Thursday, February 16, 2017

What British Columbia Really Thinks About Christy Clark


Something going on here people....
British Columbia realize they made a huge mistake electing Christy Clark.
Here was the chant the crowd doused Christy Clark in...
"Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go....Shame..Shame..Shame...Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go.."

click the below link, the good stuff starts about the 21 minute mark
The Straight Goods
Cheers Ears Wide Open


Grant G said...

John Aghast....Protesters were kept a long-way back...starting just past the 21 minute mark when Christy Clark appears...the booing and chanting begins...Perhaps your audio is too low..

Protesters were aplently..against LNG..Kinder Morgan..Pay to play..Water issues, integrity issues..

wasted your time...? it can be heard, you need to listen..Cheers Ears Wide Open

Anonymous said...

I think it's the best thing I've seen all week!


You do need to turn up the volume though.

dan said...

The audio is low here too. Perhaps it is the original video. The point is made though and easily understood.

Anonymous said...

The video link has been heavily edited. I found a link on Youtube and someone recorded their tv. You can really hear the crowd!