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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Art of Distraction, BC Liberal and BC Media Edition!

The art of distraction, I have been waiting patiently for the main stream media to come out firing against Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon over their proposed budget deficit and fiscal incompetence but it appears too this persuader that the "Paid" media are not interested in actual numbers or common sense, as long as "jersey girl" keeps wearing her Canuck colours brains and logic matter not.......

Could you imagine what the media would say if the BC NDP had brought forth a budget that clearly doesn`t add-up...Let`s crunch a few numbers......The Dinning report states that the so-called revenue neutral HST actually is a cash cow for the BC Liberal Government, a $820 to $900 million dollar cash cow per year( If the NDP proposed a new "revenue neutral" tax and it was found out later to be a giant Government lie the press would be calling the NDP fiscal idiots, tax n spend socialists, economic misfits and the like)....But the fact that it was the BC Liberals presenting gibberish the media went to sleep and dreamed about grazing on fresh fields of BC Liberal grass....

First off, Kevin Falcon nor the ministry of Finance has yet to explain how a $800 million dollar plus tax surplus was missed, how can one man(Dinning) out-perform the entire BC Liberal ministry of finance, OK...The bottom line is Gordon Campbell/Colin Hansen and every BC Liberal lied about the HST being revenue neutral, ...We know BC Liberals are nothing but liars but now that the facts are out how come the media isn`t lambasting the BC Liberals over their tiny little $850 million dollar miscalculation ......Gutless Billy Good media, cowards, midget minds who have lost not only their souls but their self respect, .....So that HST revenue neutral lie was a whopper and still the BC Press looked the other way.

Gordon Campbell and his brother Michael Campbell are both mentally deranged, both evil little twins, they both wanted(and still do) to hurt as many people as possible,.....Gordon Campbell and ALL BC Liberals lied too us ever since 2001...I won`t tear up contracts, I won`t sell BC Rail, the golden decade, the year of the senior, the year of the child, the year of education, throne speech after throne speech that espoused these long term and short term goals, all fluff, all lies, all garbage, all distractions from the reality of "true life" in BC......Yet the damn effing assholes known as media in British Columbia have no guts, no ethics, no honour, for a paycheque they will lie spin and distort and then return to fields of green BC Liberal grass on which they graze every night on...

I may be slightly partisan but the media in BC is very very sick, Michael Campbell is a very sick n twisted mouse, in fact I believe Michael Campbell is/was the driving force behind Gordo`s barbaric financial decisions and direction...The selling of BC Ferries which now has the corporation bankrupt and with only the ability to pay interest and interest only on their massive debt, a credit card which balance never goes away, interest payments forever, in the case of BC Ferries that interest rate is over 9% ....Yes indeed, BC Ferries has a $1.6 billion dollar debt held by German banks and they are charging us over 9% interest, triple the interest rates any Province or Government in Canada would have to pay if the debt was held in Canada or on the Provincial books...So over $130 million dollars in interest payments are made each and every year....$90 million dollars over and above the "Canadian rate"...In fact the rate is so high that most people with mortgages have a rate three times better, but never-the-less every year forever BC Ferries is paying an extra $90 million dollars towards Gordo`s friends in Germany, ...A deal any economist or media should scrutinize very closely but they don`t, not when there is so much Green BC Liberal Grass to graze on......BC Ferries aren`t even making enough money to pay their excessive interest payments let alone any principal amount.

The Dinning HST report, not one word from the lame-stream media about the revenue neutral HST turning into a cash-cow of $850 million dollars, not one word about BC Ferries not making enough money for interest payments on their "sickly priced loan".....So when Christy Clark announces lowering the HST by 1% percentage point(on July 1st/2012)...And when Christy Clark announces a further 1% drop in the HST(on July1/2014)  the media stays quiet....And why should the media say something?....Because they owe it too the public as  honest ethical reporting...Each point reduction in the HST creates a $850 million dollar hole in the budget...So theoretically a 1 point reduction is doable and makes the HST revenue neutral (to Government) but when you add in another 1 point reduction that creates a hole of $850 million dollars per year and considering we are already running $billion dollar plus deficits....

Where is the scrutiny, Christy Clark has mused about raising Corporate taxes from 10% to 12% to help offset the budget shortfall but the 2% point corporate tax increase will only raise revenues by $270 million dollars, thus leaving a huge $500 million dollar plus annual deficit, the numbers are not realistic, why has the media let this gibberish stew without critically analyzing the numbers....The numbers don`t add up...The BC Liberals stole $970 million dollars from ICBC...The Christy Clark Liberals took a $1.6 billion dollar HST bribe Ottawa, even with those illegal cash infusions BC is still deep in debt....

BC Ferries has just raised ferry rates, also BC Ferries has announced huge rate increases that have been "temporarily" put on hold pending a review, BC Ferries aren`t even making enough money to pay their excessive interest payment now...Ridership has fallen every year under David Hahn, raise rates and fewer riders, fewer rider and revenue falls, raise rates again because of fewer riders and drives ridership even lower, Christy Clark has thrown up distractions lasting until after the next election before the BC Ferry rate review is completed...Christy Clark has zero control over BC Ferries and the huge rate increases have been put on HOLD until after the next election...Distraction distraction distractions...

When the NDP proposed raising the minimum wage the BC Liberals, the Fraser institute, the "economists" the Michael Campbell`s all claimed we will lose 100,000 jobs...The media hammered the NDP over proposing raising the minimum wage, but now that Christy Clark raised the minimum wage a whole 75 cents an hour and is promising to raise it twice more by May/2012 bringing it to $10 dollars per hour the Fraser institute has gone silent, the media has gone silent....

ICBC came out last month with a draconian plan of charging drivers increased insurance rates even if they have 1 speeding ticket, even if the speeding ticket was in the past ICBC was going fishing for more money, ICBC sent out a pathetic spokesperson to explain the reason for the increase of rates, according too ICBC the reason they were going this route was.....By raising rates on bad drivers they could lower rates on good drivers!...Are you kidding me!...ICBC is expecting the public to believe that they would go through all this trouble charging big fees to drivers all in an "Revenue neutral" effort to save safe drivers a few bucks....What a sick joke, the real deal is....The BC Government has told ICBC that they will be back for $ billions more so start raising money....But again...Where was the media and ridicule of the BC Liberals, crown corporations do not act unilaterally on their own ..Every move the crowns make were directed by the BC Liberals, by Michael Campbell, by Gordon Campbell, ....Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals after running the BC economy into the ground with fiscal mis-management on a scale BC has never seen in its history went begging, went stealing and went planting Liberal taxation seeds all through the Province....

Remember the BC NDP fudget budget, remember the howls from the media over Glen Clark`s $250 million dollar fudge budget, Gordon Campbell had a $3.87 billion dollar fudge budget....But where is the media on Christy Clark`s future budget numbers, you can drive a semi-trailer through Christy Clark`s budget yet the media says nothing, a proposed 2% percentage point cut in the HST and a massive hole.

MSP premiums are going up every year, rates for seniors were increased, tuitions increased, gaming grants cut, BC schools and hospitals have to send money away(out of the school budget/hospital budget) for carbon offsets, Gordon Campbell can fly to China in a private jet, the giant gas-fired monstrosity known as the Olympic torch can blaze away on natural gas, cruise ships can belch huge emissions while sitting in Victoria or Vancouver harbour and the oil n gas drillers can belch and spew and flare gas emissions at will and they are not charged a dime while schools and hospitals pay carbon offsets...And during the last election when the NDP proposed charging the gas drillers a price for flaring into the atmosphere out came Marc jackass Jaccard with a phony made up on the fly, no data, no empirical evidence, no nothing but Marc Jaccard shilling for the BC Liberals stating that "charging gas flarers will cost BC over 100,000 jobs".....Yea..Let`s strip money from hospitals and schools for turning on the heat but let`s allow the gas drillers to flare giant gas torches into the air for free....The polluters get a free ride while students and patients pay through the nose, everything you need to know about the BC Liberals and the Campbell`s ideology is right there...Students pay while rich polluters ride for free...

BC Hydro has been lying to the public for years, Dave Cobb is a bold-faced liar, Cobb has lied his face off about BC`s power needs, Cobb was ordered to lie his face off by Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, BC Hydro has proposed raising residential rates by 53% 0ver three years while industrial hydro rates are falling, residential rates have already gone up 80% since 2003 under the BC Liberals and Gordon and Michael Campbell want BC Hydro to raise prices another 53% over the next few years......The reason?....The BC Liberals have ordered a higher return of money to the Province and there are $55 billion dollars in ridiculous one-way power buying purchases to be paid by taxpayers....The BC Government has ordered a delay of huge rate increases until after the next election....

Translink, a sick twisted entity that Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals gave carte blanch permission to raise gas taxes, property taxes, parking fees, no scrutiny, no accountability, no nothing, the Translink property tax increases have been put on hold until after the next election....

And for all you people who live south of the Fraser who work north of the Fraser are soon to be out over $2000 dollars per year on tolls(plus HST)....Translink recently raised parking fees by 25% and the HST is being added to all these new taxes, taxes on taxes...

Gordon Campbell and Michael Campbell with help from all BC Liberals have planted public taxation seeds all over the Province, taxation seeds are germinating with ICBC.....More seeds are coming out of the dirt from BC Ferries, giants bulbs of rate taxation are about to explode at BC Hydro.....Translink has hoed the garden and all property owners are going to pay through the roof...

Taxation seeds are everywhere and none are more regressive than the HST, taxes on weddings, on funerals, taxes on everything while corporations go scott free on taxation.

Gordon Campbell with the help of his financial adviser Michael Campbell ran the BC economy into the ground,  as a result of total fiscal mismanagement Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals planted seeds of taxation everywhere...Gordon Campbell just before he resigned went on TV and announced a 15% income tax cut while at the same time was plotting massive BC Ferry increases, Gordon Campbell laid the framework for Hydro rates to go up 200% over 4 years.....Gordo and all the BC Liberals set up MSP premiums to rise every year by 6%....Gordo gave permission to Translink to dig deep into property taxes and fuel taxes....Gordo gave us the going up on July 1st ..The carbon tax....Liquor prices, fuel prices, ferry rates, hydro rates, MSP rates, ICBC rates, tolls, and the HST..

All those seeds of taxation that the BC Liberals and the Campbell brothers planted, lies, theft, deceit, taxation by stealth, taxation through lies, utility rate taxation, taxation through tolls, all this taxation finding its way into corporate hands while schools and hospitals and seniors pay, while the people`s house is shuttered closed for another year..

Yes indeed folks, Gordon Campbell made sure that he had plenty of money and you had nothing as the the seeds of taxation were planted everywhere.

And as for you pathetic media, the BC Liberals and Christy Clark have a budget fiscal nightmare, the numbers don`t add up, debt must rise and services must be cut, the HST cut to 10% creates a $billion dollar yearly hole in the budget but I guess nothing matters as long as she wears her Canuck Jersey.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The people of British Columbia have got to stop being so compliant and accomodating. The BC Liberal government is hellbent on screwing the public period. They, along with big business, seem to take an inordinant amount of pleasure in tightening the screws so that business doesn't have to pay it's fair share of tax.

Not too long ago in Britain, when Margaret Thatcher was still in power, the British government tried to introduce the "Poll Tax" - supposedly to replace the old rates (or local tax system). The new tax was levied by the number of people living at a residence - the more people the greater the tax.

Well, as you can imagine this did not go down very well at all- for a variety of reasons. Despite a lot of discussion in the house, the government tried to push it through. The end result was huge rallies and severe civil disobediance - with a lot of people getting jailed. There was of course, the embarrassing negative publicity for the government, that had to be sorted out.

At the end of the day, the bitter disobediance won through and the British government backed down on the poll tax.

In British Columbia we are faced pretty much, with a similar situation. If nothing is said or done by the public over the HST, then the BC Liberal government will continue "screwing the average homeowner" and all the while, being egged on by big business. Of course big business doesn't want to pay any taxes on their massive profits - just let the dumb public pay it for us eh ! They (public) won't do sod all - they will do as they are told etc.

Time for BC public to take a look at the way the British managed to get parliament to back right off and reverse their decision.

If British Columbia does not make any effort to make the BC Liberal government accountable, then the public deserves every screwing they are given.

Time to rise up and say to the likes of Clark and Campbell - "SCREW YOU" - we don't want the HST period.

Give it a shot - there is nothing to lose.

Thank you

One disgusted and angry pensioner.

Canadian Canary said...

Great article Grant. I'm listening. I'm howling too. And fighting back too, on another front, equally corrupt, equally huge in more ways than just financial.

My outrage extends from the Liberals and the media to the BC NDP. What a lackluster performance out of the gate for Adrian Dix. Seems his only strategic objective is to be seen as "nice." Yah, that's the ticket. Not.

I'm not asking him to go union ballistic. That's just another form of tyranny.

But for the love of Christ, show some fire and drive and strategic intelligence Mr. Dix. Please, or we're all going to be lost in a decaying province, a situation from which we may not recover for generations to come.

Christy Clark isn't someone you have to fear; she's a pouf, a fake, a light-weight. Stop being concerned about your personality "image".

Don't be suckered into that game. Play your own game instead... boldly. If you have one.

Crankypants said...

Expecting the MSM to hold this government's feet to the fire is about as likely as Harry Bloy becoming a competent cabinet minister. Now that the majority of the MSM is owned by business conglomerates that have been benefitting from the policies championed by entities such as the Fraser Institute.

There are many blog sites that make our MSM look like rank amateurs. Unfortunately, they just don't have the exposure needed to enlighten the majority of the citizenry. Too many people still think that they are being fed the truth by the MSM and don't bother questioning what they are told. The BC Liberals know this as well as the Howe Street mafia, and therefore use it to their advantage.


BC Mary said...

Hi Grant,

Many thanks for two good reports. Especially the top one, on BC's lamestream media. Sheesh, they get me riled ...

If interested, I found two exceptionally fine articles on subjects which are (incredibly) taboo in British Columbia. One was a detailed, fair-minded biography of the new Leader of the Opposition in Ottawa.(The Globe and Mail.) #2 was a reminder of the huge gifts which have been made to the public interest by some of the giants of New Democratic history (Toronto Star). I published both under the heading "Articles we rarely see in BC media".

Then I found a 3rd on BCRail which had been broadcast from Puget Sound Radio in Washington State. So I linked that too.

The disturbing factor is that these level-headed, public-spirited reports had to be published outside B.C.

See them here: http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals have lied and deceived for over ten years now. Their corruption is in every, nook and cranny of BC.

Our courts are corrupt, judges are corrupt, RCMP Elections BC. The BC Liberals, have fouled and dirtied BC beyond repair.

The media are a total disgrace, and even laughable. Especially the TV media, they look right into the camera, and lie their faces off. They have certainly asked for the BC people's contempt. That's all I can feel for them.

I always go to the American sites, to learn the truth, of what is going on in Canada. So far, good journalism and reporting, is still a sense of pride, among the U.S. media.