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Thursday, August 9, 2012

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

On the 12th day of Christmas......It didn`t take me long to decide on what to finish with, Stephen Harper, yes indeed,  Mr. Stephen Harper and no he`s not alone, Bill Barisoff and all BC Liberals, but Bill Barisoff is a special case, BC`s speaker of the House, the one elected member who in theory is supposed to be neutral, non partisan, a stickler for rules role played by a bias thespian whose legitimacy got lost on Gordon Campbell`s casting couch , well you know how it goes,

Stephen Harper gifted Gordon Campbell a $200, 000.00 per year cushy gig that includes a residence, a chef, a driver, an expense account plus Gordon Campbell will be collecting his Gold-plated BC Government pension, the same Golden pension Campbell campaigned on removing, just another rung in Gordon Campbell`s ladder of lies....

Over $300,000.00 dollars per year for Campbell, a chef, someone to drive him  around, a residence for entertaining his many suitors...

Mr. Harper rewarded Gordon Campbell for ramming the HST down our throats and....And for this largesse all Gordo has to do is promote tar sands pollution, lobby for dirty fuels in transportation and fight any and all legislation that might cut into big oil`s profits.

So now not only did Stephen Harper reward Gordon Campbell for foisting Harper`s corporate tax sell out upon the masses in a dirty back-handed lying manner but he also revealed what we knew all along, what any sane person knew, how come David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman didn`t know....

Stephen Harper exposed the true Gordon Campbell, the BC shame stream media portrayed Campbell as the pollution fighter, the green man, the green crusader, Tzeporah and David Suzuki lauded Campbell, Mz Berman flew to Copenhagen to personally place a medal of climate fighting honour around Gord`s neck...

Speeches in 2008 and 2009, speeches leading into the 2009 election where the climate change fighter spoke of climate change being the battle of our lives,

"we must fight climate change for the sake of future generations"

Speech after speech made by Gordon Campbell on how his carbon tax will save the planet, he talked electric cars and green technology, he talked cap n trade, enviros groups attacked the NDP for not supporting Gord of the Green, Carole James wanted to target industrial emissions, gas flaring, big oil, big gas, no matter what the left proposed Campbell`s allies spoke against them, Marc Jaccard lambasted the NDP`s  plan to charge big oil n gas for flaring, as Jaccard put it....

"We would lose 60,000 jobs"

Stephen Harper exposed Gordon Campbell for lying to every British Columbian on climate change, phony speeches meant to cash in on green concerns and David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman went along with it for only reasons they know because behind the scenes watersheds were being destroyed, Salmon runs killed off, pristine eco systems were altered in a massive green scam, in fact run of river salmon water diversion power plants are not green, it never was about being green it was about transferring money from public hands to private...

And now Gordon Campbell is Canada`s most important and influential Tar Sand Oil Lobbyist in all of Europe, Canada`s man to fight against cleaner fuel, lower emission fuel, the hypocrisy is astounding..

 Bill Barisoff, every-time  he took overnight or extended time to make a ruling on procedure or protocol there wasn`t one time he ruled in the opposition`s favour, every single time Bill Barisoff ruled in favour(no comment it`s before the courts) of Campbell`s Government, and as we know Bill Barisoff and Gordon Campbell were room-mates on the island when the house was sitting, well guess what, NO conflict of interest Bill Barisoff broke the application rules around Gordon Campbell`s nomination for the Order of British Columbia..

Bill Barisoff broke the rules for Gordon Campbell, this was done because Gordon Campbell as Canada`s number one ambassador needed to be an Order of BC winner too...

On the 12th Day of Christmas Stephen Harper, Bill Barisoff and the Liberals gave to B.C.....

The biggest personal slap in our illustrious history,  $300,000.00 dollars a year, a chef, a driver, Golden pensions for life, B.C. s highest award of honour, the Order of British Columbia through dubious and completely inappropriate means to a man who....

Was an a habitual liar, a man who broke laws, a man who fired 9000 female workers illegally, as stated by the Supreme Court...A leader who gagged its citizens, closed hundreds of schools, broke law after law while special prosecutor after special prosecutor, while political appointees and media sell-outs provided cover for and justified the theft of assets, a fifth Estate that not only failed but profigated propaganda and criminal Government messaging, they too will eventually have to answer to their own moral sanctuary..

Yes, the 12th and final straw, rewarding a man who has failed seniors and led the Nation for a decade, led in child poverty, led in freezing the lowest paid worker`s wages, a man who fought only for wealthy corporate party donors while the weakest among us were secretly persecuted, a legacy of cronyism and public debt, a man, a premier driven from office for lies, the 4 largest deficits, 8 deficits in 12 years, deception shrouded in debt, malice of forethought, a leader with but a 9% approval rating, a man, a father, a husband who cheated morality with long ongoing adulterous affairs, a sham marriage and cardboard wife....

On the 12th Day of Christmas our insidious heathen Leaders Gave to B.C...

The Truth Behind the Mask

Merry Christmas.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


RossK said...


That is some creative carolling Grant.

Have to admit, you've got me wondering if there is a 13th day to come.

Best of the season to you and yours as well as all your readers and commenters!


Grant G said...

Thanks Ross, that`s kudos for sure coming from you,

13th day, hmmmm....

The Ghost of Savory Island may still Rise..

Good Day

Gary E said...

Excellent writing Grant G. It could even put you up for a Webster Award. Oops, I forgot. That award was hijacked by the Mainstream Media.

Well, Merry Christmas anyway.

Gary E.

Doug Pyper said...

The "greening" of Gordon Campbell drove me to madness!!!....to such an extent that I posted this story to my Blog. I was actively attempting to keep my Blog apolitical, because any focus on politics upsets my ongoing goal to remain serene in this chaotic world.

Not sure if this link will work, but here it is that post.


Not a very good way to wish you a joyous Christmas. But I do wish you a peaceful and joyful season Grant. And the same to all your commenters.

Anonymous said...


Came across this government website re Campbell - thought you might be interested.

Ooooooooops ! - I sent the wrong link, I think this is the right one,


----- Original Message -----
From: John Wood
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 9:56 AM

I came across this Canadian government site and thought the comments on Campbell's bio to be deliberately misleading and somewhat fictional at the end. Maybe you could do something with this in one of your blogs.



John Wood

Anonymous said...

Canada has become a cesspool of corruption, because of Harper. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada, because of Campbell. Most disgusting of all, they are not ashamed of their corruption, cheating to win, lies and deceit. They have brought a great shame to Canada, and especially to BC. Decent people don't behave as Harper and his Conservatives, nor as the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals do. Canadians are living in very sick, grave and evil times.

We have monsters governing this country. Harper even had a many times convicted, American felon working for him. Campbell is the most revolting, disgusting and foul politician, in Canadian history. No wonder other countries are shunning Canada.

Anonymous said...

Grant, your repeats are well worth the read. Not much has changed here in BC has it?
I have come to the conclusion that Green Party supporters are happy to be idealists and not realists in their political beliefs. I wish, I wish upon a star.......Realists vote NDP, idealists vote Green. It matters and one must come to the conclusion that a vote for the Greens splits it to nowhere and lets the Cons shave and pave, run roughshod and destroy in the name of profit. I'm tired Grant.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point above. Many say that Cummins splits the right, but few say that that the Greens split the left. Although Cummins is making it easier for Dix, don't factor out the minor influence of the Greens either.

On another topic. It was announced recently that the Harper government has racked up a $600,000,000,000.00 debt. Divide that with the current population of Canada and you get a per person debt of over $20,000.00 including every man, woman, and child. A friend of mine stated after that fiasco of a bbq is Surrey on the weekend, that he considers Harper the greatest PM ever. I asked him if he kissed his mood ring and polished (bootlicked) his shoes. Add personal Canadian debt load, and an unemployment rate climbing steadily and, Ottawa, we have a problem. Fortunately, demographics will slowly but surely fix this NeoCon problem as their base dies off.

Anonymous said...


Now this owuld be an interesting place to be.