Monday, November 14, 2011

Stephen Harper, Goo Man Dictator

Time, whether it`s standing still or racing is one of perspective, maybe, or perhaps it depends on which end of the hourglass one resides in...

Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper along with a huge assist from eastern pro-business media just told British Columbia and First Nations to Fuck Off and Shut Up...Graphic, you bet, first off, all the yak about getting more representation out west by adding more MPs for the next election, well, we get screwed again and nobody said a darn word about it, 30 new seats, 6 for British Columbia, 6 for Alberta, 3 for Quebec and 15 for Ontario,,,Where did we improve our situation, 18 eastern seats to 12 western seats and when you consider Alberta is almost all Conservative Blue, well, we didn`t gain anymore representation we lost ground on two levels, east versus west and right versus left, for now the interests of the east can dominate the western minority even more than is the case now, ...And I want to be clear, I don`t believe any seats should be added, redistribute the current seats, with politicians voting party lines more representatives means nothing, just more payroll, at a $1 million plus dollars a year to feed and fund another dancer on the conga line seems rather pointless..

 Poll after poll has BCers and Canada strongly opposed to oil tanker traffic off of BC`s Northern coast yet Conservative MP after Conservative MP, Federal Government and Harper mouthpieces one by one tout the Enbridge pipeline as a done deal, what about our representation, what about listening to the west, would 6 more BC MPs make a difference to a Government hell bent on pushing tar sand oil above all else.

The Obama administration last week called for an 18 month delay on the Keystone pipeline, this post, the theme of this post has nothing to do with either the rejection or approval of the Keystone pipeline, however if one reads the story behind the last link and peruses through the comments one would get the impression that B.C. doesn`t exist, from the author of the story to many commenters, they talk like...

"To hell with the Americans, we`ll ram the Enbridge Northern pipeline through British Columbia and sell oil to China"

Have I got this wrong, have I not been paying attention, did I miss something, when did the Federal Government or Enbridge ever say ....

"If we get approval on the Keystone pipeline the Northern Enbridge pipeline will be scrapped"

That was never said, big oil spooks are now talking about Enbridge as a back-up to the rejection of Keystone yet you know, I know, every goddamn conservative politician knows that Enbridge was getting rammed through no matter what the Keystone pipeline outcome....

Stephen Harper last month said and I quote..."The Keystone pipeline is a no-brainer for the US"

But now that Obama has put either an 18 month hold on a decision about Keystone and or the US will scrap it altogether Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty have come out firing subtle threats and....

And the Federal Conservative Government talks ultimatums which implicate British Columbians in profound way, Flaherty and Harper talk through BC, they talk like our voices don`t matter, our objections don`t matter, the federal Conservative Government has told British Columbians and First Nation`s people to....

Get stuffed, we will ram the Enbridge pipeline through British Columbia so Fuck off and shut the Hell up!....Graphic, indeed, but as statesmen both Flaherty and Harper revealed their true non-democratic colours, no real leader would treat British Columbia as a pawn on a chessboard ready for sacrifice....What do the present group of Federal BC Conservative MPs have to say about these latest developments?....

Absolutely nothing, the whole works of BC Federal Conservative MPs are prepared to heed the orders of Stephen Harper and Conga line from Fort Mcmurray through to Kitimat and BCers and First Nations be damned!...And do any of you believe that 6 more seats in BC would make a lick of difference when majority rules and independent thinking in Ottawa went extinct 2 decades ago!

Perhaps you think I`m overstating the case....Perhaps you missed these quotes.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, also in Hawaii, warned Friday the $7-billion Keystone pipeline project might not survive a delay until after the U.S. election next November, hinting that other buyers could be found for the oilsands output.

"The decision to delay it that long is actually quite a crucial decision. I'm not sure this project would survive that kind of delay," Flaherty said during an interview in Honolulu. "It may mean that we may have to move quickly to ensure that we can export our oil to Asia through British Columbia."

Read more:


“Canada will be looking for a buyer and so obviously the Keystone project is one that is proposed and one that we would like to see go forth, but obviously we’re a resource-based, energy-based country and we’ll be looking at all opportunities,” said Sarah McIntyre, a spokeswoman for Mr. Harper.
“While we are disappointed with the delay, we remain hopeful the project will be decided on its merits and eventually approved,” Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said in a statement.
“In the meantime, our government will continue to promote Canada, and the oil sands, as a stable, secure, and ethical source of energy for the world.”
The key lesson for Canada in the U.S. decision is that diversifying away from the country’s heavy reliance on the U.S. market is now an urgent priority, argued William Robson, president of C.D. Howe Institute, an economic think tank.
“We do want to make sure we aren’t hostage just to that one market because they don’t treat us as nicely as their self-interest suggests they should,” Mr. Robson said.
And that will mean pushing ahead with the Gateway pipeline to move oil sands crude to the West Coast and beyond, to markets such as oil-hungry China, he said.

And from Gywn Morgan

The United States is becoming a “less attractive customer in general for Canada, for not just energy but everything because of their own economic and financial difficulties,” said Gwyn Morgan, the former chief executive officer of Canadian gas giant Encana Corp.
“This is just another signal that Canada is going to have to diversify away from the United States, not just in energy but in everything else we can.”

The Federal Government would never treat Quebec like that or Ontario, if Harper and Flaherty ever talked over Quebec like they didn`t exist the eastern papers would be awash in criticism but it wasn`t Quebec it was British Columbia, the Eastern power brokers could care less, the Harper Government will ram through the Enbridge pipeline regardless of what first Nations or the MAJORITY of British Columbians or Canadians think....And where`s our BC Media reporting on this, British Columbia`s rivers would be at risk, BC`s coast line, BC`s one of a kind northern thriving eco-rich coastline would be at risk and we in British Columbia have zero say because a ruthless void of science and facts dictator named Stephen Harper only cares about his Alberta oil buddies.....Oh but isn`t Stephen Harper great, BC is getting 6 of 30 new seats in Ottawa!

Canada isn`t broke, the tar sand and gas fields aren`t going anywhere and life is short, what right do we have as BCer`s or Canadians to exploit natural resources as fast as we can, here in BC we have less than 30 years of natural gas if we extract it as fast as industry wants, same with the tar sands, Canada has a 200 hundred year supply at present extraction levels, but proposed projects and pipelines would see even the vast tar sands gone in 60 years, then what....

Christy Clark on her trip to Asia has proposed selling a BC Coal mine to Chinese investors, a coal mine in First Nation territory that will never be developed, Christy Clark is re-announcing old projects and blathering about projects that will never happen, like Prosperity mine and the destruction of Fish Lake and the Fraser river watershed...

Representation, Federal, Provincial, zippo, we have no representation, Christy Clark the photo-op queen will propose anything, Harper and the Conservatives will ram projects down BCers throat regardless....

My ancient cedar tree outside my window was here well before the first dribs of oil began to find their way across the border in 1952, when Canada sent an average 3,900 barrels a day south. That volume has grown nearly 500-fold. In 2009...

And when the last barrel of oil is shipped from Alberta my old cedar tree will still be here, Canada`s saviour will not be tar sand oil, the Alberta tar sands have been operating for decades and Canada`s national debt has risen faster under the rapid Alberta tar sand development era then any other time in history....

The time has come for long term thinking, slow and steady wins the race, if indeed peak oil  comes and world reserves of oil are exhausted, Canadians will only be fooling ourselves if we think Canada will be the only country with oil and countries will be lined up to buy.....Toxic water destroying mines, ground water polluted through chemicals and fracking, rivers of poison causing cancers and deformaties and 11,000 kilometers of poisonous tailing ponds to date.

Time, in less than a half-life of a cedar tree modern man will have polluted and poisoned the earth, it`s times like this I`m almost glad that I reside on the busy end of the hourglass

Representation, what representation..."All Heil Harper"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid your cedar tree may not survive that long. I understand they are a "dead species walking", extremely vulnerable to climate change. The Western Red Cedar in Sooke and the South Island are dying off rapidly. So sad, they are the iconic cultural treasure we define ourselves by. I hope I'm wrong.

If Harper thinks he can railroad us, we'll just have to occupy the BC/Alberta border! Thanks Grant. Peace. Kim

Anonymous said...

Leading scientists have warned!! There is acid in the ocean is right up to the shores of BC. The acid eats the shells off the crustaceans. They say, the coral is turning white. The Great Barrier Reef, will be gone within twenty years. Our oceans are dying from an over dose of Carbon Monoxide. When the ocean can absorb no more, the oceans will die. If the oceans die, we die.

Burning fossil fuels is now directly linked to climate change. There are a greater number of, tornado's, hurricanes, floods, droughts, and they are becoming more and more violent.

But as we see with Harper, his greed comes first. He wants the power and glory of being an energy giant. He wants to build his war machines, even a nuclear submarine. Why the billions on prisons, the crime rate is way down? Are Harper's stalg's for, civil disobedience among Canadians that turn against him?

Harper will force the dirty oil tankers and the Enbridge pipeline onto the province and the people.

Dictators never consult, they force, lie, deceive, and cheat to win, just as Harper and Campbell do. Canada has become, a stinking rotting pile of corruption.

Harper and Campbell are the new faces of evil. Such as one dictator and his henchmen were called in the 1930's.

kootcoot said...

"And I want to be clear, I don`t believe any seats should be added, redistribute the current seats, with politicians voting party lines more representatives means nothing, just more payroll, at a $1 million plus dollars a year to feed and fund another dancer on the conga line seems rather pointless.."

I'm with you 1000% on this one, Grant.....

as to:

Get stuffed, we will ram the Enbridge pipeline through British Columbia so Fuck off and shut the Hell up!"

As a province full of miners, unemployed miners and retired miners, it isn't like the peeples don't have the expertise to use dynamite - preferably on the side of the Rockies that is already a big fucking mess............

Mark my words, if the elites and the corps don't smarten up NE BC and Northern Hellhole Alberta will look like the oil fields of Iraq, just after Gulf Adventure One, under Bush the Senior - black smoke and flames from horizon to horizon! (by the way, I'm a retired rigging monkey/hooktender/rigger with no expertise in TNT, hell we had call in a guy to blast dead snags the fallers couldn't deal with so they wouldn't fall on us while we were yarding)!

Anonymous said...

I`m noticing far more dead growth on my red cedar trees this year (Squamish) and was wondering what was up. cedar....welcome to hell.

Anonymous said...

Just look at what's happening around the globe:
BC destroyed by Campbell, Canada destroyed by Harper, the US destroyed by criminals on Wall Street, Libya destroyed by US and Al Qaeda, Iraq destroyed, Bankers appointed as presidents in Greece and Italy etc. This is a full court press to destroy the worlds middle class.
Canada, USA, Europe, Libya, Iraq, all had/have functioning middle classes that are being eradicated.
Why does Canada have the lowest oil royalty on the planet? Why is there no talk of processing oil in Canada? Why is the Wheat Board being destroyed (before Christmas)? Why is Harper signing trade agreements like there is no tomorrow? Say goodbye to democracy and the middle class, say hello to fascism and private super max prisons.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the laws in Canada don't function. Harper's tough on crime is the joke of the century. The in and out scandal of thieving Canadians tax dollars for Harper's campaign, is permissible according to Harper's laws. It's only the everyday citizens that are punished for thieving.

Harper also had a many times convicted American felon working for him. The robocalls to confuse Canadians voting venues, came out of North Dakota. That too is within Harper's laws.

Harper is in contempt of the House and in contempt of the Canadian citizens. ICCS' Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Decampo, is investigating Harper for war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Harper prorogued Parliament twice, within a year. He is guilty and he knows it, so he took the cowards way out.

Harper and his favorite henchman Campbell forced the HST onto the BC citizens. The tax violated the LAW of, having no representation. The tax is totally illegal. Again Harper's law.

Campbell twice lied to be re-elected for two different elections. He thieved and sold our BCR and our rivers. Campbell is a liar, a thief, corrupt and cheats to win. However, corrupt politicians such as Campbell, are rewarded according to Harper's law.

Harper's laws follow his political aspects of his early political days in 1989. Harper founded the Northern Foundation Party and he is a Reformer. This is one reason Harper needs more Stalag's, even though the crime rate is way down. He knows sooner or later, the Canadian people will turn on him in a great fury. That is, as soon as we all wake-up. Harper's Stalags will be of the utmost importance to him.

Harper's first move was, to muzzle the media. The media is now, Harper's propaganda machines. Harper was rabid to keep his early political days, from the citizens for as long as he could.

Our young Canadian boys died to keep scum like, the Harper and Campbell fascists out of our country. Harper and Campbell weren't worth dying for. The fascist duo, even have the gall to attend our Armistice Day services. It's about time the Canadian legions start banning them.