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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals Attempt to Pull the Rabbit out of the Hat, Again!

What a day folks, sometimes I wake up in the morning and think I have left earth and gone to some parallel universe and end up on a Bizzarro Earth....A place where everything is upside down and what`s good is bad, right is wrong.....

The Kash Heed affair, no other politician in BC (except Paul Ramsey) History, would still be a sitting MLA....Anyone else would have resigned, an NDPer, So Cred...Even a Conservative would resign, with Kash Heed and the BC Liberals now hiding again behind the courts, what a shame, what a pathetic shame by an illegal Government .....Christmas eve Kash Heed filed with the Supreme court to nullify BC`s Election act on a whim...Heed is claiming ignorance saying....

I can`t force Satpal Johl(Heed`s Campaign money manager) to re-submit his Election budget and I believe it`s right and won`t change it

I`m paraphrasing but that is the gist of Heed`s defense to Election`s BC rules....Doesn`t Heed get it, his campaign broke the law and got caught, whether Heed knew all the details or not he bears ultimate responsibility, the penalty is his MLASHIP....Heed must resign...PERIOD...

Think of the irony, the Gordon Campbell Liberals used the courts for 7 years in a "Mock BC Rail" to keep prying eyes off the BC Rail theft, then they used the courts to kill the information and kill the BC Rail trial, we were told the story would come out in court and when it was getting close the trial was killed before the second witness testified, a huge settlement cost, no punishment, no answers, we have De Jong, Gordon Campbell and Christy Cluck Clark, Falcon, Abbott and the CKNW stooges all telling us that no BC Rail public inquiry is required, nothing to see, move along and, ......

And now we have Kash Heed and the BC Liberals using the same court that stifled information on BC Rail to stifle and suspend BC Election laws!

No money for an inquiry, nothing to learn, we were told by Mike De Jong that the abuse of process must stop, needless litigation on behalf of Government, wasting tax payer`s dollars, ...You tell me, who is picking up Kash Heed`s legal fees?...BIZZARRO LAND!

So I am bouncing through some blogs and was shocked to see you know who praising the "Apologist" Keith Baldrey...Calling him a straight shooter and upstanding ethical journalist...My Gawd...Who`s drinking the Kool-Aid now?...I won`t dwell on that topic, I said my bit, my question to you is...If someone actually believes Baldrey and his spin, can you trust anyone who believes Baldrey is a "straight Shooter"....Talk about delusional...

My rant earlier about the tsunami and the HST messaging from the BC Liberals and media....I told you about Bill Good thumping his desk and promoting the HST both today and yesterday, well it gets better, I heard on the news(CKNW)...The BC Government has put together a so-called independent panel to study the HST...Report back to Government..And ultimately publish the results of this "Independent" panel to the people of BC by mid April...Well folks, as soon as I heard this story my radar started beeping, I have a few questions..

1)How much is this independent study going to cost.

2)Who pays for this independent study.

3)If the Province pays, does one not pay for the results they want?

OK...Have I got your attention, let me first say friends...Can Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals insult us anymore than this latest so-called independent study....I did a little cursory research and needed to go no further...This study will be laughable, independence will be a myth, what we have is another Jack Mintz type fraud being perpetrated on the public...Let me explain...you`ll figure it out quickly too...

There will be 4 members on this so-called independent panel...

John Richards from SFU...In case you are not familiar with his work...He writes regularly for no other than The C D HOWE Institue...A right wing neo-con lower business taxes and load the bills on the public think tank, a Fraser Institute clone..

Tracy Redies...President and CEO of Coast Capital Credit Union....And did not the BC Liberals just remove the minimum bank tax in British Columbia, that amounts to a yearly savings of $75 million dollars for BC`s profitable banks.

Jim Dinning..A Alberta Conservative, he held office in Alberta, he is also connected to the Federal Conservatives who brought in our BC HST...Jim Dinning also sits on the boards of Directors for a half dozen big Companies, including energy companies.

And finally..George Morfitt...A man connected to BC Liquor, to BC Gaming, don`t let me bore you...Let`s have the articulate Norman Farrell tell us about George Morfitt

This my friends is another BC Liberal fraud in the making...You have on this so-called independent panel, a CD Howe writer...You have a rich Banker who gained big time over Campbell`s removal of the banking tax...You have an Alberta Conservative that sits on many Board of Directors of big companies, and it`s big companies that benefit from the HST....And we have George Morfitt who has left fingerprints in BC Liberal mud pies all over this Province..

No representative from the building industry...No one from the food industry..No one from border towns, no one representing Joe Average...There is no one on that panel who has money trouble, you have a bunch of people sucking pensions, fingers in pies, multi rich, and or ties to the Government who brought us the HST against our will.

Every BC Liberal should bow their head in shame for offering up this fraud as independent...We truly have entered Bizzarro World!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Ivan the Terrible said...

Grant that isn`t your radar beeping..it`s your B.S. meter
They got the power..they can do whatever they want and they know it.

Anonymous said...

Grant, John Richards from SFU is NDP!


And Coast Capital Credit Union is part of the credit union movement that formed the foundation/roots of the old CCF, forerunner to the NDP.

Why are you now starting to criticize our side??!!

Grant G said...

An independent panel should have both sides represented.

Harmonization to one tax is fundamentally good, taking away previous exempt items is wrong, as is losing our taxing authority..

Where is the little guy represented, and he`s an economist, which means he will favour a single tax..

At best, Richards may suggest lowering 2 points...But there is no money for that or the BC liberals would have done it already.

Where was the report before the HST?

Do we need a panel to look at empty wallets or jobless line-ups...22,500 jobs lost last month, 15,000 more this month...

This panel will tell us what?..The tax is good for business!...

Business needs customers, to have this tax rammed down our throats when the Feds and Province are running huge deficits and at the same time corporate taxes have been slashed and corporations are sitting on record cash!

It doesn`t add up...We don`t need another phony panel!

Anonymous said...

We are truly living in a province that has the most corrupt government in the history of Canada. I find it stunning that people are sitting idly by and not doing much about it.Recall doesen't seem to have captured the imagination of the electorate in terms of implementing change. We have a media that for the most part is the mouth piece of this most repugnant Lieberal government.Have the media so manipulated the hearts and minds of society that wrong has become right and to break the law is acceptable if you have enough money and power?This is the darkest hour this province has ever faced and I fear that if change doesn't happen soon the citizens will suffer for years to come.Gorden Campbell, what a legacy you have left for this province.Your family must be very proud of the fact that you will be regarded as one of the most hated leaders that British Columbia has ever known.

Don F. said...

This panel is a obvious ploy by them to not have to answer to the HST. much in the same way the BC Rail trial when they all spouted " can't speak to that it is in the courts" only now it will be "can't speak to that as we are awaiting an Independent panel's findings".
Nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed so no responsibility has to be given.
The time for this panel logically would have been before the implementation of the tax not after.
To give this panel some legitimacy even after what I just said some representation by those hurt by this tax should be present but of course that is not the case.
Just more feeding off the public funds and a total insult to us all.

Grant G said...

Excellent Don ...I hadn`t thought of that..The timing is very funny..They report back in late spring, maybe even after the spring session, they may well wait until the panel releases its finding`s before commenting or dealing with the HST in the house...

You are very wise my friend....The result will be letting everyone off the hook until the release the finding`s, and then if they know the result of the Panel`s findings already...Well..

Let me put it this way, I would bet the house that the "Independent Panel" will promote the tax, call it a good tax and talk up the mitigating low income HST credits as icing...

The middle class will be diminished...

And I will give you 1000 to 1 that the panel doesn`t say kill the tax...

As for any funky ruling`s about a made in BC tax hybrid ...

Isn`t that what the ministry and Government should be doing now?


Don F. said...

Moreover than that Grant they can state the panel is having trouble coming to agreement and release their findings at a more convenient date. I would give just about anything to be on that panel.I would give my second favorite guitar!

Steve Cooley said...

I was a director of a credit union for about 20 years. Once I heard Coast Capital CU described as a predatory CU whose CEO is slightly to the right of Gengis Khan. The origin of CU's was very much a socialistic movement and a few small CU's still are socialistic. Most of the large ones are not very distinguishable from the chartered banks.

Anonymous said...

This is all just more crap and corruption. We can't get rid of the crap, until we can get rid of the Liberals. You would have to be a brainless idiot, not to see the HST has killed this province. There is not one dammed good thing the HST has done for the BC people. The only ones this asinine tax benefits, is Harper and big business. We all knew, Campbell and Hansen lied about, the benefits of the HST. Where are the jobs then? Where is our saved money, by the HST? Harper, Campbell and Hansen, "forced" the HST, on the BC citizens. We knew the HST, wasn't worth the powder to blow it to hell, to us. But, Campbell said, piss on you, you are paying it anyway. We can't trust a panel, anymore than we can trust Elections BC. Look at the crap pulled, regarding, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Campbell told, blatant election lies, on both the BCR and the HST. Campbell belongs in prison, for the theft and sale of our BCR. A panel? what the hell for? You would have to be as brain dead, as Martyn Brown, not to see the utter ruination of this province, because of the HST. Harper, Campbell and Hansen want the HST, the panel will give it to them. The HST was an illegal tax, in the first place. Not even that matters.

Anonymous said...

Coast Capital Credit Union Liberal party contributions:

Ray Blessin