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Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy the World, Viva La Evolution!

Sometimes the best way of communicating and connecting with others is to talk, no facts no figures no spin just a simple conversation like the one i`m having with you right now.....

I wish I could attend the Vancouver Awakening in person but that`s not possible, at least not tomorrow however, however this "Awakening" is just getting started, we owe the Egyptian people a debt of gratitude, for that is where this modern evolution started, perhaps you noticed I used the word "Evolution" rather than Revolution, there is a reason for that..

A revolution even in name sends subliminal imagery in all directions and depending on one`s upbringing, one`s education and particularly one`s understanding of history, was that history accurate, for even in the free-land of USA/USA/USA/USA, even in this melting pot revolution means different things to different people, for Texas still talks of succeeding and leaving the national union, revolution to Texans reminds them of loss, or at least a perceived loss,....Viva La Revolution, Revolutions in Mexico, in South America, military uprisings around the world, the word revolution supplants images of violence in many, our blind media in Canada are engaged in a massive propaganda campaign as we speak, there are those in the Federal Government and many in the BC Liberal party who want violence tomorrow and their motives are obvious....For if someone smashes windows, burns a cop car that`s what will be reported!

Already many haters in the bloggosphere are slinging mud and name calling, all in an attempt to discredit this world-wide "evolution"....For big media under orders from the Federal Conservatives and  Christy Clark`s BC Liberals are looking to divide the left, media, the Vancouver Sun, CKNW are hoping and praying that some part of Occupy Canada goes violent and then the shills will descend, the Gary Mason`s, the Vaughn Palmers, the Balderdash`s, the woodless Bill Goods of Canada are aching to tie any violence to Jim Sinclair, Adrian Dix, David Eby, in anticipation of violence big Canadian media has been hired through stealth and advertising dollars to launch the nastiest attacks towards the left, words like "nuttars and radicals" are bandied around, ....Stephen Harper, Christy Clark, the Vancouver police are all complicit, threats have been issued by the police against wearing glasses, hoodies and costumes, these authorities are treating the "evolutionists" like children, in-fact they are attempting through various media to deliberately incite violence, maybe Halloween should be canceled too, ban those children from dressing up like Cinderella or the Wizard of Oz

Stephen Harper stated today...

"Canada is different, we are a stable economy that weathered the global economic meltdown better than most"

Christy Clark echoed that sentiment by saying we are better and kinder and more caring than Americans...

But that isn`t true, Canada is deep in debt, the debt is growing fast, seniors are now taking on debt, big debt, the boomers are swimming in debt and middle-aged folks are falling backwards and being left behind and their children see nothing but austerity measures while Governments choke on corporate pork, the debt crisis is here, perhaps someone should tell Christy Clark and Stephen Harper that Canada is not an island, man is not an island...Isn`t that amusing, catch phrases, even prolific propaganda spotters like myself start falling into the word trap....

"Debt crisis"

There was no debt crisis, it was outright theft by the banking industry, it was fraudulent investment firms stealing pensions, insider trading, derivatives and credit default swaps, financial instruments of mass destruction invented by elite criminals, why, how much money do they need, there was no debt crisis in 2008, there was no debt crises when the Dot.Com bubble burst, there was no debt crises when the SnL banking debacle happened under George Bush senior, there was no debt crisis that led to the great stock market crash and following depression in the early 30s....There was no debt crisis, there was fraud, speculation, investors drank the Kool Aid and the bankers facilitated the crimes, it wasn`t a debt crisis it was the greed of the very few.

Tomorrow the "evolution" starts, the awakening of evolution, for Darwin used the word evolution and yes he was vilified by the religious zealots who scoffed at evolution, these religious dinosaurs believed that God, their own special all to themselves God placed them here, these people don`t believe in evolution, bankers don`t want people to evolve, Governments and bankers want us kept in the dark, isolated, afraid, the Bilderbergers of the world want us silenced and neutered... As for the word evolution, it also implies learning....Animals learning to survive, learning to fly, learning how not to be eaten by bears and bulls, through time and "Evolution" animals and mankind survived, we evolved to the point that we could recognize the enemy, we evolved to where we could attack threats and now with the help of technology, communications, access to voices, access to the truth, access to the internet, access to each other and with the very devices the criminals made we are once again evolving to the point that we can again spot and destroy the enemies...

The 1% that control the corporate banks and our Governments.

We aren`t alone anymore, I`m not alone anymore.

And as I peer out the window, memories, everywhere are memories, tears flow and happiness overwhelms me for without...

For without memories and tears we never lived in the first place.

Viva La Evolution!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Kevin O'Leary vs the 99%, what a barf.


Gary E said...

Kevin O'Leary is a self serving pompous ass that only cares about his own pocket book.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo, but is that a tsunami approaching on the horizon?

Are the 99% about to overwhelm the helpless and hapless lone individual in the foreground?

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

"Are the 99% about to overwhelm the helpless and hapless lone individual in the foreground?

I hope so."

When they come for you, will you feel the same way?

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely true.

The gigantic corporations are sitting on all of the money. How can money suddenly vanish? Someone has it.

Recessions just don't happen, they are engineered, and so are wars. The huge gas and oil company's thrive on wars.

Because of very stupid, corrupt politicians accepting money from the big boys to favor them, we don't even own our own damned country's.

The giant corporations, should be run out of every nation. We can manage our own natural resources. They make trillions off country's, and their money is sitting in off shore accounts.

Hugh said...

The Governor of the Bank of Canada says the protests are constructive:


Anonymous said...

A woman being violently arrested for wanting to do some banking:


kootcoot said...

Not to be too nit-picky (my favorite flaw) this "evolution" actually began in Tunisia, which then triggered the action in Egypt. See if you can find a recording online of Charlie Parker playing "A Night in Tunisia." Of course anything by the Bird is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Grant.

You nailed it. To learn to spot the enemy, and anticipate their next move is crucial.

Six members of my family, were in the armed service during WW11. Figuring out and anticipating the enemies next move, was very, very crucial.

How sad it is, our enemies are the politicians who are in a position of trust. They are supposed to watch over their people. Instead we feel like we are in the old Nazi Stalags, being held as prisoners.

Anonymous said...

"How sad it is, our enemies are the politicians who are in a position of trust. They are supposed to watch over their people. Instead we feel like we are in the old Nazi Stalags, being held as prisoners."

The above is what is called tipping your hand early.

Anonymous said...

People fight back. Hit everyone in the pocketbook. We were warned today about impending price increases in coffee, chocolate and more. If it's too expensive, pass it by. If the flight is just too expensive, take a staycation. But for Christs sake put down the credit card!!!! Live within your means. Become a minimalist. Buy as little as possible. Do without. Don't let the 1% control us. Boycott monopolies where possible. Vuy dollars store socks! I do.It CAN work!

Anonymous said...

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