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Friday, February 17, 2012

Tempest in a Tea Pot, The Human animal

According to Doug Stead, who is one of the founding members of "Entrepreneurs Against Pedophiles."..Yesterday(February 15th) at 4:45 pm on cknw Doug Stead made the claim that there was 50,000 British Columbian residents engaged in, watching, producing and distributing child pornography..

I personally found the number unbelievable, Doug arrived at that number by gathering up credit card numbers of those who registered at a XXX porn site in the USA, the site had millions of customers and Doug Stead stated 50,000 were from BC...

Doug was defending Vic Toew`s and Stephen Harper`s internet spying bill, I believe he was exaggerating in order to win over the radio listeners because if you extrapolate Doug`s numbers, BC having roughly 1/10 of Canada`s population means in Canada alone according to Doug Stead there must be 600,000 thousand citizens engaged in, watching, distributing and producing child pornography, if that`s the case Harper better start building prisons, like about 600 mega prisons if their capacity is 1000 inmates...

There was a little bru-ha-ha over 15 Vancouver police officers watching, viewing and emailing "legal" pornography to each other, some of it was mild some quite risque and apparently the "sin" they committed was not the watching, viewing or emailing but the fact that they did it on company time and company computers...

Now let me be clear, anyone who abuses children in any way are committing crimes, however there`s a big difference between pornography and child pornography, or is there, i`m not sure what the legal age of consent is, down in some USA states I`ve heard stories of 14 and 15 year old girls getting legally married to older teenage boys, many countries in the world arranged marriages are the norm, older adult men being handed little girls as wives in exchange for 2 goats and 5 chickens...

Remember the Jerry Springer show, naked guests baring their all while the crowd chants "Jerry Jerry Jerry" ...Or the crowd shouting "take it off, take it off take it off"...Is that too not pornography, and if any of his naked guests had fake ID and were not actually  18 but 16 years of age,  wouldn`t that too be considered child pornography...

This is very difficult story for me to write,  I`m not defending pornography and I`m 100% against child pornography in any form and I don`t want to be judged either way for writing this article, personally I like grown-up adult females close my age, however any adult male who is inclined to lean hetrosexual will look at and be pleased by the female form, what draws their attention could be breasts, butts, hair, face, legs, the list is long,  men who are honest with themselves will admit that, wealthy older men marry younger females, they can afford the so often called "hood ornaments"...

Remember Stanley Kubrick`s film Lolita, a story of a professor who becomes enamored with his female landlord`s young underage provocative sexual tease daughter, it was a classic award winning picture that has been re-made several times, why, why was that movie re-made several times, the reason is sex sells and the story line rings true for some, fortunately for civilized society most men don`t act upon these animal instincts, they have self control, I can`t speak for females but the female form in all its beauty drives man`s most basic instincts....

My ex longtime Girlfriend was older than me but to be honest, many times through our relationship I received an earful or a poke for glancing too long at other female forms as they strolled by us on the beach or when ample breasted model types sauntered through our local watering hole dressed to kill with everything cut short and hanging out there for the world to see, females want to be noticed by males, teenage girls will dress to attract older males, in fact without some dress codes many girls would go to school have naked, my favorite line to my dear sweet Marcy was..."Who cares where I whet my appetite as long as I come home for dinner"

These police officers who were watching porn, they only did what most males do in one form or another, the Jerry Springer show or how about those who watch, attend these little girl pageants where mere babies are dressed to the 9s with make up and  hair done up and wardrobed as strippers, hookers, airline stewardesses, these babies are taught to smile, wink and ooze sexuality, I find those pageants absolutely revolting..

Is there any difference if these policemen watched porn on a computer or looked at girls spreading wide in Penthouse magazines with their free time or ate lunch at the number 5 orange or some other strip joint and watched girls play aerialist on a brass pole, like I said, I`m not here to judge for in my more youthful days I played pool in many strip joints where girls spun and twirled, infact I recall one particular stripper who made the rounds who performed amazing tricks with ping pong balls and the like, I believe her stage name was Harley...It wasn`t my cup of tea, playing pool hustling rubes was more my style, watching strippers in a bar is a right of passage for most western boys, been there done that ....I rather play pool..

I don`t know what motivates parents to have their babies dress like adult strippers for a prize, maybe it`s all about the money, or fame, perhaps it`s ego or something lacking in their own life, I won`t watch it but as for pornography, it is on Spike TV, ads for Corona beer, ads for vacations, ads for pills, it`s everywhere, on TV, most movies have snippets of sexuality that is meant to trigger male response, even some of the video games are loaded with computerized sexual characters, even mainstream media news broadcasts insert sexuality, why do you think Bill Good was dumped for Tamara, weather girls wearing high heel shoes or shows like the Naked Chef...Sexuality is part of everyday life, from Katheryn of Ezra Levant`s Ethical oil group to Christy Clark stepping out of a float plane with high heels and a painted on skirt or the hideous Polygamist practice of multiple baby girl wives, baby didlers are the lowest form of human behavior and those crimes require the harshest of penalties..

Females between 30 to 60 years of age are what I like, younger than that they are trouble but that doesn`t mean I don`t appreciate their raw beauty, I don`t even know where to find any child pornography and know of no one who watches, distributes or produces child porn but as someone who surfs the net researching, looking for stories I have clicked many a link that sent me to XXX pornography site, I do of course leave, but again, to be honest I have inadvertently watched short snippets of legal adult porn, it`s not my thing, what attracts me to appropriate aged females is the eyes, eyes that lead me to their soul for that is where the ultimate sexuality and beauty lies..

I`m not defending these 15 police officers but to expect a bunch of men in a male oriented atmosphere to behave any different than the majority of Canadian males is absurd, there was in the past seedy XXX movie houses, 10 cent peep shows , now these officers will only watch porn on their own private computers but believe me, they will still be watching,  wreck beach, naked bike riders, beauty pageants, massage parlors, pride parades or establishments with bare breasted servers..

I am not my brother`s keeper and not appointed to moral standard bearer but if I ever caught or found some adult harming a child either sexually or physically I would become rather violent,  perhaps sexuality should be removed from TV, movies, bars and video games, no lingere football, cheerleaders or even bikinis....I don`t have the answers.

And British Columbia leading Canada for 8 straight years in child poverty is that not too child abuse..

What I do know is corporate money runs the world and sexuality is their number 1 selling tool and in researching and writing this story I would have been red-flagged a dozen times by Harper`s internet spying bill..

 Knock knock knock, gotta go, someone is beating down my door.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Vic`s bill goes far too far,thanks for this provocative post.

Anonymous said...

Monitoring the internet, is excellent for politicians who, don't want their dastardly deeds posted on the internet. Harper has hated that for many a year. He is a very much, behind the back sort.

Harper has many meetings behind closed doors, in the utmost secrecy. Very typical of dictators. Harper has muzzled the media. He is destroying Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away from us. Now Harper wants to take our Freedom of speech from us too.

Harper is very true to, his very shady Northern Foundation Party, he founded in 1989.

Anonymous said...

Harper and Campbell, 2 of the most disgusted men to date, 2 peas in a pod.
The whole corrupt bunch are evil to the bone.
Everyone must rise up before this country is totally gone.

Views of the Child said...

Thank you, Hon. Vic Toews and the Harper Government for clamping down on pathetic individuals by introducing Bill 10 - at last, we have men with real balls running the show.