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Friday, May 13, 2011

Vaughn Palmer and Jim Dinning....Liars Extroardinaire!

Well wasn`t that exciting, the squeaky victory of Christy Cluck Cluck Clark......Sometimes I muse too myself about events, rare events, nature events, maybe this is how cultures created Gods and belief systems, maybe these events can enter one`s mind and subliminally alter their path but I suspect with Christy Clark the path is pre-ordained..

Wenesday afternoon during the Point Grey by-election a very rare visit by Orca whales happened right in front of Point Greyer`s nose, the Orca, not local residents of our Southern pod but transient members of the Northern pod, Orca whales from Northern BC came down to Point Grey and introduced themselves to Premier Clark, it` been years since Orca whales came right into Vancouver Harbour to make an appearance, it`s almost as if the Whales themselves came down to Point Grey to remind Christy Clark about Enbridge and offshore oil tankers....If a spetacular visit from the superstars of nature isn`t enough to make you think twice about promoting Enbridge and oil tankers nothing will.

Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon have now started running HST promotional ads using stick figures, that is funny, stick figures, one step above see Dick Run educational courses, the ad itself smacks of direspect and reveals an underlying truth about how the Government views the taxpayer and voters, Christy Clark avoided debates in Point Grey, she went against her leadership pledge of not going negative and running only positive campaigns and resorted to running a filthy low-down Kash Heed type election campaign, Christy Clark called David Eby a porn freak, a polygamist and Hard-Drug pusher, Clark fired off those remarks on the Sean Leslie show on Monday May 9/2011...CKNW just happened to give Michael Smyth ANOTHER DAY OFF which made room for Sean Leslie to fill-in for Smyth, and what a coincidence that Christy chooses that day to come on the air and and slag David Eby......

David Eby got called names by Christy Clark, no chance for rebuttal, Sean Leslie was ordered by CKNW to give Christy Clark a free ride....CKNW think they are fooling the public with Michael Smyth, everytime something serious is happening or the BC Liberals are in trouble Michael Smyth is told to stay home, let`s see, how many weeks off has Smyth had since he took over for Christy Clark, my count is 7 weeks of holiday in less than less than 6 months of employment, Smyth was kept off the air in the late stages of the Liberal leadership race, Smyth gets called in to support Harper, Michael Campbell gets called in to promote Harper, the musical chair game with Michael Smyth is another slap to the public, the use of Smyth to attack the NDP both federally and Provincial while leaving him hanging on hot BC Liberal Provincial issues, Clark refused to come on with Smyth or Good...She waited until Sean Leslie took over the microphone for Smyth for a day, I remind you fine folk that Sean Leslie`s wife is a member of Christy Clark`s PAB (Public Affairs Bureau), rumour has it she received a raise after their restructing  ......

Back to the stick fugure HST ads, the ad has an undertone, we have been treated by the BC Liberal as if we were stick figures, no feeling, no pain being felt, no hardship, no disabilities, no minds, no power, the Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon Government have been treating us like mindless stick figures, sticks with no voice, sticks who feel no pain, sticks who are told how high to jump, the stick figure ads were designed to take the human equation out of the tax, a sterile Government ad where they lumped people, real people together with mindless sticks.....The ad is very BC Liberal like, it inadvertantly revealed how Christy Clark and the lying Liberals really feel about the public, dumb mindless stick figures who feel no pain, the ad reminds me of another stick figure ad...The BC Government should be truthful, they should run an ad with them lashing us stick figures with a whip or an ad with stick figures being used as firewood in the BC Legislature....

In fact there is an old ad which is a classic....Remember the Robaxacet ads?...Stick figures who are suffering extreme pain, stick figures getting jabbed with needles in their back...Well, the Robaxacet ads are just like the HST ads...Imagine BC stickfigures getting jabbed with sharp needles, a stab after the 2009 election when Gordon Campbell stuck a big needle in our back, the HST lie...another needle stabbed us will the BC Rail fraud, another stab was hydro rates, MSP payments, ferry fees, carbon taxes, gaming grant cuts, assaults on teachers and seniors and our precious students, everyone of us stick figures are walking around with a back full of needles and stab wounds delivered by the Christy Clark/Kevin Falcon Liberals....You can watch the real HST stick figure ads here.....Remember when you watch the Robaxacet ad, juste equate each needle stab with a BC Liberal betrayal and lie

Christy Clark had her PAB stooges design an ad that treats taxpayers as nothing, mindless no pain feeling sticks, you will feel the stick from the BC voters very soon Cluck Cluck, a razor thin margin in Point Grey where you made announcement after Government announcement, the HST and BC Hydro will be your deathbed...Gordon Campbell`s corporate legacy, 2 years and BC hate the HST as much as ever, BC Hydro having to bleed ratepayers dry over contracts only a madman would sign, natural gas royalties so puny, corporate tax rates slashed so low, teachers, paramedics, school budgets and health authorities all in trouble, Surrey needs schools and new hospitals are over-due and you haven`t a dime except for stolen loot from the crowns and bribes, Gordon Campbell`s private agenda scheme has brought BC to its knees ....

This HST debate, no, that`s wrong, there is no debate......There is something very fishy about the Dinning HST report, the part about the tax bringing in an extra $700 million dollars per year, originally the BC Government claimed the tax was revenue neutral, in fact Vaughn Palmer and Colin Hansen both claimed that the BC Government would lose money on the HST...Now Dinning claims the Government is recieving tons of new tax revenue, now Kevin Falcon and Colin Hansen are claiming the ministry of Finance "Miscalculated"....Are you kidding me!....They miscalculated, something doesn`t make sense, if it was true that the BC Government is making extra money on the HST they would qiuckly pass it on to try and sell their tax betrayal.....I don`t believe Jim Dinning, an entire finance ministry claimed the Government wouldn`t make any extra money and a panel of volunteers who are not in the Ministry of finance claim Finance employees are wrong and out to lunch to the tune of nearly $1 billion per year?....

I believe this so-called new found revenue is another BC Liberal lie....For when the Province claimed the tax was revenue neutral over the last 2 years, they also claimed the HST was going to pay for health and education, that argument fell flat on its face because the tax was a shift, corporate tax being downloaded onto the stick figures, so now cue Jim Dinning and Vaughn Palmer and suddenly the Province scores big, the public laughed at Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen when after the first failed 6 months of selling the HST they moved to the tax pays for services argument, but with them claiming revenue neutrality the public laughed, you can`t have it both ways but with now the Dinning report claiming all this revenue the Province CAN make the argument that by voting out the tax a huge fiscal hole will be created........

Now the Government will be saying all the lost services BCers will see will be because of a loss of this new unexpected tax revenue related too the HST, in fact Vaughn Palmer took it one step further on today`s cutting ledge show on CKNW...Vaughn Palmer said and I quote...

"The NDP should be supporting the HST because all those extra tax dollars will be used for public service wages".....Snip....

Well well well, so now Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon are using Jim Dinning and Vaughn Palmer to change the angle of attack....For now according to these effing liars the tax isn`t revenue neutral, the tax raises revenue, the tax pays for health and education, and the totally laughable Government lie/line that Palmer tried to pass off today....Palmer was saying that the HST is all about paying for our dear over-worked dedicated public service employees....And who might you be talking about Vaughn Pawn Palmer?...Paramedics..Teachers....our little old workers get shit on a "stick" compared to Ontario and Alberta, BC`s workers are woefully underpaid compared to our neighbors, the exception are the huge wages to Martyn Brown/ Paul Taylor/Lara Dauphinee..David Hahn...Are those the workers you are worried about Vaughn?

So that`s the new BC Liberal spin, the HST is for our underpaid workers and if the NDP are opposing the HST they are attacking the same workers they claim to fight for, WOW....Are you BC Liberals that desperate?....

What a pathetic spin job lie Vaughn Palmer....Vaughn Palmer was asked by Christy Clark to start this new angle of attack in defence of the HST...Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey are on the Governments pay role by stealth...Christy Clark sends out the three stooges to (as Wally Oppal would say) hoist it up a flag pole and see how it flys....

In fact I am suggesting the Jim Dinning report is 100% wrong on his assertions about extra revenue, the numbers haven`t been crunched yet, yes the tax base has increased but so has all the inputs big corporations are claiming, the tax year isn`t even one year old and unless Jim Dinning had access to all the tax papers from both Ottawa and Victoria what Dinning is claiming is but wild speculation at best!

Who is lying, is Jim Dinning lying now or was the ministry of finance lying, was Colin Hansen lying about revenue neutrality or BC`s tax authority, how can a three member panel with no access be more accurate than BC`s ministry of finance, either way, the Christy Clark Liberals were lying about the HST in July 2009 or they are lying now, the truth be they have never stopped lying and the Dinning report is nothing but speculation and new spin.

So here`s the deal, Vaughn Palmer is lying again, Jim Dinning is lying and has provided no facts to back up his assertions, and here`s the big one, a group of three in a panel did more comprehensive work than BC`s ministry of finance with it`s multi $billion dollar budget and hundreds of employees....Who are we to believe...

Should we believe Vaughn Palmer who now appears to have but one concern on his mind(protecting the poor public employee). and that is making sure the NDP promote the HST because the tax is all about public sector wages?

Or should we believe Colin Hansen and Kevin Falcon who both lied their faces off, they claim the ministry of finance made a miscalculation on it being revenue neutral...Hmmm, a $700 million dollar per year miscalculation!   Are you kidding me! It doesn`t inspire much confidence from this stick figure...

Christy cluck cluck Clark, she has lied about reviewing BC Hydro, she lied about moving up the HST referendum, she lied about honouring the results of the HST vote, Jim Dinning, Christy Clark and Vaughn Palmer all claim it will take 2 years to unwind the tax, well Vaughn, this stick figure knows a line of bullshit when he hears it, 2 weeks after an election we have a tax rammed down our throats, a 720,000 Anti HST petition, a binding referendum and you clowns say we are still stuck with it for 2 years, that is not honouring squat! She lied about her and her dear brother Bruce Clark`s involvement in BC Rail, she lied everyday on the radio, she slings mud then hides behind the same door Gordon Campbell did.

Who gave Jim Dinning any mandate to ask, figure out on his own or report in anyway on how long it would take to remove the HST, did Dinning negotiate with Ottatwa, did he talk to the ministry of finance, did he ask both Governments, Manitoba removed the HST with a stroke of a pen, Jim Dinning is lying and he never talked to Flaherty or Harper.....How can using a crystal ball be allowed in Dinning`s report?

Where is the data for lost revenue from the restaurant industry, their revenue is down 15% to 22% across the board, where is the table for lost income do to a growing underground economy, what about an assessment of increased cross-border shopping, but if you listen too Dinning for a cost of $1.4 billion dollars too taxpayers the business community reaps a $1.9 billion dollar tax shift, low income BCers get $330 million in credits and the Province receives $800 million more in taxes, all that without one calculation from the above mentioned items, add it all up ..$1.9 billion, $330 million, $800 million, it totals $3billion dollars.....Revenue neutral, a tax windfall, $3 billion dollars divided by 4 million people and Dinning comes up with a total of $350 per family...If a family is 4 people that number 1 million familes times $350 dollars...That totals $350 million dollars, if a family was 2 people....2 million familes times $350 totals $700 million dollars....Anyway you slice it the numbers don`t add up!

Jim Dinning, Dinning has contradicted the liar Jack flip flop Mintz, Dinning has contradicted the entire Ministry of finance, Dinning has miraculousely figured out how much tax the BC Government will receive, Dinning simultaneously got tax records from Ottawa, from Victoria and has magically determined too the penny how much extra tax the BC Lying Government will receive, if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true.

Dinnig`s numbers don`t add up...We were told  by the BC Government that business would save $1.,9 billion per year and that the tax was being shifted onto the consumer...We were told prices will come down...

How is it the USA who have no HST and a lower dollar value have cheaper goods than Canada, what about our gas prices, commodity prices, nothing has gone down in price and nothing will in Canada...

Dinning`s report tweaked the numbers, Jim Dinning claimed that the HST cost BCers $1.4 billion per year, Dinning claims the Province will be ahead $800 million dollars per year...Add up the two sets of numbers, $1.4 billion dollars plus $800 million dollars and they total $2.2 billion dollars...The numbers must be added together....$2.2 billion dollars per year divided by 4 million BCers comes to $500 dollars for every man, woman and child...A far cry from Dinning`s claim about a mere $350 dollars per year per family, the numbers don`t add up...And there is no other way to slice the numbers....For if you took Dinning`s $1.4 billion dollar number and subtracted the $800 million the Government is ahead, then subtract the low income credit...1.1 million dirt poor BCers reciving the credit...If we assign each credit as $300 dollars per year...That is $330 million....So if you subtracted $330 million and $800 million from the $1.4 billion dollar figure Dinning uses($1.4 billion is what Jim Dinning claims BCers are paying extra in tax) leaves a mere $270 million dollars to be divided by all the businesses and corporations throughout the Province....

That works out to a mere few hundred dollars per business, the numbers don`t add up....Jim Dinning can you provide any proof of your tax numbers, can you ministry of finance show proof of this tax windfall....For I believe that these mythical numbers Jim Dinning is using was a pre-planned plot to confuse the people and make them think that services will be mortally wounded if the so-called revenue neutral tax disappears...

The bottom line is....When Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Billy Racist Good come on the air and claim that the HST means better wages and benefits for teachers and Paramedics so the NDP better support it means but one thing....

It means Vaughn, Baldrey and Good have been shown their marching orders and ordered to tell us "stick figures" to go along with the HST or your backs will be full of sharp needles and stab wounds...

Jim Dinning is lying, Vaughn Palmer is lying, Keith Baldrey, Bill Good, Falcon, Hansen and Christy Clark are all lying, the numbers don`t add up and unless Dinning has received all the tax documents from both Ottawa and Victoria  this is nothing but another BC Liberal pre-planned phony stage play.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The BC mill workers are getting another death blow. The mills are going into automation. This is going to cause many more mill workers to be laid off again. I doubt the HST will give these mill workers good paying jobs, such as Campbell and Hansen promised the BC people. Mills are the economy in the central and northern parts of BC. Businesses will take a hard hit, especially the small businesses. I can see more of them having to close their doors.

As for the money Campbell and Hansen promised we would save, by the HST, another lie. The HST has driven the cost of living through the roof.

The media are absolutely shameful. On Christy's radio program, she called the people who objected to Campbell's insanity, the Taliban. That Christy called Eby very nasty and insulting names, is no surprise. Every time any of the BC Liberals are fearful, the dirty names and dirty tactics, begin That's the only way they can win. If that doesn't work, they lie, deceive and cheat.

Evil Eye said...

Listen to Putrid Palmer?

Listen to BS Baldrey?

Listen to bill Boring?

Nope, Nada, not any more as 'NW is off my radio dial.

jaydee said...

Hi Grant,

A test only, seem unable to send comments to your blog and my blog saying all elections as rigged IMO has been deleted from your blog. I believe I posted under Christy Clark stuck in the 90's it is no longer there.


jaydee said...

I see that one seems to have gone OK but not the longer one I just tried to post re rigged elections and the removal of my comment.



jaydee said...


Did you receive a comment from me just prior to this one because it looked like it went but it didn't?

Did you find my post re rigged elections because I can't. Posted under Christy Clark Stuck in the 90's I believe.



Grant G said...

Blogger is under attack...My system has been under fire...Comments vanishing, entire posts disappearing, someone has ordered a takedown of political blogs...

We as a group are going to have to have other access available, twitter feeds, facebook, ..In fact I think I am going to leave blogger, Something serious going down....Infiltration and privacy are in doubt.

Attack of the facists is here!

jaydee said...


My thoughts exactly, should have changed when they took Kootcoot out.

and...when I sent that comment which didn't send, I had signed in and then it went to their Google Accounts telling us about users without recovery actions, etc. Like I'm supposed to believe that shit.


Anonymous said...

Politicians are in the position of trust. But, there are no laws that say, the politician has to resign, when he or she is caught lying. We are forced to allow that politician to lie, steal, and, force all scamming deals in the book, on the citizens.

Citizens in other country's revolt, when they have reached the end of their ropes. When they can no longer, deal with the corruption. But, revolt is beneath decent Canadians dignity. However, it is not beneath our politicians dignity to lie and to steal the citizens very last cent. And that's exactly what they do.

Campbell and Hansen, excelled at cheating, and lying to win the BC election. We know Harper was in on, the HST scam. Harper was drooling at the mouth for BC's HST for his coffers. Campbell was Harper's a-one partner in crime. They compliment each other to a T.

What should Canadians do? How do we stop our politicians lies, corruption and thieving? Do we have to have a revolution?

Harper is bombing Libya, because the citizens in that country revolted against their leader. Harper wants to kill Gadhafi. I find that very ironic. There is no worse dictator than Harper. Would Harper bomb the Canadian citizens, if they revolted because of him, Campbell, Hansen and Christy, and all of the other rotten government officials?

Harper has a bad reputation, among other country's. Would the other country's bomb Harper, if he had police or the army, open fire on the Canadian people? I say Harper had better clean up his own act, before he starts killing the people in other country's.

BC had better have a good purge of corrupt politicians too. BC people are getting angrier by the day. BC has been fouled and dirtied, by the BC Liberals. Campbell belongs in prison, we will never forget about, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR either.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Let me say it again: We are up against a branch of the $indicate (sic.). These people are deadly-sirius (sic.) psychopathic gangsters. They simply cannot allow the reins of power to be pried from their filthy hands; because they know all too well that they will end up in deep shite before that day's out.

This tme around, Point Grey was gamed by the patty-cake man who waved his magic wand and made a whole lot of advanced votes appear in favour of his crispy little jewel. Remember now that elections/fraud bc belongs to their boy, craig james, who will do whatever it takes to ensure they maintain their grip on things.

I mean, c'mon--how many times do they get to change the number of polling stations on the very night of the election?

Be as wise as serpents, good people. We're in a war.

Anonymous said...

See the latest stunt pulled by Elections BC. Refusing to release to public the by-elections results.

See link below:


Thanks - and please pass around to others.

jaydee said...

And now on the CBC, there is a shortage of cancer drugs here.....they're moving in for the kill.

Anonymous said...

This is very disturbing at what is happening at elections BC. I smell election fraud.

jaydee said...

Anon. 12:09 AM

Make that elections BC AND elections Canada.

Crankypants said...

I too believe that this panel has used selective sets of numbers to reach a pre-determined goal. I haven't read the report, but it seems to me that they deduced that business would be saving approximately $1.3 billion per year which is quita a bit less than the $1.9 billion touted by Hansen when they sprung the tax upon us. This alone would account for most of the supposed bounty the government's coffers have swelled by.

Then there is the various statements by the government, experts and spinmeisters about the impact of the HST on individuals. They can come up with any type of calculation they wish, which usually downplays the truth, but to state that the impact is x number dollars for the average family is nothing but a pile of crap. There is no such thing as an average family. The only true impact number is the cost to the citizenry divided by the number of citizens. And that is $2 billion divided by 4 million people, or $500 per head.

I personally suspect it is worse than that simply because the rebates given to low income families are not included in anyone's calculations. The only time the rebates seem to get mentioned is to make the point that if the HST gets voted down, these rebates would cease to exist.

I have noticed that the claims of lower prices have pretty much disappeared from the arguments of the proponents of the tax. The best they can come up with nowadays is that prices will rise less quickly.

We've all heard about the tax now being applied to many goods and most labour charges that were previously PST exempt. But there are some charges we pay every day now that seem to have fallen under the radar. Many retailers now charge $.05 for plastic bags. We pay recycling fees for containers of most beverages other than milk and small containers of juice. We pay environmental fees for automobile tires, batteries and oil filters. We pay recycling fees on many electronic products. Under the GST/PST system, we only paid GST on these fees and in the case of the plastic bag, if you only bought one you would have paid nothing. Now you get to pay 12% HST on all these fees.

Then there is the idiocy of how food products are now taxed. If you buy a bun, a few slices of meat and maybe a slice of cheese at a grocery store deli, you pay no tax on these products. If you buy the same items in the form of a sandwich, you pay the HST on the price of the same thing. If you buy a donut or muffin, you pay HST. If you buy 6 or more muffins or donuts, you pay no tax. Where is the logic in that?

According to today's news, our "new sensation" has stated that she will make the HST more palatable to the masses as part of her families first agenda. I suspect that the Howe Street mafia have delivered their ultimatum to her highness. Get the HST passed or kiss your political ambitions good-bye.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When I said, Harper with his majority would have the net monitored, I really was attacked. Harper has to control the masses. He does not want the citizens communicating, he hates that. We are going to live in a fascist, dictatorship regime. I saw that along time ago, and said so.

Harper has lot's of secrets. I still say, Harper is giving Canada away to the wealthiest corporations in the world. Jack Layton also believes that, and said so. I believe, Harper is working on the N.A.U. with Obama.

Campbell was working hand and hand with Harper. Harper wanted the HST so badly, he was drooling at the mouth. Even Layton said that, a long time ago. Campbell is working with Harper, for the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty Chinese tankers. Working on, drilling oil and gas well's off BC's coast. Harper left the back door open, for the Prosperity Mine expansion. That can be reapplied for.

Which assets and resources, Campbell thieved from BC, have been of benefit, to the BC people? The mills are being automated, this puts more people out of jobs. Our raw logs and lumber go to China. We get nothing from those resources. All our BC riches, go to the huge corporations. They call all the shots, and they are who benefits. Who benefits from the asinine gas prices? The cost of living in BC, is going through the roof. What is the excuse for that? And again, who benefits.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy from another site:

I call the HST the reverse robin hood tax. It takes from the middle class, working class and poor and gives to the rich – i.e. big business.

By remarkable coincidence, guess which of those 4 groups donates the most to the BC Liberal party who wants the HST?

Vote YES to get rid of this terrible, corporate tax.

Anonymous said...

Countries want our water, especially the US. Private power dams etc., all for control over power? How about water. (we have more than enough power) Wait for the big viaducts to start being built so that water will flow north to south. The transmission lines north to south. (To control the flow of water.) The oil tankers will get filled with water. It's jut a fix to the hulls and they'll export that too. Think about it. Think about it.

cherylb said...

See David Schreck this week. http://www.strategicthoughts.com/

Anonymous said...

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon won’t rule out adding PST to previously untaxed items like restaurant meals if HST is extinguished

Vancouver – (Monday, May 16, 2011) – In a stunning revelation, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has admitted he may break faith with BC voters in the HST Referendum if they vote “Yes” against his wishes and extinguish the tax, says Fight HST Leader Bill Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says Falcon admitted last week in the BC Legislature he may expand the PST to a number of goods and services that were previously exempted, such as restaurant meals, if British Columbians vote to repeal the HST in the Referendum.

“That is a total betrayal of what the whole HST citizens Initiative petition and Referendum are about and he knows it. More than 700,000 people signed our Initiative because they wanted to return to the PST and GST exactly as they were before the HST. The proposed legislation attached to our Initiative petition specifically laid this out as what we intended.”

“Furthermore, when the question for the Referendum was drafted by Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James, he clarified to us that it means to restore the PST and GST to their previous status with the same exemptions,” said Vander Zalm.

Another day, another lie.
They just don't get it do they?
If you can't win, CHEAT, liberal motto.

Paul said...

Bruce Allen's Reality Check - May 12th (MP3)

Vancouver-Point Grey Byelection

"she has flip-flopped on so many issues from what she said on the radio compared to what she said ..."


Grant G said...

Thanks Cherylb....David Shrek has spotted the same flaws in the Dinning report as us...

Dinning`s numbers don`t add up, Dinning created a imaginary surplus, Christy Clark can now spend it, Clark will promise the world but we will have to wait, after a re-jigging of the books the surplus will vanish..

Dinning`s numbers don`t add up,....Clark will promise future gifts or if we reject the tax other taxes will have to be raised to make up for the short-fall.

The lies never stop.