Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Orange Star

Latest polls have Stephen Treason Harper in complete free-fall, forget the CBC At Issue panel, forget Norman Specter, forget Michael Campbell and especially forget Scara Macintire and Ken Bosenkool...

This poll at the below link has Stephen Harper`s Convicts down 16% percentage points in British Columbia since the May 2nd Federal election..

The Toronto Danforth by-election today, The NDP received 60% of the vote, Federal Liberal candidate received 30% of the vote while Stephen Harper`s candidate received less than 5% of the vote, hovering the toilet bowl with the Green party..Harper`s candidate in today`s by- election lost 80% of the vote they received a mere 10 months ago!

The Conservative vote crashed while the Federal Liberal vote rebounded to historical numbers for that riding...As you can see from the below chart just how far Harper has sunk since winning a majority Government..

The below results were from the May 2nd 2011 election...

Candidate Party Votes Percent
elected Jack Layton (x) NDP 28,980 60.7%
Andrew Lang LIB 8,452 17.7%
Katarina von Koenig CON 6,840 14.3%
Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu GRN 3,081 6.5%
Marie Crawford AAE 386 0.8%

 The last results I saw on today`s by-election has the NDP receiving 60% of the vote(30,000)...The Federal Liberals receiving 30% of the vote(14,000) and the Federal Conservative receiving 4% of the vote(2000)...In other words Stephen Harper`s shine has turned into a black hole, no light escapes a black hole, Harper is a Pariah..

These paid pundits, even the big mouth pundits who are predicting the Federal Liberals are doomed, nothing could be further from the truth, Federal Conservatives are history, the majority they now enjoy is a one shot wonder, caput, nobody ever really trusted Harper, many suspected he was a far right wing reformer and as soon as the Canadian electorate gave Harper his long coveted majority Harper responded with a new radical agenda, Harper didn`t campaign on cutting the Canada pension, cutting healthcare funding, ....

Harper will never recover to majority numbers again, in fact Stephen Harper`s cons are now a third place party...Joe Oliver running roughshot over BCers, calling us radicals and eco-terrorists for protecting our ICONIC northern coast, for protecting our ICONIC Salmon, a clean vibrant ocean being threatened by Communist China and a Wall Street Vulture Government...

Vic Toews, a brutal husband, an adulterer, a man who screwed his paid domestic staff and fathered a baby, a moral cretin, worse than a man paying for sex from a prostitute, a man who used influence and job security to secure sex right under his wife`s nose, and that man(Vic Toews) has the audacity to call those who care about search and seizure rights, those that care about freedom from random illegal searches, those that care about the rights our parents and grandparents fought for...."Child pornographers".....

The politics of hatred and voter suppression and it`s under those recent developments that I question what the hell Christy Clark is doing, Harper is done....Why on earth would Christy Clark be so stunned as to let Harper`s handlers lead her party to extinction.

Yes, the Federal Liberals will return to 75 seats in the next Federal election and either Brian Topp or Thomas Mulcair will lead the Federal NDP to their first ever control of Government, a majority Government...

The blather from big-mouth pundits and bloggers praising the BC Conservatives, they too are a dead party stuck at a mere 15% of the vote, even if the the BC Liberals completely collapsed, the combined BC Conservative vote and BC Liberal vote is less than the BC NDP vote...

Hell yea, we haven`t even got a Federal leader yet, Phil Hocstein`s  Adrian Dix attack ads are a complete failure, no one is listening to you Hocstein, go away and build more leaky condos...John Cummins, a tired old hater who resides in Harper`s reformer village of idiots..

Sorry E.A.F.....BC has indeed swung left, Canada has seen 10 months of the Harper darkside and they don`t like what they see...Federal Liberals have had many chances in charge and across Canada with the exception of Alberta the next Federal election is the era of....

The Big Orange Star...

People, real people don`t trust the Cons, Federal Liberals will rebound, not to lead but to be official opposition.

Workers rights, healthcare funding, Canada pension, a sick n twisted Tar sand possessed Government in bed with a ruthless job stealing slave labour corrupt communist China..

The Michael Campbell`s, the Kevin Oleary`s, ...Slimy bastards worthy of prison...Today Kevin Oleary called all unions "Cancers"...In one 4 minute segment Oleary called Canadian unions "Cancers that needed to be removed"...

A dozen times in one segment Oleary called Aveos`s union a Cancer....

Record corporate profits, corrupt corporations, outsourcing to slave labour lands, wages falling in Canada year after year while oil whores scrape every last dollar from Canadian pockets...

Yes indeed, occupy Canada, occupy the world, Canadians drowning in debt while Stephen Harper`s team of sick n twisted reformers reduce the Canadian standard of living every single day..

If there are any Conservatives with a moral conscious, if there is anyone in Christy Clark`s circle that has a functioning brain this poll, this by-election result should be an alarm ringing wake-up call..

Stephen Treason Harper is a pariah, Conservatism in British Columbia is dead..

And any self proclaimed pundits or kings who think different are spending too much time stroking their egos and believing their own lies..

Welcome to reality..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Don F. said...

Add to this the robocall scandal.
Every canadian already knows from instinct what took place there no matter how it gets spun.
They just don't get it that the 99% just don't buy the lies anymore.

Mogs said...

Dear Grant,

I’m pushing 60 and can’t believe Harper's push from a “benign dictatorship” as Harper and Tom Flanagan labeled a one party majority Canadian Government in the winter of 96/97 to a not so benign Autocracy, with Harper the sole in control. I have seen our freedoms erode faster in the years since Harper first got in than the all years since 1867 Canada. The list is too long to post here but everyone has blogged twittered and tweeted his lies, deception, manipulation, back door deals, corporate whoring, complete distaste for the rule of law and the average Canadian, now robo and live calls tipping the election to the Cons favor unfortunately the list is endless. We don’t have until the next election; there will be nothing left of Canada it will be a far right toxic wasteland stripped bare of all natural resources going to the highest foreign bidder. Even thinking about protecting the raw beauty of undeveloped natural land and its flora and fauna, is already being branded as 1 step away and holding hands with terrorism – radicalism, Canada is Stevens now. Along with all other dissenters, the radicals will be tossed in his new prisons. Anyone with eyes wide open can see the pattern developing here and it must be halted in its dirty deeded tracks, because its going to get a whole lot worse. If you have not already seen Harper and Flanagan’s ‘case’ its worth a look:

“Next City, Winter 1996/97. Our benign dictatorship

Canada’s system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy. Two prominent conservatives present the case for more representative government-by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan”


He knows he is unstoppable his grasp of the situation he finds himself in with his unholy ‘majority’ stolen from the Canadian people, is very well outlined in their “case for more representative government”, believe it or not coalition governments were very good that winter when he was sitting on the sidelines. He was never ever planning on more representative government just another lie to gain public opinions trust; he simply wants to cash in on his new found fortune BIG TIME. Side dishes of Stuffed Senators anyone? Next election stuffed ballot boxes; suppression is not enough for Steven Treason and his Con Hypocrisy Autocracy. The Egyptians set the bar high and ousted their Autocrat; I believe we still have the RIGHT to oust ours before it is too late, if we don’t use this right we will surely lose it. With the curious case of Saanich, Gulf Islands as the test run done in the 2008 election:

Taken right out of the Con ‘Elections for Dummies Playbook’ Chapter 1 Blame Another Party, Verse i) 2008 the NDP did it, Verse ii) 2011 the Liberals did it. Hold it right here you’ve got to be kidding me, shit, we’ve been fooled again, NOT! Harper you’ve got mud on your face and you’re a big disgrace - we will rock you until you stop.


Anonymous said...

Today Bill Good ripped one on a caller whom he claimed 'lied' to get on his show to comment. I only caught the tail end but the hypocrisy did not escape me. The show only wanted positive re-enforcement for their guest and not any negativity. Bill Good claimed that lying to get on a show was just as bad as the claim that the guest was a liar was not worth an opinion. Does not this call-in show, which only seems to take supporters, create this type of opposition?
It seems his fat finger only lands on the indentified callers that support his argument? Their doors are only open to their supporters, and have been for a long time, and frustrated listeners are left to any resource left(lying) to be heard.

Anonymous said...

It is time that the people of Canada backed the people of Canada.

No flying Air Canada if no Canadians maintain Air Canada planes . Simple.
Then let Air Canada get their money from South America instead of from Canadians.

Same thing with all the other large corporations - Canada FIRST.

It would work - nothing like removing income source for corporations.


meadowlark said...

People had better not fly Air Canada. If parts factories move to third world country's or China....We all know China manufactures crappy junk. Air Canada couldn't pay me to fly with them.

Harper and Gordon Campbell are the masters of dirty tactics. Campbell twice lied, to be re-elected. I don't doubt for one minute, Harper is behind the robo-calls. Anyone associating with Campbell, has to be insane.

Harper is even disliked by other country's. At every meeting of the Nations, Harper is always the trouble maker. They hate Harper's bullying and his hissy fits when he doesn't get his own way. Even the U.N. refused to give Canada a seat, because of Harper.

However, I am glad to hear, Quebec has told Harper to go to hell, with his asinine crime bill.

kootcoot said...

I wish Harper was still hiding in that bathroom in Brazil.....after all that is where one is supposed to leave the shit, and he can even keep Christy Clueless there with him for company!

Mogs said...

Screw not flying on air Canada, who can afford it anyways? Hit Harper where it hurts, grow a garden this spring and f'in refuse to go to work, after all, all that matters to him is the economy and to drive it he needs wage slaves, boycott the Harper economy, just refuse to work in it.

He can bend over and kiss his......