting, the big ruse, Shakespeare would be proud of the extent and layering of  lies.

 And the final insult to the BC Public was Mike De Jong making sad excuses for paying Basi and Virk`s legal fees, ending the trial and claiming there is nothing more to find out, that folks is the icing on the cake, the straw that broke Gordon Campbell`s Government`s back, ....Christy Clark has direct knowledge of BC Rail sham, Bruce Clark is dirty up to his eyeballs, as is Basi/Virk/Pilothouse...Patrick Kinsella is dirty, David Maclean is dirty...The silent BC Liberals are dirty. And yes, there are dozens more who played the game and remained silent...

"The Silence has become deafening"

But....It all starts and ends with Gordon Campbell`s deliberate 2001 lie and betrayal, everything in between was a bunch of BC Liberal rats feeding at the trough, the most corrupt, dirty, tainted Government in Canada...That is this Powell River Persuader`s opinion on the BC Rail Saga.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


istvan said...

Great post Grant.Nice cat too,dose he live with you?

Grant G said...

I have 4 cats...My siamese is 25 years old(yes friends, 25 human years old).

And I have a stray cat that moved in last year, a big maine coon cat, really smart, he`s family now..My black cat is 18 years old...And Shady lady, the one that gives me the cold shoulder..

They have me well trained.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant
If anybody has the time to do research on boards go to this site
The interlocking Boards of Directors are like a big spider web.

Anonymous said...

What really amazes me is that all this time that gordo the impaler has been in power we
continually gave him free rein to do as he pleases. Without the help of the MSM, B Good,
K Baldry, Alex T, Global, the province, the Sun, etc, he would not last. The last straw
was the payment of six million dollars in hush money to the small time criminals. Gordo
is a creepy drug abusing, womanizer. He hates all who go against him, and dislikes
anyone in opposition to his ways. I also include in the pack of creepy criminals, the Fraser
Institute. They love the man, always on their knees like the mainstream media, the rest of
his rat pack hoping to get some of his honey. They all make me sick. I am o glad these e-
mails are making their way to the top of this cesspool. Don't stop sir, we have so much
(whats let) to loose, and still so much to gain. Crusty Clark, we are coming after you too.
So stay close to the phone, closer to your lawyer. All are a waste of skin, and should all
be in jail.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Why is it that in Canada there is no federal agency that investigates both Federal and Provincial Governments for possible corruption? It seems to me that in the United States every week you hear of a mayor, governor or some federal politician either being investigated for corruption or prosecuted for corruption. Is it just accepted in Canada as just the normal way of doing the dirty job of politics?

Anonymous said...

Kam Lee wrote: "Without the help of the MSM, B Good,
K Baldry, Alex T, Global, the province, the Sun, etc, he would not last."

This is what we are REALLY up against. Our media is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell should be in jail. Erik Bornman should be charged with bribing government officials. BC Rail should be returned to the citizens of BC. It was "sold" under false pretenses by a person who had no right selling it.

rukdn? said...

A phenomenal screed, this sums up the matter in a manner the douchey MSM’s could only dream of. Real nice job Grant thanks so much.

Crankypants said...

I do find it odd that Bornmann would choose this time to reveal that he had been handing bribe money to Basi for years before the sale of BC Rail. Is this a ploy to take the attention away from the actual sale of BC Rail by painting Basi as nothing more than a lifelong crook?

Time to connect some dots. Bornmann, Kinsella and Bruce Clark are linked together back in the day. Kinsella and Clark are major players in trying to get Christy chosen as the new leader of the BC Liberal Party. Christy is facing questions from various quarters about her involvement in the whole BC Rail fiasco. All of a sudden Mr. Bornmann gets a guilt complex or a sense of the need to atone for past bad behavior by revealing that Basi was on the dole long before the sale of BC Rail.

I think that we are being played. Basi and his sidekicks have been used as nothing more than pawns by Campbell & Co., and most likely well rewarded for their willingness to take one for the team. Basi's reputation is already tarnished by the results of the Basi-Virk-Basi trial. Why not go back to the well. It seems that his plea deal has resulted in him becoming incommunicado and can't refute Bornmann's assertions. Also, Bornmann's assertions help deflect the attention away from the the complicity from Christy, her brother and Kinsella. Changing the channel has been successful for Campbell, Kinsella's boy, and I think that he is employing the same tactic.

As far as the BC Rail sale goes, I doubt that there are too many BC Liberal Party delegates that oppose it. But Christy's machine must be able to show these same delegates that she is the one that will be able to lead their party to victory next election. That information will be supplied by many polls over the next couple of months. These polls will be conducted amongst the general population, not Liberal loyalists. With this in mind, Christy's backers must distance her from BC Rail as much as possible in order to pretend that she was nothing more than an innocent bystander.

Remember, she basically quit on the party a few years back, and if she fails to show that she is not the most electible of those that are contesting the race, she is toast.


ron wilton said...

I most certainly agree with everything you have said about Gordon Campbell, but there must be more.
I suspect Campbell is a designated facilitator for a larger unknown entity or group that zeroed in on him because of his poor character and high position.
No doubt he is receiving significant financial benefit from his criminality, but his amount is very small potatoes relative to the total value of the pie being apportioned.
Who stands to gain the most financially?
We know Warren Buffet,s GE will make billions.
We know Enbridge will, if successful, make a few billion.
We know the principals in the BC Ferries theft will come close if not exceed a billion.
We know that CN will do at least as well as BC Ferries new handlers.
We know persons heretofore unknown will make untold millions on stock market maniplulations like Taseco and others I'm sure.
We know that Western Forest Products and related commpanies will make many more millions.
We know of bridge, highway, casino, convention center etc. developers who will make many millions as well.
I have no doubt there are many more 'enterprises' that all, like the above, have the same common denominator, Gordon Campbell.
Whatever his share, Campbell's 'take' will be small but more than he will ever be able to spend.
So, what then, is the 'real common denominator?
Who is the key that links all of these dots together?
Is it a global elite of nameless, faceless untouchables?
Is their utilization of the characterless Campbell and his successor going to be the weak link that ultimately breaks and stops them,
or does it even matter anymore?

Anonymous said...

Libs ahead of NDP? Crap

Right. And the poll shows C Clark the leading candidate. Why wasn't this factored in earlier, when it might have done some good?

Elwood said...

Grant, I'm surprised that you haven't said anything about that Musty poll from yesterday.

Did you watch Keith Baldheadree on the Global spin channel last night?

Here's Musty's numbers according to Baldheadree -

LIEberal - 41%
Greeny - 41%
Conmen -41%
NDP - 36%

lololol - That adds up to 159%!!!!!

A stupid news station, a stupid reporter, and a stupid pollster! lol

Grant G said...

Evi Mustel, ex-business partner of BC Liberal MLA Joan Mcyntire..{Mcyntire and Mustel}...

Well Elwood...You summed up the Mustel Poll perfectly!

A bunk poll, not worth the paper it`s written on.

Maybe you could explain it to Farrell who seems stuck in a knife fight time warp.

The poll numbers are perfect, the NDP are even with the BC Liberals with no leader, no advertising, no air play, no leadership candidates.....

All is good Elwood....Yes, even my 81 year old dad noticed the same disturbing %percentages as you...Gobbily goop.


Paul said...

Elections BC Political Contributions System

Evi Mustel - President of the Mustel Group

Total Contribution For This Search: $1,600.00

EVI MUSTEL - 2006/02/08 - $300.00 - BC LIBERAL PARTY

EVI MUSTEL - 2007/02/12 - $300.00 - BC LIBERAL PARTY

EVI MUSTEL - 2008/01/23 - $300.00 - BC LIBERAL PARTY

EVI MUSTEL - 2008/05/27 - $350.00 - BC LIBERAL PARTY

EVI MUSTEL - 2009/01/21 - $350.00 - BC LIBERAL PARTY

Anonymous said...

Campbell had better do some prison time, and have all of his assets seized, to pay back the BC people, for his theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, and his theft of our rivers. De Jong, Christy Clark and her brother, should be fined some millions each. De Jong thieved millions of our tax dollars, to pay the way for the criminals involved in, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, Basi and Virk. Every one of them, involved in this crime, needs to pay a very dear price, for their lies and corruption. Campbell had better call his pit bull, Hochstein off. He too thieved his members money, to support the criminal Campbell, without his clients knowledge, to keep the HST. And, Harper will be remembered for his part, regarding the HST, come Federal election time. Perhaps now, the corrupt RCMP will agree to further investigate, Campbell's corrupt sale now. They had refused to do that, when asked. The BC citizens, don't even want the RCMP as an icon for Canada. We would rather have the provincial police. The RCMP's crimes and corruption, have been covered up by, our corrupt judicial system. And, while I think of it, the sea to sky highway scam. Perhaps Campbell would like to remove his part of his corrupt scam, before he gets thrown in prison. Thousands of BC people will never use that highway, and we resent having to pay for that highway , for the wealthy to ski. If they can afford to ski at Whistler, they can afford to pay a toll. BC citizens are furious, we have to pay our tax dollars, for 25 years, for that asinine highway, we will never use.

really governs this country. Politicians are just the figurehead, to pay big business, billions of our tax dollars

Anonymous said...

another great article Grant. I know you don't get on with this guy, but there are some facts on his site you should look at:

Grant G said...

I have looked at AGT`s site...

As for the Memos to file.....They haven`t revealed anything(yet).

Did Basi try and cover his butt with memos to file...Maybe, but if you are going to call a spade a spade, Why beat around the bush with words like...

Back channeling, political prowess...Why not memo to file something like...Minister Collins asked me to ask Omnitrax for cash, gifts, I feel uneasy, why should I break the law, my career is on the line, I could be jailed...

Why leave it up to someone else to dicipher?

Remember..AGT took a flyer on the Pitt Meadows Teen Rave..The gang rape that never happened, one girl,one boy having sex with their drunk/stoned friends watching...The media, AGT, Cluck Cluck..

They all clucked and ran around like chickens with their head cut off, they were ALL wrong..

The media ran with Wiebo Ludwig and called him guilty..Wrong again.

And as for the BC Rail Corruption, it all started from Campbell lying and gifting David Maclean..Something I wrote about over a year ago...Everything else is secondary.

Basi/Virk are guilty, so is Collins, Reid, Kinsella and dozens more...But it all leads to Campbell...

AGT...Despite all the hyperbole, has added nothing to the thresd of BC Rail...BC Mary/Ross K/Robin Mathews/Kootcoot and I...

We already did the story, all the story, years ago.....

I`m not falling for the garbage from AGT!


Anonymous said...

Yea Grant you are right, third memo is even worse, Basi was corrupt before bc rail and after bc rail. Takumis is a phony loud-mouthed liar and con!

Elwood said...

Grant, you are right as usual. Rush Tsakumis is dying in the ratings - nobody reads him. So he is trying to sensationalize something to get people to his site. What have we learnt so far that you and everyone else haven't already written about? Nothing.

Grant G said...

Correct Elwood...Only thing I would add is...BC Mary kept the file alive, Bill Teileman was active, Ross K very investigative as was Kootcoot..

I wrote very little on the topic...I posted a story on BC Rail last year and said...

David Maclean/Gordon Campbell stole the railway..

And everything else in between is a tangled web of lies layered on lies...

The Basi memos..Sheesh, if one is going to protect themselves with a cover my ass memo...

Say it loud and clear...We have all seen the movies were the good guy/or bad guy has hidden the smoking gun evidence/note/etc in case of their untimely death...

Why the secret code?

In my opinion, Basi manufactured the memo`s for his defence...Period

The theft of BC Rail comes back to Gordon Campbell/David Maclean...And all the sleezy Liberals headed for the public trough, including all the MLAs and Christyu Clark, her brother, her husband...Every single BC Liberal are guilty.

Anonymous said...

You're right Grant. I don't care who notarized those Basi Memos, it seems too convenient to bring these out after the fact and as you already said we already know that Basi and Virk are characters of ill-repute (to be kind). AGT is a joke who is trying to ride on the coat-tails of BC Mary, RossK, Kootkoot, you and others just to drum up support for his farce of a blog site. I would encourage others to blow him off as the joke he is and ask themselves,what is he really up to.

Grant G said...

Let me be perfectly clear..I don/t know if the memos AGT has are real or not, even IF they are real, what was the Basi motive for writing them.

Perhaps Basi had (memos to file) for years and years with subtle hints blaming the boss for his actions, seems plausible considering Basi was dirty well before BC Rail, years before, back to 2000.

Since Basi was dirty for years, he probably had covering memos for years..

These people aren/t stupid.

Having said that, people forget this started as a drug investigation, it led to a dirty government with bribes and document sales, a government led by Campbell who lied his face off and Sold,Gifted BC Rail to his election finance guy David Maclean...

The BC Liberal cabinet knows this deal stunk, insiders, what about that growing tax indemnity, now at $600 million dollars...

What was on the search warrant for Bruce Clark, what did they think he had and why.

Who cares about Basi and Virk to that extent.

Personally, if AGT and the Sewer think they created a buzz...I have not seen it...Me thinks someone feels like playing Wiki Leaks..BC Edition!

John's Aghast said...

Would you guys (Grant G, ATG, Norm Farrell, Ross K, BC Mary, Laila Yuile etc) PULLEEZE try to get along!! We have a common purpose (BC Rail Inquiry) and infighting and bickering is serving no purppose!
And another thing that bothers me is all these anonymous contributors. Ron Wilton told it like it is!
It seems we are all believers - Now the question is how to go to the next step. McLeans? How about the US judicial system. They beat up Conrad Black. Could they do the same to David McLean, or are all the players Canadians (as opposed to 'mericans)?
If we can't do any better than this maybe we should just sell the screen rights to Hollywood.

Elwood said...

Grant, you are absolutely right again about that schmuck Rush Tsakumis.

Check out his photo on Facebook. What a creepy looking creep. Plug in the following link into your browser. You will see what I mean!


Anonymous said...

I just love your descriptions Grant!
Says it like it is, and bang on again!

Reason why I'm getting so attached to this site.

The Qualicum Reader

Anonymous said...

May 17 huh? For the NDP leadership selection. What if an election is called before then?

Anonymous said...

The photos of your puddy cats, and their terrible deaths, haunts me to this day and will for the rest of my life. I have a hard time with the rage I feel. I hope you find out, who the s.o.b. was. I can't even imagine coming home and finding everything I loved, burned up and gone.

Anonymous said...

"BC Mary’s gossip cesspool" - Alex T's words. Shame on you!

Well, Mr. T., it was the talented, unrelenting, keep on the subject, almost single handedly, well written, researched and put together, wonderful BC Mary who pretty well on her own, kept this crime alive, not you. And if it is the last thing some will do, it will be to see justice done.
That's all Mary ever wanted, the truth, and we all want justice.

Words cannot express the thanks for the hard work; words cannot express my sorrow for having lost such a wonderful, caring, articulate individual.

The truth will be told; I know it.


Anonymous said...


The rail El Gordo "leased"? Not bloodly likely.
We, the citizens of BC want and will get "our" railroad back one way or another.
Some will end up in jail.

Anonymous said...

I am just so angry. Angry that they can get away with it. Angry that the media are in their back pocket. Angry at the contempt they have for the people they are supposed to be serving. I can only hope Adrian Dix will blow this entire case wide open when he is elected premier in May 2013. Great succinct explanation of a very complicated web of lies.