Friday, September 23, 2011

Christy Gordon Campbell Clark`s Secret Agenda Revealed!

I have written about it before, Vaughn Palmer and other media have their own vested interest in promoting the continued rape of our rivers, the reason?...The reason is they bought the Campbell Kool-Aid and invested their own money in the private power ripoff, in other words Vaughn Palmer and others could give a rat`s ass about British Columbia and BC Hydro ratepayers or the environment, Vaughn Palmer is long in the tooth and all he cares about now is his own bank account...

Today Vaughn Palmer is making waves again about the power shortage to run a natural gas liquification terminals, but Vaughn Palmer avoids the two elephants in the room, and what might those elephants be?

Elephant #1)...Can you imagine the idiocy of buggering up pristine salmon rivers, damming eco systems to facilitate the export of greenhouse gases to Asia, using so-called green power to export carbon and pollution. 

Elephant #2)..The LNG terminal proposed for Kitimat, the electrical demands of this project are to be subsidized by regular BC Ratepayers!!!!!!!!....Yes, Bill Good`s guest yesterday admitted that the hydro rates for British Columbians will rise considerably because of the electric demands of these LNG terminals!!!

In other words regular folks in BC are expected to subsidize EnCana gas, Apache Canada and the over-priced IPP power for the sole purpose of more private corporate profits!!!!...You see friends what is really going on here, it`s a BC Liberal backdoor maneuver to push through private IPP power projects and ....And EnCana gas will not pay the rates that the private power companies wants, you know the prices, Gordon Campbell signed long term contracts with these river rapers that guarantee huge profits for the IPPs, and these prices are 4 to 10 times the spot market electric rates, and the best forecasters in the world had stated that the price of electricity is not likely to rise for at least 30 years, ...Well, except in BC where the BC Liberals and Christy Clucking Clark sold out every family in BC!!!!..

Now hear me out, I am not against the natural gas industry but I will not subsidize big profitable companies like EnCana gas, they can buy all the power they need from Alberta, cheap electricity from natural gas burning power plants, and, here is a real novel idea, how about EnCana gas build their own natural gas burning power plant, or plants to supply their own needs for electricity, !!!!!!

EnCana gas wants free power for this project, well it`s not free, it will be paid for by ratepayers, in fact Bill Good had a guest on his BC Liberal promotional show earlier this week who stated that...

"BC Hydro residential customers rates will rise in costs as a result of the Natural gas liquification plants" snip

And Vaughn Palmer has stated in several columns.....Phase one of the Natural gas liquification plant will require 3000 gigawatt hours alone, let alone three terminals!...In other words, this plan will require roughly 10,000 gigawatt hours of power per year, that folks translates into 10 site Cs dams to be built, but, Site C won`t be running until 2020 or later, so, that means buggering up possibly hundreds of rivers to supply this power, hundreds of over-priced IPP power projects, hundreds of long term 30 and 40 year contracts, hundreds of power buying deals all being subsidized by BC hydro ratepayers!

And, and if the Natural gas market goes bust, if the world discovers new cheap energy, if the global economic markets go bust we in British Columbia(the people) would be on the hook for all this power!

Below are some excerpts from Vaughn Palmer`s columns.


An LNG plant, being basically a giant refrigerator, consumes a lot of power. The first phase of the Kitimat facility would need 1,500 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. Phase two would double that requirement.
Hydro is confident that it will have enough energy on hand to supply Phase 1. Beyond that, I'm told, it will depend on to what degree the government, in its drive to hold down rates, reins in future development or purchase of electricity by Hydro

Read more:

After repeating a vow from earlier in the week to push for one LNG terminal by 2015 and three by 2020, she addressed the concern that BC Hydro will be unable to supply all the electricity (as much as 3,000 gigawatt hours per year) needed to power one terminal, never mind three.
"We have enough electricity available to be able to launch the first two phases of the first project," Clark assured the audience.
"And I need to be clear to you today we will not allow a lack of power supply to stand in the way of any further important steps in the LNG project."

Read more:


What we are witnessing here is a backdoor, backhanded betrayal and a continuation of Gordon Campbell`s ruinous IPP private power scam that has already skyrocketed our electricity rates!...And, was not a review of BC Hydro just completed, the reason for the review was to keep the ratepayers hydro rates from exploding upwards over the next 5 years!...Yes it was and now....And now this project will require buggering up hundreds of rivers and streams with IPP DAMS and river diversions, the pure audacity to alter and ruin pristine river systems to facilitate the export of Greenhouse gas emitting natural gas.....Oh the humanity!

EnCana gas, Apache Canada and EOG resources, multi $billion dollar companies want to use the equivalent of 10 Site Cs or more likely hundreds of smaller river dams from IPPs, all with decades long contracts backed up by BC Hydro ratepayers, and....

And EnCana gas, Apache Canada wants this power for pennies, EnCana gas wants you, wants us, wants little ole residential customers to pay for their massive electrical footprint!....

EnCana gas can build their own Natural gas power plants and they can supply their own power, we BCers are already paying carbon offsets, carbon energy taxes while EnCana gas and the coal exporters ship their greenhouse spewing products overseas without any carbon offsets or carbon related fees!...

There is nothing wrong with the goal of exporting natural gas to Asia or America but the thought of damming hundreds of rivers and streams to facilitate the export of greenhouse gas emitting natural gas is so 18th century, it`s even worse than the tar sands operations, if EnCana gas and Apache Canada need power they can either buy Alberta electricity derived from natural gas or they can build their own natural gas powered electricity generating plants, that makes the most sense of all, they have the gas, they can use it for making their own go-go juice and leave the damn environment alone.....

But, Christy Clark caretaker Government has merely found a way to bring in Gordon and Michael Campbell`s ruinous policies of transferring wealth from families to corporations and the environment be DAMNED..

Only a fool would use clean water generated electricity to create greenhouse gas product for export, fools or BC Liberal corporate stooges....Use natural gas powered electricity to liquify Natural gas, Do not dare bugger up hundreds of rivers for liquifying natural gas.........What abunch of corporate sell outs the BC Liberals are

And Vaughn Palmer...Too bad you sunk your money into the IPPs, go fly a kite you salmon hating BC Liberal Stooge.

Can you say Smoke and Mirrors!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

And I have a message for Mr. Arson killer....I have a very special killing bolt with your name on it!...

Bring it on you sick bastard...

Now back to our regular scheduled program.

Good Day

Curious said...

Who is Mr. Arson Killer?

Anonymous said...

BC's eco systems, are certainly under dire siege. The Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China. In the channel to Port Kitimat are, our beautiful Orca and Humpback Whales. There are many species of marine life, that call the channel home. The First Nations people rely on the sea, to help feed their people. However, Harper and Campbell only see greed. BC is to plunder and destroy, for their own selfish goals.

The Rain Forests along the channel, are also under threat. Not only by the tankers, but also by logging. The Rain Forests are the home of the Spirit Bears, the unique small wolves, salmon runs, and thousands of wildlife creatures.

The runs of the rivers, are eco nightmares. Bute Inlet's salmon runs are destroyed. The bears, eagles and thousands of creatures, rely on the salmon.

Now they are fracking for gas. The amount of water needed, is obscene and, is loaded with deadly chemicals. Some states in the U.S. and also Alberta, can light the water from their faucets on fire. Fracking poisons the clean underground water, for absolute miles.

The site C dam is being built, to provide water for the dirty tars sands and, now for fracking. The site C dam is going to destroy, the most valuable farmland in all of Canada.

I doubt our stupid politicians, will ever care about the tragic eco damage they are causing.

We can't drink oil or gas. We can't grow food, on the poisoned land. Livestock and wildlife can't drink poisoned water, they will eventually perish. We can't eat poisoned fish, from poisoned lakes, rivers nor streams.

Campbell, Hansen and Harper have ruined BC financially. Now they want to turn BC, into a polluted wasteland

Hugh said...

Using BC Hydro to subsidize the production of natural gas, and then the production of LNG?

At the same time, the BC Govt is forcing the public sector to purchase $25 million worth of carbon offsets. An example, money from schools funding Encana emission-reduction projects:

Hugh said...

And also using BC Hydro as an ATM machine to subsidize IPPs, fer focks sakes!

Leah said...

Oh my, has paid off handsomely to have Mr. Encana as an advisor to Clark(e) hasn't it? Oops...sorry...Mr. Morgan.

Nothing has changed in this government but for whose hand is under the garment of the puppet, pulling the strings. In fact, it's filthier than it's ever been.

Grant G said...

Hi Leah....I feel the same way about you, you are my internet soulmate..

Friends for life.

Good Day

BC Mary said...

Talk about dark secrets! There's disturbing news coming out of Kitimat. Merv Ritchie at Kitimat News -- with quotes from The Globe and Mail -- details some shocking job discrimination going on there,

favouring U.S. hires and abusing Canadians.

Grant G said...

I need a better link Mary...

This one only goes to the front page..

Grant G said...

Got it Mary...Here is a direct link..

And if Enbridge is built(over my dead body)...Expect the same thing...Remember the Canada Line, mostly foreign underpaid slaves, it also happened on the Golden ears bridge.

Grant G said...

Foreign on the golden ears bridge..

Grant G said...

And on the Canada line...

Good Day

Grant G said...

A beautiful fact-filled story...Right wing think tanks are nothing but corporate stooges..

Courtesy of Big Ed Deak....The living legend.

Anonymous said...

Ahem... I did find a link to an article by Merv Richie:

Not the right article I'm afraid, but deuced interesting nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

terrace daily commentary 16 SEP 2011

Anonymous said...

The Enbridge pipeline, will bring their own pipe layers too.

If any of the seven mines, going into Northern BC are American, I am sure they will employ their U.S. citizens there as well.

I'm pretty sure it will be an American company to build Harper's ships. They will employ their own people. I think it was the company, that Christy's brother was involved in. I think the company is now called SeaSpan. That is the company Christy named for the contract.

Once again the BC citizens are ripped off. So much for Christy's job plans. The jobs are for Americans, not for the BC people.

Anonymous said...

Grant G.
Very interesting reading on Vaughn Palmer and his personal investment in IPP's.

I sent Vaughn an email yesterday commenting on how MLA Clark might want to do better on job creation as opposed to when she and her Liberal cohorts ripped up Health Care workers contracts resulting in a decimation of those families lives. Not to mention the tax dollars wasted going to court to defend this pathetic act.
I asked Vaughn Palmer if he invested personally in IPP's and his answer was "no".

Grant G said...

And you expected Vaughn Palmer to admit he invested $200K?.....And Gordon Campbell admitted to his decades long affair with Lara Dauphinee too...Sheesh

Good Day

Unknown said...

No, I had no expectations of what his answer would be but he's denied it and went on to explain how he's had many guests on his show that are opposed to IPP's. Somehow that's supposed to show he's not invested?? Weak.
I would like to know when he's going to ask you on the show.
When the pigs fly I suppose.
Too bad, that would be worth watching. Any chance of you appearing on any MSM programs??
Keep up the excellent work.

Gordon Campbell Deserves the Order of BC said...

Gordon Campbell cheating on his wife?

Yeah, Grant.

And oh all those MLAs and he didn't get smokin' hot pussy from them too... just Lara? That makes no sense.

What does is he's faithful to his wife. Knock it off.