Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BC Election Act is now Null and Void! ..An Open Letter to the BC Supreme Court and Elections BC(reposted and updated)

 (Updated at the bottom)

Dear Supreme court justices, as a member of the public I have become very disillusioned by many recent rulings and findings made by both the courts and special prosecutors.......

Robin Mcfee and his terrible decision not to lay charges against John Les in the Chilliwak land zoning scandal, yes and I am aware that the John Les decision has left the barn, too late to turn over the John Les decision, Berandino was illegally appointed to be the special prosecutor in the BC Rail Sale corruption trial, both Berandino`s firm and Berandino himself had direct connections and ties with upper echelon members of the BC Liberal party, that decision made by Berandino and Deputies Whitmarsh and Loukedalis was a mockery of justice, both in appearance and reality, also the decision of the BC Liberals to appoint these special prosecutors has to be examined.

The BC Rail tragedy in all likelihood will be all but ignored and shielded from any meaningful review until the Honourable John Horgan calls for one when he leads the NDP to power.

Terrence Robertson (special prosecutor) recently cleared Kash Heed of any charges in the Fraserview election scam, later on through Robertson`s review of Kash Heed, Barinder Sall, Satpol Johl  Mr. Robertson all but cleared Kash Heed and then the public finds out that Terrence Robertson firm donated not just to the BC Liberal party but they contributed directly to the Kash Heed campaign, a blatant conflict of interest, it took a more senior member of that law firm to tell Terrence Robertson that he was in conflict of interest, Robertson ultimately excused himself from the case and the Government appointed a new oh so special prosecutor, Peter Wilson the new special prosecutor has echoed Terrence Robertson`s findings, however we as public have seen this play before, doctors don`t criticize other doctors, media outlets and personalities never criticize their fellow club members and the same clubsy lawyers associations never critique each other outside of the courtroom.

The Kash Heed affair is very disturbing, Terrence Robertson admits that Kash Heed gave Barinder Sall a cheque for $4000 dollars and a cheque for $2000 dollars went to Dinesh Khanna well after the Fraserview riding election had ended, Peter Wilson, just like Terrence Robertson states that the cheques Heed gave to his campaign workers could have been birthday presents, Christmas gifts, but considering Kash Heed`s entire campaign team are being charged with breaking BC Election  laws, fraud charges, lying to police charges, lying to Elections BC charges, obstruction of justice charges, the individuals are criminals and liars, soon the courts will prove those charges against Kash Heed`s campaign workers....

Kash Heed was the only beneficiary of the election fraud, Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna benefited  somewhat from these cheques Kash Heed issued out of taxpayer monies but Kash Heed benefited to the tune of over $110 thousand dollars per year, even more if you count bonuses and committee pay and or a cabinet post, the stakes were high for Kash Heed.

Peter Wilson and Terrence Robertson made critical errors in their submissions, these errors appear too me to be on purposes, not accidents, these oh so special prosecutors are taking the word of liars, obstructionists and fraud artists, Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna are being charged with lying, fraud, obstruction of justice and more yet Robertson and Wilson claim that the word of these individuals is enough to clear Kash Heed, that makes no sense at all, once you are deemed a liar everything that person says can no longer be accepted as the truth.

Heeds brother Gerry Heed worked with Barinder Sall, Heed`s brother was involved and worked hand in hand with Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna, Heed`s name is on many cheques including the one to the print shop, the man who paid for the illegal flyers was on stage with Kash Heed on election night arm in arm with Kash Heed...

There is so much evidence against Kash Heed that he must be charged, the only way the special prosecutors could clear Kash Heed would be if they deemed Kash Heed blind, deaf, dumb and or mentally challenged and considering Kash Heed was a police chief of West Vancouver before his failed election bid, in Heed`s role in the police he has filled in tens of thousands of documents, paperwork ignorance can`t be used as an excuse in this case...

Kash Heed must be tried and let an honest judge or jury decide if he is guilty!

Kash Heed is refusing to resign on his own accord but Kash Heed has a date with a BC Supreme court where Heed is asking for relief and shielding from Elections BC and election rules.

Hello Supreme court, Kash Heed must not be allowed or granted any relief from Elections BC, there is a fundamental reason this must not come to pass, Kash Heed through the supreme court is attempting to nullify all of our BC Election laws, relief must be denied, Elections BC must strip Kash Heed of his MLA seat in Fraserview, there is a very important reason for this....

Kash Heed`s campaign team overspent, they mailed hateful false propaganda, they lied to the police, they lied to Elections BC, they obstructed the investigation, a multitude of charges, Kash Heed is playing the role of Tommy in the pinball wizard movie,(a deaf dumb and blind boy sure plays a mean pinball) or if you like sergeant Shultz routine.."I see nothing, I hear nothing"....

Kash Heed is attempting to make new law by throwing out all of the existing Election laws, Kash Heed got caught after the election, if the BC Supreme court or Elections BC grants Kash Heed relief and allows him to remain in office that will be tragic and precedent setting, for now new law would be written, for now any campaign team could spend unlimited amounts of cash, they could send out dirty fliers, death threats, they could blackmail or bribe voters and as long as the fraud wasn`t caught until after the election the candidate would keep his seat and face no charges, the candidate merely plays the role of "Tommy or Sergeant Shultz" and claims the Bambi defense,....

The media, Vancouver Sun and Johnathon Fowlie might want to soft sell the Peter Wilson decision, Bill good and Vaughn Palmer may give Kash Heed a clean bill of health but the courts and the law must not.

Kash Heed is a gutless mouse, he`s hiding from his constituents, he`s hiding from the last of the legitimate press, he`s hiding from the truth, the decision Elections BC makes, the decision the BC Supreme court is the most important decision it has probably ever had to make, Heed wants all elections laws removed and gutted, if the Supreme court grants Kash Heed`s request and shields him from our Election laws and election officials British Columbia will no longer be a place or land of Democracy and law!

The ball is in your court Supreme Justices.

UPDATED HERE(July/12th/2011)....As you have heard already, the new acting Chief Electoral officer has allowed Kash Heed to remain an MLA....I could care less about that aspect of this case...However, the BC Election Act is now null and void, for the chief electoral officer has made new law, set a "precedent"....Barinder Sall(Kash Heed`s campaign manager), has 10 charges against him, election fraud, obstruction of justice, lying to the police, Dinesh Khanna also is being charged...Barinder Sall arranged illegal flyers, Barinder Sall overspent on the HEED campaign, Barinder Sall broke the law and the only beneficiary was Kash Heed!...

So what you have is Kash Heed claiming innocence, the bambi defence, Kash Heed has claimed..... To the press that he was too stupid to understand the election act, Heed claims he relied solely on Barinder Sall to run his campaign.....

Well, isn`t that special.....The new BC Election law....The "precedent"....For now if any MLA or wannabe MLA who runs for office the sky`s the limit, no spending rules, no rules on advertisements, no laws regarding slander and false advertising, for now all one has to do when running for office who runs into problems, illegal problems is blame the campaign manager....

There is no law in BC..Kash Heed walks, Jane Thorthwaite walks, the criminal John Les walk, Basi and Virk walk away scott free, Gordon Campbell walked, Pat Pimm the wife beater will walk too...

BC Liberals, corrupt, criminals, .....Christy Clark is dead in the water, I have been informed by Murray Coell`s team that he isn`t running in the next election and according to internal BC Liberal polling the BC Liberals are polling at 25%...And, Christy Clark won`t be calling an election this fall or this spring....Christy Clark will ride until May 2013....Or will she....There is another rumour floating around that the backroom brass of the BC Liberal party are planning on getting Christy Clark out of the premiers chair very soon....It appears that Christy Clark is headed for a medically needed retirement.....And...It was no other than Gordon Campbell himself that set Christy Clark up for this historic fall from Grace....

Gordon Campbell was expendable, the BC Liberal party is expendable, Christy Clark is expended and expendable and  gone....The HST means more to the backroom players than the party itself.....Let`s go to the polls.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


JonH said...

Grant, excellent article and plea. If I might add my thoughts. Since the BC Liberal have been in charge of the affairs of this Province we have been on asteep, slippery slope of corruption. The corruption started at the top of the slope with the Government and oozed it way down through the Judiciary, Police, and by duplicity MSM. now we're at the bottom of the slope stuck in the slime and quagmire unable to get a foothold and climb our way out, sinking deeper and deeper onto the quicksand of corruption. The only way out that I can see is for the citizens of this Province to wake up and say enough is enough, scrape the BC Liberal scum off the body of this Great Province, and together rid this Province of the greatest threat it has ever faced in it's history, the BC Liberals. Thank you for letting me say my piece.

kootcoot said...

"Kash Heed`s entire campaign team.........are criminals and liars, soon the courts will prove those charges against Kash Heed`s campaign workers...."

Unless you tell me the courts referred to above are in Seattle, Portland, or even that cesspool of corruption - Chicago, I have no confidence that Kash and Karry's campaign workers will be found guilty or that the BC Supreme Court of Injustice will fail to grant Kash relief. Hell, they might perhaps even issue him a citation for public service or pay his lawyers a bonus and give Kash and all his workers and their lawyers damages for their troubles. Shirley Bond may have to step aside for the new Solicitor General, Kash and Karry - the refugee from the West Van Police Dept.

The only cops that go DOWN are the odd good cops, like Chief Battershill who was replaced by the refugee from the Vancouver PD, Jamie Graham!

Evil Eye said...

The courts do anything honourable..... Ha! This is a province where the police Tazer an 11 year old and not one peep from the Attorney General!

The courts in this province are bought and sold like common whores - go ask Susan Heyes!

Grant G said...

Dr. Evil....Now now...Whores have more integrity than our courts...They take a bath and they`re clean...

Not so easy for the courts.

Speaking of common whores...Where are they?

Just kidding.

Signed..lonely in Powell River

Elwood said...

Grant, off-topic but Gordon Wilson just wrote an article slamming Horgan and Farnworth. I mean really slamming them.

He's supporting Dix. WTF?

Grant G said...

Mr. Elwood....You must relax and read between the lines, first off, what Gordon Wilson wrote in his last post he doesn`t even believe it, you can tell it was a deliberate attack ad.

Second...It confirms what I already know, Adrian Dix is done, he`s a distant third place.

Third..Farnworth and the Dix campaign have been terrorizing people on the phone, they too know that Farnworth fell short and Dix is too toxic.

My support of Horgan is no secret, my reasons for rejecting Farnworth and Dix are well known..

Dix has too much baggage, particularly memo-gate, Dix forged a document and had his sacks of cash membership fiasco(of which hundreds of memberships were disqualified)and Gordon Wilson failed to mention that!

Dix can`t win with a corrupt media, having said that..I like Dix on a personal level.

Farnworth has Bingo gate which again is more baggage, but the biggest drawback to Farnworth is that he is GAY(I don`t care)...But others do, Christy Clark will be having photo-ops with soccer moms and every second word will be family.

The BC Liberals through assholes like Phil Hocstein will make a connection on Gay lifestyles, AIDS and no kids, I am not a racist or bigot, this is about winning an election.

Lastly, Horgan is the best speaker, the best debater, he`s a policy hawk and a good sense of humour, two good sons, a nice wife, no baggage except...

Except if you believe Gordon Wilson about Horgan`s Irish temper!...LOL LOL

This is good news, Mr. Mellow Gordon Wilson(BC Liberal ousted leader)..Who was having an affair with Judy Tyabji at the time Gordon Campbell took his job....

Actually it`s quite laughable, Gordon Wilson goes ape and attacks people he doesn`t even know.

All good Elwood...Gordon Wilson would have never written that article unless John Horgan was in first place and Adrian a distant 3


Crankypants said...

It seems that over the last few years, many high profile investigations by both special prosecutors and the Crown, where special prosecutors were deemed to not be required, have ended in either no charges being laid, or at best watered down ones. The argument always trotted out is that "there was an unlikely chance for conviction".

I may be naive about how much evidence is required to gain a conviction in a court of law today, but is it up to one person, not a judge, to decide guilt or innocence? Is a member of the Crown or a special prosecutor acting on behalf of the potential defendant or the prosecution? Are their motives justice or fattening their batting averages? Let's face it, unless a person admits to a crime, a trial is always a crap shoot. Sometimes the Crown proves their case well enough to gain a conviction and sometimes they don't.

One wonders if we had a real Chief Electoral Officer at Elections BC instead of Gordon Campbell's hand picked Trojan Horse, would Kash Heed's antics been tolerated this long. The election laws are very specific and each candidate is made aware of such. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure compliance or face the consequences. Elections BC should have immediately vacated the seat Kash Heed now holds upon discovery of non-compliance, which is their mandate. If Kash Heed wanted to fight it out in court after the fact, then so be it.

I do find it very ironic that a person who supposedly spent his working life upholding the law is now trying to circumvent it.


JonH said...

Off Topic but I just read you post to Gordon Wilsons Blog about John Horgan. I used to think that Wilson somewhat knew what he was talking about when it came to BC politics but his last post blew that thought out of the water. One thing I can't figure out though. If he thinks so much of Simons and that Simons would have made the best leader of the NDP then why would Simons support Horgan as leader? I mean if Wilson has such a high opinion of Simons, why doesn't he support Simons' political decisions? I guess he has future political aspirations in the form of a job with his old party the BC Liberal, Maybe sheep farming in Powell River isn't paying so good nowadays.

Grant G said...

@Jon H....I have one thing to say about Gordon Wilson....

Christy Clark reached into Gordon Wilson`s pants and asked him to attack the candidate she doesn`t want to face in an election..

And Gordon Wilson hates the NDP...The hatred oozes from his post.

Gordon Wilson is a hypocrite, he has no moral high ground..

Gordon Wilson, once an adulter and cheat always a effing two bit stooge..

Gordon Wilson lost the last shred of credibility he ever had..

He refuses to debate me or anyone..

Gordon Wilson is a yellow bellied coward and mouse with no moral ethics.

Fuck Gordon Wilson

Anonymous said...

It is Campbell and the BC Liberals, who fouled and dirtied this province.

It is only too true, the corruption started at the top of the food chain, and then flooded the entire province.

Christy Clark is just a Campbell clone. Her radio show, was just propaganda for Campbell and the BC Liberals. Christy was a malicious shrew, calling the people who objected to, Campbell and his insanity, The Taliban.

Christy tries to pass herself off as, little miss sweetness and light. She is only a mouthpiece for Campbell, he's still around. Campbell and Harper, have too many projects not yet completed, for Campbell to leave. Christy also has a Conservative strategist working for her. It's really hard to see, where the BC Liberal starts, and the BC Conservative's end. To have two identical party's in one province, sort of tells us, how we must vote.

John Horgan as Premier, would be wonderful. With the BC Liberals, we had to watch our backs every minute of the day, for treachery against us. John Horgan cares about the people and our province. John wants to build this province, not to thieve the people and the province to death, as Campbell did.

Thanks to the BC Liberals, BC has finally beat Quebec out for, the most corrupt province in Canada. BC people want our democracy back. We want respect, honest and decency back for BC. John Horgan is willing to do this for the people, and, for our beautiful province.

Anonymous said...

Shitty Grant, cost me 25 bucks to file a response to claim in Supreme Court today. Can you imagine having to pay anything to defend against false accusations of defamation or frivilous lawsuits. On a finer note the family went out to meet John Horgan yesterday and came home very impressed with his self. Thanks for turning our focus on to Mr. Horgan.

Grant G said...

Well...Sorry about the $25 dollars..

If you are my Nanaimo friend...If this is about.

"Stop the Korruption"

Remember this, no one owns a name, and, that bumper sticker doesn`t say anything..Korruption is not a word..

Similar to ."Stop the Scampbell"

There must be more people with that last name.

"Stop the Wilson...Stop the Smith...Stop the Jones"

The Ex Mayor doesn`t own that name...

I could say...Gordon Campbell is an adulterer and criminal thief...First off it`s true..

Secondly, there are thousands of Gordon Campbell.

Korruption is not a word, there is no slander, the public can think whatever it wants.

All the best...And if you need a voice, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I’ve known John Horgan for years. John is truly community minded and respectful of local government and I think he would make a wonderful leader. He has always been open and accessible and John is charismatic in a way Dix and Farnworth can never be. To be premier of this province you need brass clangers and John has them.

Anonymous said...

I would like to send you a copy of the Writ of Summons and my response to this vexatious claim Grant. You have my e-mail. I would have to send it via snail mail if you have a post box ? I have said all along that my personal display of the sticker and the message in the sticker had nothing to do with his Royal Hindass. I agree that Korruption is not a word shit my spellcheck even tells me that. What he claims is innuendo,because it is KOR uption. not two R's. Sad though that they can throw drunk drivers cases out of court but this type of crap rolls on in Supreme Court. Thanks for your support and your valued opinion.

Grant G said...

Send me your email again, I will not publish it...I seem to have lost your email address ..

I will gladly help you.


Anonymous said...

Well, it would be a frosty Friday in hell, before John Horgan would thieve a railroad or BC's rivers and sell everything he could lay his hands on, as Campbell did.

Horgan would never lie to his citizens, nor thieve from them. Horgan has more integrity in his little finger, than the entire BC Liberals, in total. Anytime I have e-mailed a question, to his office. I have always received an answer. Not once did I ever get an answer from Campbell, nor from Christy.

I know for a fact, he would never lie, deceive nor cheat to win. He would never use the dirty tactics the BC Liberals have used against the people, for over ten years.

Had Hogan have been the leader of this province, there would be no way, this province, would be terminally ill.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments on John Horgan. He is a good & honest politician. But isn't all this talk about John a little too late. Dix is the leader and unless I'm wrong, he will lead the NDP in the next election. Am I wrong ?


Anonymous said...


As much as I enjoyed your usual straight to the point commentary, I also enjoy the fan response.

The trip down memmory lane was great, but what about the present?

Paul said...

QUOTE from yesterday's Globe and Mail (from Canadian Press)
"A lawyer for the province’s chief electoral officer agreed with Mr. Heed’s own lawyer at a B.C. Supreme Court hearing in Kelowna on Tuesday that the rookie MLA should not lose his Vancouver seat for exceeding by $5,000 the $70,000 campaign spending limit set out in the Elections Act."

So why is a lawyer for the BC Liberal's hand-picked choice for chief electoral officer Craig James in court fighting for Kash Heed to keep his seat?

I conclude that Elections BC has been totally corrupted by this BC Liberal government.

I conclude that the fix is already in on the HST Referendum.

There is no way in hell that our corrupt government is going to allow the HST to be extinguished even if people vote 85-90 per cent to extinguish it.

I hope I'm wrong, but all I know is what I have seen so far from the Liberal's chief electoral officer CRAIG JAMES.

CRAIG JAMES was a public servant on a supposably temporary LOA from his regular government job as a legislative clerk.

What a crock that turned out to be.

Here's some of what "temporary" CRAIG JAMES has done so far.

CRAIG JAMES in his first ruling declared that the Liberals’ HST advocacy web site was not a violation of the Initiative Act, even though the RCMP thought it was.

CRAIG JAMES ruled that Fight HST could not use money raised for their petition to defend it against a court challenge.

CRAIG JAMES allowed the government to have observers at the petition count, even though the government had failed to register as an opponent and had no official interest in the petition.

CRAIG JAMES fired deputy chief electoral officer Linda Johnson from her job even though she had been with Elections BC for 28 years.

Linda Johnson: "I was told the acting chief electoral officer is reorganizing Elections B.C. and my position as deputy chief electoral officer was eliminated."

CRAIG JAMES is the Campbell stooge who refused to forward the successful petition to repeal the HST to the select standing committee until the judge ordered him to do so "FORTHWITH".

Bill Vander Zalm: "This simply continues the same pattern of obstruction that has characterized Elections BC since Craig James was appointed by Premier Gordon Campbell to take over."

CRAIG JAMES has tainted Elections BC’s neutrality beyond repair and for that the Liberal government awarded him the job permanently.

What possible reason would anyone now believe the result of the Referendum vote if the HST survives.

I believe that the resultant voter anger will make the underground economy totally justifiable.

All I know is what I have seen so far from the Liberal's chief electoral officer CRAIG JAMES.

Grant G said...

Breaking News!!!!

The oh so-special prosecutor handling the Pat Pimm domestic assault has ruled...

And I quote...

"There is little chance for a conviction"

As a result, all charges dropped, like John Les, Like Kash Heed, The special prosecutor hasn`t cleared Pat Pimm of criminal acts and crime...

Kash Heed, John Les..Neither of those BC Liberals were cleared or exonerated...

Elections BC, Environmental assessments, BC Supreme court, all corrupted, all in need of a severe pitchforking event.

What Law, what justice, next time you get in trouble thumb your nose and tell the law to EFFF off..


Grant G said...

No criminal charges will be laid against MLA Pat Pimm after he was investigated for an alleged domestic dispute with his wife in June.

Independent Special Prosecutor Mark R. Jetté stated in a release Tuesday from the Criminal Justice Branch that witness interviews and related evidence "does not provide a substantial likelihood of conviction and therefore does not support the laying of any criminal charges."

Read more:

Kash Heed..Won`t be running again...Pat Pimm, won`t be running again..Donna Barnett, out, Jane Thorthwaite, out..Murray Coell, quitting, Ida Chong, out, Bill Bennett, out, Dave Hayer, out...

It should a fun-filled BC Liberal convention, all sitting around singing kumbia, lawyers and special prosecutors along with Liberal MLAs roasting marshmallos and weenies.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why Heed's matter was even in the court in KELOWNA??? Why?? Why not Vancouver?? This is a rare occurrence in the courts, depends on the reason. IMO, this case didn't call for a change of venue. Again, this stinks of meddling yet again.

Anonymous said...

BC needs a purge of all the, corrupt, thieving, BC politicians, courts, judges, prosecutors, police, Elections BC. The BC Liberal crime family, has really come into it's own. A stinking pile of odure.

The BC Liberals rotting stench, is going over to England, and several other country's, including our own. BC is the laughing stock of, the entire country. Christy gets booed, and so did Campbell, he still would. However, Harper is sending his best partner in crime, Campbell to England. My wish is, the English media, slaughter Campbell and Harper.

Never have I ever seen, such an evil party as, the BC Liberals. We know Craig James of Elections BC, is disgusting with corruption. I fully expect the vote to be cheated. Campbell had to lie twice, to be re-elected for two different elections. There is no way, the Liberals can win, unless they cheat. And, cheat they will.

Canada's rotting disrepute, has gone as far as Australia. There is an article, of how democracy in Canada is being eroded. Harper is the godfather of Canada. Mind you, Harper claims to be a Christian godfather.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed, why was it in the Kelowna supreme court...

Elections BC filed against Kash Heed in the Victoria Supreme court..

Kash Heed on December 24th/2010(Christmas eve) went to Vancouver Supreme court to file a rebuttal..

And today in Kelowna...All I can gather is...

The BC Liberals and Kash Heed didn`t want any press or Vancouver media(whoever they are) around.

The bigger story that the media isn`t concerned with is...

BC`s election act is now null and void, for now if anyone overspends, cheats, slanders, etc etc..

The Candidate blames his campaign team and keeps his seat, every future candidate can Cite the ruling by Elections BC on Kash Heed and...

And there is nothing they can do, even in the future if Elections BC had a similar case but decided to remove the MLA they couldn`t...The future candidate in question could go to court and cite the Kash Heed ruling, the Supreme courts hand`s would be tied.

Kash Heed is corrupt and a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Since Campbell's time in office. There have been crimes, lies, deceit and non stop corruption. To steal and sell a railroad, to steal and sell our rivers. While the BC Ministers, aided and abetted Campbell's crimes.

Not one of those useless ministers, did one damned thing about, the over, 121.000 children living in poverty. They did nothing about, BC's lowest minimum wage, which is still the lowest in Canada.

How many BC ministers, have been under investigation? I have actually lost count. The the only thing they are good at. Spousal abuse, drinking and driving, stealing money, cheating, lies, and mockery of the Legislature. De Jong and Hansen were absolutely disgusting, in Legislature. I could not believe what I was hearing and their disgusting spectacle.

Those have been the BC Liberals, finest hours.

And, then our sleazy, disgusting P.M. Harper, rewards the criminal Campbell with a position of, High Commissioner to England.

So, it can be of no surprise how the other country's, have lost all respect for Canada. On top of the crap from the BC Liberals. BC and Canadians have been embarrassed by, our P.M. rewarding a criminal.

Grant G said...

A special treat....

July13th..3:45 pm to 3:51 pm..Cue up 3:00pm and fast forward.


Grant G said...

And...There is a direct link to the Audio Vault on the home page...Right hand side of page, just below the blonde Bomber link...


Anonymous said...

HOLY!! Just listened to that! Hahn's pension is more per year than what the guy is being paid in Washington!

So much for privatization! We are being asked to bend over AND spread our butt cheeks!

Grant G said...

Thanks...I`ll tell "fred from Gibsons"(Bitter Brian from Garden Bay)

That you heard his phone call...

He and I are very close..

Good Day

bewlay said...

If you really want to have fun take notes on their talking points and pre-write your own responses to them. I used to do this when Raife was on the mike, good times for sure. It just throws them right off their messaging script.

Example: Ujal: "Well I used to be a legal aid lawyer..." Me: Yes I know, how many cases did you plea bargain and how many did you take to trial? Ujal:....silence Me: Well, we're waiting for an answer. Ujal: "I'll have to get back to you on that".Me: When exactly?

I'm sure you can top my stuff, looking forward to your satire and wit to come...

Paul said...

Can anyone confirm if there is any truth to this?

Mayor caught stealing 'YES' HST Sign - Puget Sound Radio