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Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Will Cost BC Drivers $700 million Every Single Year




Here is the latest weather forecast for Hecate Strait on the Northern West Coast, cut n pasted from Environment Canada.



Marine Forecast


Issued 10:30 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Hurricane force wind warning in effect.
Wind southeast 45 to 55 knots diminishing to 25 to 35 near noon then increasing to 35 to 45 early this evening. Wind increasing to south 55 to 65 late this evening then diminishing to 35 to 45 before Wednesday morning. Wind diminishing to south 25 to 35 early Wednesday morning then veering to southwest 30 to 40 Wednesday afternoon.


Issued 04:00 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 3 to 4 early this morning and to 5 to 7 late this morning. Seas building to 7 to 10 after midnight.(That would be 34 foot high waves)

Extended Forecast

Issued 04:00 AM PST 03 January 2012
Thursday Wind southwest 30 to 40 knots diminishing to northwest 25 in the afternoon.
Friday Wind southeast 35 to 45 knots diminishing to southwest 20 late in the day.
Saturday Wind south 25 knots increasing to southeast 45.

Weather & Visibility

Issued 10:30 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Rain at times heavy.


The above weather forecast was cut n pasted from Weather Canada

Hurricane force winds again, every month there are hurricane force winds on our northern coast, with 1 to 2 oil tankers per day, they will pile up, big ships 4 times the length of a football field, these vessels under pressure would indeed travel in this weather, they would also wreck on our coast and destroy it for centuries, not if a spill happens but when, Enbridge can`t guarantee anything, their own records prove out that fact!!!!!!....The fact that Enbridge has had 804 major pipeline spills in the last 10 years, they average nearly 100 major pipeline ruptures per year..FACT, FACT, FACT.....

Spills and violations

Using data from Enbridge's own reports, the Polaris Institute calculated that 804 spills occurred on Enbridge pipelines between 1999 and 2010. These spills released approximately 168,645 barrels (26,812.4 m3) of hydrocarbons into the environment.[8]
On July 4, 2002 an Enbridge pipeline ruptured in a marsh near the town of Cohasset, Minnesota in Itasca County, spilling 6,000 barrels (950 m3) of crude oil. In an attempt to keep the oil from contaminating the Mississippi River, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources set a controlled burn that lasted for 1 day and created a smoke plume about 1-mile (1.6 km) high and 5 miles (8.0 km) long.[9]
In 2006, there were 67 reportable spills totaling 5,663 barrels (900.3 m3) on Enbridge's energy and transportation and distribution system; in 2007, there were 65 reportable spills totaling 13,777 barrels (2,190.4 m3) [10]
On March 18, 2006, approximately 613 barrels (97.5 m3) of crude oil were released when a pump failed at Enbridge's Willmar terminal in Saskatchewan.[11] According to Enbridge, roughly half the oil was recovered, the remainder contributing to 'off-site' impacts.
On January 1, 2007 an Enbridge pipeline that runs from Superior, Wisconsin to near Whitewater, Wisconsin cracked open and spilled ~50,000 US gallons (190 m3) of crude oil onto farmland and into a drainage ditch.[12] The same pipeline was struck by construction crews on February 2, 2007, in Rusk County, Wisconsin, spilling ~126,000 US gallons (480 m3) of crude. Some of the oil filled a hole more than 20 feet (6.1 m) deep and was reported to have contaminated the local water table.[13]
In April 2007, roughly 6,227 barrels (990.0 m3) of crude oil spilled into a field downstream of an Enbridge pumping station near Glenavon, Saskatchewan. Long-term site remediation is being attempted to bring the site to "as close as possible to its original condition".[11]
In 2009, Enbridge Energy Partners, a US affiliate of Enbridge Inc., agreed to pay $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the state of Wisconsin for 545 environmental violations.[14][15] The violations were incurred while building portions of the company's Southern Access pipeline, a ~$2.1 billion project to transport crude from the oil sands region in Alberta to Chicago. In a news release from Wisconsin's Department of Justice, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said "...the incidents of violation were numerous and widespread, and resulted in impacts to the streams and wetlands throughout the various watersheds."
In January 2009 an Enbridge pipeline leaked about 4,000 barrels (640 m3) of oil southeast of Fort McMurray at the company's Cheecham Terminal tank farm. It was reported in the Edmonton Journal3), sprayed into the air and coated nearby snow and trees.[16] that most of the spilled oil was contained within berms, but that about 1% of the oil, about 40 barrels (6.4 m
April 2010 an Enbridge pipeline ruptured spilling more than 1500 litres of oil in Virden, Manitoba, which leaked into the Boghill Creek which eventually connects to the Assiniboine River.[17]
July 2010, a leaking pipeline spilled an estimated 843,444 US gallons (3,192.78 m3) of crude oil into Talmadge Creek leading to the Kalamazoo River in southwest Michigan on Monday, July 26.[18][19]
On September 9, 2010, a rupture on Enbridge's Line 6A pipeline near Romeoville, Illinois released an estimate 6,100 barrels (970 m3) of oil into the surrounding area.[

Well guess what, a shocking revelation has come to light,a couple of weeks ago a report from the University of Alberta was released, a report that made a very honest representation of the financial numbers, the University of Alberta report stated,...That the Alberta oil producers would be the big winner with an Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, to the tune of $billions per pear, the report also stated that the Province of British Columbia would receive the least benefit ($131 million dollars in royalties over the life of the project)...Ontario would receive roughly $400 million dollars while Alberta would receive almost all the money, $10`s of billions per year....British Columbia would take ALL of the risk, the pipeline would have to cross 1200 rivers and streams in BC land, plus the inevitable oil tanker wreck on the BC Hurricane force wind-filled northern coast, BC would take all that risk for for $14 million dollars per year, the BP gulf of Mexico spill has cost over $40 billion to partially clean up..

Now perhaps you might be wondering what the "latest shocking revelation" is.....Here`s the deal, Alberta Tar Sand whores want the Northern Enbridge pipeline for one main reason.....That reason is....To get a higher price for their oil!!....That higher price is the Brent Crude price, Brent Crude averages 10% to 15% more the WTI North American price.....Here are the quotes from different sources.

EDMONTON — Oil producers could lose $72 billion over a nine-year-period if a pipeline to carry Alberta bitumen to the West Coast isn’t built, a new report for the Alberta government says as community hearings for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway project are about to begin this month in British Columbia.

In a 44-page report submitted before Christmas to the federal government panel reviewing the pipeline project, consultants for Alberta Energy peg potential losses for oil producers in the project at $8 billion every year between 2017 and 2025.

The forecast, drawn up by Houston-based consultant Harold York for the firm Wood Mackenzie, is largely based on the expectation that Alberta oil sells at a higher price on an international market than it does in North America.

“If we can get it offshore, there are a lot more markets available to us which are willing to pay a higher price,” Alberta Energy spokesman Tim Markle said.


Enbridge`s "Stanway added that the proposal has a strong economic case to make, starting with an estimated $2.4-billion-per-year increase in revenue to Canada's oil industry through higher prices producers would be able to generate from selling into wider markets.

"The real driving force behind Northern Gateway is the strategic argument for Canada having access to world markets for its most valuable export product," Stanway said.

So there you have it, we have an Alberta University submitting a report that shows BC receiving a mere $131 million dollars over the life of the project, couple that with increased prices at the pump, we have seen this picture before, the HST, a yearly $2 billion dollar tax shift from corporations on to consumers back, a huge benefit to big corporations, $2 billion dollars out of BC consumers pockets directly into corporate profits, we were promised lower prices and jobs, but what we got was higher prices and thousands of lost jobs, the exact same scenario will happen with the Enbridge northern pipeline, as soon as they start selling Alberta crude on the international market they will be charging the brent crude price, our fuels prices will rise by 10% to  20% almost immediately.....Remember when oil surged to $150 dollars per barrel in 2009, our pump price was $1.50 plus per litre, no breaks for Canadians, we were subject to full pricing, pricing higher than what the Americans paid...

The Northern Enbridge pipeline will see BC drivers paying an additional $600 million dollars plus per year, Canadians as a whole will pay roughly $7 billion dollars more per year....

Think about it, which route would more and more Tar sand oil travel, south for a $100 dollars a barrel or west for $115 dollars a barrel?...Exactly, which oil company would settle for the lower price? Eventually all the Tar Sand bitumen will rise to the Brent crude price....How does $1.70 to $2.00 a litre sound?

Here, let me describe the sound...Kaching, Kaching!

So here`s the deal, the Enbridge Northern pipeline, Enbridge who have had 1000 pipeline spills in the last decade, including a savage spill of 844,000 gallons of crude oil into the Kalamazoo river last year, Enbridge wants their pipeline to cross 1200 rivers and streams in BC on its way to Kitimat where giant Supertankers 4 times longer than a football field will have to travel the roughest, windiest coastline in the world, a coastline where hurricane force winds blow almost weekly!!!...Including this week!....

And for all of this risk, for tempting fate,  waiting for the inevitable spill, for a cost of $700 million dollars per year to B.C. drivers, just what is our benefit?


The University of Calgary's School of Public Policy issued an analysis Thursday concluding that with expanded pipeline access to U.S. and Asian markets, Canada's gross domestic product would jump $132 billion in 2010 dollars between 2016 and 2030, generating $27 billion in federal, provincial and municipal taxes and 649,000 person-years of employment.

But the study also shows that the overwhelming economic benefit of pipeline expansion to B.C. goes to Alberta.

The opening of the Asian market would trigger $10.5 billion in gains and 52,000 person-years of employment in Canada, but almost $10 billion of that wealth and 44,000 person-years go to Alberta.

Ontario would get $286 million and 4,000 person-years, while B.C. would enjoy $131 million and 2,000 person-years.

The study also "suggests" that B.C. would gain an additional $85 million in GDP and another 1,000 person-years due to increased exports to California if pipelines are built to the West Coast.

British Columbia would receive a mere $131 million .....SHOCKING, Enbridge, the ALBERTA Government, the Federal Government wants B.C. to risk everything, our last 89 Orca, our wild salmon, kelp forests, our pristine northern coastline for a staggering $131 million dollars, or if you like, $14.3 million dollars per year, not enough money over 16 years to pay for a quarter of a new BC Place roof!

Alberta Government, Enbridge and Stephen Harper want BC and Canadian drivers to pay $billions of dollars more each and every single year all in the name of funneling more largesse to Big oil Vampires, ..

Do the math people, $700 million per year in higher fuel prices over 15 years comes to...

$10.5 billion dollars in extra costs to BC drivers and.....A staggering $105 Billion dollars more in cost to Canadian drivers as a whole!

 Brent crude,current price over $113 dollars per barrel

 North American/Current Canadian price..$100 dollars per barrel.

A 10% plus difference in price, do the math people, BCers and Canadians are being led to the gas pump slaughterhouse.

Below are the stats Canada figures for fuel consumption by Province, as you will see, British Columbia drivers bought 5 billion litres of fuel in 2010....At an average cost of even $1 dollar per litre, B.C. drivers spent well over $5 billion dollars on fuel, raise the price of crude oil to the international brent crude price and even if Alberta oil rises by 10% ...Even at 10% the cost to BC Drivers per year will be roughly $700 million dollars every single year....

Sales of fuel used for road motor vehicles, by province and territory
(Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut)
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
thousand litres
Net sales of gasoline 38,653,955 39,635,182 39,148,560 39,708,461 40,558,727
Gross sales of gasoline 39,918,335 40,848,495 40,496,036 41,028,454 41,885,365
Net sales of diesel oil 16,611,819 17,133,467 16,555,321 16,188,394 16,701,960
Net sales of gasoline 5,139,600 5,298,000 5,317,300 5,350,400 5,410,900
Gross sales of gasoline 5,368,100 5,536,200 5,608,400 5,569,300 5,618,300
Net sales of diesel oil 3,373,400 3,580,000 3,488,800 3,632,700 3,629,600
Net sales of gasoline 4,524,469 4,554,406 4,467,255 4,536,112 4,760,666
Gross sales of gasoline 4,719,356 4,749,604 4,619,653 4,646,008 4,915,626
Net sales of diesel oil 1,721,635 1,796,611 1,714,031 1,647,876 1,838,578
Net sales of gasoline 61,536 60,741 62,797 67,053 70,133
Gross sales of gasoline 63,839 62,816 64,950 69,738 71,502
Net sales of diesel oil 43,137 43,789 46,827 50,197 54,828
Net sales of gasoline 37,250 38,855 37,312 38,149 42,959
Gross sales of gasoline 46,724 47,898 46,939 47,289 49,706
Net sales of diesel oil 113,045 162,327 112,391 86,013 65,588
Net sales of gasoline 12,016 17,179 17,687 22,992 12,291
Gross sales of gasoline 12,016 17,179 17,687 22,991 12,291
Net sales of diesel oil 5,188 6,360 5,966 5,248 7,541


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Hugh said...

Chinese state-owned oil companies are buying up bits of the tar-sands:


Anonymous said...

Another well written and researched article Grant. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and putting it all together so the average person can be made aware of the corruption that not only exists in British Columbian politics, but also the same level (or worse) within the Federal Conservative government.

I guess there are no standards for corporate pigs (Albertan, Enbridge et al) at the public trough - where they all get fat and ugly at the expense of the average tax payer.

T'is time for the people to stand up and be counted sir!!!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

lol - so the pipeline actually drives up price, which is something the enviros deeply desire.

Grant G said...

Thank you friends, Enbridge are acting like gangsters, here is a very interesting link on how the Keystone pipeline is a huge danger too...


Let me be clear, Asia will not buy higher priced oil from Canada while the Americans get a different price, the world market...

Oil prices will rise to the bent crude price, this global move by Harper and Alberta will cost us $billions, cost Canada over $100 billion, it will cost our American neighbors $1 trillion dollars...

And, it will keep the Corporate/Wall Street/ driven economic collapse going, less money in consumer`s hands will cost countless jobs in North America..

Big oil vampires and Stephen Harper could care less...

Well Enbridge, you bastards have been crawling all over my site, please explain how the brent crude world price won`t jack up domestic rates...

Grant G said...

@ Anonymous 2:11pm...Carbon taxes were proven a failure in BC..

Higher prices only punish consumers and choke economies..

Until the alternatives are here...

Nice try though!

Anonymous said...

I see your calculus does not include spillage from shoddy materials and poor craftsmanship.


rick said...

Public Notice

To any and all present and/or future man or woman acting in any capacity as a Minister of the Province of British Columbia and/or Canada and including any man or woman acting as a public servant that allows for any new oil tanker traffic along the coast of the geographical area of British Columbia will be held privately responsible for any and all environmental damage caused by said traffic. Conduct yourselves accordingly. This Public Notice can and will be acted upon by any private man or woman to recover any and all damages.

By the wish of the sovereign private
man Rick: Witala

e.a.f. said...

Now why didn't the Vancouver Sun publish any of this information instead of their report on what a "sucess" story Embridge is?
Then we have Global reporting this evening people aren't as opposed to the pipeline as we think. I don't know where IPSOS was doing their polling but most likely not along the coast line. As a resident of Vancouver Island I am very concerned about the oil tankers going down the coast. yes, that is why they are building the pipeline, to get oil to the coast.

The oil tankers sinking in the waters off of the B.C. coast will happen in the first yr. if they are permitted to do this. Those tankers will be foreign owned and they will not be in great condition, the crews will not be familiar with these waters and we won't be able to sue for damages to our enviornment. Of course there will be lots of jobs cleaning up the oil spills, but they will most likely bring in foreign workers for that also.

Great Article!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's just my browser (Opera), but the bottom part of your article got all squeezed up to about only 1 inch on the left side of the screen. No other articles here, just this one.

Grant G said...

It appears alright to me...I`m out of town and...

I actually posted this column from the library.

I`ll check it again when I`m back home.

No other complaints so far, sometimes when I cut n paste problems occur..

Talk to ya later, gotta a ferry to catch..

Anonymous said...

News Release
A collision between a pair of deep sea freighters on the Fraser River in Surrey is being investigated by the Transportation Safety Board.

The TSB's Glenn Budden says the crash occurred Wednesday afternoon at the Fraser Surrey Docks. One of the 500 foot long ships rammed the other's stern while docking.
Both are damaged, "I think the bulbous bow was breached. It's a watertight bulkhead, so the hull itself wasn't breached, but the bulbous bow was."
Nobody was hurt.
One ship is registered in Panama, the other in Singapore.

And these ships haven't even gotten to the open ocean yet. I don't know what was on them, but can you imagine if it were oil? And judging by where they're registerd, who'd pay for the clean up? Those countries? Or us? Seems BP has given up cleaning up, the US taxpayers are (through federal agencies) are paying the cleanup now.
NO, to the Pipeline. It is not worth it to Canadians as a whole. Forget the multi-n's, forget the politicians. NO.

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely outraged by that lying s.o.b. from Enbridge. The BC people do not want that filthy crap of the tar oil, anywhere near our province.

Harper and Campbell have financially destroyed BC. All we have left of BC, is our wild life, our marine life, and the breathtaking beauty of our province.

Movie stars, hockey stars, are astonished that Harper, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, and Enbridge would willingly pollute this province into a wasteland. They too are horrified by, the run of the rivers destroying salmon and steelhead fish. The terrible mess of flora and fauna, created by the dams.

Robert Redford said he was taken aback, as to why anyone would destroy a province so beautiful, and a national treasure. That BC is a jewel. That we have something rare, that no-one else has.

Well the answer is, "HARPER'S greed", the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals "Greed". Then we have Enbridge and their "Lying and Greed". Alberta and their "GREED". I wonder how the people of Alberta, would take it, if it was Banff or Jasper National parks, that would have their lakes and rivers poisoned with oil? Those parks are pristine too. Most of the lakes there, don't even allow boats with motors. They don't want any motor oil leaks into their, "pristine" clean lakes. I lived there, so I know. Nor would you ever dare do any harm, to THEIR wildlife. Anyone caught doing so, would get a very hefty fine and likely jail time too.

However, our beautiful pristine beauty of BC, our Orca, Humpback Whales, and our marine life, and indeed all our wildlife, is perfectly fine with them to destroy.

Harper went as far as, giving false statements to Europe. They could not get, any degree of honesty out of Harper. Harper has been lying and covering up, about the toxicity of the dirty oil and the impact the dirty crud plays on global warming.

Harper's bullying other country's to accept the dirty tar oil, in Durban, did not go over too well.

This will be the cause of, extreme civil disobedience in BC. The BC people have, SO HAD ENOUGH of Harper, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, Alberta, and Enbridges evil greed. There will be a fight, to the last ditch.

Hugh said...

"The Prime Minister was also asked about a proposal by Alberta Premier Alison Redford to create a national energy strategy that would pull together Alberta's oil sands, the hydro power of British Columbia, offshore oil in the Atlantic and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's green-energy agenda.

Mr. Harper said he has been broached by Ms. Redford about the idea and is anticipating a meeting in the near future with Alberta and with several other provinces to get more details.

“The approach of the federal government for some years has been to have an energy sector that is primarily driven by market demand,” the Prime Minister said. “That policy I think generally has served this part of the country and served the country as a whole quite well.”

This really does not sound good. From:


Anonymous said...

My mistake about the article getting crunched up. Came back today and everything looks fine. Sorry, could have been the 'fit to page' feature in my browser.
Great article. By the way I wouldn't take the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy numbers too seriously - their site is pretty hard right wing. Read an article their site links to about lowering pensions of government workers, but not a word about lowering politicians' pensions. It was linked to the National Post, which is as right wing as they come. So I wouldn't put it past them to glue feathers on the Enbridge deal and sell as a big fat goose what is actually a skinny diseased chicken.

Grant G said...

Actually they don`t, you can add $hundreds of millions more in indirect costs..

You are wise friend.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

That is so true one tax goes up, so does everything else. The HST is a death sentence for BC, the HST has a very long arm. There are very few goods in BC, that escapes the HST. This will cost the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, the next election. Christy has attack ads on Dix. This is really foolish of Christy. Dix is a Sunday school teacher, compared to Christy's screw-ups, lies and deceit.

Revenues are way down, everyone who can shops over the border, and can save up to 50% by doing so. Same with gasoline, far, far cheaper in the U.S. Canadians spend billions in the U.S. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Obama said on TV, please Canadians keep on shopping over here. Harper just stood there and looked incredibly stupid. He didn't say one word. Harper was called a fool by Obama.

With ICBC rates up, health care cost raised, heat and hydro has gone up, food costs have sharply gone up, gasoline through the roof. Christy's family's first, are in a hell of a lot of trouble.

sailsmart said...

You make a great case, and I couldn't have found as much information through endless google searches. You say that the price of gas increases in terms of a bad deal for car drivers. I'd add that the largest cost would be to agriculture and food costs as the production of food crops is highly dependent upon fuel. Additionally, so is our transportation of goods via trucks and through huge distances. So, overall, the increase will be felt in the cost of living. There will be no gains.