Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Brother is Coming to a Town Near You


Sign the petition folks....The CRTC has been infiltrated by the enemy, last month it was music and the CBSC, now they are threatening our internet use...And...

And now the CRTC is about to allow corporate infomercials to be broadcast as news, the changes being proposed will also make it impossible to charge radio voices for lying on air, the proposed changes will turn broadcast news into a free-for-all ...Anything goes, with what goes on at Global news and CKNW already...

My Gawd, could you imagine what this change would mean.....The CRTC is attempting to stifle internet use and at the same time are attempting to ban music, attempting to scare off bloggers with threats of libel ....

The little voices are being silenced at the time corporate voices and broadcasters are being given the green light to spin the news....The drum is beating loudly friends, thousands dead in Egypt...Riots in Iran, in Europe, Spain, France, Governments around the world are preparing to silence our voices, here in B.C...No Government, no legislative sessions, a corrupt Government, a disgraced Government, who`s running the show????

Teck Cominco...Ecana Gas...Paragon...Phil Hocstein...The Chinese....

A "mock BC Rail Trial"...Gag laws, Gerrymandering...Intrusions with smart meters.....The Government will be able to send you messages daily through these devices, control, control, control....The people are getting angry, Governments are running huge debts and the propaganda machine CKNW  all week has Michael Campbell, brother of the disgraced Gordon Campbell beating the drum all week about unsustainable health care, unfunded pensions, too many entitlements, drip drip drip of propaganda yet corrupt Governments can afford $3 billion dollar bridges and $900 million dollar retractable roof....Millions for upgrading BCLC computers...Money for banks, money for corporate subsidies while Hydro rates, MSP premiums, carbon taxes, HST, propert taxes, road tolls, skyrocketing ferry rates, highest tuition in Canada, highest fuel prices, BC with the highest household debts, lowest minimum wages and a decade of leading Canada in child poverty....

Throne speech after throne speech and year after year the stench emanating from the BC Liberal LIE pile has ripened, a tired, corrupt BC Liberal pack of hyenas who are still blaming the NDP of the 90s for all their ills...

Prepare for a tsunami of propaganda coming from Stephen Harper..Gordon Campbell, prepare for another promotional HST wave, prepare for Government messaging the likes you have never seen before....Rumour has it PAB is hiring...CBSC..CRTC...Harper..BC Liberals...The ability for radio and TV voices to lie with impunity..

Well...You get the picture!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

y V., Care2 Action Alerts"

Subject Less Than 48 Hours to Save Canadian Journalism


care2 petitionsite actionAlert

Hi grant,

Canadian journalism as we know it only has 48 hours left to live -- that is if the CRTC moves forward with its new loophole that would allow outright lies to be broadcast to the public.

The CRTC rule -- "coincidentally" coming just in time for the launch of Fox New North (Sun TV) -- would require complaints about news stories to not only prove that the broadcaster knew the information was wrong, but also that its broadcast posed a threat to the lives, health or safety of the public.

Fox News in the United States has used its loose interpretation of "news" to boost ratings and push its right-wing agenda. The only thing preventing someone from doing the same in Canada is the "fair and balanced" rule the CRTC is ready to gut.

Lies don't have to put people in physical danger to be dangerous. The spread of falsehoods as "news" is corrosive to democracy.

There are less than 48 hours left to raise a public outcry to stop the dismantling of journalistic integrity in Canada. The CRTC needs to know that you, your friends, your family and all Canadians won't tolerate lies broadcast as news.

Sign the petition, post it to Facebook, tweet it out to your network and send it to your friends.

Thanks for taking action!

Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Lies Broadcast As News? NOT in Canada.
Less Than 48 Hours to Act!
P.S. We don't have much time so sign the petition,



CMorris said...

Who is responsible for your convoluted webpage the last few days? It is very difficult to read.

Kim said...

It is pretty hard to read! Grant, did you notice they pulled House of Infamy? WTF?