Monday, June 17, 2013

Are There No more Honourable Men, Hari Kari Is In Order

Written by Grant G

Many have awaited my analysis of BC`s 2013 election, the mainstream media have weighed in, bloggers and pundits too..

No one is happy with the result, pollsters led us astray, or did they, I am of the belief that pollsters posted results with deliberate guile, had anyone known that in fact at the beginning of the writ period the two big parties were actually tied in support levels the campaign would have taken a drastically different direction, the BC Liberal record would have been front and center, the scandals and lies would have been highlighted..

The mainstream media and pollsters worked hand in hand to screw the NDP, it`s been that way since 1996, Adrian Dix announced his election strategy 18 months ago, he wasn`t going negative or personal, pundits on radio and TV challenged Adrian for months on whether he would change his early announced tactics, this was very important for the pollsters and media personalities to know, the reason is obvious, with Mr. Dix stuck in neutral the pollsters had to portray a precise picture in his mind, that picture was an illusion, that picture was of Adrian Dix cruising to victory, it was vitally important that they didn`t spook the NDP from the sanctuary of their peaceful perch..

I was 35 years old and didn`t know any better, that was the utterance that sent Adrian Dix into the dustbin of the defeated.

Angus Reid, Ipsos Reid, they had one thing in common, their employer, the people who paid for the service are the clients of corporatism, they were enemies of the NDP, enemies who wanted the status quo..

The only other things the pollsters reported correctly was....The public felt that neither Adrian Dix or Christy Clark was worthy of the office of premier and the public wanted change, unfortunately there wasn`t change on the ballot, there was a choice between the corrupt BC Liberals and a fatally flawed Adrian Dix..

My post on John Horgan and the NDP leadership written in April of 2011 spelled it out clearly..I congratulated both Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman for winning the leadership contest, that was a mistake, thanking them was a mistake, I listened to the leadership shindig event on the internet, it was web-casted, on my computer and from actual reports from people at the event, in fact I believe it was Michael Smyth on CKNW who was reporting on the event concluded the attending crowd was clearly in John Horgan`s corner...On my computer all I could hear was "Horgan Horgan Horgan" ..

And then came the first ballot results, Adrian Dix had won the contest virtually on the first ballot, a lead to big to overcome, and all I could think of was Mable Elmore and others, with Adrian Dix walking into NDP headquarters right at the membership sign-up deadline with thousands of memberships and a sack of cash, $10 dollar bills to be exact, the money not even yet attached to the membership card..

So Adrian Dix back-dated a stupid memo in the 90`s, took severance pay, then he gamed the leadership sign-up game the same way Christy Clark did, only Adrian Dix had the help of a couple of MLAs and Bill Tieleman...

I congratulated Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman for winning the contest, and can anyone tell me why Adrian Dix didn`t have a yearly pass for Skytrain?..After all, Adrian Dix had the ability to write-off the cost of the transit pass in its entirety...As a MLA he can write-off travel expenses and or have it come out of his constituency office expenses but no..Adrian Dix running for premier, with a memo-gate scandal in his closet and a stink-to-high-heaven membership sign-up plot, and he gets busted riding the train without a ticket..

I did tell you that I congratulated Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman, I should have told both of them to go to hell, what geniuses in the backroom of the NDP actually thought we could win with a tainted candidate...

I gave it my all(for the sake of the party) I left bread crumbs and trails, I painted a path to victory, a path to victory even with Adrian Dix`s fatal flaws, my article on how Ezra Levant attacked Adrian Dix`s wife, that story needed to be brought up in Adrian Dix`s campaigning, Adrian needed to challenge Christy Clark to denounce Ezra Levant...Adrian Dix did nothing..

Dix was still being played by the pollsters....Adrian Dix needed to come out when the writ was dropped, as one regular commenter stated..."He needed to come out like the junkyard dog"...For those not familiar with the WWF wrestling, the junkyard dog was a big-black wrestler who when he was tagged into the ring came out like a rabid dog, swinging and hitting, kicking and scratching everything in sight...His analysis was correct, Adrian Dix needed to come out when the writ was dropped like the parties were even in support, because they were, the pollsters played the NDP like a fool, it was cold, it was calculated and no I can`t prove the pollsters played the game of fraud, but I assure you they did..

Adrian Dix must step down as soon as possible, like yesterday, only the hard-core NDP faithful voted for Adrian Dix, he attracted no new voters to the party, in fact he lost voters, with a mountain of scandals at his disposal, ethnic-gate, Basi/Virk, BC Rail, Burnaby hospital, deficit lies, massive BC debt, smart meters, the HST, Ken Boessenkool, kim Haakstad, Pamela Martin...John Yap, Brian Bonney, Pacif Carbon Trust, Wazuku, deferral accounts at BC Hydro, Run of river fraud, I could list scandal after scandal for hours, until my fingers bleed, until my keyboard gets saturated with tears, the list is that long..

And the next election every single one of those scandals are off limits, they`re finished, no more BC Rail, no inquiry(Sorry BC Mary)no Basi/Virk investigation, no smart meter inquiry, nothing, those smoking gun crimes are over, if Adrian Dix couldn`t win with all that ammo...Well..

Brian Topp needs to stay well clear of BC Politics, Moe Sihota needs to move along too, every adviser to Adrian Dix must not only fall on his or her sword they must vow to never ever become part of the NDP election planning, period...

The NDP leadership contest, Dana Larsen was part of that campaign, what if Dana Larsen managed to get every pot smoker in BC to purchase a NDP membership and vote for him in the leadership campaign, and Dana Larsen wins...Would the party brass accept his win or would they politely ask (in private) for Dana Larsen to move aside?...What if a multi-millionaire with a tainted past, an adulterer, tax evasion, drunk driving, outsourced thousands of jobs, violated worker`s rights, discriminated against seniors, and females and transgender, Gay, lesbian and the like but he has so much money and influence he buys or persuades tens of thousands to attain NDP membership cards and actually gets them to vote him as new leader of the party...Yet he in unelectable in society`s mainstream, at what point does the party say NO...You can`t be leader..

What I am talking about may well be considered non-democratic, however...

However, the voters of British Columbia did not vote for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals..

The voters of British Columbia said no to ...I was 35 years old and didn`t know any better, they said no to a man who didn`t buy a skytrain ticket, they said no a man who back-dated a memo in an attempt to save his boss, a boss who couldn`t be saved at any price,.....Adrian Dix can`t attract any new members to the party, he can`t inspire others to fight for the cause, he can`t light a fire under the writers in this province who care about truth, and justice..

The next election will be won with talented star, all the past issues are just that, past ....

Maybe there is someone better than John Horgan to lead, however I haven`t met that person yet, probably never will....John Horgan needs to be the voice of the party, he needs to ask the first three questions when our legislature opens up..We can`t grow as a party until the face of defeat is removed from our letterhead..

The people of British Columbia said no to a man who wouldn`t call thieves thieves, call corruption corruption, we, the people rejected a man who wouldn`t fight, scream, yell and even swear at the most bile, most evil, most incompetent Government in the history of Canada..

The people who cast ballots couldn`t put their support and children`s lives in the hands of a man who ran from the shadows.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Since there is no reckoning for all the government scandals I am at the point of; so why bother?

The majority of the people of BC don't fit into the people I want to care about, so why bother?

Still disgusted.....

Anonymous said...

Saddened with outcome. I would have welcomed reinstatement of and more funding for IT at UBC as well as inquiry into Basi Virk, an airing of BC Hydro situation (IPP's not in best interest of general public), fish farm intervention, etc. etc.


ron wilton said...

Even when the truth of how this election was stolen becomes more generally apparent, it, like BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Hydro, R & R's, PPP's,and oh so many other dirty deeds almost too numerous to mention,will be brushed aside as of no consequence and completely and resolutely ignored in the next so called 'election'.

The oil companies were so happy with the BC election result they rewarded themselves by raising the price we pay for their ill gotten gains by 25 cents a litre and not a peep from any government representative.

Just how fucking dumb are we?

Anonymous said...

Even after the awareness that we are incidental to the process sets in that our election was stolen by big monied interests, Gwyn Morgan, David MacLean, Alberta fundraisers, SNC Lavalin (just go to elections BC list of donors to the BC Liebs) and it becomes obvious that we are just a toy with our meaningless vote compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by these outfits to jerk us around and make us believe the unbelievable, nothing will have changed.

The oil companies were so pleased with their 'elected' result that they rewarded themselves with a 25 cent per litre increase in what we pay for their ill gotten gains and not a peep from any 'elected' representative.

Anonymous said...

I have no faith in the political system, which means I have no faith in the NDP, nothing is going to change until the people DEMAND accountability and the party process is faulted and exposed for what it is...corrupt.

One bad apple spoils the rest; until there is a way to isolate the bad apple, nothing will change. It will be as it is, one mishap after the other. I will no longer invest myself when I know it is not going to change, there is no evidence that it can change.

off-the-radar said...

Great post Grant and amazing work on your blog, it's been a must-read for me for years.

After the incredibly disappointing election results and working my ass off for the NDP, I feel stuck and a bit hopeless. Of course that's exactly what Harper and Christy want, progressive citizens giving up on politics.

If Adrian and the old gang had resigned, I would be interested in rebuilding the NDP but with the same-old backroom guys firmly in control that seems pointless.

Anyways thank you for posting your great blog, it's a candle in the current gloom. Gives me hope, like Laila's recent blog post and the other stalwart progressive bloggers---just have to keep fighting for BC and work with other like-minded souls.

Wayne said...

Outstanding critique, Mr. Matthews - thanks. Seems like it's time to reaffirm the fundamental values and principles of a democratic left and hold the feet of those who choose to represent those values as the people's reps to a hotter fire. What the heck do we stand for anyways?

Anonymous said...

Harper is Canada's worst terrorist. We all know the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are Harper's satellite party.

I understand Christy is about to perform her first election lie. Rumor has it, she is breaking her neck to get to Alberta, to meet with Premier Redford? They want to get the Enbridge pipeline going, as fast as they can. The minute they tried to sneak the Enbridge survey into BC? We knew right away, Christy had lied to us, as she usually does. The F.N. kicked the Enbridge survey crew, off their land.

We are living in very evil times. We don't know how much of Canada, Harper has signed over to Communist China? So far it's, the tar sands and the jobs, Nexen, BC mines and those jobs. Harper's FIPA deal with China, they take the timber and mines on Vancouver Island. Harper is bringing Red China, into the rich resources of the High Arctic.

What works in a Democracy, doesn't work in a Dictatorship. We no longer have any rights. That's the part people don't get. They don't care, if we do hold their feet to the fire. Just watch them not, give a damn.

Look at the line up for the worst corrupt politicians, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper, Campbell, Christy and, their list of degenerates, are as long as their arms. They are the politicians from hell. BC citizens, will have a total of, 16 years from hell, by the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Along with Harper and, his so called Cons.

Grant G said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Off-The-Radar...

Wayne, sorry to disappoint, my friend the dear professor Robin Mathews, who does outstanding work and contributes regularly to The Straight Goods did not write the above critique..

Grant G did, no big deal, who wrote what isn`t important, what is important is the fact that it was written.

No doubt the backroom boys are pissed with me for writing this accurate critique..

Be well friends


Anonymous said...

Dix just does not inspire. Without that trait it ain't gonna happen. He must go within the year. Same with Moe.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Grant.

The honest Elections BC CEO Harry Neufeld was not re-appointed and left on January 5, 2010 as did a woman who had been working for BCE for 28 years.

The corrupt lying cheating Libs then appointed one of their 'own guys' Craig James during the Fight HST battle and when they removed him rewarded him with a 'job'(doing nothing) which we are paying him $250,000.00 per year.

The Lib gangers then appointed another of their 'own', Keith Archer as their man who 'guards' the early voting boxes and controls the election.

Much easier than gerrymandering again as Campbell did in 2009 and this gerrymandering still affects the voting outcome also.

There were in excess of 380,741 turnout for advance voting this year, UP from 2009 when 297,201 people voted early...according to Elections BC.

With at least 15 really close ridings and 380,741 advance voters it would be a cake-walk for the lying, cheating, thieving Christy Lib mobstsers to create the outcome they want.

Cluck Cluck NEVER wins unless she cheats. To date she has never won anything honestly in her life.


Anonymous said...

'The premier-non-elect-MAY have lost' in her own riding...' 'I'll FIND A WAY into the house IF thats the way the (FINAL VOTE COUNT)ends up.'....'the Liberal leader is refusing to comment about the awkward situation until Elections BC CONCLUDES its final count ON MAY 27.'

In the year 2013 why does it take 13 DAYS to get them into the hands of BCEs CEO?

Both absentee voting and advance voting must be changed so the ballots stay where they are and
are counted at the end of each day with scrutineers from all parties, same as locally. As it is now, both the absentee voters and the advanced voters ballots are 'counted' with no legit scrutineers or their own hand-picked 'special scrutineers'...kinda like special prosecutors!

It is completely impossible to get rid of gangsters through elections!

I believe the pollsters got it right until the corrupted made it wrong.


kootcoot said...

Jean, small correction, you may have meant to say "until the CORRUPTERS made it wrong!"

They are corrupt, and corrupt the system, but to call them "corrupted" makes them sound like victims, and WE not THEY are the victims here!

Kreditanstalt said...

When NDP rank-and-filers conclusively deduce that the "moderate" suit-and-tie approach isn't working, they'll move towards more savage socialism. We can see this happening in the UK Labour Party.

What they will blindly ignore is the fact that such a move will lose them even more potential voters next time - and the time after that. But they'll stick with it - they'll deride Dix as "nu-Labour", as another Tony Blair, as some "third way" advocate of nothing. They'll scream for getting tough with the "evil corporations", for soaking "the rich" and for taking over privatized assets. They'll bellow for MORE social spending and more laws...

Voters have changed. They know whose approach is the greater thret. Those who did bother to vote probably remembered that the Liberals enunciated at least some kind of long-term revenue-generating plans - some vision - while the NDP merely babbled on about airy-fairy "equality" and "fairness"- and threatened to spend, spend, spend...

The Waffle is dead. Time to join the modern world, NDP.

Kim said...

Your assessment of the situation is exactly the same as my conclusion, posted here...

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said 100%. Adrian Dix was never leadership material (except in his head). He believed his own press and they convinced him all he had to do was keep his mouth shut during the election campaign and he would win the election.

His strategy for the election was plain stupid.Only a giant egghead would think that taking the high road and not talking bad about your political opponent would help you win votes. Everybody hates Christy Clark she was not elected in the last campaign and she was not this time around either.

We are no longer British Columbia, we are Ontario West.