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Friday, July 13, 2012

Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella, Grand Theft Province

Common denominators,  Patrick Kinsella was Gordon Campbell`s 2001 election campaign manager, Patrick Kinsella was Gordon Campbell`s 2005 election campaign manager...

Questions questions and more questions, all still remain unanswered, when the BC Rail stink started to permeate through the floorboards of our Victoria legislature, after the police raided the people`s house and carried out box after box of papers and computers and shortly thereafter Dave Basi and Bobby Virk were charged with crimes of bribe taking and abuse of the public trust, at about this time in history Wally Oppal earned his nickname, Stonewally...

As an avid watcher of our BC Legislature it was frustrating to hear Wally Oppal, Gordon Campbell answer every question from the NDP that was related to BC rail or even vaguely related to BC Rail with...

"No comment, it`s before the courts"......Let visit the BC Rail trial..courtesy of Ian Reid

“Patrick doesn’t fit in any of the categories,” writes Mahoney to Eaton about 90 minutes later.  “However, I believe he has been advising some of the railways (CN/BNSF) on how to approach the issue of the potential sale of BC Rail.  Patrick has also provided us a bit of guidance from time to time however, we understand if he is not on the list as it may create a more obvious political link than you might want.”
There you have it.  The Vice President of BC Rail tells the Deputy Minister to the Premier a few months before the Request for Proposal is tendered that BC Rail’s $300,000 advisor is working, he believes, for both BC Rail and CN, which at the time was already seen as most likely the winning bidder.
How wrong is that?  Let’s let Gordon Campbell’s chief of staff Martyn Brown begin to answer.
In 2010, towards the end of the Basi Virk trial, Defense Attorney Michael Bolton asked Brown about such a situation.  ”I talked about the problematic issue of Mr. Kinsella working for BC Rail,” Bolton led off.  “I suggest to you that there’s an obvious optics problem working with BC Rail and CN Rail at the same time.”
Brown replied straight away, “I believe that’s true.”
An optics problem.  That’s just the start of the problem,


"No comment, it`s before the court"

Not only did every BC Liberal attorney general and MLA repeat that refrain but so did Gordon Muir Campbell, on cknw radio interviews, in the legislature, in question period and even in estimate debates, for 7 long years Gordon Campbell stated "no comment, it`s before the courts, all will be revealed after the trial"....7 plus long years of deflection, questions about the Roberts bank spur line, questions about his campaign manager Patrick Kinsella working for both CN Rail and BC Rail at the same time,..

These are questions we need answered now, how is it Gordon Campbell`s friend, his campaign manager, who was working for CN Rail, working for BC Rail, who ran Gordon Campbell`s election campaign, and let us not forget that David Mclean, CEO of the winning bidder CN Rail was also involved, David Mclean was Gordon Campbell`s chief fundraiser in Gordo`s 1996 campaign which he ran on a platform of selling BC Rail, which he lost..Fast-forward to Gordon Mujir Campbell`s 2001 election campaign, David Mclean was still Gordon Campbell`s chief fundraiser, only this time Campbell`s platform stated he "Would not sell BC Rail"....

The rest is history, BC Rail is gone, the corruption trial lasted for 8 years, it cost the taxpayers $40 million dollars for legal fees, legal fees for the defence,  legal fees for the prosecution, we heard two witnesses of 40 who were scheduled to appear...

For 8 long years Gordon Campbell, Wally Oppal, Mike De Jong, and every other BC Liberal said to reporters, to the public on every question related to the Roberts bank spur line, Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, Patrick Kinsella, every question even vaguely related to BC Rail was answered with...

"No comment, it before the courts, all will be revealed after the trial"....

The trial ended, the public got screwed, the public got no answers....

Now we have Christy Clark who jumped for the BC Liberal leadership, a prodded jump, a jump prodded by the same Patrick Kinsella, Patrick not only nudged Christy to run for premier he bankrolled her leadership campaign...

Kinsella's company is Progressive Strategies Ltd., which does business as The Progressive Group. Clients have included Accenture Business Services, Alcan and Canfor Forest Products. 

His companies were also paid $297,000 by the British Columbia Railway Co. between 2002 and 2005, the time during which the government sold the Crown corporation to CN Rail.

In 2011 Progressive Strategies donated $20,000 to Premier Clark's successful bid to lead the BC Liberal Party and news reports identified him as working on her campaign.



What we have is Gordon Campbell`s election guru who was working for BC Rail and CN rail at the same time now running the show for Christy Clark, the man in the middle of BC`s biggest corruption scandal taking a lead in guiding Christy Clark, the same way he guided Gordon Campbell...

But there`s more, oh so much more, David Mclean who was Gordon Campbell`s chief fundraiser in 1996 and in 2001, David Mclean who ended up owning the same BC rail Gordon Campbell campaigned on not selling in 2001 also donated to Christy Clark`s campaign and gave her(Christy Clark) free flights worth a pretty penny, and, not to mention that David Mclean has donated $hundreds of thousands of dollars to the BC Liberal party..


Blackcomb owned by big Lib donor David McLean
Blackcomb Aviation is owned by David McLean, the chairman of CN Rail who donated $209,707.50 to the Liberals since 2005. McLean's sons Jason and Sacha run the company, which donated $23,035 of flights to Clark's leadership campaign. Jason McLean, an aide to prime minister Jean Chretien from 2000 to 2002, is the McLean Group president and immediate past chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade. He gave the BC Liberals $1,600 in 2006.



Here we go again, LDB, Patrick Kinsella is/was the chief lobbyist and here`s what happened..

Lobbyist and Christy Clark backer Patrick Kinsella has been pushing for changes to the liquor distribution system used by the provincial government, which yesterday announced it will privatize that system.

Kinsella registered as a lobbyist on behalf of Exel Logistics "To develop a new liquor distribution system for the Province of BC." The registration, pointed out by a commenter on The Tyee, describes the undertaking as to do with "privatization and outsourcing" and covers from April 1, 2010 to April 9, 2013. It lists lobbyists Mark Jiles and Rob Madore as also working on the file.

Energy and Mines Minister Rich Coleman and Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Minister Pat Bell were added as targets of the lobbying on Jan. 6, 2012. Previous targets included Coleman in 2010 and Justice Minister Shirley Bond in 2011



In a nutshell, we have Patrick Kinsella and David Mclean who controlled Gordon Campbell, who pulled Gordo`s strings like a puppet master, Patrick Kinsella gained large financially and David Mclean ended up with BC Rail that was making year after year over $130 million in profit and now Patrick Kinsella and David Mclean have bankrolled Christy Clark and BC`s highly profitable LDB is being sold to Kinsella`s pals at Excel logistics, no business case has been brought forward, Christy Clark who is polling at 20%, who is unelected, who has no mandate is having her strings pulled by the people who pulled Gordon Campbell`s string...

This sale must not be permitted to go forward until the complete BC Rail inquiry is completed, after the next election in 10 months, and then if, and only if a sound business case is brought forward...

And for complete thorough details on everything BC LDB here`s the link to Bob the Hammer Mackin`s web site..



And on a final note....Thanks to those who contributed......

 mightingly to BC Rail...

That being BC Mary...Mary Mackie.....

That being Robin Mathews, these people attended the trial for years, and wrote thousands of articles, while AGT was toiling at 24 hours and writing very little(on BC Rail)...

I myself don`t need praise, my reward comes with the removal of these corrupt BC Liberals from power..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Hello from up the Coast Grant,
Thanks for your articles. I too will be rewarded when these criminals are removed from stealing OUR assets.I only hope it's not to late...they are still at it.


Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the NDP have what it takes to do a full inquiry with criminal charges to those who broke the law. Also cancel all IPP contracts that were signed without any regard to the tax payers who own BC Hydro. I mean would any of us signed crazy contracts like that.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope, the NDP can clean up, some of the corrupt mess, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals did.

Nor do we forget Harper's scams, he and Campbell worked, so sneakily behind our backs.

As we all know, elections can be bought in this country. The more corrupt the politicians are, the better the rewards.

Christy and her BC Liberals, are frantically trying to kill, what is left of this province. Campbell too, sold BC out to Communist China, our mill industry and our mines. For sure, there are Liberal friends, that want the LCB privatized. Same as they wanted, the priceless Real Estate, that went with, the theft and sale of the BCR.

Anonymous said...

The liars oops I mean the liberals know that there is not a chance of them being in power in a year so they are fleeing like cockroaches when the light is turned on, the only problem is they plan a scorched earth policy! Leave the cupboard empty for the next government ! Unload anything that makes a profit to there puppet masters and leave a legacy of debt that will take generations to begin to pay off meanwhile these crooks will be living off the taxpayers backs on their gold played pensions.Wake up BC and take back OUR province from these thieves!

kootcoot said...

As one who has hiked parts of the John Muir Trail which follows the spine of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada, the spine of up to 14,000+ foot peaks that are the highest in the Lower Forty Eight. I think it is a disgrace that Gordon Campbell debases the name of that great Scottish born American naturalist and advocate for preservation of wilderness.

Change your middle name Creep Campbell, may I suggest Capone, Nitty or Madoff for a replacement?

Anonymous said...

Quick question for anybody--who actually gained by the shift in ownership to cn?

Cui Bono? said...

Cui Bono?

All that is written here is accurate.

However, t'is my humble opinion that David Maclean was acting as the chief executive for CN but that the plan to take over BCR was both initiated and implemented only after final approval came down from the people he worked for--namely, the board and its owners. This lot are the one's that brought this heist off, and how.

It is their hidden agenda that kinsella was paid to attend to, as he conflicted the public for their private interests. Then again, patty k. was just their sharpest tool, one of many to be used to get what they were after.

They were/are up to something really big, and they simple needed to ensure control of BCR in order to further the great work. So they set up a folding tent syndicate and got on planning to steal.

If we want to get BCR back, we are going to have to go after that cabal in control and call them out on the injustice of their larceny.

The problem is, of course, that they are enormously wealthy and ruthless in defense.

Crankypants said...

I think it's time that those that defend the BC Liberal Party regarding the sale of BC Rail to CN give their collective heads a shake. Somewhere in the whole sordid affair there is evidence that will prove that the people of BC were robbed of an asset. The taxpayers of this province footed the costs of all the expansion of BC Rail and got bupkis back in return.

The reason I believe that laws had to be broken is simple deduction. In the last ten plus years there has been a lot of stuff written on various blog sites and some print media that is not considered mainstream accusing many of those involved with the sale of wrongdoing. This includes politicians, movers and shakers associated with Howe Street, BC Liberal executives, high-ranking RCMP oficials and even some plying their trade in our legal system. And yet, none of these people have ever even attempted to quash any of these accusations by launching lawsuits for libel against anyone, as far as I know. This just doesn't make sense unless any or all of these people knew that any lawsuit that entered the court phase would potentially open up a Pandora's Box.

I suspect that this is the main reason that the Basi-Virk trial came to such an abrupt end. I doubt that some of those that were due to be called to the stand were deemed proficient enough at playing the amnesia card and may have let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.


Hugh said...

Patrick Kinsella: Accenture privatization, Alcan, IPPs, Liquor privatization, BC Rail privatization.....

What an upstanding citizen. He should get the Order of BC. (/sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Hell, yes, there was law broken.

What occurred can be called breach of fiduciary trust.

In originates out of the law of contracts. Our conflict issues from the first contract in civil society--that one between the rulers and the ruled which oocurs in elections. In the conveyance of the people's sovereign authority to the publicly elected officials and their administrations, they are legally bound to work in the interest of the public good.

No one in their right mind believes that the public good was upheld in the BCR case.

One cannot formally communicate one position before an election and then do the exact opposite afterwards.

And nobody can just come into government and off-load a priceless link in the global supply system for a friggin' pittance to their baffo bosses while other bidders screamed fraud aloud as it went down.

The deal in itself was a breach of duty. BCR was worth multiples of value more than what it sold for. Then again, no right thinking soul acting in the public good would ever have divested themselves of such a well-position hard asset? The company is/was literally irreplaceable in larger picture;

The difficulty is in getting a fair and just hearing with the mob in control of the place. A herculean task for damned sure.

Anonymous said...

I noticed ms. photo-op on the noon news today in the walk with the dragon in vancouver. There was a striking resemblance between her and the other dragon I couldn t tell them apart. Cristy I hope you have a good time in jail, just think you can come out and run again as Butch Clark. Herb when you head to the big house don t forget the K-Y jelly, they like chubby butts like yours in there. Enjoy you slime balls, your children must be so proud of your accomplishments.Tell me when you were teaching them the differance between rite and wrong did you really mean it.