Friday, January 13, 2012

Bill Good, CKNW, Enemies of British Columbia!

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Yes indeed, Bill Good and CKNW is one of the worst enemies of British Columbia, a corporate BC Liberal promotional radio station inhabited by corporate stooges

Let`s go back to the HST debate, Christy Clark and all BC Liberals fought the vast majority of British Columbians to the bitter end, CKNW had the BC Liberal front group {The smart tax alliance} on air almost everyday, they had media spinners, Phil Hocstein, day after day CKNW promoted the HST, they ran misleading stickmen ads, they allowed Michael Campbell to lie about the HST every week....

Every radio voice on CKNW endorsed the HST, Sean Leslie endorsed the HST, Bill Good endorsed the HST, Christy Clark promoted the HST on NW`s air...Gord MacDonald, John Macolm promoted the HST, morning radio voice Philip Til endorsed the HST, in fact Philip Til proclaimed on air..And I quote..."I like the HST because at a 10% tax-rate even an old guy like me can do the math" snip..Yet the HST was 12%, not 10%

Michael Campbell routinely lied about the HST on CKNW, and get this, Bill Teileman was removed from the Monday morning quarterback show because he was leading the fight HST group, Michael Smyth who replaced Christy Clark`s time slot was removed from the station because he too was against the HST, think about it, only those opposed to the HST were removed from CKNW....

Michael Campbell, after the HST was defeated on one of his Saturday shows made this demand....And I quote.."Everyone who voted against the HST should send Ottawa a cheque for $2600.00 dollars"..Snip....Stickmen ads, Smart tax alliance ads, and there was more, Michael Levy promoted the HST on CKNW, Sam, Bill Good`s regular stooge caller was given  a soap box twice a week to promote the HST, every corporate shill was given tons of airtime on NW to promote the HST...

The board of trade, port of Vancouver, CEO`s from forestry, mining, the movie industry, it was  propaganda overload thumping the hst drums day after day, business leaders decried poverty, doom and gloom, these corporate hogs claimed the world would end if the HST was defeated, Kevin Falcon, Colin Hansen, Pat Bell, every BC Liberal stooge was given a free microphone and leading softball questions......CKNW conspired with the BC Liberals to run the most dishonest lying false-factless propaganda campaign against their own listeners, against British Columbia.

The HST which is still in play, still being paid, it created no jobs, we lost jobs, prices went up on everything, the HST wasn`t revenue neutral to Government, it was a $800 million dollar per year Government cash grab and a yearly $2billion dollar consumer tax hit, everything we were told by the BC Liberals and CKNW about the HST was a lie, Alise Mills promoted the HST on NW, Keith Baldrey promoted the tax, so did Vaughn Palmer, no one got air-time on CKNW unless they promoted the HST....And guess what happened?

Despite a $75 million dollar BC Liberal/ big business ad campaign, a misleading if not lying ad campaign against a $500K anti-HST ad campaign we crushed them, 60% against to 40%...The anti-HST forces were outspent by a ratio of 150 to 1.....And still we won big, so you think maybe CKNW learned their lesson....

Well they didn`t, Bill Good, Sean Leslie, Gord Macdonald, John Macolm, Philip Til, Michael Campbell, Michael Levy, everyone of these radio voices are already pimping the Enbridge pipeline.

Why did you move to the Sunshine Coast Bill Good?

Today, Friday January 13th/2012...bill Good advertised his 9:00 am to 10:00 am show as a debate on Enbridge....His guests were and Vivian Kraus and Eco Justice`s Jessica Clog...There was no debate, the whole show Bill Good and Vivian Kraus blathered about one thing and one thing only, it wasn`t a spill, it wasn`t a tanker disaster, there was no talk about Enbridge admitting that 1000`s of barrels will be spilled in BC every year, Bill Good was like a dog with a bone, he echoed Vivian Kraus, Joe Oliver and Harper`s assertion that  environmentalists were hijacking the debate, Bill Good was not concerned in the least that China, a ruthless dictatorship with no human rights, no working rights, no safety net, no environmental regulations, a tyrannical dictatorship that is literally killing millions per year with pollution has contributed $100 million dollars to Enbridge to advance this project, Bill Good ignored the fact that China has poured $billions in the Tar sands and have even bought their 100% foreign owned chunks of the tar sands, Bill Good just kept blathering away about Tides Canada and the Rockerfeller foundation contributing a few million dollars to aid in the fight against Enbridge,....

Bill Good didn`t mention the fact that Ezra Levant`s group ethical oil is being funded by, and is nothing but a front group for big oil, that did not concern BC Liberal promoter and liar Bill Good, there was no mention of Enbridge`s 805 pipeline spills in the last few years, no mention of the Exxon Valdez oil spill still poisoning the west coast, no mention of the Enbridge leak happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico, there was no mention of the 2800  sea otters that died from the tiny Exxon Valdez spill, no mention of losing half of our BC Orca in that spill, the 250,000 dead birds, billions of dead salmon eggs, herring eggs, the loss of kelp forests, no mention of the Queen of the north that sank there a few years ago, no mention of the almost weekly hurricane force winds that blow on our north coast, no mention of the 40 foot waves, there was no debate, Bill Good received his marching orders in between all the BC Liberal/BC Government ads currently running on CKNW, ads all day long promoting the $1billion dollar smart meter boondoggle, ads all day long promoting Christy Clark`s pathetic offshore and Premier`s office jobs agenda, ads for BCLC, ads calling Adrian Dix risky, without all these BC Government/BC liberal ads CKNW radio would go silent...

The 9:00am to 10:00am radio program today, January 13th/2012 was no debate on Enbridge at all, it was Bill Good performing his bias BC Liberal promotional show, all to the detriment of every BC resident!

Why did you move to the Sunshine coast Bill Good?

Why is this important, because I have the details, the CKNW phone lines lit up today, 95% of every caller was opposed to Enbridge, he had to wait, he had to struggle to find even one caller who wanted the pipeline, the listener line received hundreds and hundreds of callers demanding a stop to this project, CKNW received hundreds of emails from average BCers screaming hell no to Enbridge...Bill Good is totally aware that British Columbians by a measure of 80% do not want the northern pipeline at any price, but Billy Good doesn`t care, he has his own personal financial agenda!

 Bill good played the fool, a BC Liberal fool, Bill Good had but two arguments, two stale arguments only a moron would use to justify the northern Enbridge pipeline being proposed for oil exports to CHINA...

Bill Good said..."You drive a car don`t you" and..."Enbridge stock is in many pension plans"

Wow Billy Boy Good, your right, lets build a nuclear plant in Sechelt because SNC Lavalin is in some pension funds...Let`s run leaky pipelines everywhere, through Halfmoon bay, through Gibsons, through Powell River, lets run Enbridge pipelines through the Galopagos islands, the Great Barrier reef because Enbridge is in your pension plan, let`s just risk every goddaam paradise on earth because Enbridge is in a pension plan and people drive!..

Why do you live on the Sunshine Coast Bill good?

Canada still imports 52% of its own domestic needed oil from the North Sea and Saudi Arabia....Saudi Arabia, the home of 19 of the 21 Terrorists who brought down the twin towers...How about those apples Ezra Levant, Billy good, ethical oil bullshit when the same people you call unethical are selling Canada half of its domestic oil, and at the same time Billy Good and Ezra Levant want to risk a catastrophic oil spill on BC`s pristine Northern coast for 200 jobs and $14.3 million dollars per year!

You are the enemy Bill good, CKNW is the enemy of British Columbia, your argument Bill good is that of a child-mind(No offense to children)...You betrayed the public on the HST, on BC Rail, on child poverty, on corruption, now you are betraying British Columbia`s pristine one of a kind coast, our one of a kind marine life all to prop up your next door neighbor Gordon Campbell and his corrupt BC Liberal party...

Why do you live on the Sunshine coast Bill good, what do you see from your waterfront property? Pristine water, jumping salmon, hundreds of different birds, clean air, clean water, amazing flora, amazing views, why Bill Good do you live on the Sunshine Coast?...

How about giant tankers in your front yard and Enbridge leaky pipes in your backyard...

How much Bill Good, how much are you paid to lie and spin for the BC Liberals, how much to sell out the future, how much to sell out future generations...

How much money did it take for you to betray everyone on the Sunshine coast and the rest of British Columbia?

Accidents don`t happen eh Billy, what about this brand new Ocean liner running aground on a reef in calm water in daylight hours, 8 dead, 4000 rescued, a brand new cruise ship with the most modern equipment.

Bill Good, perhaps you missed this tweet from your good friend Keith Baldrey.


Keith Baldrey
"Let me get this straight: it's bad for US to fund enviros, but good for China to buy up oil sands? Not exactly logical."

Special thanks to blogger extroadinaire Allison over at Creekside for this video

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...


I read somewhere (and lost the link) that pipelines ... if they're all approved .. will cross 1,000 Canadian rivers, lakes, creeks.

Somewhere else, I saw a map showing how the Russians have a quick route to Asian markets across the top of the world for their plentiful supply of crude.

Maybe this mischief is the result of Gordo's mega-Ministry set up last year out of 5 other Ministries to expedite foreign applications ...

Grant G said...

Pipelines aren`t going over the top...

Enbridge`s pipeline will cross over 1000 fish bearing rivers and streams in British Columbia..

The story in the below link is becoming more and more in focus...

CSIS, Canada`s spy agency, McFadden claimed Canadian politicians were being controlled by the Chinese National Government..

I guess we now know who those politicians are..

BC Liberals and the top Federal Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Found the facts over at NVG's place:

Alberta Tar Sands - go North to Alaska and Russia and then South to China's Refineries
Why all of this talk of a pipeline going to the West Coast of British Columbia, when THE pipeline could go due North, cross the Bering Sea via island hopping
USA held Little Diomed Island (for taxing purposes) then go to Big Diomed Island, Russia (more taxes), and then on to China....


My old computer isn't picking up things ... such as the nice map NVG supplied. Please visit his Blog Borg Collective?

Grant G said...

There is a reason for Harper`s panic...


British scientists 'invent artificial petrol' that could cost just 90p per GALLON (and there's no carbon)

By Fiona Macrae and Rob Cooper

Last updated at 12:34 AM on 29th January 2011

Comments (706)

Hydrogen-based fuel produces no greenhouse gases so could help nations slash their carbon footprint
It is due to be available at the pumps in three to five years

Petrol price relief? Stephen Voller, Chief Executive of Cella Energy said he is confident the new fuel will work in existing cars

Petrol price relief? Stephen Voller, chief executive of Cella Energy said he is confident the new fuel will work in existing cars

Artificial petrol that costs 19p per litre could be on forecourts in as little as three years.

British scientists are refining the recipe for a hydrogen-based fuel that will run in existing cars and engines at the fraction of the cost of conventional petrol

Read more:

Grant G said...

More here
Hydrogen cars come closer to reality
Posted on January 31, 2011 - 06:04 by Kate Taylor

A British start-up says it's found a cheap, practical way of storing hydrogen, making it a viable alternative to gasoline in cars.

Cella Energy Limited - a spin-out company from STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - has developed a way of holding hydrogen within tiny micro-fibres which form a tissue-like material that is safe to handle in air.

"Consumers want to be able to travel 300-400 miles before they have to refuel. And when they do have to fill up they want to be able to do it as quickly as possible," says Stephen Voller, the new CEO of Cella Energy. "Existing hydrogen storage methods do not meet these consumer expectations, but the ones we are developing have the potential to do just this."

The new material contains as much hydrogen for a given weight as the high pressure tanks currently used to store hydrogen and can also be made in the form of micro beads that can be poured and pumped like a liquid.

It could be used to fill up tanks in cars and aeroplanes in a very similar way to current fuels - but without the carbon emissions.

“In some senses hydrogen is the perfect fuel; it has three times more energy than petrol per unit of weight, and when it burns it produces nothing but water. But the only way to pack it into a vehicle is to use very high pressures or very low temperatures, both of which are expensive to do," says Professor Stephen Bennington, lead scientist on the project.

"Our new hydrogen storage materials offer real potential for running cars, planes and other vehicles that currently use hydrocarbons on hydrogen, with little extra cost and no extra inconvenience to the driver."

Grant G said...

Another brand new ship with the best navigation equipment runs aground on calm water day...8 dead, 4000 rescues...

Adios Enbridge, British Columbia will fight to the bitter end, stuff your pipe where the sun don`t shine

Anonymous said...

Somebody once said that we could elect the Hell's Angels and they would do far less harm to the country than the bums now in power.
Not saying that the Angels are the best option either. If we look at it from a purely mathematical viewpoint:
(Hell's Angels - Conservatives) + Integrity = Fifi
Fifi is my diminutive French poodle mixed with God knows what. And although she does enjoy disgusting cigars after a feast of wild salmon and Brie, she has always been a democrat in the truest sense of the word. Not for her the chemical jizz of corporate farmed salmon when the best wild fish in the world are still available here.

"Pipelines!" she snorts, craftily refilling her glass with my favorite Cointreau, "Didn't you used to work on crude oil spills? Didn't you used to come home soaked to the skin in the foulest blackest stuff known to dog or man? Didn't you used to spend 45 minutes in the shower trying to scrub off just the little bit that got on you? Didn't you realize then that even small spills can never really be cleaned up?"

"Pipelines? To a port on the last best bit of coast still in its pristine condition in BC? Are you out of your mind?"
She stopped here to light one of the ubiquitous cigars and drain the last of the booze. Smacking her lips in appreciation she continued.

"Let me put it in two words." But you could never limit Fifi to two words or even two hundred.
"110% not guilty!" She paused while I struggled for the connection. Was she talking about the pilfered Cointreau or something more seminal?

"110% not guilty! Isn't that what OJ said to the jury? Well, my friend, that is exactly what Enbridge is going to say to the massive oil spill which is coming unless we all stop it! Just like Exxon said to their lawyers about the Valdez. Just like the CEO of BP said before he went on vacation while millions of barrels of crude poured into the gulf. Just like Harper and Photo Op Clark will say to the electorate. 'Oh, we're so sorry! We had no way of knowing it would be as bad as this. We're 110% not guilty!' Hockey pucks! They were blinded by greed and under the thumb of those who are too holy to legally mention in any but a rapturous light."
She stopped here to relight the cigar while I cringed at the thought of losing my best friend to cancer. Was that the Mossad scratching at my door? Or the CIA? It's certainly dark out there.

"What you need old chap, is a vote on the ISSUES. How many centuries will it take for the stupid human race to recognize that their very nature is their own undoing? You CANNOT elect 'representatives' and then expect them to act like Mother Theresa when the temptation of wealth and power is continually dangled before their eyes. You need a vote on the important issues which confront you."

Well, I live here but I am not master of my own house. Fifi comes and goes, but I would far rather take her advice than that of any professional politician you could name. Let me ask you this: Is Fifi any crazier than a world leader who believes that the world will end with a bang and only those followers of his/her particular sect will be scooped up into the land of promising virgins? Get real.

Anonymous said...

The Harper and Clark regeims are political hookers. They will get into bed with anyone with money. They are being pimped by big business in this country. The Bill Goods and Kieth Bradleys are hired to clean up the wet spots. That is done so no one knows there is anyone getting it up the ass. Hope they are all wearing condoms, sure would not like to see this spread.

kootcoot said...

As to: "."Everyone who voted against the HST should send Ottawa a cheque for $2600.00 dollars"

Since I didn't receive my cheque from Spiteful Steve for my share of the imaginary 1.6 billion, I think I will refrain from sending my $2600, at least until they re-imburse me for all the previously non-taxable items that I paid twelve percent on, especially galling being educational, athletic and medical's like they now consider knowledge and pain taxable!

It never fails to amuse me how much the not so Goods and Birdbrain Falcon types whined about all the money that was going to be lost from a supposedly revenue neutral tax......

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why we have to pay Adolf Harper back 1.6 billion. This S.O.B is screwing us at both ends. The HST has put an extra $850,000,000 a year into the feds coffers, It will be close to 2 years of HST buy the time Sleazy Christy removes it. The way I add that equals 1.6 billion, but I could be wrong after all I only have a grade 8 education. The way I see it, Sleazy and her sluts will try to keep the HST going until close to the next election. That way the libias {I mean liberals} can blame everything on the NDP after they take over. If anyone has to pay the feds anything back, it should be only the people and businesses that benifited. Sorry for the spelling errors, That education thing again.