Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christy Clark, Welcome to Fawlty Towers!

The BC Liberals broke the law, the legal fee indemnity for Government employees is straight forward, if you are innocent legal fees are paid, if found guilty or pleading guilty Government employees are required to pay their own legal fees, no ifs ands or buts...

The Toope report commissioned by the BC Liberals was two things, a waste of time and money and a lame attempt to shield a corrupt BC Liberal Government from public scrutiny, the move back-fired, Toope`s report has spawned more questions than answers, in fact the only thing the Toope report has done is confirm that the Christy Gordon Campbell Clark Government broke the law!..

Graham Whitmarsh, deputy minister of finance...First off, whether it was Bernadino, Whitmarsh, Loukidelis, whether it was Collins, Oppal, De Jong matters not, the real driving force behind the sudden conclusion of the BC Rail Corruption trial was one...

Gordon Muir Campbell and David Mclean, those two are indeed the power brokers, Campbell promised David Mclean a railway in 1996 and although a little late, Gordon  Campbell made good that promise in 2002, shortly after he won the Provincial election of 2001, an election where Gordon  Muir Campbell campaigned on a platform that was very specific, and I quote...

"I will not sell BC Rail" snip.......Now we know he sold it, Gordo the liar did cling to a story for some years after that he didn`t sell it, he leased it, well, a 999 year lease is no lease, it`s a goddamn sale, the reason why I brought this up, for what I`m about to say next saddens me, it saddens me how morally weak man can be, how smart, well-educated men can lie, cheat, steal, break laws and be basically bribed into doing anything, including wiping Gordon Campbell`s shit stains!

Graham Whitmarsh, the man has an impressive profile, well educated, a world traveler, here is a little background on Whitmarsh..

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc honours in engineering, Graham pursued a career in the Royal Navy as a warfare officer in nuclear submarines. During his time in the Royal Navy, he continued his education at Dartmouth Royal Naval College and Greenwich Naval College. His 17 year international business career included senior executive positions at British Aerospace, Sabre Airline Solutions, Harmony Airways, and Mercury Scheduling Systems, where he led experienced teams through large complex projects and new ground breaking initiatives, including public and capital asset financing and low cost operational service delivery. His business acumen and talents are diverse; extending to all aspects of corporate development, finance, account management, business systems, organizational planning and restructuring.
As head of the Climate Action Secretariat, Graham's responsibilities were critical to achieving the province's successful climate action agenda and setting the course to reduce greenhouse gas emission in BC by 33 percent by 2020 and ensure that the government of British Columbia is carbon neutral by 2010. Graham has led a world-class team of professionals from business, government and the environmental movement to help meet these ambitious goals. He played a leading role in establishing the Pacific Carbon Trust a new crown corporation which will play a key role in developing the fast growing carbon offset market in BC.

But talented doesn`t always mean successful or ethical, you will notice that Whitmarsh has a background at Harmony Air, yes indeed, both Graham Whitmarsh and Gary Collins worked hand to mouth at the now defunct Harmony Air and they both worked with the BC Ministry of Finance...

Pay special attention to the latter part of the above cut n paste, Graham Whitmarsh was appointed by a one Gordon  Campbell to be his climate action secretariat, imagine that, first off, BC has not reduced GHG emissions one iota since Whitmarsh was named head of Gordon Campbell`s climate scam, for that`s what it was, a SCAM! Whitmarsh although educated his expertise is in PR...You bet, he`s a spin doctor, Gordon Campbell needed spin doctors and gullible celeb eco sellouts like Tzeporah Berman to sell his snake oil,......EnCana Gas`s Cabin gas plant in Northern BC will be adding 3% to BC`s total emissions alone, imagine that, one single EnCana gas project adds 3% to BC`s total emissions alone....Hmmm..

So not only is Gordon  Campbell in Europe promoting the Alberta oil sands, Campbell is lobbying against clean fuel standards, the dirty low-down scoundrel not only jacked up BCers with a useless carbon tax he at the same time is lobbying for dirty fuel and expanded tar sand use, and who was Gordo`s BC PR man, the man he put in charge of the Carbon Tax and carbon offsets, no other than one Graham Whitmarsh....So Gordo makes Whitmarsh our climate secretary, our BC emissions rise, the carbon tax is useless and, ....CARBON OFFSETS....Pacific Carbon Trust, Graham Whitmarsh is the verbal architect of Pacific Carbon Trust, Graham Whitmarsh is the point-man for Gordon  Campbell`s climate scam that has funneled $10s of millions of public dollars  from schools and hospitals....

Full Stop.....BC`s emissions are rising, Gordon Campbell`s carbon tax is useless, BCers are stuck paying a rising carbon tax, meanwhile Gordon Campbell is lobbying for more pollution in Europe, and BC cash-strapped schools and hospitals have to pay $millions of dollars to EnCana gas .....The one company that has added more emissions to BC`s total than any other receives your tax dollars that were stolen from schools and hospitals....

The media in BC allowed Gordon Muir Campbell to commit these crimes in broad daylight, ... as you can see Gordo needed a PR man to sell his putrid pile of manure, the man up for the task was none other than Graham Whitmarsh, ....Whitmarsh soon after gets promoted to the position of Deputy Ministry of finance...From selling snake oil to spinning tales with both hands on the BC cheque book

The other player was once considered by most, including me to be an upstanding fighter, a good guy, a man in pursuit of the truth, the man the BC Liberals as late as January 2010 hated, a man the BC Liberal Government fought tooth and nail with, a one David Loukidelis,

So what happened, in February 2010 out of the blue it`s announced and confirmed that David Loukidelis  is switching teams, he went from head of the Freedom of information where he fought Government including taking them to court forcing documents to be released to ....Drum roll please...To being appointed by the BC Liberals to be deputy Attorney General for the Province of BC..

Everyone in my circle knew that trouble was coming, our once defender and fighter was now working with a corrupt BC Liberal Government....What was your price David Loukidelis?...How much money did it take?....For I believe it was then, at that time was when the planning for the day Basi and Virk were relieved of any legal fees was hatched!.....The two newbie dumbass stooges were placed in a position of power and ordered to do the deed...That deed being to sign off on Basi and Virk, upstanding so-called neutral people playing dumb and taking the heat, Loukidelis had a reputation for honesty, that`s why he was recruited for the deed,....For it must be true, nothing else makes sense, Graham Whitmarsh had already justified the theft of monies from  public schools and hospitals for carbon offsets, monies funneled to EnCana gas and Lafarge cement, $millions of public dollars shipped off to ultra rich corporations, Whitmarsh was willing to sell that slop, signing off on Basi/Virk would be easy...

So let`s run through this, you have a newbie appointed Deputy Minister of Finance in Graham Whitmarsh....And you have a really newly appointed Deputy Attorney General in David Loukidelis....

Here is a little excerpt from a Rob Shaw article that appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist, the link is now dead but we have this saved...(Thanks to our favorite mad scientist Ross K)

".....(W)hen special prosecutor Bill Berardino made the B.C. government aware on Oct. 5 that he had proposed to let the two men plead guilty, it fell to the deputy minister of finance, Graham Whitmarsh, and (Deputy Attorney General David) Loukidelis to figure out whether they would actually have to come up with the money, Loukidelis's statement read.

"A major consideration was the relatively small amounts that might be recovered from Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk compared to the millions of additional dollars it would cost the government to continue to fund defence, prosecution and court-related costs through to the completion of the trial, and to fund any appeals, with no guarantee of convictions," said Loukidelis.

"Based on the above, in our respective capacities the Deputy Minister of Finance and I decided to release Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk from their liability to repay. I communicated that decision to the Attorney General on October 8, 2010....."


Can you read, .....On October 5/2010 Bernadino made the BC Government AWARE!...

".....(W)hen special prosecutor Bill Berardino made the B.C. government aware on Oct. 5 that he had proposed to let the two men plead guilty, it fell to the deputy minister of finance, Graham Whitmarsh, and (Deputy Attorney General David) Loukidelis to figure out whether they would actually have to come up with the money, Loukidelis's statement read.

Bernadino informed the BC Liberal GOVERNMENT that Basi and Virk were pleading guilty to these charges if their legal fees are paid, Bernadino wouldn`t let senior Government know about a plea without telling them about a $6 million dollar gift to the guilty...these are lawyers after all!....The Government knew, and let`s be clear....

David Loukidelis is very smart, Loukidelis had only been a Deputy Attorney General for a whole  6 months,  Whitmarsh barely much longer as Deputy Finance Minister....So are you telling me that David Loukidelis, a newbie employee, a mere 6 months on the job was making a decision on breaking the law, at a cost of $6 million dollars, making a decision that clearly breaks the Government`s legal indemnity policy, $6 million bucks, involving a red hot trial that has been burning the Government for years, a trial being watched across Canada by legal and political junkies, the biggest BC Government corruption trial in the history of British Columbia with Gary Collins next on the stand.....The same Gary Collins who is not only a friend of a one Graham Whitmarsh but old-time working buddies at Harmony Air, and you expect me or any human being to believe that David Loukidelis didn`t take it up the food chain, at least as far as the Attorney General????? Or that Whitmarsh didn`t go up the food chain to next on the stand a one Gary Collins????......

Are you kidding me!.....There is no way Mike De Jong, Gordon Campbell or Colin Hansen didn`t know about the decision to forgive these legal fees, there is no way two-newbies went out on a limb in okaying breaking a long-standing straight-forward government policy, at the very least David Loukidelis would have sought advice from the Attorney General, who at that time was Mike De Jong....

It doesn`t matter, the plea agreement is just another distraction along the way, Collins, Lokidelis, Whitmarsh, Bernadino, all paid pawns hired to Cover Gordon Muir Campbell`s dirty stinking skid marks...

Really disappointed with you David Loukidelis, does everyone have a price?

The bottom line is the above players are spineless sellouts, they are protecting Gordon  Campbell and David Mclean, there is no way in hell that the BC Government, from select cabinet to the Premier didn`t know about the legal fee deal before it was signed, any BC Liberal Government that tries to say different is merely giving us the..."Dog ate my homework" excuse!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thank you Grant. I guess enough money will buy anyone, right? I sure hope the papers and people over there in the UK read your blog, and Mary's where the true story is written. What a corrupt, despicable little man they have amongst them. (Kick him in the a$$ for me if you see him eh!)
These are the "real stories", not the BS the mainstream mafia is feeding, or no, not feeing, more like ignoring the truth in hopes it will fade away.
Not likely, we will get to the bottom of this, and those involved, your time will come.

Grant G said...

Sizzle without steak...

You know what I find amazing, a certain king of bloggers who was in mourning, and investigating last Aug 10/2010...

Managed to post every single day in August 2010 with nary a mention of anything, holidays, tragedy, boating and investigating while blogging every single day throughout that month.

Amazing! funny what can be revealed in archives(Especially other`s archives), Judge Judy is very wise..

A quote from Judy

"If it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true"

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Well put it this way. ' Guys play the game my way or you will never work for the BC Government again.' (the threat) The guys have families, expenses, mortgages, bank loans and a living to earn. Now the threat takes place. Choose sides or ???? Too bad they chose the money and the wrong side because the truth will come out. When you sell your honour and soul for $$$$ honest men will turn their backs on you. Trouble is Victoria and Howe Street have no concept of honour or citizenship. Great article love the sentiments.


Doug Pyper said...

Yes..thanks Anonymous for......"despicable little man"....has there EVER been a more apt decription of Gordon Campbell? I'm a positive educated person who believes in acceptance and tries to see the best in everyone and every situation....but this slimy little man did and still continues make my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Your erstwhile confrere has intimated an untraceable cash gift in the vicinity of $1 million was also part of the BV plea purchase.

Apparently the donor was a well heeled Liberal supporter who also wishes to avoid direct implication.

Sounds like someone is being railroaded.(again?)

From your speculations and me reading between the lines, I am developing an impression that the two cabinet ministers (since returned to the fold) that bolted and revolted, which ultimately led to GMC's accelerated departure was just theater.

The play was planned and deliberate and orchestrated to perfection by the designated Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Pinochio himself.

Someone needs to write a mystery thriller about this government(?) for all the world to see what can happen when criminal minds seize the reins.

I am surprised no bodies have been found yet, other than all of the closeted skeletons.

Maybe we need to dig a little deeper yet.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt sale of the BCR, has to be the sleaziest event in Canada's history. However, not the last sleaze from Campbell.

Campbell introduced BC to new levels of corruption. There is no-one as low in character than Campbell. He is a liar, deceiver, corrupt, a thief, and certainly cheated to win. TWICE. I won't forget Harper's part, in the demise of BC either.

You are right Doug. Campbell is a despicable, odious, slimy creep.

Good article Grant

James B said...

There seems to be no authority in these parts whatsoever. Is that so much for the people that pay the salaries of their leaders to ask for? How do they all pretend that nothing unlawful or unethical is going on. Just collecting a paycheck.....well that is just not good enough!! Too many people living off crime and its sub industries as it is. One terrible person or action can end up producing more unnecessary work if it is not done right the first time. I am thinking Picton, but what about the actions of GMC? We are paying for some of his dealing for the rest of our days and then some. Disheartening.

Anonymous said...

LOL. And AGT has the audacity to say he is the most read blog in the west. I am sure Bill Teilman Francis Bula or Rafe would have enough class to not say anything about that. The man really thinks he's holier than thou.To me he is a bullying asshole, full stop.

kootcoot said...

Jeez Grant, aren't you afraid of arousing the wrath of the "king's" lawyers and/or his imaginary massive readership?

I think non-disclosure agreements should be, and might be if pursued in a fair court - thus impossible in BC - non-binding and null and void if they are used to HIDE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. David Basi could most likely regain a modicum of self-respect and peace of mind by simply telling what he knows, which would cook the butts of Campbell, Kinsella, Collins, Crusty Cluck and more.

Since he hasn't it is impossible to convince me he isn't a sleaze, and even six million in legal fees and another mil for pocket money ain't enough to buy the soul of an honourable man!

Grant G said...

Exactly Kootcoot.....

As for the Wrath of the King..

I busted his sorry ass from to Sunday.

I call bullshit and his own archives prove it.

Amazing, writing styles(or lack thereof)There are many who write identical to the King, including verbatim bullshit..

The King can kiss my ass, I call bullshit and if the King wants to joust he will only embarrass himself even more than he has so far.

Hey Kootcoot...Want to hear something mind-blowing..

The King claims 5 years and 3 years respectfully,..Then down to two years etc etc etc....

No dates, no numbers, no documents, hearsay, and what an amazing revelation the King spoke of..

Can you imagine, crown counsel asking for longer terms of punishment before a trial, flexing its muscles, then lowering the threshold of its demands for a plea.

Sorry Folks, that happens in every trial in the world, from insurance, compo, malpractice, theft, murder, corruption...

So of course a special prosecutor or crown would shoot for the moon early on..

5 years is better than 3 years, 1 year is better than zero years,

The guy who blew up a the Taco del Mar restaurant, $5 million in damages, a murder maybe suicide at Lion`s bay, insurance scam with $1000s in medical bills, that man got house arrest....

No matter what they.. Basi/Virk did, unless they murdered they weren`t doing any time whether the trial went to fruition or not!

AGT is a con man...Period!

Anonymous said...

AGT is a liar, he won`t publish my comments, no wonder he was fired from everywhere!

Grant G said...

Alex G Tsakumis IS A BOLD_FACED LIAR...

He has promised to bring dowm Christy Clark with the stolen PIN number story...STILL NOTHING...He promised tp show us the goods, he promised the Auditor General and readers that the smoking gun was going to be released by AGT, he released nothing, all sizzle, no steak,...He blathered on about an initial 5 year and 3 year sentence for Basi/Virk...Then down to 2 years and 1 year...

Wow oh wow!....

That happens in every trial in the world, do you think the BC Government offered Boss Power $35 million dollars in discovery motions?

His archives prove to almost a shadow of a doubt that AGT was no where near Cortes island after Savioli was murdered, AGT`s archives say he was running from Gay threats, attending gay parades, he was writing everything about everything else, his Cortes island story is pure bullshit lies!

And just today on AGT`s site...

Alex G Tsakumis is laughing about the fire and death of my animals...This was just cut n pasted from AGT`s site, his words!

readily available? Do you only appear confused or is this an offshoot of your treatment in Garden Bay in the burned out shack? LOL!


Grant G said...

Here is the whole exchange between Kam Lee and AGT...Not once did Kam Lee reference me or this site, but that didn`t stop Alex G Tsakumis from throwing insults my way and laughing about arson and death..Here is Kam`s complete comment
Kam Lee says:
November 21, 2011 at 9:59 PM

Dear Puff,
Some very interesting comments you made about Ross Buchanan and Laila Yuile. As usual, you got it wrong. The papers recognized that Ross brought forward valid questions that have been around for a long time before Laila got them. Ross Buchanan is an independent candidate, so therefore beholding to no one, except the people of Surrey.

There are many concerns out there..

“The battle for industrial land is heating up in Surrey with the city buying up property and going head-to-head with private developers.”

“The corporation, the first of its kind in Metro Vancouver, manages city lands and generates revenue through real estate investments and joint developments with the private sector.”
“Its controversial land purchase has led to the resignation of a director on the corporation’s board and angst among developers who warn the city is potentially setting itself up for a fall similar to Vancouver’s Olympic Village fiasco.”

“They’re entering an arena they know nothing about,” said developer Ryan Beedie, who owns about 70 acres in Campbell Heights. “They’re buying land and bringing it to market when there’s already ample supply … they’re going to compete head-to-
head with us.

“Now they’re facing competition from the city, which is selling land to the market at a time their own properties haven’t taken off.”
Eric Carlson, of Anthem Properties, said Surrey officials aren’t playing on a level field with the private sector.
Carlson said the corporation will likely see advantages in getting permits, rezonings and setbacks because of its connections with the city, especially if the market softens. Carlson said the corporation will likely see advantages in getting permits, rezonings and setbacks because of its connections with the city, especially if the market

But Michael Geller, a planning and development consultant, isn’t so sure Surrey is making the right decision. He stepped down as a director from the corporation last month, saying he didn’t “fully agree with some of the things” the group was doing. “I share some of the concerns expressed by developers that the corporation is
potentially competing inappropriately with the private sector,” he said.
“I have the greatest admiration for the mayor [but] the city needs to be very careful when it embarks on development activity as evidenced by the experiences of the City of Vancouver in southeast False Creek.”

The difference, said Geller, is that most municipalities limit themselves to simply assembling land and servicing it with utilities — leaving the job of building things to the private sector.

“The Surrey City Development Corporation is acting much more like a private developer than any of the other cities and municipalities,” said Geller. “I can understand the perception but it’s not the reality,” Cox said. “We’re really in the business to make money.

Cox said the corporation is in talks with one tenant interested in a large parcel in Surrey, and added it is also hoping to reap some more business from the mayor’s business trip next year to India. (Sounds like Crusty!)

I can see no conspiracy theories, as the Province, The Sun, etc, found nothing like that. Maybe you should read her work. It is informative, on topic, and not puffed with your “right’ slant on everything.

Grant G said...

And AGT`s Response/part I

AGT says:
November 22, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Dear Kam:

As you’re aware, I usually delete your comments, precisely for the reasons you’ve once again demonstrated here, but this comment was interesting, in that apart from being a charter member of the far left wing cranks clud, which includes the mentally unstable, habitual liar you adore and Ms. Yuile who only continues to shame herself and no one else, you raised some EXCELLENT examples of how cranks on the internet work.

Thank you SO much for this, as it’s an opportunity to, once again, demonstrate how people like you slither from site to site, unchecked and unaccountable.

1) Can you name ONE paper that actually made the statement you are attributing to them, in those words? Buchanan is a full-on dimbell if he thinks those of us who know Surrey better than he ever will, don’t see right through the mischaracterizations, willful or not. Independent candidates are always not beholden to anyone or anything? You should ask Mr. Tough Guy, Grant, Brian or whatever name he’s hiding under this week, to give you a higher dosage.
2) The media clips you cited are nothing more than reporting of comments and opinion offered by Ryan Beedie, who I know well and Michael Geller, who is a very close friend of mine. Beedie and his family are the largest industrial land bank in BC. They’re billionaires that have had a free run for decades in Surrey. The prices, some have argued, were being artificially driven by such a monopoly. The SDC is supposed to operate in micro-markets where it can enter into agreements, which will yield reasonable profits. It’s not supposed to make huge returns. Ryan’s whining was satiated when after several deals, it became clear the SDC was interested in smaller deals or pieces of larger deals. They didn’t have the expertise on the board to do that, but they do now. Have you ever sat on such a board? That size of company? I have. Several times. Loys of politics; lots of machinations and plays afoot. It’s never ending. Also, Ryan is a very close friend of Kevin Falcon’s and Kevin has been side sniping Dianne for years. He considers her a threat to his designs to become Premier. Notwithstanding that she’s brighter and better qualified (my post later today on Kevin will show that in spades).
3) Eric Carlson, who I’m also acquainted with, is a top shelf developer. Anthem are among the best in the business. And his concerns, at the time, were valid. But what does market competition have to do with Buchanan’s insane allegations that the SDC is unaccountable, when their books are audited yearly and their statements are readily available? Do you only appear confused or is this an offshoot of your treatment in Garden Bay in the burned out shack? LOL!
4) Michael Geller’s resignation from the SDC was on matter of principle. He doesn’t believe that the SDC should be in market CONDOS. He didn’t object to any other investments. It was the condo investments, AT THE TIME, because the market looked like it was a stalling. But that hasn’t happened in Surrey and as a result of Michael’s advice to Dianne, the corporation is only taking small pieces of such investments and leaving the vast majority of the building to market developers, as it should be. So, where is Mr. Buchanan’s concern? What Geller expressed as an objection was noted and acted upon. If anything, and I’ve had this discussion with Michael before, I think he was hasty. The board had changed, Michael Goldberg from UBC’s Sauder School is now on the board and will make a

Grant G said...

AGT`s comment part II


superb addition. Plus, more development experience has come aboard so the possible conflicts in the early going have all been allayed. Issue? None, but your “left” slant on everything would have a platform if you couldn’t manufacture anything further now would it?
5) Most municipalities do assemble land and service it as Michael suggests, but a great many, like Calgary and Toronto, have found ways of PARTNERING with developers to yield SOLID returns to the investor/taxpayer. The developments the SDC have invested in–most of them. aren’t even complete. How does Mr. Buchanan know they are a bust? This, to me–as a former developer of gated residential/vacation communities in the US, demonstrates, to use the patois of the street that you might be able to reckon, that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. One this issue, the same can be said for Buchanan, Yuile and anyone else so myopic as well. I don’t know anything about being a pharmacist so I don’t talk to my mother about her cholesterol medication. I’m completely useless on skates, so I don’t give advice to young hockey players. I suggest you not try to speak of building buildings again. Same goes for Yuile, who since she flagrantly demonstrated such bias has permanently shamed herself (that she sees nothing wrong with what she did tells the real story) and Buchanan, who appeared confused on many issues during the campaign. Clearly, voters saw through that and turfed even his ally, Bob Bose, who based on his pitiful performance, should have moved along some time ago.

Finally, Kam, I think when Brian Good is back in Surrey, the two of you should send me a note. Last time the imbecile was here with his Captain’s hat (LOL!) you demonstrated exactly across the street from one of our buildings–where my office is housed. You keep referring to me as ‘Puff’ but that was thirty pounds ago. Since I know you’re both in such great shape, I’d like to show you how much better I look because I know you’re concerned with my health. So, PLEASE, next time the two of you are around, I’d be delight to take you down to the water for a drink. It’s just a few minutes away from where I write my columns and posts, on a daily basis.

Thanks for stopping by.

Grant G said...

Only a gutless coward would be tee heeing about arson and death...

He has attacked BC Mary on her Cancer scare, he`s attacked Laila, he`s attacked Ian Reid and Harvey Oberfeld, he`s attacked everyone, but to stoop to laughing about arson and death...Only a sick coward would resort to that, or Alex G Tsakumis.

I wonder how many people would tee hee if AGT`s home burnt down and his family members killed..?

Alex G Tsakumis, the lowest form of human slime.

Just like the Wizard of Oz...Nothing but a curtain, fake comments and bullshit stories!

You are a sick pig Tsakumis...Karma will get you, the sooner the better!