Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christy Clark Caretaker Government/ The Beginning of the End

Perhaps it`s the pain, maybe sadness, more likely the source is anger, whatever the cause matters not and as for explaining it I cannot...

Clarity, unadulterated pure thought, the ability to be there in the room with my enemies as they squirm, conspire and plot to salvage not only their future but perhaps even their own lives, the day, today in particular, Shakespeare would be proud, there is another saying or phrase that comes to mind..

"All the worlds a stage"

We had a three part special performed today and from what I gather most of the media and the public bought it hook, line and sinker.....Actually, if you count the BC Liberal movie of the week we have four elaborate movies being played simultaneously,....BC Hydro.....Let`s start with that straw man whipping boy.....We had the BC Liberal review on BC Hydro recently completed, the report clearly indicated the reason for skyrocketing residential customer rates is the aquisition of run of river power, that is the elephant in the room, power buying contracts of 30 and 40 years at rates 4 to 10 times the current spot market rates, the report also mentioned that the real goal of the smart meters was for real time billing(premium cost power at family time..5:00 pm to 10:pm)....The BC Hydro review also highlighted a bloated payroll, 41% more hires in the last 8 years and some pretty good double pensions....

The BC Liberal stageplay on BC Hydro was to, through PAB press releases, through a compliant CKNW and Global TV.(CKNW did a special last Friday, the whole show was about tearing down hydro workers pensions and highlight that BC Hydro has more employees making over 100,000.00 than any other crown corporation....

I am not condoning the over generous pensions but....But can`t you see the con, the BC Liberals are trying to anger the public over salaries when the real reason the public is furious is about skyrocketing hydro rates, the public`s focus has been directed at compensation of employees rather than where the real problem lies, IPP contracts and smart meters...As for BC Hydro having the most 100,000.00 K salaries, Linemen/woman make good money and work long shifts during storms, Hydro also employs engineers, scientists and a very high-skilled workforce, compare the skills of the average BC Hydro worker compared to Translink, high-tension linemen compared to bus drivers, no offense meant to any bus drivers, the reason for skyrocketing hydro rates are the Run of River contracts, we buy high and sell low.....The Gordon Campbell legacy lives on through hydro rates..

The UBCM convention in Vancouver, the mayors and councilors will be voting on the smart meters, whether or not they will be allowed to be installed in their constituencies, first off, these mayors have no say, the people have no say, in-fact Rich Coleman after hearing about the smart meter vote at the UBCM quickly came out with a statement saying and I quote...

“We continue what we are supposed to do, and that is to install smart meters in British Columbia,” he said. “We have already made the investment, we’ve already passed the legislation in the Clean Energy Act. We have invested [as much as] $400 million so far and a resolution [by the UBCM] is not going to stop us.”

I would like to examine that statement, what does that mean...

"We continue to do what we are supposed to do" snip

Is Coleman a robot, controlled, and if yes by who?

"We`ve already passed legislation in the clean energy act"snip

You mean Gordon Campbell told the public, the media, the Province, and by his hand Gordon Campbell said smart meters get installed, no oversight, no public debate, no perusal by the BCUC, no nothing but a dictorial decree by a habitual liar and criminal and Rich Coleman said that he and his fellow law makers are stuck with it, stuck with a legislated law, stuck with a law they voted on?!....Are you kidding me, and you media, where were you, the clean energy act was rammed through the legislature with closure, debate cut off and you just stood there with empty pens and cheerleading words....And you mayors want to make a symbolic gesture, you want to side with the people, you want to grandstand with your useless vote that you all know is worthless, where were your voices when the clean energy act was proposed, if the smart meters are so damn good then why was/is the BC Liberal Government afraid of scrutiny....??..Exactly, many MLAs will live in danger, when the truth comes out, when the facts are revealed, how complicit these BC Liberal MLAs were in abetting the Gordon Campbell crimes, I wouldn`t want to be a BC Liberal MLA, especially a former BC Liberal MLA......Many have written on smart meters, the BC Liberal Ties/The Federal Liberal ties, insider deals, big stock purchases by floor crosser David Emerson...
History will judge thee BC Liberals.....Karma will take care of the rest.

Part III of this stage play is David Hahn, the man is leaving as a failure, he sank a ferry, he chased away tourists with outrageous RV and boat trailer fees, he slammed local residents with insults and even refused to honour pre-paid fares, and despite Hahn being praised by CKNW/Global news and the BC Liberals as a great CEO, the name of the game, the goal of BC Liberal public affairs army spin machine is to highlight a new paid less by tons CEO, also to highlight some tweaking of future pension obligations, a hiring freeze and an end of the sop to the $billionaire Aquilinni and through it all the root cause of BC Ferries fiscal nightmare is all but being ignored, BC Ferries is set to lose $25 million dollars this year, ridership is down to 20 year lows, our population has increased by nearly 1 million in 20 years and ridership is falling, Hahn succeeded at nothing, a stooge appointee planted to shield BC Ferries books from the prying public eyes, because the truth be known, BC Ferries could save $40 million dollars per year on interest charges on their $1.6 billion dollar starting tomorrow, all they have to do is bring BC Ferries under crown corporation status, borrow $1.6 billion dollars, pay of their debt to the German banks and refinance at 4% interest rather than the 11% they are currently paying, David Hahn has left BC Ferries in worse shape than they have ever been in, and without refinancing the debt BC Ferries will continue to bleed cash, yet the story being spun by PAB will be all about David Hahn`s transformation of BC Ferries from the dismal days in the 90`s and his altruistic reasons for leaving, the emphasis will be placed on wages of joe average worker, again the root cause of the Ferries fiscal woes will be ignored, gas guzzling defective ferries, usury interest rates on the debt and, and the big one...The $500 million dollars Gordon Campbell forced BC Ferries to borrow, $500 million that went into general revenue that BC Ferries is paying interest on, the dreaded debenture.

And the really big news today, or should I say the big lie...The BC Liberal Government employ advisors, panels, spin doctors, the BC Liberal Government also employs over 200 freaky looking PAB employees who hang all over the ministers as they speak, the largest public affairs department in North America, maybe the largest in the world, they spin the news, they have direct lines to every complicit media room in the Province.....And what are the odds that what Shirley Bond said today about the RCMP is nothing but another elaborate ruse.

I would like you to think about this.....Why would Shirley Bond say anything about the Federal Conservative Government issuing a 9 week ultimatum to the BC Liberal Government about signing a new 20 year contract with the RCMP.....Why indeed, what is the angle, what ruse is PAB plotting, first off, according to Shirley Bond the Harper Government showed the  BC government a copy of the RCMP contract Alberta and Saskatchewan recently signed and said, you get the same deal, sign it......That does not ring true, what makes British Columbia think they can get a better deal, a cheaper deal than either Alberta and Saskatchewan....This story isn`t about whether we should replace the RCMP with our own BC Police force, this story isn`t about tasering or drunken lying cheating RCMP officers,  this is not the issue.....The story is about the spin, this story is about a senior, I mean a really really old senior politician(shirley Bond) in public, starting a pissing contest with the Federal Government, and, does Shirley Bond really believe that Stephen Harper gives a rat`s ass about the court of public opinion when he`s in the first year of a 5 year majority?!...

So why was this leaked at the UBCM convention? there are over 200 members of the BC Government PAB and they let this story leak out????.....Also, why would Shirley Bond panic at this time, the Federal Government gave her until the end of November to sign a deal.....So why the pissing contest with the Federal Government?

And why hasn`t the media picked up on this, for if the NDP were in power and they started a Federal battle with three 800lb elephants on the line,  they would be ridiculed for stupidity, Christy Clark recently has been on the record as saying.
"The BC Liberal Government has always been on good terms with the Federal Conservative Government"

And maybe some of the people, maybe everybody has forgotten about the three 800lb gorillas in the room, isn`t there a tens of $billions of dollars worth of federal ship building contracts soon to be let out by Stephen Harper, and who is competing for these contracts....The HST province of Ontario, the HST province of Quebec, the HST province of Newfoundland the HST province of......Err, never-mind

So why indeed, perhaps the anger expressed by Shirley Bond today was really in response to British Columbia NOT getting any of the ship building contracts??

Think about these optics..A  Federal Government ship building contract worth tens of $billions of dollars is about to be released to 2 of 4 provinces.....BC is "allegedly" in talks with Ottawa about fast tracking the removal of the HST and then there is that little issue of the $1.6 billion dollar bribe Ottawa wants back.....Harper wants his HST foothold in Western Canada, Gordon Campbell has already been rewarded for his betrayal of British Columbia....

So with that in the background, with the BC Liberals 200 plus member of the Public Affairs Bureau controlling the message,  Shirley Bond screams the sky is falling because the Feds gave her a 9 week deadline to sign the same deal everyone else did. are you kidding me!....A court of public opinion pissing contest with the Federal Government with the HST $1.6 billion on the line and a Federal shipbuilding contract.....It was no accident.

There is only 1 possibility in my mind.... BC got nixed with the Federal ship building contract...The Federal Conservative Government told Christy Clark that the HST must remain or no Ship building contract will come BC`s way....The BC Liberals squirmed a response back to Prime minister Harper...The HST if Kept will destroy the BC Liberal party...To which Harper responded......The BC Liberals are disposable, the HST is not..

And there is also a slim chance that the BC Liberals want to make their own police force,  imagine this scenario, Christy Clark and her corporate advisers hand picking a BC Police force, her chiefs, her PR people, her priorities, as much as the RCMP disturb me, my Dad told me about the old BC Police force, and Dad  described that force like this....."The best police force money could buy"      Sorry folks, the thought of the BC Liberals assembling a police force is too much to take.

So....What we really have is the complete demise of the Conservative side of the BC Liberal party, the line was drawn in the sand today, Christy Clark is in survival mode and has but one short straw left to grasp.....She must distance herself from the Federal Conservatives and hope and pray that the Harper regime crashes and burns in the public`s eye before the next election, good luck with that!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Your insight on these matters is brilliant. If only the audience were better positioned to do something to stop the madness.

It seems as if there is no end to the calamities this government has foisted on the hapless citizenry and we seem powerless to do anything to put on the brakes.

Sort of like an out of control freight train on the wrong track heading for oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Is not Harper disposable too? He is the worst P.M. this country has ever had. He, Campbell and Hansen blatantly lied about the HST. The BC people said no, right from day one. However, the three forced the HST on us anyway.

As far as contracts on ship building. Christy will pick SeaSpan, an American company. No doubt they will bring their own workers from the U.S. I believe SeaSpan was the company, Christy's brother was involved with. The U.S. brought their own workers, for the dismantling of the smelter, in Port Kitimat.

Same as the seven mines going into Northern BC. If they are American, they will bring their own miners.

Seems the U.S. finds Canadians too stupid and lazy, to work for them. So, the word is out. Canadians need not apply

Grant G said...

BC got snubbed by Harper, BC gets nothing, the only way BC would have got any of the shipbuilding contracts was to accept the HST..

Harper wants his HST...The HST is still here..

Christy Gordon Campbell Clark has been backed into a corner, accept the HST or get nothing from the Federal Government.

That is/was the reason for Shirley Bond to blurt out on the RCMP contract.


Anonymous said...

This morning Michael Campbell was ranting on (again) about those of us voting out the HST. He is still going on about us all accepting personal responsibility and send a check to Christy Campbell to cover losses. The man cannot get it into his small corporate controlled brain that the HST was rammed down our throats by his brother. This is where the blame lies and if you're talking personal responsibility then he should be calling him and telling him to repay the 1.6B. I cannot understand why he is still being given a soapbox to rant from, he clearly has problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

SNC Lavalin bought an old ship building outfit in Quebec , I don`t know how howe far back that goes but until Harper announced his navy ship building upcoming bids the company was going bankrupt.

Well not anymore there is a lot of investing going in that yard, and I`l bet BC is not getting one cent of it. But then according to campbell we could not build even a row boat, maybe we get a piece of building the life boats.

As always a good post.

Walter v E.

motorcycleguy said...

There are very few BC taxpayers that would begrudge a BC Hydro lineman and/or engineer his pay…..I am not union but I do know the training required in school/university, the tools that have to be purchased…both of which are paid for with after tax dollars….and the time spent as apprentices/EIT’s at reduced wages. We have the best power transmission people in the world….able to work in extreme conditions. I do know a lot of BC taxpayers that begrudge Pamela Martin her salary. She makes more money so I guess we are getting more value? Can she fix a power outage? BC Hydro annual reports show that in recent years there has been a much larger increase in management staff than with people who do real work. …..that is where the overpayment is….. they are busy in the PR department propping up IPP’s….granted some would be highly qualified engineers worth their wages, unfortunately their time is spent figuring out where to put the IPP electricity when we don’t need it. Northern Insights reports how Pamela Martin and Bill Good enjoy dinners together on the Sunshine Coast…..yet neither appear concerned about the imminent industrialization of nearby Narrows Inlet with powerhouses….or the construction of transmission lines across the Caren to Ruby Lake…..or, for that matter, about the increase in their residential rates. Powell River Persuader suggests that some of those people we rely on for balanced dissemination of information may be influenced by their personal investments. It is at least true that they have been influenced by a very slanted view of the scope of these projects Something must be up with regard to time limits….the Sunshine Coast IPP has been very aggressive pursuing their approval by the EAO… doubt this is happening with other IPP’s that have already been awarded Energy Purchase Agreements by BC Hydro. Tear them up I say….the immediate financial obligation pales in comparison to the long term cost to both the taxpayer and our wilderness areas. The stage really does appear to be set up for public distraction.

Anonymous said...

SeaSpan is the new name for the Washington Marine Group. That was the company Christy's brother was involved with, was it not? So if SeaSpan gets the ship building contract. Will they bring their own U.S. experienced workers?

Isn't SNC Lavalin under investigation by the RCMP? Corruption of 1.2 billion. Something to do with a loan for a bridge in Bangladesh? I have to go back and see if I can find the article. I remember Lavalin being one bad-ass corporation.

What ever happens, depend on the BC people getting hosed.

The Ice Pilots of Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, did an excellent mock-up of the dam busters in WW11. That would get rid of the run of the rivers dams. Who knows what their eco damage is doing from draining the lakes of their water.

Obviously Christy's promise to look into the hydro rip off, was just more of her b.s.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could get a few crop dusters to 'dust' the Foreign Fish Farms and maybe get rid of some of those nasty little lice things.

Spellcheck said...

One of the reasons that Hydro has a lot of workers with higher paying jobs is because they contracted out a lot of lower paying jobs (mainly clerical) to Accenture way back when.

Here is the agreement between Hydro and Accenture:

Got a buddy who works for them; when he was a manager at a large private company in BC he earned 90K a year; as a contractor/manager to Hydro he earns 125K a year.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the final total of votes posted against Campbell receiving the Order of B.C.

I know he has already received it, but it can always be taken away again - right? Like they did with Fonyo.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found another youtube video starring the BC Lieberals.

BC Mary said...

Quote from Anonymous at 1:01 PM,

Anyone know the final total of votes posted against Campbell receiving the Order of B.C.

I know he has already received it, but it can always be taken away again - right?
[End of quote.]

Yikes! Is this true?

Pls confirm if Gordo has already received his OBC award ... or (I hope) please say it ain't so.


Anonymous said...

To BC Mary. the actual ceremony not until 4th
Oct, but the tracks are covered!

For Immediate Release Sept. 7, 2011
Honours and Awards Secretariat
Province of British Columbia
Order of British Columbia appointments
VICTORIA – The Honourable Lance S. G. Finch, Chief Justice of British Columbia and chair of the independent Order of B.C. Advisory Council issued the following statement today:
“On behalf of the advisory council, I would like to clarify some misunderstanding related to the appointment of Gordon M. Campbell of Vancouver to the Order of British Columbia.
“The Provincial Symbols and Honours Act, provincial legislation, governs nominations and appointments. According to the act, any person or organization may submit nominations to the Advisory Council.
“Section 17.2 addresses appointments and states ‘a person who is an elected federal, provincial or municipal representative is not eligible to be appointed a member of the order while that person remains in office’.
“The nomination package for Mr. Campbell was received on March 10, 2011. Mr. Campbell was appointed to the Order of British Columbia on Sept. 2, 2011. At that time, he was not an elected MLA.”
Media Contact:
Karen Murry
Media Relations
250 889-3664

They have covered their asses! I also signed the petition on line - every signature helps. As for Campbell he wont show and will expect the Order of BC to be hand delivered to him in the UK.
Sorry to get your pulse running amok there!

Qualicum Beach Reader

Hugh said...

From this Govt of Canada website, it looks like the smart grid/meter are from the Federal Govt:

Anonymous said...

I read sometime back. Campbell was too much of a coward, to show up for his reward with the rest of them. I'm surprised Lara didn't get an award.

Out of Campbell's three terms in office...He twice lied to be re-elected, for two of them. The HST wasn't on his radar. The BCR wasn't for sale either. That s.o.b. deserves to be awarded a prison cell.

Finch needs to be kicked off the OBC team, he has fouled and dirtied the OBC institution. I really think the OBC should be dissolved. There is no way we can ever believe in the honesty and fairness of the OBC, because of Finch. Naming someone as vile and evil as Campbell for the OBC, is outright disgusting and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I thought the date he is to receive his false recognition was Oct. 4th.

Anonymous said...

Oct 04 at the ledge. Be there!

kootcoot said...

"BC Hydro annual reports show that in recent years there has been a much larger increase in management staff than with people who do real work."

How ironic, that in my area (where the effing power comes from) we now experience power outages REGULARLY, often without extreme weather conditions to explain them. In the part of the Slocan served by BC Hydro (some is served by what used to be West Kootenay Power now Fortis) we are getting so used to not having power that we barely notice - maybe soon we'll have power as regularly as they do in Iraq - but we'll pay more for the unreliable ;
power we do occasionally get to use......

Linemen, especially long distance transmission linemen deserve any pay they get - I had a cousin that was one and he wouldn't even drink for a day or two before a shift, like a pilot, because he could get killed so easily without even touching anything but getting drawn into the magnetic field if he lost track of his spatial location by ever so little.