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Monday, February 13, 2012

Christy Clark is over her Head in a Hugely Way(Major update at bottom)

I`m sure all the pundits will soon let rip on Christy`s performance with Billy Good, both pro and con, for all it`s worth here is what your friendly Powell River Persuader thought of today`s show with Cluck Cluck Clark...

To be clear, Bill Good did a fair, semi-tough interview and overall I give Bill a C- for his performance...

Christy Clark`s performance, I call it a draw, those who dislike Clark and her corrupt party heard nothing to change their minds, those that are trying to elect Christy got some good sound bites...

For me it wasn`t so much what she said but what she didn`t say and how she sounded on air...Too many voice inflections, her voice rises and falls like an oil derrick, up it goes and down it falls over and over again, Christy uses the word "Hugely" way too often, what`s wrong with the word huge, do we really need the ly added to that word??

I was very disappointed that the biggest issue facing British Columbia, Enbridge`s pipeline proposal was avoided, 1 weak question on Enbridge which Clark quickly chased away, that was the place for tough follow ups from Billy, none came, Christy Clark on Enbridge said she was waiting to hear from the NEB panel on the pros and cons of the pipeline before she would take sides,, well....There are countless environmental risks that can`t be overcome and oil disasters are a certainty, the pros are less than 200 permanent jobs and a dribble of money for the Province, roughly $13 million per year, barely enough to pay David Hahn`s pension...

That is where tough follow ups were needed, because, as we here at the Straight Goods have pointed out on many occasions...

Whether you are pro or con as to the Enbridge pipeline, if the BC Liberals are in support of the pipeline the time to argue and demand big bucks is before the project starts, if Christy Clark believes that after the NEB panel makes a decision, and if that decision is say, hypothetically, ....."It`s a go"

If Christy Clark believes at that time she can make monetary demands or requests after a decision is made,  she is "Hugely" mistaken, at that point the pipeline, royalties, benefits, risks, assurances are out of our Provincial hands and her bargaining power is zippo...

Christy sounded like a ditz, she was giggly and those damn voice inflections, it was forced, straight from a speaking coach was obvious, Christy also made dumb errors, Billy asked her about her and the BC Liberals tanking poll numbers, Christy Clark blew it off and then lied, she said, something to the effect of...

There are other polls out there showing me popular, when Bill followed up with what polls?...She waffled and went silent, caught in a lie because believe me, if there was such a poll in existence cknw would be broadcasting it, as would Global and others BC Liberal friendly media....

Dianne Watts recently has been speaking up on behalf of people and voters south of the Fraser as to the upcoming tolls on the Port Mann bridge, one caller asked about relief or different toll structure, like spreading it around so everyone pays a small toll rather than SOUTH OF THE FRASER workers getting hit for $2000 DOLLARS PER YEAR...Christy Clark said no, it is what it is and shoved it back at Translink, even though Translink has nothing to do with the Port Mann...That was a critical error by Christy, skiers and Whistler Chalet owners are more important than middle class working stiffs..

All in all it didn`t live up to the hype, Christy Clark sounded shrill and terrified of Adrian Dix...

One other item, a caller named DJ called in and started blathering lies about the 90`s in a "hugely" partisan Liberal lovefest way, Christy said..."Hi DJ" as if she knew exactly who DJ was, to Bill Good`s credit he cut off DJ and Christy Clark and moved on to another caller...Billy called it a party staged call...

The bottom line is, those who know Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are doomed had their feelings and gut instincts confirmed, those who still believe, well, no doubt they are second guessing "hugely" about Clark`s ability...

This strategy won`t change any poll numbers, Clark sounds like a total amateur on radio, obvious and forced, also she`s still stuttering, stammering and speaking as if she never went to school at all...Oh yea, she quit S-F-U-...

Updated here ....It appears Vaughn Palmer also picked up on the critical error Christy Clark made as to the tolls on the Port Mann bridge, on Clark`s deflection back to Translink, on Clark`s preference to blame others for Clark`s Government`s decision on tolling....I have written on this subject in the past, the $2000 dollars per year in tolls, but that number supposes that only 1 family member will drive over the Port Mann bridge, most young families have both parents working, a husband and wife may both drive over the bridge, one working in Burnaby another in Vancouver, add in families with teenage children who drive too...There will be many families that will be out $4000 per year, some family incomes will be guzzled to the tune of $5000 or $6000 per year..

Christy Clark understands nothing, she`s a ditz ex-radio host who is uneducated and as dumb as a sack of hammers....

Hello Vaughn Palmer, you mention in your latest column(February 14th)  that the Port Mann bridge will be open in the middle to late next year(2013), now you and big media are fibbing about the time-line, Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon both have made statements with photo-ops promising the new Port Mann bridge would be open by December 2012....

Now media and Vaughn Palmer have silently changed that opening date to the middle of 2013...Whether or not the NEW time-line is because there`s a crushed gantry support and work has ceased on the north side of the bridge I don`t know..

" The issue is already a contentious one in Surrey and other communities south of the river and likely to heat up with the approach of tolling day and the next provincial election, both slated for the first half of next year"..Vaughn Palmer.....(That being in the middle of 2013)

Perhaps media and Vaughn Palmer need a reminder as to what  Gordon Campbell, Shirley Bond and Kevin Falcon said about the completion of the bridge......

 New Port Mann Bridge Will Open Full Year Early
The new, 10-lane Port Mann Bridge will open in December 2012
a full year earlier than originally expected, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.
April 17, 2009

Surrey – The new, 10-lane Port Mann Bridge will open in December 2012 – a full year earlier than originally expected, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.

“Thanks to the expertise, ingenuity and hard work of our private-sector builder, the new Port Mann Bridge will open a full year ahead of schedule,”
said Premier Campbell

“We’re building this new, 10-lane bridge to improve travel on one of the Lower Mainland’s busiest transportation corridors, cut travel times for thousands of commuters every day, bring transit back for the first time in two decades, and reduce the congestion costs our economy $1.5 billion each year.”

Original, conservative government estimates had the bridge opening in 2013. However, after further detailed analysis of the project by contractors Peter Kiewit Sons Co. and Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited, new efficiencies have been found and a construction schedule will see the bridge complete by 2012.

 Yours  truly questioned that announcement at the time, how could anybody state the project was a year ahead of time after barely starting construction, they couldn`t, it was a desperation photo-op by Gordon Campbell and his corrupt party....But there were more photo-ops at the Port Mann bridge, photo-ops featuring the stunned Shirley Bond....Here was Shirley Bond had to say about the new Port Mann bridge..


The Port Mann Bridge is one of the most important corridors in Western Canada for the movement of goods and people and it is essential that we reduce congestion, said Bond. The new bridge is scheduled to open to traffic in 2012, a full year ahead of schedule

So media has silently changed the completion date of the Port Mann bridge, no longer being ready in December this year, now it`s late next year, what Gordon Campbell, Shirley Bond, Kevin falcon, everyone one of those BC Liberals said the bridge was on time, on budget and a year ahead of schedule....Perhaps Vaughn Palmer you could fill in the blanks, explain where and when the BC Liberal Government informed the public about the change of the opening date of the new Port Mann bridge.

And finally, it was only the Powell river persuader who wondered how...How on earth could Gordon Campbell state the bridge was on time, on budget an a year ahead of time when construction barely started, and...How on earth could the builders of the new Port Mann bridge say...

"We found new efficiencies and techniques that will bring completion a year ahead of time"..

 Without the price of construction changing by even $1 dollar...!!!!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open


e.a.f. said...

I'm happy to hear at least Diane Watts raised the issue of tolls. It is going to have a huge finacial impact on working people. It won't be a deductible working expense for most people. Then when you add on the increase in hydro & ICBC rates, etc.

People who are just getting by will take the non-toll bridges, even if it takes them longer. They already have budgeted their money, an extra $2K out of it each yr will be more than they can afford.

B.C.'s average weekly wage is already less than the Canadian average weekly wage, how does Crusty expect people to pay it all.

Her "performance/audition" for her old job, it sounds like it didn't go well. When she looses the next election, she will be out of job and most likely not have a job waiting at her old employer's. I hope she is saving her money. Life in B.C. is expensive.

Crankypants said...

I think that you are a little too generous with your take. By the way, my curiosity won out and I did listen to the whole thing today.

The way I see it, if people were waiting to hear something new and exciting about the upcoming sitting in the Legislature, they have to be totally disappointed. There was nothing new, just repeats of previous announcements.

One thing that has to be clear to anyone that listened with any kind of objectivity is that she is totally out of her depth. Her knowledge on most of the issues discussed today was underwhelming, and I think that I am being generous in this observation.

Bill's performance was better than I expected, but still nothing to write home about.

I think the highlight of the whole show was the commercials run about reinstating integrity in government. I'm not sure it's achievable under the current system by which we elect our governance, but one can dream, can't one!


Grant G said...

For Billy Good it was a C+..

He has been worse in the past, much worse...

Funny though, ..cknw was advertising today`s event last week(Wed/Thur/Friday) and all weekend..

In the promo spot, with Billy speaking, it went something like this...

Monday premier Clark will be here for 90 minutes, we will discuss her agenda, her falling polling numbers and pipelines..

Yet billy Good never asked 1 question about Enbridge...

Apparently Enbridge is a taboo subject..

Bill Good`s C+ interview..

Jack Webster, Rafe Mair would put him to shame..

I wonder if Bill Good gets a piece of Government advertising?

Anonymous said...

I think this bitch thinks she is so fucking important. I live in the interior and we don t get CKNW so I guess we don t matter. Everyone living any where outside the lower mainland should call the offices of there local mla and demand that we get the same chance on our local radio station to ask this bitch some questions that are important to us. There will be no ky jelly needed with this slimy cow. It s no wonder she is single, she couldn t satisfy anyone. Son of a bitch, to think I voted for these assholes. Some one needs to shoot me. It will never happen again. My local NDP candidate will get my help and money in the next election [ I said election not erection Christy] you don t have to cum running.

Anonymous said...

To Grant:about Anon 10:28. Do we really need to read that? It is crude and vulgar. Not something a real progressive would write here. Clean it up or clear it out, please.
BTW, I have mentioned that we just may be stuck with this pipeline, because we are so freaking broke!
Establishing a comfortable price before it starts to flow just makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

I thought Boessenkool was supposed to be advising Christy? He lobbied for Enbridge. He is another of Harper's good old boys, as Campbell is.

Christy is droning on, with her same old boring rhetoric. We have been hearing this since, Campbell's time in office, for over ten dreary years.

Grant G said...

@10:58am...I admit the language was a little salty, however..

The pipeline if there is a return on energy investment(EROI)...Must go to Vancouver then onto Cherry point..

And, unless it`s worth at least, as a minimum $1 billion dollars per year for BC than forget it..The current monetary gain for BC under the proposal amounts to $13.3 million dollars per year for BC...

This pipeline won`t dig BC out of debt, one major spill and BC will be out $billions in tourism dollars alone, not to mention species extinction..


Grant G said...

10:58am...I recommend this story here..


Gary E said...

Anon 10:58

I too live in the interior and I don't mind anyones language when they are expressing their frustration. As most here know I was singled out for my language against Craig James when he was pissing around with the referendum. But the idiots who tried to discredit me (including our now (not) premier ho-hum) were shut down by a multitude of people who said that I was only expressing what others were thinking.

Computers are a wonderful thing. They not only allow some to express themselves but allow others who don't want to read it, to turn the page.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and yes, the potential for disaster is huge. However, if we expect the debt to rise to Greek proportions, I wonder what life would be like if money simply stopped for everyone. I mean EVERYONE on this planet? Pollution is just awful, considering how little was done to fix all previous spills, but when money stops, so does food. Is starvation an acceptable alternative? I also know that the upper half of Alberta will become uninhabital in our future. Drinkable water will become non existent there and that's even more of a problem than the lack of food.
The more I think of this, the more it makes me sick. In a corporate greed way. It's all academic anyway. The vast majority in this province want nothing to do with Enbridge. Perhaps I should stick to my social democratic roots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary E: I just expect Progressives to be more courteous that that. Not prudish...just a bit classier. Sounded like a troll a bit.

Grant G said...

Don`t believe what you hear about Greece, the bankers, German and French bankers put Greece in debt with a huge military build up, the 5th largest in the world, Germany and France were the beneficiaries of the military purchases..

Greek politicians were corrupt, they lied and spent on military, now the people have to pay the price...

I wrote extensively about it..I`ll dig up the post..

Grant G said...

Ahh, here it is...Bank fraud tied to military build up caused the Greek problem, corporate media have skewed the facts and contorted blame onto the masses..

Michael Campbell and rightwing Governments are lying pigs..

Read the facts and please, I implore, ignore the MSM, they lie and are your number 1 enemy.


paisley said...

I think it is quite sad that the Port Mann won't open by the end of the year because frankly I can't wait to hear the complaining. The people are going to get what they wish for in the form of "user pay". You would think that since businesses need to use the new bridge to get their employees to work that they would be paying for it too, as they should but business expects that taxpayers should subsidize their operations and pocket book. Let the real people that benefit from the bridge pay for it I say. Time for business to buck up. I for one am tired of paying their way.

Hugh said...

Premier says all of Site C power to be for LNG:


Don F. said...

sometimes there is much more to something than we are told. All we have to do is look at the manipulatios underway to bankrupt BC Hydro, a perfectly viable and productive asset.The only reason for this is to get it out of the publics hands and into the hands of the corporates at a bargain basement price.
I don't pretend to be informed of all what is going on in Greece but I don't beleive one word we are told by media.
Greece could well be a training or testing ground for a plan. They need to see how far developed world people will go to stand up, they need to know how much they can bring people to their knees before destructoin happens totally.
Canada won't be long to follow, we already are hearing words like austerity being used in parliament.
We are already having pensions threatened and healthcare cut away.
Greece are just the unfortunate ones chosen to be first.
Corporations are buying public assets all over the world at a breathtaking pace, the tarpits in Alberta a prime example.
As Bob Dylan so wisely put to music'for the times they are a changing'.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:58, You havn t felt the brunt of this government like we have in the interior. Hospital closed, schools closed, no highway improvements. Yes I use some colorful words to get my point across, we want to be heard. We can t even get some gravel on icy roads. The coast gets a new bridge, this will cut down the rush hour. The well healed in whistler get a new highway. So yes I will use words like fuck and bitch, you have no idea how frustrated we are. Not being included with this cknw bullshit this was the last straw for some of us. So if you don t like it that is your right, like Gary E says turn the page.

Hugh said...

Interesting how the Owe-Limpics figures into all this. It was part of Greece's money problem. BC got wacked in 2010 with the huge cost. Now London this year. Italy has pulled out of bidding for the 2020 Ow-Limpics, can't afford it.

Grant G said...

Look folks, if anyone is guilty of using salty language it`s me..

Harper is ramming through a police state internet bill, a bill that gives warrant-less powers to Government, to police to access everyone`s email account, to monitor your computer travels..

I left Facebook because they were following you everywhere, creating data streams on members..

That was bad enough...But Harper`s bill...As Conservative Vic Toews says..
You are either on board with the Conservatives or you side with child pornographers...

So now everyone interested in privacy and freedom from illegal search and seizures are now child pornographers...

Wake up Canada, wake up BC..

Let`s stick to issues, I won`t censure comments from bad language, it`s freedom of speech...

There are web sites and blogs that censure, some sites require feet kissing before entering and if your view is counter to the writer`s view you are called hideous names...That too is sick.

The Vancouver sun and Province censure comments, the Tyee was guilty too, now that hyperlinks can`t come back at the site where someone posted it they have come around to commonsense..

What happened to the December bridge opening?

I could care less about the opening date except for the fact that BC Liberals(plural) lied their faces off, how come media isn`t asking questions?

Issues, facts, commonsense...

The Straight Goods is what this site is all about.

Media is afraid of this site...

Many other writers and bloggers are afraid of this site too..

Their too classy, too formal, too worried about their rep to comment here but believe me...

Their reading everyday, Every media in BC and the BC Government is here everyday reading and stomping their feet or borrowing stories.

I`m a carpenter turned activist, turned writer, turned whistleblower, I have no money and get paid zip...

Some freak burnt down my home over my writings, killed my animals, a 26 year old beautiful siamese cat, my younger 17 year old tabby and shady lady..

I`m still here, still writing, still seeing what BC`s media is hiding..

So I don`t give a fucking rat`s ass about salty language, I use it sparingly..

My dad was proud of my writing, the last thing he said to me before time took hum away..."Keep pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and write damn it, write your feelings, write the facts"

And that`s what i`m doing...

And to those in the bloggosphere who shun me or don`t visit anymore..

Your shit stinks too..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Grant, I am sorry to have gotten so many so pissed at me. I believe that as a progressive, we need not just to appear holier than them, but actually BE a better choice. Certain words makes me and others look bad. I have tried to behave as if an auditorium was listening, and just might be. Talking like Andrew Dice Clay does not portray that.
I will not bother anyone any more. Keep up the good fight, though, progressives! Bye.

Grant G said...

Don`t do that, don`t apologize...We want passion, we want emotions..

I don`t want 200 comments all saying the same thing, all kissing butt, all writing like clones..

I want the truth

Good Day

Gary E said...

Progressive anon I certainly wasn't pissed at you. I simply pointed out that if the language was not your style, ignore it. You should see some of the language my grand nieces and nephews and grand children use on the net. They don't know mw personally and some have never spoken to me so I don't believe they got it from me.

Back to the column. Grant has mentioned about the feds bringing in big brother legislation. The mainstream media is making a huge deal of it. I believe it is all a coverup for the biggest news we have heard in this province for along time. And that is that Terrace City Council has come out against Enbridge.

Grant G said...

Gary E...So has Prince Rupert come out against Enbridge, the big brother bill is bad news, it`s not about crime, it`s about watching, monitoring, spying and then shutting down the net when they see fit...

Gary...Do you see my side bar on my home page...

There`s a section called..HONEST NEWSPAPERS...

Do you see what I call the Terrace daily?...

I call it..

"First class outfit"

Which Merv Ritchie is, we`ve had some great talks..

I like his take no prisoners style.

Everyone is welcome here, ndp, green, conservatives, frustrated ex-liberals,everyone..

All I ask is....insult me, insult the government, insult whoever you want...But please refrain from insulting each other.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

sue said...

About the tolls; they are on after tax income. Think about that. If you earn $20 an hour, you've got what? $15 an hour in your pocket.

The $1500 a year toll works out to minimum $2000 in pretax income for you.

To all of those fools out here in the Fraser Valley that voted for the Libs, thanks for the extra dig out of my wallet (and the wallets of my neighbours too).

BTW Still have never heard a reasonable explanation as to how the Trans Canada Highway is only for the use of those who can afford tolls...

Grant G said...

Interesting comment thread on this story..

And it`s the truth.



ron wilton said...

One thing the twentith century taught us, is that we can no longer dominate and control other nations by kicking the crap out of them and then trying to absorb them, without ultimately suffering severe negative consequences.

The way to overwhelm and 'conquer' other nations today is to throttle them financially, thereby impoverishing their treasuries, then step in and call in your chips.

Germany is on course to become 'the' dominant power in Europe because of their financial might and the will to use it.

China will eventually dominate virtually every country that allows their fistfulls of money to cross their borders, and the U.S. will disintegrate into political impotence and religious devolution.

Canada will continue to be subservient to whomever wants Harper to osculate their anterior, unless somebody quickly steps up to the plate and exposes this fascist son of an unwed mother, and his nincompoop cultists for all the world to see.

kootcoot said...

"but when money stops, so does food."

For those useless drones who produce nothing except obscene profits for themselves by shuffling paper and exploiting others (the One Percent dickheads).

If the world economy crashed completely my life style would change, but I wouldn't starve, I would just have to eat MORE venison, elk, kokanee, rainbow and sturgeon and spend MORE time and effort in my garden. BTW, city folks when the supermarket shelves are empty and elevator in your high rise makes you use the stairs, don't even think about coming here and stealing from my garden.

DonF, as to:

"Greece are just the unfortunate ones chosen to be first."

Minor correction, they tried to do it to Iceland, but they wouldn't play along. Check out my post about Iceland at the House of Infamy, which has links to other info re:the Icelandic response to the threats of the greedpigs.


"I don`t want 200 comments all saying the same thing, all kissing butt, all writing like clones.."

Jeepers, makes me think of somewhere, oh yeah, Hyperbole without a Pause.

BTW, you can tell Vic "family man - who spreads his love to the nanny and creates more jobs in babysitting with the babysitter" Toews that I'm with the child molesters.