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Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Black Betty Bam A Lam

I have been shell-shocked by the recent developments, it`s not that I didn`t know it was coming but even I was amazed at the speed and depth of this latest corporate takeover....

Curious. or more aptly put would be selective memory and the purging of the facts, the global economic recession, we are told daily that the "economic recovery is fragile" and the new reality is here, medi care cuts a coming, wages frozen, Government promised pensions are unsustainable, the entitlement class will have to look elsewhere for freebies.....Yet absent from this debate is the truth, $3 trillion dollars spent on Bush`s oil war, that number doesn`t exist on any economist`s ledger, what else is missing from the debate is,  this last economic recession as well as the great depression in the 30s was caused not by the people but by bankers and the investment class, there was no economic recession in 2008, what happened was massive fraud and ponzi schemes perpetrated by the banks and investment firms, how is that the fraud and corruption gets purged from the story?

When the triple AAA securities, credit default swaps and derivative plays all went bust for the bankers they threatened the world, "pay us $trillions of dollars or life will get worse, much worse for mainstream America"...That is what we were told, so Canada in lockstep with the Americans, the Brits and the European union ponied up $7 trillion dollars to ease the pain the bankers were feeling, millions of American people, Canadians and the world`s people stood up and said a loud NO, don`t bail out the thieves, our Governments ignored us little people and emptied the treasury in the name of saving the rich elite from a hard landing.....

$7 trillion dollars in bail out money, $3 trillion dollars on useless wars that accomplished nothing, and now today the enemy of the spin doctors is no other than You, you dirty little health care users, the nasty seniors receiving Canada pension, around the world the theft from the middle class peoples is rampant and radio stations like CKNW and rightwing Fraser institute pigs like Michael Campbell extol the virtues of Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher, the problem with that is....Those two individuals have no virtue and their economic ideology have led us to today, the return of slavery!

$7 trillion dollars, I want you to remember that number.....Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, a human disaster, here was a chance to show the world that classes didn`t exist, a chance to prove that colour and classes are no longer treated differently, $7 trillion dollars to bail out the banks and a mere $70 billion dollars over many many years for the rebuild of New Orleans and Louisiana, the black people who had their world flooded and poisoned were given nothing, the big insurance players State Farm and others fought tooth and nail and denied, delayed and defended and refused to pay insurance claims and the one`s they did pay were whittled down to zippo....

I can`t imagine having to sit on the back of the bus or be denied use of a water fountain, Selma, Alabama, the supreme court Justices, equal rights legislated by law but when the shit hit the fan and the water rose black America again realized that they were and still are second class citizens, America had a chance to rebuild the flooded city and state, a Manhattan project was needed but instead a few measly dollars were handed out to whitey organizations where the dollars vanished.....

When Florida gets hit, when white America gets hit the dollars flow, when black America gets hit the excuses flow.

The Haiti earthquake and human disaster, $billions were pledged for renewal and rebuild but to this day a mere few hundred million dollars have arrived, even less money has actually hit the ground, for a price of about $5 billion dollars Haiti could have been transformed into a new country.

For the price of a few $billion dollars Haiti could have been transformed into a new world, a new society, Haiti and New Orleans could have been turned into a young flower garden, seeds could have been sewn, bulbs planted and new hope, new respect, new direction, new world building was on the fingertips of man but instead of creating life the bankers and elites looked the other way, the black man is not equal, paper laws may say different but paper money is where the truth lies and paper money has said loud and clear that black people don`t matter to banks.

So Governments and treasuries departments around the world in 2008-2009 gave the criminals $7 trillion dollars in bail-outs and that brings us to today, austerity measures(service cuts), benefits cut, pensions slashed, for today Government is broke and their hands are reaching into the pockets of the new black man, you, the middleclass, the new reality is ......

There are only three pockets in the world left with any money in them, the corporations are now sitting on $trillions of dollars in cash yet refuse to employ, and a handful of families, the top 1% of society also possess $trillions  in cash, and the third pocket that contains $trillions in limited wealth is the vanishing middleclass, but the difference is, the middleclass that possesses $trillions in wealth is dived among billions of people, in other words the money individual middleclass possess is very small, yet Government...Government had a choice after the failed bail-out of the criminal bankers to choose a new path, they could have chose to claw-back money from the wealthy individuals, they could have chose to rein in the corporate greed but they chose to assault the middleclass....

The economists, let me see if I have this right, it`s the consumer that buys the goods, you can`t slash, cut, and deny monies or services to the middleclass and expect a robust economy, the stagnation and money concentration will continue until capitalism devours itself....Corporation who outsourced for decades to the cheapest labour markets in Asia, tax loop holes, offshore tax free havens, the Governments of the world in a mass conspiracy have started in 2011 a class war all in an effort to enslave us, yes we are the new black slaves, whitey slaves chained to wall street, I don`t like sitting at the back of the bus and damn it I will drink from any water fountain I want, and if we have to advocate violence to make a point then so be it! Nothing else will work, we the people have no lobbyists, we don`t donate $millions to parties, we don`t run TV ads and there is no Fraser institute for people, for average people, the majority, it`s coming, people are ready to snap........ You know folks, I had a lot of trouble writing that, but what else, for when the disgraced, the criminals and the proven liars are rewarded for their misdeeds what are we left with,...How can one who stole $billions of dollars from BCers be rewarded a sweet gig and more money, an adulterous lying rat rewarded for life, his bonus for stealing, where is the real justice.

I have been listening Roy Green, Charles Adler, Michael Campbell, Gord MacDonald, Philip Til, ...All of them, all the rightwing rabid trained dogs at CKNW have been injecting flawed reasons for the UK riots, ..They claim it`s the entitlement class causing the ruckus, lazy youth, children with bad upbringing, lazy youthful thugs that are bored are the reasons for the riots when the truth is....

When the truth is.....Austerity measures concurrent with $60 billion pounds being spent on a two week sporting event(2012 Olympics)...Youth unemployment at 25%...Jobs that won`t pay the rent and at the same time the British Government is slashing benefits, healthcare, pensions, the talk is about more and more austerity measures and more cutbacks, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening and this second leg of the great banking fraud and theft is targeting those same middleclassers whose income and standard of living has been stagnant at best for decades, that is the reason for the anger, millions of educated wise people warned of bailing out the banks for $trillions of dollars were proven right, the bail-outs failed and now they`re back with their hands open asking for more, Governments have no more of your money to pledge, so now they they will take everything that we fought for, all those things that were fought for tooth and nail, health care, social security, livable pensions, working conditions, our Governments in 2011 had a choice to make, target the 5 families that control the world, target the wealth hoarding corporations or rein in the greedy banks and shut down their derivative ponzi schemes and the Governments chose the only other option.....Assault the workers, seniors, retirees, children, students, the gutless corporate controlled Governments have made their decision and now we are the new black slaves.....

When they came to the jungle for slaves no one cared, when they gathered up the Jews no one cared, when Katrina victims were left swamped with water no one cared, when Haiti was destroyed no one cared, millions can starve in Somalia and no one cares, Egypt, Syria, Libya, the Congo, Peru, rioting, protesting...

"Giving one`s life to save your children`s future is not anarchy" Grant G August 15th/2011

We have entered the world of technocracy, today 5% of the work force can produce everything the world needs, we don`t need thousands of engineer graduates anymore, everything can be inputted into a computer, stress loads, tensile strength, we don`t need thousands of new lawyers, every law, every precedent is recorded, in other words there are no future job for the masses, old factory closes and new factory fully automated opens, 1000 jobs turn to 20, big mines no longer employ thousands but hundreds, big trucks larger than houses replace 10 trucks and drivers, the push to transform the entire education system is on, no more teachers, no schools, just large auditoriums where thousands are trained on mass with a computer screen, no teachers, no professors, nothing but bodyguards guarding the auditorium, the future is very bleak for today`s youth, if I was in the UK I would be side by side with the rioters, if we don`t make our stand now against the rightwing Fraser institute, if we don`t put the fear of death in the heads of the Michael and Gordon Campbell`s of the world we`ll all be sitting at the back of the bus, or worse!

Battle lines have been drawn, Gordon Campbell was officially named High commissioner today(the Federal announcement)...The gall of airing that story on am radio today when we, when we the damn taxpayers learn officially in the BC Hydro review that.....IPPs supply 16% of BCs power but consume 50% of the ratepayers revenue.....Smart meters were implemented for time of use billing....the break up the transmission division was an expensive mistake...IPPS are being paid 4 times the spot market electric rate....Gordon Campbell`s and cabinet`s self sufficiency order in council directive they gave to BC Hydro to be self sufficient by 2016, plus they had to have an insurance buffer of power even if it didn`t rain the entire year, a one in 75 year drought event, a direct order Gordon Campbell gave in that order in council to BC Hydro the day after he announced his resignation, with a deadline of 2016

 Gordon Campbell deliberately screwed every British Columbian resident over, deals inked for decades, the man created direct wealth transfer from public to private IPPS that will cost $50 billion dollars, he lied on the HST and the Liberals are still lying because and I repeat, they will never remove the HST, they, the stooges and PAB are spinning hard with their...18 months maybe 2 years to untangle the HST, ...The BC Liberal, the Campbell brothers messed up our education system, they assaulted the lowest paid workers in the HEU illegally, they created a monster in Translink where oversight was deliberately left out, they bankrupted BC Hydro, they are costing families $billions extra in hydro rates, $billions with the HST, carbon taxes, now more gas taxes, BC Ferries are debt ridden and expensive and barely making interest payments on their debt,everything that that Gordon Campbell and his brother did was deliberate wealth transfer from public to private, all failures, the HST sell out, Jim Flaherty telling us were stuck with the secret deal until 2015, the Campbell Liberals stole our profitable railway, they corrupted  the judicial system, the blatant cronyism, feeding at the trough with huge monies to friends for nothing, Ken Dobell, Patrick Kinsella, Paul Taylor, corruption corruption corruption with bread trails leading the media there and still, and still the passive press plays dead.....And still Michael Campbell is on air preaching his rightwing gospel and the habitual lying criminal Gordon Campbell gets the best Federal gig in town, a chef, a driver, a goddaaaaammm Lord Gordon Campbell ....They don`t even care about the optics anymore, our Prime Minister Stevie Harper had Bruce Carson 5 time convicted felon as his chief of staff and all I hear on the news is how over entitled we all are, all the ills of the world caused by people needing and receiving healthcare and pensions, battle lines are here friends, for when the third to last pocket of money is gone(middleclass pocket) you will be left with what, corporations and elites with everything, the time has come to sharpen the pitchforks.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


hydr0l1c5 said...

Buffalo Springfield, For What It's Worth

Anonymous said...

The people are getting restless. The people are getting tired of the corruption at the top. The loss of what was once a nice way of life. The rich are getting richer, poor poorer and middle class poorer. The politicians and their friends have completely destroyed this province, this country. One only has to look to Eygypt, the UK, and see what is happening. The young ones can't find/get decent paying, full time, family raising jobs. It's been happening here too, with outsourcing, shipping raw resources overseas. The people are getting restless.

Anonymous said...

Right on Grant! How about the $180B per year gift that Carole Taylor gave to the banksters, by repealing the bank capital tax. Then she gets appointed to the TD Board of Directors and is given the position of Chancellor of SFU. Remember when SFU was a progressive university? BC Hydro was providing nearly a billion per year to the BC government coffers, until the Fraser Institute Worms (Gordo & Mike the Barf)gave Hydro to Wallstreet.
We have been totally screwed by a pack of lying scoundrels who should be on trial for treason. When the masses wake up to the treachery of CKNW, the outright theft of the BC Liberals and the International Bankers, there will be nowhere to hide for the pond scum.
Now the British PM Cameron wants harsh sentencing and jail time for all the rioters, who would not be rioting and looting if the bankers had not robbed them of any opportunity for a meaningful life.
Libya's intricate desert water system was destroyed last week with depleted uranium munitions. It is so nice to see Canada tax dollars defending democracy, while the perpetrators call themselves Christians!
Who are these mental cases we elect?

Anonymous said...

It's not a coincidence that Randi Rhodes (am1090) was talking about this very scenario. Her discussion today was about the Evangelical terrorists in the US. Specifically Rick Perry. Apparently the Evangelicals interpret the section in the bible about slavery. Their interpretation is how God has commanded them to take over the world by financially emslaving the middle class. Enslaving them really means making the middle class poorer and the top 400 richest Americans even more rich. Google Koch brothers.
How is this planned? Look at Texas (Perrys state). 45th in high school graduation. Piles of teachers about to be fired. Why? Because the uneducated take minimum wage jobs. Proof? Texas is number 1! Number one in minimum wage McJobs.

People wake up, you are heading to the poor house thanks to The Religious Right. Stand up and vote these biggers out of office. Your wallet will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Typo. Buggers! sorry.

Grant G said...

Thanks for the comments...

And I see the coward AGT is bad-mouthing Laila Yuile and I AGAIN..

AGT, you are such an effing wimp...

Twice I have challenged AGT to mutual combat, twice he has run to the police in fear!...

You are a sick blogger scab AGT, an internet tracer of the worst kind!...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it appears that AGT has his demons too.
He cannot accept that there are other bloggers that are at least equal to, or better than he !!! His recent tirade is like that of an uncontrollable narcissist, exhuding hate for all to see ! A real dumb move and sure to make more enemies than frends.

Evil Eye said...

The riots in the UK and Vancouver are but the shape of things to come.

Endemic poverty in the UK and marginalized youth have nothing better to do than riot, that is the only way they can send a political message.

In Vancouver it was bored lager-louts who live in a sterile province that offers almost nothing to its populace. There is no fun in BC, unless you are wealthy, so the lager-louts made their own fun.

Both riots can be traced back to political dogma and ineptitude and the right-wing shills for the corporatist who run most governments, have indeed grown tiresome.

Yes it is pitchfork time but I see something far more evil in Canada. Canadians are like elastic bands, they have great patience, but when the patience ends, they snap. The question is, how big a snap will happen if the population does turn on its political leaders? I'm afraid very bad things will happen to many supporters of our present corrupt government, with higher powers sending in troops (most likely US troops) to liquidate those supporting the revolt.

Then, god only knows what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Alex was brought to my attention only recently and in only a day or 2 I realized how thin skinned this narcissist actually is. He is about as significant as a flea on an elephants back. He can dish it but cannot take it. No redeeming qualities from this person.

Anonymous said...

Back to the topic at hand. From the Daily Beast regarding the fundamentalist Evangelicals.


Please copy the link and read on. This is some serious stuff.
Thanks for allowing this, Grant.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed, Rick Perry...Texas, the employment capital of America(since the 2008 banking fraud)...The most minimum wage jobs per capita..The most jobs per capita without healthcare..

Rick Perry is very scary..

"Don`t mess with Texas"

Thanks for input

Anonymous said...

Canadian people were warned about Harper, warned what he would do to our country. There was an article on, Harper's speech in New York. He spoke at, the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept 25/2007. Harper's face is the, true face of evil.

Look what he has done to Canada. He cost Canada, the seat in the U.N. He embarrassed Canadians, in Copenhagen. At every multi-nations meetings, he always angers every country present. He refused to co-operate with the other country's, at the last meeting. He had Guelph University stormed. Harper wanted to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Scientists are not permitted to publish their results. Everything has to go through Harper first. Scientists reports, are severely altered.

Harper is nothing other than, a fascist dictator. He has destroyed Canada's good standing, among all of the other country's. Canada is just another corrupt country, as Equador and Columbia. Europe has no respect for Harper, what-so-ever. Harper has lied to Europe, trying to pass the dirty tar sands, as clean energy.

Harper's most treacherous embarrassment, is to send scum like Campbell to England, as High Commissioner. Campbell's purpose is, to force the tar sands oil onto Europe. All we Canadians can do is, apologize to Britain, and the rest of Europe for Harper and Campbell.

I understand, all the information on Campbell, has been sent to England. Our Canadian boys went to war for England. Canada and England's military fought, so we wouldn't have fascism and dictatorship, in our country's. Harper wasn't worth dying for. AND, Campbell sure in the hell, wasn't worth dying for.

Harper and Campbell should be tried for treason. Their personalities are very similar to, other famous dictators.

Anonymous said...

Naomi Klein has a great article at The Nation today, please follow the link...


Anonymous said...

Great Naomi Klein article ^

Thanks for posting the link!

Anonymous said...

Canada is so rotten with corruption, they can smell the stink, clear up to the Muir space station.

There have been documents and e-mails posted, which proves the lies, deceit and corruption, of many corrupt politicians in, especially BC. However, their crimes, are only a phone call away, from a special prosecutor, who gets them off scot free.

In BC, the media are a propaganda machine, to assist the BC Liberals with their lies, corruption and deceit.

Our own P.M. Harper gave the most corrupt, evil and despised Gordon Campbell, a reward for doing a lot of dirty work for him. Harper employed a felon named Carson. Carson and his prostitute girlfriend, were guests in the Harper's home. On an American site, they say the robot calls, to assist Harper to win his election, came from the U.S. So, it is very easy to see why, Harper and Campbell are friends

Welcome to corrupt Canada. Harper has cost Canada, the friendship of the advanced nations. We are now friends with, Columbia, Equador, and other corrupt S.A. country's.

BC has been robbed of everything with value. Campbell is so vindictive and evil, he made sure BC would fail.

With the increase of the carbon tax, food costs, gasoline, hydro going up to 53% more, home heat, and the HST, driving up the cost of living through the roof, this coming winter, is going to be grim. The HST has driven job losses and small business failures. There will be more mill jobs lost.

You would think, logistics would tell the stupid politicians, the HST is far too heavy a load for, Christy's "family's first", seniors low income workers and single mothers.

There is anger and fury, bubbling just beneath the surface in BC. The powder keg could explode, at any given time. If the BC Liberals cheat the referendum as expected, that could ignite the powder. Or we have graduates with huge student loans, and no jobs.

Anonymous said...

AGT chastises those that name call then calls them names in the comments section. I don't get that. I think he might be a litte full of himself. As evidence (his suggestion), just look at the revolving photos of himself on his site.

I like this posting. I too have noticed that there has been a real push lately to kill the middle class. I worry though that most don't care or have a clue about what is happening. I try to educate my parents (long time CKNW listeners) about the folly of their beliefs and I think they worry about my sanity. My sister and many others still belive the NDP are a cancer. I send off articles and try to calmly educate but the media is believed by so many. It is worrisome.

OCEANTOR said...

Hallelujah - "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face—for ever." ORWELL "In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." SIGN ME UP - Viva la Revolution! - And now I’m tired, G’nite!

dan said...

As far as insightful protest lyrics, this one performed by Barry McGuire has lyrics that although more than 40 years old are quite topical even today…..

Two versions; pick your favourite;



Anonymous said...

First, yes we are screwed and yes will always be screwed until the people who live here have a vote on the issues. And not a 'mail in vote' where the new head of elections BC or whatever it's called is a proven rat for the Liberal party. Will they fudge the vote count? Well, they have lied about plenty of other things so don't be surprised if the HST wins by a landslide. Correct that - they will make it close to give the appearance of honesty. Good, we got that out of the way.

Now Grant, you live in Powell river, and I need a place to dock my 75 foot ex navy boat which I purchased for a song from CFB Esquimalt. I need cheap dock space and I need someone who knows boats and preferably someone who also knows Detroit Diesels and maybe even Yanmar generators. I spent 14k on getting the hull done by a professional shipyard in Victoria so I doubt very much that it will sink. But the deck and superstructure desperately need sanding and painting. There is one place I could dock it (I prefer not say here as dock space down in Southern BC is like gold) Thing is, it would cost me a fair chunk of change to get it there - twin diesels burning 5gph each is about a gallon a mile or say 6 bucks a mile. The boat is anchored in Lasqueti and after a few weeks of absolute frustration I thought of you. 'Grant!' I said to myself. 'He lives in Powell River! Which is not that far from the north end of Lasqueti. He knows something about boats. Maybe, as Powell River is not a prime tourist destination there is cheap docking there. Maybe he even knows someone who would be willing to live on the boat in exchange for fixing the upper deck and superstructure.' Once I thought of you all the rest just flashed before my mind in a second. I could go on about how living on an ex navy boat and posting from there would give you a certain notoriety and improve your site traffic and you could take it 12 miles offshore and start a pirate radio station and yada yada yada, but I'm not here to bullshit you.

Just asking if you know of any place there where a person could get docking for say 500 a month, and if there is a plenitude of boat workers there who may be unemployed due to the political environment we live in (And not to be political, but that whole 'fast ferries fiasco' cost BC hundreds of shipyard jobs because the Liberals were not able to admit that there was nothing wrong with those ferries built in Vancouver, except that they were built by the NDP government. And not to mention that an engineering company in Vancouver offered to fix All the problems which they had [no room for overheight vehicles and *too fast* for allowable wake past Gordo's home on the water] for 40 million dollars. Yes, less than ten percent of the cost of the vibrating roller coasters the Liberals bought from Germany - some of which are now sitting at dock because they weren't as good as the BC boats. And the real reason Gordo is going to London is because he is way past his expiry date for neocon politics here in BC. [so bring in Crusty - who could probably do very well for herself on a 'granny porn' site, but won't do a damn thing for the people who live in BC in her current 'political porn' position.])
Okay, got that out. Let's get back on track. Could you or anyone you know provide relatively cheap docking and the experience to fix the upper deck and superstructure of my boat? I'm giving you a throwaway email address here to contact me, in case you publish this.

Hugh said...

Two interesting articles about BC Hydro in saturday's Vanc Sun.

From Derrick Penners article:

"And BC Hydro's own forecast is that its payments to IPPs will rise to $939 million by 2014, ALMOST 3 QUARTERS OF ITS ENERGY COSTS"