Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The BC Liberal Swindle Party

The word out of the BC Liberal camp this morning, over 6000 new membership sign ups have been tossed out.

Let`s do a little math, before the BC Liberal leadership contest there were about 30,000 members of the Liberal party, after the mass sign up game the member total rose to 90,000 total members in the party....Christy Clark yesterday claimed her internal polling numbers put her north of 40%.

Lets do the math, 60,000 new members, 6000 plus new memberships tossed out, that my friends means that over 10% of the sign ups are phony, rigged, fake, so what we have is....1000s of NDP voters have joined the BC Liberals, the environmentalists that joined the party thinking they could sway the BC Liberals through blackmail, they are rumoured to be on the 10,000 range, a sophisticated far reaching campaign, those 12,000 memberships aren`t tho one`s being tossed out, ....Let`s run through that again, there was 60,000 new memberships, the 10,000  environmentalists plus  2000 NDPers who registered with the BC Liberals are legitimate new members....So subtract 12,000 members from 60,000 new members leaves 48,000 new members.........Now subtract 6000 tainted memberships that SOMEONE signed up from the remaining  48,000 new memberships...That leaves 42,000 new members, it also changes all the math from the Clark Campaign!

So Christy Clark, how many of these fake memberships did you poll?...How many of the NDPers who signed up for Liberal memberships did you poll? How many environmentalists did you poll and what answer did they give to your tea?....Can you believe their responses? remember folks, normally it`s only the politically active who join parties, in other words...If I was polled I wouldn`t tell them my true intentions, not if I joined for trouble making purposes.

What I don`t know is which camp had the most memberships tossed out, according to the press release, the rejected memberships came from the mass sign ups from the front runners, that means Christy Clark and Falcon.

So as for the polling Christy did, with 10% of the votes tossed out changes the dynamic of this weekend`s race.

I will leave you with this, I heard a Mr. Love who is running De Jong`s campaign say that fraud during the leadership campaign wouldn`t occur, he claimed that with 60,000 new members a few dozen phony memberships wouldn`t change the results, Mr. Love claimed it would take a real concentrated effort to cheat your way to victory...Well..

With over 6000 new members means but one thing, it means there was blatant illegal sign ups happening on a grand scale, 1 in every 10 new members to the BC Liberal party are fakes...How many more fakes are out there, that is a huge number, we already heard about Christy Clark`s campaign volunteer who registered her cat, people around the Province have had Liberal membership cards show up in their mail box and they never even joined the party.

In light of this latest news release on fake memberships, how can we as a Province except any results, remember folks, the Liberal vote isn`t choosing just a leader but the Premier and head of this Province....Do any of you believe the BC Liberal party found all the fake memberships, they had barely over 1 week to check the status on 10s of thousands of new members, it`s obvious that membership fraud is very easily accomplished...In light of this revelation.

I as a citizen of British Columbia demand that after the BC Liberals elect their new leader that a general election be called, whoever takes over the party has no mandate, the leadership race with thousands of fake memberships can`t be allowed to stand, we as citizens will never know how legitimate the process was...

All we know for sure, the BC Liberal camps are corrupt and attempting to win the premiership through theft, that is apparent to all...

And as a side note, the Vander Zalm HST petition,  707,000 thousand people signed that petition, volunteers and real people, of over 700,000 signatures there was about 4000 signatures rejected,  1/2 % were rejected, a tiny percentage of rejected signatures, yet the BC Liberal sign ups have well over 10% level of fraud!!!....And when the BC Liberal media and PAB heard about the rejected HST signatures on the HST petition the press blasted the story on the airwaves, we were called Taliban by Christy Clark, Clark and others made a big deal about the tiny percentage of unvalidated anti HST signatures but the BC Liberal sign up fraud, over 6000 rejected memberships, over 10% fraud perpetrated deliberately by BC Liberal campaign workers....Where is the media, not one word in the Vancouver sun or Province newspapers, nothing on Global or CTV news at 6:00pm either.

The silence on the BC Liberal membership fraud by the mainstream media is deafening!

I demand to know whose camp the phony memberships came from, I want to know if the phony memberships were evenly divided among the front runners or were 6000 plus phony memberships all from one campaign, we as BC voters need that information, for example, if Christy Clark wins the leadership contest but her campaign team had 5000 fake memberships, doesn`t the voting public have a right to know if the 6000 phony memberships came from one candidates team?.....Well....Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon or any candidate would have no mandate to be premier, PERIOD!

BC Liberals only cheat when they can`t win!

PS)...I contacted the BC Liberal party head of communications, they refuse to divulge which camp had thousands of fake memberships, I told the woman that the public has a right to know, this vote chooses a premier, I told her that we the public need to know if they came from one camp, if Kevin Falcon, De Jong  or Christy Clark`s team had over 6000 fake memberships we need to know, the BC Liberal party only had 10 days to validate these memberships, how many fakes got through?That information must be released before the Saturday vote...It goes to credibility and morals, can you imagine how the piblic will feel if say Falcon won and became premier and a short time later we found out that these fake memberships came from his campaign...Remember folks, even with a minimum donation to join, someone paid $60,000.00 dollars for these memberships.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


hydr0l1c5 said...

You might want to check out BC Hydro's 2010 Third Quarter Report. You can see it online. On page 12 of the Report it states the reasons for the proposed rate increases of 9.7% per year for five years. They are to, 1 - improve on the "Return Of Equity" to the Province. 2 - To pay for higher levels of Ammortization and Investments,
3 - To off-set the reduction in income due to the weaker demand for power.
You see, it's not for "Infrastructure Upgrades" as the mainstream media wants us to believe, it is because we "DO NOT NEED AS MUCH POWER AS THEY THOUGHT WE WOULD". We have listened, as a people, to their propoganda and reduced the amount of power we consume so, BC Hydro is not receiving the income they would have had we kept consuming like pigs so now they need to raise the rates to make up the shortfall due to conservation. Conservation measures they were ramming down our throats through "Power Smart Program" for years.
What a pack of lies.

Hugh said...

If C. Clark wins the leadership, she will have to immediately run in a by-election somewhere, I assume.

What if she loses the by-election?

Anonymous said...

The HST has driven costs up sky high. I have had to cut my utilities way down, because I am forced to. Being a senior on a fixed income for over 10 years. The only way I can economize is on, food and utilities. Wool socks and heavy sweaters, doing laundry in cold water. Hanging clothes up to dry, is a way of life for me these days.

Why are not the RCMP investigating the illegal membership sign-ups? Craig James of Elections BC, had the RCMP investigate, some dual signatures on the HST petition. The lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, and dirty tactics, have all stemmed from Campbell and the BC Liberals. Citizens get investigated, for next to nothing, and the corrupt BC Liberals don't?? What in the hell goes on here? The Liberals, just get to throw the corrupt memberships in the waste basket. Craig James, even changed the wording, after the fact, and had the gall to sic the police on the BC citizens. Those peoples mistakes were, they did not realize they could only sign in their own ridings. Well, I guess if Campbell could cheat to win, why can't the candidates?

kootcoot said...

hydr0l1c5, the reason BC Hydro has to raise rates so much is to pay for the Pirate Power they are obligated to buy at up to four times its value that WE NEVER NEEDED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Estimates of future entitlements to friends of Campbell with IPPs for un-necessary, NOT GREEN, power range from a low of $30 billion to north of $70 billion and none of this shows up on the books of Hydro or government as the long term debt to the taxpayers and rate payers it is.

A scenario that is really creepy regarding the LIEberal leadership campaign is this:

Suppose Christy, the media annointed favorite wins and it turns out that all the discovered fraudulent memberships (plus undisclosed ones we don't know about) were hers (how can we assess this possibility - we can't) we then have an unelected premier who stole her position as leader of her party of crooks and never was elected to the Legislature and probably won't ever run, unless she gets to be Queen.

Seems about par for British Columbia, the best place on earth for Criminals of all persuasions.

Anonymous said...

What about Campbell's sea to sky highway scam? There should have been a toll. Thousands of BC people will never use that highway. Only the well to do can afford to ski at Whistler. They should be paying for their own dammed highway.It is absolutely true, if you are a criminal, come to BC. The BC Liberal government will welcome you, with open arms. BC's media, supports the corrupt Liberal government. Our corrupt judicial also supports the corrupt BC government. The RCMP back our corrupt premier and his henchmen, to the hilt. Criminals, need not to fear any repercussions from the law, nor the judicial system. All lying, thieving and bribes are accepted.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this article from the National Post?

Danneau said...

The possibility that envionmentalists and New Democrats would take out memberships in the Liberal Party to influence the outcome strikes me as being a very silly notion. They don't get to put forth a candidate, and voting for any of the accepted candidates amounts to endorsing the status quo. It's like voting in a provincial election, only even more gamed.

Grant G said...

@Danneau....Did not the environmentalists attack the NDP over the carbon tax?

The damn Green voters, enviros, if those fools voted NDP we wouldn`t have campbell and the Liberals..

I wrote past posts about the brain dead enviros...Dannesu..Read the links provided in the post, indeed there was a campaign by enviro groups aimed at the BC Liberal party..

Silly is right, the silly greens thinking they can influence BC Liberal policy, even the BC Liberals don`t set policy...

Big Business does, Teck Cominco and Ecana Gas are running(ruining) this Province.

Good day

Anonymous said...

Christy doesn't have to have a seat so it wouldn't matter if she lost the byelection. She can be Leader without being an MLA but how embarrassing and difficult for her....

Leah said...

Off topic:

John Horgan won the candidates debate here in Kamloops hands-down last night. He is creating a following in the Interior :)

Grant G said...

Yea...I know Leah...Horgan was in a all candidates debate in Burnaby too...

He rocked the house,the crowd roared, even on CKNW Last night and early this morning stated..."Horgan wins debate handily"

Horgan beat Farnworth, Dix, Larsen didn`t do well, Nicholas Simons was a no show...

The John Horgan Snowball is growing everyday..

Go Horgan Go

Grant G said...

More Horgan endorsements

Go Horgan Go

Anonymous said...

Liberal, all of them, shameful group. Here's their list of deeds the past 10 years:

Anonymous said...


Crankypants said...

I don't think that anyone should be declared a winner this Saturday mainly because that person will be annointed the Premier of this province.

There is obviously a problem with new membership signups. Animals, hockey teams, inducements such as Ipads and people getting memberships without ever joining seem to be just the beginning.

Today we learn that there may be thousands of members that have not yet received the PIN nimber they will need to be able to vote. Apparently, some areas of the province only get mail service twice a week, so one would logically assume that they ain't getting theirs. According to Falcon, Canada Post states that those that do get mail delivery tomorrow are not getting any correspondence from the BC Liberal Party. The help line set up by the party rings busy, which indicates that they are either understaffed or have too few phone lines to handle the volume, or a combination of the two.

Then tonight, on the late news on CTV, there was a report that the telephone voting part of the programme will only be conducted in English. Ignoring the fact that this may be a contravention of Canadian law, considering that we are a bi-lingual nation, many of the members of the party are computer illiterate and were planning to vote by phone. According to the spokesman, many of the Asian members are also English illiterate as well. In other words, they may not be able to successfully register their vote.

To recap, we have a good possibility that illigitimate members of the BC Liberal Party voting and legitimate members unable to vote because they either didn't receive their PIN identification or are hindered by not being able to deal with the method of voting. Add to that the destinct possibility that non-members may have received the missing PIN numbers, and you have a recipe for nothing but a bogus excercise. Whether the members that did not receive their PIN numbers are the victims of incompetence or something much darker, such as a deliberate intent by someone, or group, to fix the results, one can see that all is not well in Liberalland.

If Saturday's vote goes off as planned, and a successor to Gordon Campbell is declared, I would hope that Elections BC does the right thing and hold a full investigation into the legitimacy of this excercise. The fact that this vote will present us with our new Premier demands no less.

And finally, I think that the problems that have come forth in this excercise lead me to believe that we are a long way from ever considering conducting a general election using the internet.


hydr0l1c5 said...

Item #2 - BC Hydro needs the money to pay for "Ammortization and Investments" That is code for "Money to pay for increased rates for the Private Power Producers that bought off Gordon Campbell some time ago". Only Hydro doesn't want to put it that way, you are correct.
KootCoot; If you were to go back and read the "Draft Energy Policy" that Campbell put out through that Neufeld character in the beginning they had some "Buzz-Words" in it that set my juices boiling. One of those words/phrases was "We need to go to Market Pricing" in order to become more competitive. What that meant, Kootcoot, was "We need to jack up the price, way up, in order to make it profitable to allow Private Power Producers to come into BC and Rape us". As it was, the price of power under Glen Clark et al was a reflection of the actual cost of building infrastructure and operating it. As WAC Bennett had planned. He was correct. Hydro, ( water generation) is our freakin' birthright here in BC and these assholes think they can sell us down the river, the dirty bastards. I hate their guts for doing this just to keep their political contributors happy and rich by stealing us dry.
One more thing KooCoot; When I first read that Draft Energy Policy, I called the Mayor of Kitimat and I told him if that Policy became Law, Kitimat would be the biggest looser. I told him right then that Alcan would no longer need to operate an expensive smelter with all of the labour costs and maintenance that went with it if Alcan could simply shut it down and sell their power to BC Hydro at inflated rates. He laughed at me and now look at what is going on. Alcan is one of the largest private power producers who sells to BC Hydro. Kitimat be damned!

Anonymous said...

the voter is so gullible....what do they think they will get by voting in a Liberal? Maybe they like to get screwed and pay more for everything.

Leah said...

Christy Clark wins...I'm not so sure it's gullibility as much as good old-fashioned stupidity.

Anonymous said...

the voter is not gullible - the voter is being constantly lied to, bombarded with propaganda from a bought and paid for media.

Hugh said...

I agree that there should be a BC Provincial election asap.

Voters were misled in 2009 about the HST, the budget, and BC Rail.

Anonymous said...

CBC BC is not allowing comments on many stories critical of the BC Liberals.

The CBC is still a publicly owned asset and they need to answer to us as to why certain stories have their comments blocked while others (puff pieces) do not.

Ask them:

# Email
# Call 604-662-6801

Anonymous said...

Speaking of big, bad, union elites, Clark backers Bob Rennie, the condo king, wealthy developer Peter Wall and controversial backroom strategist Patrick Kinsella are just plain folks, I guess. (no, privatization kings/big business elites)

Charging that the NDP actually “wants” to “beat up” British Columbians, Ms. Clark added that one of her main reasons for re-entering politics was to keep the New Democrats down on the farm, so to speak, after they’ve seen Victoria.

Cheekily, one wonders why keeping the NDP from power wasn’t equally important in 2005 and 2009, when Ms. Clark stayed on the electoral sidelines. Of course, there was no vacancy beckoning in the premier’s office.

Just been handed the reins of terror to continue on with the dirty work of campbell in selling off, privatizing and out sourcing everything in this province. When you have those mentioned above, you know it's the same old thing, nothing has changed, nothing is going to change, things will only get worse- poverty, healthcare, education, more taxes, tolls, fees and the continuing sell of BC resources to corporate profiteers.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Kinsella = Gordon Campbell = Christy Clark = BC Rail = HST = P3s = shadow tolls = privatization = IPPs = the list goes on = BC Lieberals.

So Christy, as a single mother and previous cabinet minister (2001-) when Gordo sent packing 8-9000 women (alot of single women) from their decent family raising paying jobs, why did you not stand up for those single mothers? Why?