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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once Upon A Time

A few words from within.....

A clear path presented itself to me, tell the truth, be honest and sincere, don`t hold back bad news or deceive the people, be true to your words and do what`s best for the average Bcer and get elected to run our Province, with the abysmal record of the BC Liberals it should be a cake walk....

And if I am to criticize others for being dishonest with themselves than I too must come clean, I said in previous posts that I would support any of the NDP leaders that got the nod from the members, regardless of who they chose, after careful consideration and public feedback I retract that statement.

It`s clear from recent events that the media in this Province have already chosen the two candidates they want to fight the next election, I am not talking about party support, the media clearly wants the Christy Clark against Mike Farnworth battle.

I`ll come back to that in a bit, I was surprised with Bill Teileman`s latest story and endorsement, not so much that he endorsed Adrian Dix but the fact that he went out of his way to downplay Dix`s baggage from the 90s.....I was equally puzzled with Teileman`s next story where he offered up soft support in defense of Kash Heed...Even when the media are slamming Kash Heed, even though if it was an NDPer in Heed`s position they would have been forced to resign already, with such a cut and dried case what spawned Teileman`s support of Kash Heed?

Well...The light bulb went off, Teileman`s Dix endorsement followed with the Heed forgiveness went hand in hand, Bill Teileman is making the subtle gesture to leave the past out of battles, let`s don`t play politics, let`s forgive and forget and get along, it would be hypocritical of Teileman to chastise Heed while asking for forgiveness of Dix`s transgressions.

And transgressions is what Dix did, deliberate, premeditated document tampering to cover his butt, don`t get me wrong Adrian Dix is a good man now, he would make a fantastic minister of Health, and to be honest, if Adrian Dix had entered the race without the membership bru ha ha perhaps, just perhaps his past transgressions could be forgiven  but when you couple the two together, the membership faux pas, the back-dated memo, throw in a BC Liberal media and propaganda machine Adrian Dix becomes unelectable, ....These were my thoughts over the last week, although in my heart I know Adrian Dix would be a better premier than any of the BC Liberal candidate  but my heart doesn`t count, I am a realist, Adrian was in trouble enough with the memo issue but with the memberships, the man can`t win a general election(Maybe)...His chances are cut in half or better with the old baggage combined with the new baggage, what was Adrian thinking?

Then this morning I hear on the news about the latest Ipsos Reid poll,  I also hear about Joy Mcphail  endorsing Adrian Dix, Joy is advertised in the news as an NDP Icon and legend, well,  lo n behold Bill Good brings on Joy McPhail to explain her endorsement of Adrian Dix And despite the always bias and nasty Bill Good,  he was actually nice to Joy and fair, that`s all I ask....

Bill Good brought up the memo, he brought up the Dix membership affair, Bill Good also mentioned how he is a hard working critic Adrian Dix is....And Bill Good let Joy McPhail have a real good run at explaining her endorsement of Dix...

Joy McPhail talked well, she spoke in flowery and big sky visions for the Province, Joy McPhail  said over and over again that Adrian Dix made a mistake in the 90s, he has apologized, he has grown and matured since then, she expressed her admiration for Dix for fighting for children and seniors and traveling the Province fighting for families, children, environment, Joy spoke with passion and kind words....And I, we, real people do admire Dix for his work but....

The phone lines were opened up, and yes friends, I recognize the regular callers and I know PAB gets in too but every caller who called in thanked Joy McPhail for her hard work but totally disagreed with her take on Adrian Dix and the back-dated memo, the callers reminded Joy that what Dix did was premeditated, it was a deliberate act, Dix didn`t speak a lie, he didn`t talk with Colin Hansen type bafflegab, Dix went and tampered with documents and back-dated them, under pressure Adrian Dix buckled and cheated, there was pressure then and there is more pressure today, will Dix buckle again, couple that with memberships and Adrian not being conciliatory about said memberships....Well...

Well every caller disagreed with Joy McPhail, when they read emails at noon they were all against Joy McPhail`s Adrian Dix endorsement, I know that CKNW spins and distorts but the truth on occasion does come out...The callers and emailers kept reminding Joy Mcphail that Adrian is applying for the top job, he already went rogue under pressure once, the public, combined with the BC Liberal bias media and the rich political advertising ground that opens up with Adrian Dix makes him virtually unelectable....And for that reason I will not promote Adrian Dix or promote the NDP if Adrian is elected NDP leader....I will not write against him but I and others have fought so hard to bring forth a fresh start, to remove Carole, to re-inspire the faithful, I have put my soul into blogging against BC Liberal crimes, I have attacked their record, their sins, the lies, the back room shadows.....

The media and the BC Liberals made hay with Carole James, with Adrian Dix we have premeditated old baggage with fresh stinky new baggage with the memberships, Adrian should have brought in his memberships bit by bit, not in a lump with sacks of cash....The BC Liberals and Media will crucify Adrian Dix, I can`t save him, either can Bill Teileman or Joy McPhail....

And for those who think I am being partisan or just bitter, an Ipsos Reid poll just came out(I know, Ipsos Reid are iffy, but this poll was only about NDPers)...Farnworth is in first place, he has moved up a little, although he gets the most exposure compared to the others, and John Horgan who gets very little exposure is rising in the polls, when people meet and hear Horgan they like him, ....Adrian Dix has plummeted in the polls, the public response to Adrian Dix is similar to the response Kevin Falcon gets, either you like him or hate him, and the haters won`t budge, but the point being is Adrian Dix has fallen back to a distant 4th place and falling, Farnworth, Horgan, Simons, Dix, Larsen and Lali in that order....In fact only Farnworth and Horgan have positive ratings, and....The public hasn`t even met Horgan yet!

As for Adrian Dix, the public does know him, they have had the infamous memo burned in their brain and now the membership bru-ha-ha.....I am listening to the public on this one...I put too much energy  into change, into this blog, we are on a cusp of a fresh start and new Government, all you contributors have put in major efforts to get us here, the internal battle, the members revolt, the name calling, blog friends who now hate me, we have given too much blood to lose with Adrian Dix...

The media want Farnworth and Clark, Farnworth can win, his baggage is minor but......But if the battle is Christy Cluck Cluck Clark against Mike Farnworth it will be nasty, Farnworth will thump Christy Clark, Horgan would annihilate Clark...But if the ad battle gets nasty....

Christy Clark and her families first agenda against Mike Farnworth the gay man....Clark and others will try and capitalize on that with subtle innuendo...It may backfire on the Clark Campaign if they play the gay card....My point is simple, I can support Farnworth but Horgan remains my number 1 choice, no baggage, a wife, two sons, family man, cancer survivor, great speaker and very prolific with Government files and his portfolios, almost a spotless record and it eliminates the memo ads, bulk membership ads, family, understanding family, sexuality, the next BC Election campaign will be the dirtiest drag out brawl you`ll have ever seen, I guarantee that...

Adrian Dix can`t win, he opens up many new and old cans of worms, the media will destroy Dix....If Farnworth gets the nod, he can win but if the battle is close the gay card will be played both subtle and forceful through third party advertisers, I guarantee that...

Horgan can`t be hurt on those issues, when the public hears Horgan speak in clear terms, with style and finesse, free of scandal and baggage,....I will support and endorse all BC NDP candidates except Adrian Dix...He is unelectable and is already tainted in the eyes of the public...And honesty starts at home and I am bearing all to you and retracting my earlier statement about endorsing any NDPer....And changing it to....Anyone but Adrian Dix and that includes Dana Larsen over Dix.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant, now you've got me worried. While I hope John will win - Glowball's Baldreydash said that senior NDP officials have conceded to him that the NDP race is almost a foregone conclusion in favour of Dix.

It's not just the 5,000 memberships brought in at the last minute. It's also the many 1,000's of memberships that his campaign dropped off prior to that date.

And that scares the hell out of me.

Ipsos means nothing. They only asked BC voters and NDP voters from the last election - not the 25,000 members that will actually vote.

Grant G said...

Elwood...There are almost 30,000 NDP members...No one has voted yet..

Dix has support but is thousands short of a win..

The Ipsos Reid poll was the general public...

Dix is tainted, the media and BC Liberals will beat that drum a million times before the election..

Winning the NDP leadership isn`t the prize, restoring Government to some form of sanity is the prize...

If we fail on the later everyone loses.

I haven`t got another election loss in me...I am spent.


Cui Bono--? said...

The strategy you have espoused here makes perfect sense to me.

And, for what it's worth--you are right about the wizards wanting to run Dix.

The recent pieces from the big o. and mason were some their pre-positioning work in order to take the process off in a certain direction.

Now, with Joy McPhail showing up along side Bill Good, it's pretty plain to see what they're up to. It was no matter of altruistic happenstance on her part. She was sent out there to direct the process in a certain way, too; and not because she has the best interests of the party in mind.

The writ is falling and they are scared of running against Horgan.

By the way, has anyone bothered to ask where all that membership money came from at the last minute--?

The opposition is being set-up to fail.

Kim said...


ron wilton said...

If I was a betting man, which I am, I would put my money on Horgan.

A virtual unknown with no baggage, no negatives, sitting in second place already. This is a can't lose wager.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch Global TV? Alex Tsakumis and Christy Clark were on. Christy failed miserably and fell flat on her face. I can't imagine anyone supporting her. She stumble, bumbled badly regarding, the BCR fiasco. Sounds like the TV media, are at last going to get off their butts, and do some investigating.

Anonymous said...

Yes. John Horgan is the best, I have heard yet. He has a genuine feeling for this province and the people in it. BC will be safe, with him at the helm. Our province will have to try and survive, until the Liberals are run out of our province. It is said, his wife is a very nice lady as well.

Anonymous said...

A calmer Grant, I like.

It is incredible that nobody is making light of the fact that Kevin Falcon, family man, married an already pregnant wife, that looks like she is in her early 20's and apparently has the nick name, 'snippy'.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of the above, but if they want to point out that Farnworth is 'gay' why the hell isn't anybody playing up this fact about the falcons.

Crankypants said...

I think that the NDP would be wise to choose the leader that has the least baggage, which should come down to a race between Farnworth and Horgan. Either one should be regarded as a major upgrade over Carole James.

No matter what, the BC Liberals and their Howe Street posse will play the same old stale cards such as the Fast Ferries, dismal 90s(their version of history), the big bad unions and, I suspect, the string of events that led to Carole's resignation as leader. If Farnworth were to prevail, I don't think that the Liberals, or their supporters would make his lifestyle an issue, as it would turnoff a lot more voters than the few troglodytes it may play well to.

As an aside, is it only me, or has everyone else noticed how lackluster the race for the BC Liberal Party has been so far? None of them seem to be really trying to differentiate themselves from the others, or from Gordon Campbell's style of governance. If I were a delegate, I'd be tempted to vote for none of the above or just spoil my ballot. Maybe they are all scared that Gordo will take them behind the woodshed for a spittlefest if they get to uppity.


Anonymous said...

Pay attention people of BC:


BC Rail went, (for now anyways, until the full inquiry) so it can and will happen if we don't stop it now. Legislature sitting soon. The questions must be asked and answered by every MLA sitting there. What are you doing to stop this travesty?

Anonymous said...

Grant, I just finished listening to John Horgan in his live interview with the Vancouver Sun.I must say he impressed me with his ability to answer questions with clarity,honesty and intelligence.He definitely would be a strong leader for the New Democrates and I can see why the MSN doesn't give him the time of day for fear of his very strong attributes as an alternative to the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to listen to the interview, but am heartened to hear Horgan came off well. I wanted to ask questions on lake draining IPP's just to get the topic more exposure. I know Horgan would have run with it a bit on air. Did the topic come up? The new NDP video was pretty good production, but didn't address many actual issues, I suppose there is lots of time for that to come yet.


Anonymous said...

News flash Grant. Dix IS electable. After ten years of mob rule by the Liberals nobody cares about what happened to Dix's minor mistake which most people can't even recall. Compared to what the Liberal's have done in terms of lies and deceit,I believe Dix could easily win and lead the NDP to victory in the next general election.

Anonymous said...

Gordo Campbell is still raping B.C. behind closed doors. Why is he not brought to account for these rapes of our Beautiful B.C.
Rapists are the most vile of criminals and are put in prison among the other criminals. So why is Campbell still running free?
Is he not accountable to anyone? Someone has to stop this tyrade PDQ before we are left with nothing but debt.

G.W. Andrew said...

For what it's worth, agt/global threw chrispy under the bus; and he's now putting the last nails in her political coffin. She'll be buried before she can have that blue shirt of hers pressed for the funeral.

Cui Bono--? said...

As you have written and predicted, they are already dreging up the 90s again, slyly resurrecting the casino-thing to hang around Farnworth's neck. And let us not forget that Dix was in on that, too; and is not immune to the smears, either

This is what it's going to sound/read like for those who don't quite get it yet:

Brad over agt's site said:

"Nevertheless to be fair, just like Clark, Farnworth also has his similar skeletons in the unethical closet, just several years earlier from the BC Rail matter, that would also likely make Farnworth unworthy of the premier’s office in terms of the public trust.

To wit, his awarding the casino license, vis-a-vis the North Burnaby Inn, back in the late 1990′s, which was not deemed to be criminal but sure smacked of a smelly cover-up.

Back then, NDP-dominated Burnaby council were in disbelief at the awarding of that NBI license and actually were incredulous at same.

Burnaby council, then councillor Derek Corrigan as well as then NDP MLA Calendino vociferously opposed same both verbally and in writing. Is it any wonder why now both Corrigan (Horgan) and Calendino (Dix) are supporting alternative candidates?

Even Steve Letts, the then director of the Gaming Audit and Investigation Office, confirmed that his office did not complete the requisite background investigation on the BNI licence application before it was given the nod by Farnworth. Does that make any sense?"

And then we get the tv hit that goes like this:

"Recently, Global BC (then BCTV) showed coverage of Farnworth running from the media after his return from a South American trip back in the late 1990′s as part of it’s 50th anniversary look-back.

And Farnworth’s testimony in the Glen Clark matter, on behalf of the crown, contradicted the foregoing, which evidence is again also available on the ‘net.

Frankly utilizing your same smell tests, both Clark and Farnworth are unfit for the premier’s chair, unfortunately."

Exactly as you predicted.

So, now, i'm going to put it concisely for those who don't quite get it yet: It's Horgan, or toast, folks. It's that simple at this point.

Be wise, and well.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the leadership vote for the NDP in April? Can't people at least listen to what the front runners have to say? Before they decide?

Oh and BTW, I find it completely distasteful that we will be saddled with a premier that was not elected by BC. Instead we get someone that a few insiders choose. When a premier resigns we should go to election. Will any candidate take this on and change it?????

Anonymous said...

The BC people said, the HST would kill the province and the citizens, and it did. BC is the province, that fared the worst, among all the other provinces. Big business is paying Campbell a lot of money, to keep the HST. As we have all seen, Campbell is using every dirty tactic in the book, against the BC citizens. Campbell is the most corrupt premier, in Canadian history. He won two elections, by lies, deceit and corruption. That's exactly how he will go down, in the history books, and, he will take pride in that. Watch out for Harper come Federal Election time. He is every bit as devious as Campbell. Harper, pushed for the HST, he very badly wanted it forced through. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, colluded on the HST, before the BC election. BC people are forced to pay a tax, we will never see again. Harper gets to keep our stolen HST money. We can no more trust Harper, than we can trust Campbell. The two of them are, best buddies. Campbell is a criminal, he works for Harper. Keep that in mind, come Federal Election time.

kootcoot said...

One can never deny that Joy MacPhail led a two gal opposition that provided more discomfort to the ruling mobsters in the first Campbell term than Carole and her tamed seals ever thought of for the next two terms. However now that she is retired from politics and engaged in being a business person it would seem that Joy has become NDPI(n)N(ame)O(nly), or closet BC LIEberal.

Now that the BC liaRs have lost their best re-election asset, a Carole James led NDP, Bill Good and the rest of the pretend journalists are backing the next best thing, Adrian Dix and Joy who STRONGLY opposed the replacement of Carole is now jumping right on board with the PABlum Brigade and their allies in the Lamestream to assist their never ending battle against the citizens of BC who aren't members of the club!

islandcynic said...

CB @ 12:13

Amazing isn't it that one compares the selloff of a billion dollar asset to the granting of a casino license!

That is politics and Grant is correct in stating that any little thing that the opposition can grab onto and use it to dirty a name, will.

Those who choose to release wee snippets of opinion in order to try and sway the public (that which may or not get paid to do so) are just deluding themselves. The power of the media soundbite in our society is absolute and the effective nature of same is proven in the past. We must fight the election on knowing this. Those (and there are many) that don't really pay attention to politics remember soundbites. Especially negative ones.

There just is no other way. Sorry Adrian, you're still a good man.

Hugh said...

Here's an article about Mr. Horgan and Site C:


cherylb said...

I think people should listen to what all the candidates have to say before locking themselves in. We have a couple or three who look ok. I want to hear more from all of them.

Anonymous said...

I hope the NDP has the good sense not to throw homosexual leaders into the mix if they have any choice. Fer Chrissakes, two thirds of BC is a Bible belt, talk about shooting yourself in both feet?
To the point, I support John Horgan but his campaign was pretty slow out of the gate. I hope they find a way to make their videos download faster as I have waited for over an hour to hear what he has to say, and you know that won't sell. Get some internet savvy person in there to pare down the message in terms of video weight or give it up.
3. The mainstream media (read at the bottom where they refer to their partners in crime although they don't term it that way) is all on the side of continued capitalist exploitation of our one and only chance at prosperity, so I am trying to think of some way to de-track their agenda as it never has and never will be any good to the people who live here or anywhere else. You can count out the msm including the BBC (sorry, I meant CBC) as a means to an end. What other means are there to communicate with the BC electorate? Ordinarily I would discount spam, but these are extraordinary times...

Anyway, that's the preamble, my real point here is that there is no government which is going serve the people who live and work here except a government of and by the people who work here. We have seen by the outright criminal behavior of the past Liberal government that the future should not include a 'governement' which is inherently susceptible the bribes of capital in the way the Liberals laid themselves down like dogs in heat for the campaign contributions of CN and the 'Norwegian' fish farm companies. That is not democracy. It will never be a democracy when the richest corporations have the right under law to contibute as much as they need to to gain the favour of the 'government' they put in power.
America recently adopted those rules: 'any company, foreign or domestic, can contribute as much as it wishes to any political party' We here in BC have had those rule all along, and it is a Goddamn travesty! You understand that under these rules anybody from the Hell's Angels on down to real sicko outfits like Bayer or Anderson Accounting can buy the government they wish to have to exploit the people who live here.
So if the election laws don't change we will never have anything even approaching democracy here in BC. What we will have, and what we have always had, is a government controlled by contributions from transnational corporations who have absolutely no interest in the future of British Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Like a mother who always worries about her kids,hope everything is ok with you Grant.
I know running the site must be very hard on you at times, as I just get anxiety attacks
when I think what Campbell has done and is still doing to this beautiful Province.

If you are resting then enjoy and sorry to have bothered you.
Stay well.

Anonymous said...

I like Horgan, he is very sharp and dedicated to the province and the people. From what I gather, he is very well respected, even among the opposition. He would be a blessing, after what Campbell and the BC Liberals, have put us through.

Another thing is. Why do we need a HST panel? BC people are living the HST, and going under, because of it. Only a crass, gormless, brain dead, idiot wouldn't be able to see, the destruction the HST has done to the people and BC. I trust nothing that Hansen has a hand in. He and Campbell lied to us saying, the HST wasn't on their radar. Hansen finally admitted the HST papers were on his desk, before the BC election. It's said, the panel is stacked with pro HST people. We already know the results. This panel idea, is as stupid as the HST is.

istvan said...

I'm glad you'r back Grant.Best wishes,stay healthy.S.