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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With Renewal Comes Removal/ Christy Clark Swan Song

It`s almost pleasing in a way, in a sad sort of way, look at the pure optics of the BIG British Columbia picture, here we have Gordon Campbell getting positive press and airtime, in fact James Moore was praising Gordon Campbell today on CKNW and the irony, the oh so glaring irony is that BC is falling apart at the seams with BC Hydro now financially cooked, BC Ferries going tits up and falling behind on their credit card rate interest payments and....

Dave Cobb of BC Hydro has clearly stated that IPP contract power that the Campbell Government forced BC Hydro to buy is the reason for their financial woes.....BC Ferries would save tens of $millions per year on their debt if they were a crown corporation, nothing but wasted money for the sake of maintaining Gordon Campbell`s fiscal illusions, even the $million dollar David Hahn can no longer hide the numbers at BC ferries, BC Ferries is a disaster, the HST is a nightmare, BC has been the laggard province of Canada since the HST was rammed down our throat, non existent job growth, no prices fell, a ill-fated gaming expansion when gaming reached saturation in 2007 and will continue to fall, all of these presents Gordon Campbell left BCers and the BC Liberal party.....Sheesh, I never even mentioned the theft of BC Rail from the people and crimes against the environment....

Jane Thorthwaite...Donna Barnett...Kash Heed...Pat Pimm.....None of these people will be running for Christy Clark...Barry Penner and today Ian Black quit the party, those last two names Penner and Black are young, very young indeed, both in their prime, both are the most partisan NDP haters the Liberal party has, there will be several more retiree/ defectors before the year is out...The writing is on the wall for Christy Clark, election defeat, radio gig dead, a political has-been, when allstar players in their prime quit the BC Liberal party nothing more need be said, the BC Liberal party is dead, perhaps nobody has told Christy Clark that yet, the Liberals are now polling on the provincial election, a company called probe-it or probit....They called last night, the BC Liberals are toasted and the polling will only confirm it, but for me, the funny sad part for both we the people and Christy Clark is everything that is going wrong in BC is stuff Gordon and Michael Campbell laid their hands on! Christy Clark`s has no defence against the financial tsunami approaching BC, a tsunami that was spawned by the Campbell brothers! ..

The BC Hydro disaster...Translink disaster...BC Ferries disaster..BC Rail crimes.....BC Justice/corrections/...Education...HST...Fish farms...on and on, everything Gordon Campbell touched is going bankrupt and raping the public, all these wealth transfers from the public to the private sector, the Gordon/Michael Campbell led BC Liberals killed not only British Columbia but themselves, can`t you see the glaring irony....Gordon Campbell collecting his BC pension plus another $1/4 million per year as High Ambassador to the UK, a chef, a driver, security, a lifetime gig living as a lord in posh London while British Columbia gets buried by his deals, his theft, his crimes, a corrupt Government that stole countless $billions from Joe Average, the Campbell`s locked us in these contract thefts for decades and the very same rats who followed like mindless sheep and abetted the Campbell brother`s crimes against British Columbia are now fleeing the ship, deserting and I can`t blame them, even the 200 person PAB can`t put out the fires, Christy Clark will never win an election, in a way I almost feel sorry for her, yes she was a brutal education minister, yes she voted lockstep with the criminal Campbell but who could of imagined the depth and scale of the Campbell brother`s betrayal of British Columbia...

I`m reminded of something my dad used to say when we watched the legislature, ...

"These MLAs, these Liberals, how can they vote in lockstep with a madman liar, don`t they have souls, children, family, how can they stand up and lie and then vote against the public good"

And if you think about it, how many BC Liberals truly believed these IPP contracts at 6 times the spot market rate locked in for decades were a good deal....How many BC Liberals thought screwing around with BC Ferries, stealing BC Rail...The HST....All those mindless sheep BC Liberal MLAs and cabinet ministers followed Gordon Campbell down the road to hell when anyone with half a brain could see that they were not in the public interest...

With renewal comes removal, we as a Province can`t move forward until the BC Liberals are removed from office, and with the legacy of financial time-bombs Gordon and Michael Campbell left BC will continue to explode, poor old Christy Clucking Clark, her last two press conferences, she returned from holidays and appeared on radio friendly CKNW`s Sean Leslie show,  and what was the big announcement...Well she announced Maybe a fall session, maybe a fall election and her big announcement was....Drum roll please....A jobs trade mission to Asia on a unspecified date in the future...Holy Guacamole Batman!...A future trade mission to Asia, hmmm, didn`t Canada just Diss South Korea with some lame excuse why we can`t attend Expo2012!.....Only two countries in the G20 are not having a presence at Expo 2012 in South Korea, Greece and Canada....Sheesh, you can`t script it better than that, Canada claims it can`t afford a booth in South Korea but yet Canada can afford to send a bunch of politicos to Asia!..Now that`s funny....And today Christy Clark faced the media again with another presser, this one was to explain why Ian Black is bailing, ...And drum roll please...Clark stated that Ian Black got an offer he couldn`t refuse, that line from the Godfather criminal gang movies is oh so fitting for BC Liberals......He will now be working at the Vancouver board of Trade, hmmm, didn`t Phil Hocstein just get a $60K gig with the Vancouver board of trade too?, Well, it was the Metro port of Vancouver where Hocstein was rewarded, a wasteland for disgruntled Liberals ... Oh Indeed , and, there has yet to be a release of Ian Black`s board of trade renumeration numbers, in other words how much will he be making, you think that number would have been released to justify his desertion.

So what do you have left, the disgraced John Les, the pitiful Colin Hansen, the desperate Bill Bennett, the sad weak Blair Leckstrom, the deranged Don Mcrae, Mcdiarmid, Mcneil, and a few old tired horses ready for the pasture, scandal, corruption, wealth transfers from public to private, theft, mismanagement, and the picture that lingers in this musing mind is...

A chauffeur opening the car door for Lord Campbell, a doorman greeting Lord Campbell at his posh residence and his chef serving Lara and Lord Campbell martinis and appys.....If it wasn`t so sad it would almost be funny...

Christy Who?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It truly is sad Grant.

A corrupt, evil thief being given a High Commissioners appointment, by our own Prime Minister. Such is the state, of our once good country.

Europe really has no use for Harper. He has given Europe, a pack of lies, and false statements, about the dirty tar sands oil. Harper was trying to pass the oil off, as clean energy.

Harper has chosen Campbell, to con Europe into buying the dirty oil. Harper had to choose someone, with no ethics or morals, hence he chose Campbell.

The British citizens, are really testy these days. They are dead set against, the dirty oil. If Campbell gets caught in his corruption and lies, he had better prepare an escape route. The High Commissioners office, has already had a demonstration, against the dirty tar sands oil.

I hope someone, who is angry enough will come forward, and spill the beans, on Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. I mean, isn't it galling. Others have to pay the price for Campbell's lies and crimes.

Canada was pretty high, on the list of the most corrupt country's in the world. I wonder how much higher we are now?

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs in BC. Even the biggest cheerleader for the BC Liberals, The Vancouver Sun had a crop of bad news articles today regarding the Fiberals; BC Ferries, Penner and the bankrupt justice system, BC Hydro, the HST. Its all coming to a head for Christy and Falcon and not a moment too soon.

Gary E said...

Looking at the bigger picture of the Clark Government. Did anyone ever see a Mainstream media outlet in BC dis ANYTHING that Campbell did. Not only did the Liberals MLA's knuckle under but so did business leaders and the media.

But today all the floodgates seem to be opening, albeit ever so slowly. It has been apparent to myself and many others that Clark is being set up to be thrown under the bus.

As noted in this article, the rats are jumping ship. And my bet is not only are they jumping this ship but they are trying to clamber aboard another dingy.

And just now Baldry is saying that it is going to take 18 months to 2 years to unravel the HST when it is defeated. What an absolute croc. It had better take no more than two months to unravel it. That's how long it took to implement it. This government thinks it's going to be bad for the teachers to go out. Imagine how bad they will feel if everybody decided to walk and not onbly that, boycott all the businesses that are supporting the Libs.

It may be time to walk the walk folks. And walking day is October 25th 2011 should the liberals try to delay this. They have had two years to set up the alternative.

Anonymous said...

BC has been screwed by the big money that fronts the the BC Liberals, the Fraser Institute and all their lackeys, such as the two Campbell dinks and the rest of the liars. Just think of the reduction in the average standard of living in BC caused by the sell out of our common resources to the Campbells friends. BC Hydro provided nearly a billion per year to the Province, which would provide a lot of healthcare and education. Campbell also destroyed the Mill based timber industry in BC.

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs BC has been allowed to become by voters who marked an X beside a Liberal. Seems it doesn't matter what a crook or liar has to sell, someone will buy it.

Anonymous said...

..A future trade mission to Asia??
Maybe you know when the Province was freed from the Constitutional constraints to negotiate with foreign jurisdictions? Did they amend the Constitution when we weren't looking? I mean what is the Federal Government's role in things beyond the borders of BC if BC can just go overseas and make trade deals etc?

Why doesn't Premier Clark send a trade mission into the rural communities of BC to connect and promote BC business for BC people?

Looking at all the unwanted stuff in the junk stores (from Asia) One might think that we might want good stuff made here or grown and sold here - or maybe she doesn't know that BC has a lot to offer? Local fruit and produce, local meat and eggs, local furniture, local books and art and crafts. How about local clothing - if clothes were not coming in cheap - people would save up and pay for quality products.

Do people in BC really like propping up the Walmart economy? Why do we need rows and rows of TVs in rows and rows of stores?

TVs that are made by slaves in China under lousy conditions sold at a price that doesn't include the cost of tankers that pollute the climate and on it goes? And we think the looters in London were getting something for nothing? What about the Canadian consumers looking for the ultimate deal - stuff for almost free. Get rid of those Fraser Instituter's ideas - always hoping for slavery with lower and lower wages - next they'll be asking BC prisoners to work for foreign owned corporations.

As it stands now - we are getting radiation from Japan and I can't imagine Asia being cleaner than here but maybe I'm wrong. We will enjoy those new radioactive toys for Christmas? Will we even know if Asian stuff is radioactive?

Trade Missions to Asia? maybe MsClark could start building community instead of foreign trade.

Crankypants said...

First of all, I wish to offer my condolences to you on the passing of your father. My dad passed away in 2004 and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and what he would do or suggest about some situation or other.

The BC Liberal Party is on a path of implosion. They have hitched their wagon onto a leader that is totally out of her depth. From the time that she won the leadership until today, she has uttered nothing but garbage. No vision, no ideas, just photo-ops and nonsensical statements that amount to nothing. Hell, she makes Gordon Campbell seem like a Mensa candidate when in reality he was nothing more than a hired gun of the Howe Street mafia.

Once the BC Liberal Party is removed from power I see nothing but heartache for the people of BC for many years to come. It will take that long for any other party to right this ship called British Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it isn't just all Campbell's fault. All the BC Liberal MLA's are just as guilty as Campbell. All of these contemptuous toadies had a choice - do the right thing for the consituent or tow the party line ! Without exception, every one of the BC Liberal MLA's weasels were intimidated by Campbell into helping to destroy beautiful British Columbia. They all decided to tow the party line and help destroy BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries and everything that worked well in British Columbia. None had the balls to go independent and represent their constituents interests.

Time to do justice and vote the BC Liberal bastards out of office - every last one of them. Time to show the big business corporations that they have to pay taxes and not live off the public purse any longer.

Time to kick "Clucking Christy Clark" out on her arse - we need to do it soon and quickly. Hopefully, the HST referendum has been a success and the government has been told to do away with the HST. A good time to follow through with some dedicated work to eliminate the parasitical MLA's that form the BC Liberal government.


Anonymous said...

I sure do agree with Grant, and the comments.

Some time back I read, Chinese people who went to work in an apple factory...Had to sign a declaration, they would not commit suicide. That's how very terrible, some of the work places are in China. Those people work for pennies a day.

This is why our BC mills were shipped to China, along with our raw logs, why factories go to China. It's so, these disgusting greedy outfits, can exploit the Chinese peoples miserable earnings. Child labor in China, is even more cheap.

When you look closely at Canada today, we are no longer a good country. Harper has ruined this country's good name. He has embarrassed Canadians, on many occasions. Harper sending Campbell to England as High Commissioner, is the most shameful of all.

I too, can't even remotely see, how BC is going to survive. Our assets and resources, have been thieved and sold. What is left for BC to recover with? Campbell and Harper worked together to dismantle BC. Everything of value, has already been thieved.

Anonymous said...

My sense is that MAYBE we are finally reaching a turning point from all this crap. I sure hope so. Still, I am waiting to see what fresh stupidity is foisted on us tomorrow when HST results are announced. Maybe it will be the incident that finally motivates people to get out in the streets and DEMAND better. I sure hope so.

Grant, my condolences are belated because I haven't known what to say. I visit your site lots but I don't comment much, mostly because I'm too pissed off at the rape of my province and my country. But please know that while many of us don't comment much, you and yours are in our thoughts now. Thanks for all you do. You are a good man.

Grant G said...

Thank you for that comment 5:07 pm, Dad is here in spirit, and my mom is using the exercise bike, she wants to hang around awhile, a long while and that really makes me smile...

You contributors, Walter and Leah and countless others who care for their parents or the many who have already suffered the loss, it never fails to amaze me the capacity of man/woman to carry on...

You readers, contributors, friends, we will endure, my loss is no greater than anyone else`s for everyone....

"Everyone must travel down the road of time and regardless of the detours the destination remains the same"

Thanks for joining me for a few detours..


Anonymous said...

Everyone should beware ! All of these rats abandoning the Lieberal ship will run for the Conservative party. I for one will not vote for any party that accepts these miserable liars as candidates.

Anonymous said...

Some days when the evil just drips off the front pages of the news. I come to places like this, I laugh a tear forms a bit happy a bit sad but I feel better. The article writers and the commentors are my like minded friends thank you all.

Grant G said...

Wheatkings...Beautiful song, oh, and by the way.

There is only 1 writer here, well...

I`m trying to be a writer, actually I think I`m more like a Narrator and storyteller..

Welcome to my public diary.

Eyes Wide Open