Friday, June 21, 2013

Vancouver Sun Omits Pertinent Facts on Exxon Mobile LNG Proposal and Adds Christy Clark Spin and Bluster

The Vancouver sun omitted the most important paragraph from an LNG article tonight...June 20th/2013..

The article, originally written by Jeff Lewis and posted in the National post..

His article included this paragraph...

"Exxon, which has optioned land from the B.C. government at Grassy Point, north of Prince Rupert, said the project would initially produce 10 million to 15 million tonnes of chilled fuel per year, beginning in the 2021-to-2023 time frame. At full capacity, the facility would include six processing units. It would draw gas from fields owned by Exxon and Imperial Oil Ltd., its Canadian subsidiary, the company said."

The Vancouver Sun ran the identical story only they tweaked it, they removed the above paragraph and added these statements from Christy Clark..


"Premier Christy Clark welcomed the news of the two most recent LNG export applications.

“Once again we see companies wanting to take advantage of B.C.’s LNG potential and this move today highlights industry’s continued interest in its potential,” she said Thursday in a statement.

Clark touts LNG as a future saviour of B.C.’s economy, generating between $4.3 billion and $8.7 billion in government revenues a year once the industry is running full steam by about 2020."


It is quite obvious that the Vancouver Sun is spinning for Christy Clark, the reason was obvious as to why they pulled that paragraph from Jeff Lewis`s original article..

His article was about Exxon Mobile maybe, possibly building an LNG plant in B.C....IF they do build it won`t be on line until 2021 to 2023, if ever, well, Christy Clark is blathering about $billions and $billions by 2020...Christy Clark`s statements clash with the Exxon mobile article, so the Vancouver Sun had to make a choice, don`t put in Christy Clark`s statements or pull out the Exxon Mobile timeline from the original story, they chose to pull out Exxon Mobile`s timeline..

And more...Read the entire article, Exxon mobile admits they have made no decision to build, in fact Jeff Lewis mentions Japan`s nuclear plant plans as a LNG killer...He mentions China`s massive domestic natural gas reserves, he mentions the massive cost overruns on LNG plants in Australia...He mentions how Exxon Mobile needs firm, long term lucrative energy buying contracts to justify a massive LNG plant build, he also mentions how Asia is not willing to sign LNG buying deals linked to the oil-indexed price, the new price scheme will be linked to North America`s Henry Hub price..

In other words, the LNG industry in B.C. is in flux, it is fluid, nothing is for sure, ...I mention Jeff Lewis touches on those issues, more like barely grazes those issue...

This persuader has gone into great detail on all those issues..

Here are the links...

On Christy Clark`s fantasy LNG industry..

On The Perfect storm for Asian energy buyers, the downward spiral..

On China`s massive domestic natural gas reserves..

 on Australia`s massive cost overruns on LNG plants..30..40..50..60..100% over budget or more..

And more uncomfortable LNG facts, like huge natural gas reserves being found everywhere, including a brand new energy source, hundreds and hundreds of years of supply..Ocean Hydrates..

On the BC Liberal phony claim about big employment numbers associated with LNG plants, a fake claim, the largest LNG plants will employ a mere 250 people with maybe another 250 spin-off jobs, 10 LNG plants, 10 won`t be built but if they were, a mere 2500 jobs would be created with an equal amount of spin-off jobs, those facts at this link..

For shame on the Vancouver Sun, the Home of Yellow Journalism, spinning and twisting to help sell Christy Clark`s bogus LNG fantasy..They know better, they choose aid and abet a corrupt Government..

The BC Liberals LNG fantasy will crash and burn, unfortunately rather than tell the truth now this Government and bought media will allow this fraud to swell for several more years, it will hurt a lot more later than it will by nipping it in the bud now..

For shame..

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Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Jeff Lewis wrote the original for the 'Financial Post', and Bruce Constantineau authored 'The Vancouver Sun' piece.

Grant G said...

Whoever wrote the Vancouver Sun piece did a slice and splice, they omitted the most important part, ..

If, and that`s a big if..

If Exxon mobile builds an LNG plant it won`t be online until 2021 to 2023, or later, that project with that timeline won`t add any revenue to Christy Clark`s 2020 statement..

Eventually both the energy companies and the BC Liberals will either have to put up or shut up.

A big headline story on Exxon Mobile, while there is a byelection in progress, not a shovel in the ground and won`t be one before 2018 or 2019 with Exxon Mobile`s project...

It`s a goddamn decade away, or more likely never.

You can`t as a newspaper promote that project, insert Christy Clark`s blathering about 2020 and $billions, her blather under a story about Exxon Mobile, who themselves admit nothing will be on line, if they do build until 2023..

That`s bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I'm so glad that you're around to comment. What we must do is take out a newspaper ad to get out the truth! Why can't the MSM tell the truth? Well, its obvious they are beholden to their handler.
How about meeting me in Kelowna on the 10th in our wheel chairs and help Chrispy out?
John's Ahast!