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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pitchfork Nation to the Rescue

Well friends,the battle begins, last night is was a full house in Gordon Campbell`s riding, 500 persons plus,angry voters,betrayed voters, Liberals,NDPers,Conservatives, Green party members,a united front, the HST initiative will succeed, I have got the goods,and a little bit of simple math to prove how easy this will be!

I faxed off my application to Elections BC to Canvass for signatures on the HST initiative, I haven`t heard back from elections BC yet so I did a little digging, there is also a fax number to send my application to,a number provided by the Zalm, well, the number the Zalm has provided rings busy,busy and even busier, a good sign? So here I am getting a little anxious to start collecting signatures, so I call up Elections BC to ask about my application, after playing phone tag for a while,being put on hold for a bit, I ultimately found a real person too talk to,and a charming woman she was, I first layed on my charm, cracked a joke,made her giggle and had right where I wanted, in the palm of my hand..

So I play stupid, that is sometimes very easy for me, I tell the charming voice that I faxed my application and I haven`t heard back from Elections BC yet, I ask her if there is a problem, she responded with professional courtesy that the applications take about 2 days to process and someone will contact me, so friends, a woman,a charming voice, time to extract data, I have learned that with a few subtle hints, a little distraction I can obtain vast amounts of data...

So I tell the girl in a humble meek way, "I am so worried that there aren`t enough volunteers to stop the evil HST" ......To which she responds, "Oh,I don`t think you need to worry"....I queried a little more, I asked her "How many passionate people have registered, a few hundred?"....To which she chirped back...."No sir,there are thousands of canvassers, we are absolutely swamped, the phone is ringing off the hook, hundreds per day have been phoning to verify their canvassing status and hundreds more signing up everyday".......Oh I said, and I needed to dig a bit more, time for another set-up question...I fire another salvo...."I guess these recall campaigns are always pretty hectic, standard fare"........Well the charming lady on the other end said ...."actually no, no one here at elections BC has seen anything like this,ever! We are absolutely overwhelmed"........

And with that friends my work with her was done, I did ask what she thought of the imposition of the HST, she said she wasn`t allowed to respond, but I know her answer.

So indeed friends, a full house in enemy territory in Kitsilano, angry seniors, Christy Clark did a segment this afternoon on the HST, she started out her segment with some severe harsh attacks against the Zalm and predicted failure,...Christy Clark stated, "It`s too hard, 10% of registered voters in all 85 ridings, it can`t be done," she went onto say, ......"Vanderzalm should have changed the recall law and initiative laws when he was premier". oh really Christy Clark,now you are blaming Zalm? Gimmee a break, Then Christy Clark(The Libertarian) went onto say...."I am in favour of the HST, taxes are good,Government needs money to provide services".......Well first off,aren`t Libertarians supposed to be opposed to taxation? Secondly, Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell have stated the Province will lose hundreds of millions each year with the HST,so what services will get paid for? More likely the HST will mean service cuts!

Anyway, Christy Clark opened up the phone lines, every caller blasted Christy,blasted Gordon Campbell, they called Gordon Campbell a liar, a con, a fiscal idiot, Christy tried to argue and downplay the anger, in fact Christy Clark also said in her lead-up to the segment, "I don`t think people care anymore,no one is still angry,people have already accepted the HST"...Well friends...The callers,angry callers,passionate callers,a caller who was at the Kitsilano rally,she described a standing room only crowd,a rockous crowd, I heard these callers,real people with real anger issues,and the callers on Christy Clark didn`t just want the HST removed but wanted Gordon Campbell gone NOW.....Christy was blown away, the very last caller to christy`s show was an old woman who I have heard before from west Vancouver, she said she loves the HST,people will get more money,things will cost less,and you will get a larger GST/Carbon tax/HST rebate cheque......

Yes friends,one demented old woman agreed with Christy Clark, but the old woman(perhaps Christy`s mom) spewed lies, everyone knows things are going to cost more, but I found it interesting that the only pro-HST caller was a whack job whose facts were all wrong, good work Christy, even your right wing whack job fans hate the HST....And by the way Christy, a Libertarian who likes big government and big taxes,well, I think you just outed yourself, a Libertarian who wants the trophy bear hunting expanded, was against the driving and cell phone talking ban, wants teachers beaten down into slaves, and wants big box stores to move into Tofino.....Well Christy, I think you are confused, I think less stinky drivel comes out of your butt than your mouth!

Where was I, oh yea, the HST initiative, there is well over 2 thousand canvassers signed up, with thousands more waiting on approval, 90 days to collect 10% of the vote....That is a piece of cake.....The raw number of signatures required are a little less than 300,000.....Think about that number for a moment. Think about 5000 canvassers, if each canvasser collected 100 signatures in 90 days, roughly 3 signatures per day, that my friends works out to 500,000 signatures, almost double the required amount, I personally have lined up over 100 signatures, all I `m doing is waiting for my paperwork, I will have those 100 plus signatures within a week.

Last night on Global news,the water carrier (thanks Ross K) Keith Baldrey was saying, oh,recall is so hard, here in Victoria there aren`t many at the rally, and Baldrey commented that there wasn`t many people in Kitsilano, well I guess Mr. Baldrey didn`t want to tell the viewers that Kitsilano was standing room only and in the premier`s riding,nice try Baldrey,Clark, Canwest,CTV...The HST initiative will succeed big time, I guarantee it! It`s only the paid stooges that say it can`t be done.

Meanwhile I have sharpened my pitchfork, we are about to make history, the voice and the will of the public will be heard, the HST will be eliminated, Gordon Campbell can ignore the initiative at his own peril, for if he ignores the HST initiative he and 8 others BC Liberals will feel the sharpened prongs of "recall in the fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Kim said...

Thank you Grant, for putting actions to your words! I will have my application in ASAP too. It would be interesting to see the stats from elections bc when the dust clears.

kootcoot said...

"Well Christy, I think you are confused, I think less stinky drivel comes out of your butt than your mouth!"

Wonderful line big guy!

BTW, on the Public Affairs Broadcast at noon today, oops, I mean Glow Ball News at Noon, they tried to minimize the Point Grey meeting and claimed ONLY 300 people signed up.

Also BTW, I have next month's news up at the House

The Koot has secret powers to read the papers a month in advance.

Anonymous said...

An explanation ...

Grant G said...

Thanks for that link 4:18PM....Yes indeed,the HST is unconstitutional...

And to give up taxing authority to the Federal government....

Campbell is going down and he is taking his whole party down with him,a little birdie told me that several MLAs are wanting to retire,rumblings to back off on the HST are being felt throughout the Liberal caucus.

Too bad a big chunk of the federal HST bribe was already paid to BC in the form of the feds paying for Olympic security...

I`m digging into it...But here is the deal, Campbell and Hansen stated that we will be receiving $750 million of the HST bribe this year....Now we are only taking $250 million of the HST money....But..In the fall budget,nobody told the public about $750 million being scooped from ICBC...Even in the spring budget,the ICBC was a hidden line item,no mention of taking of this money from ICBC...

So when did Campbell and Hansen tell Ottawa that we won`t need the HST bribe,we are going to plan B..Scooping from ICBC the exact same amount we were going to take with the HST bribe...

It has never been explained what deal was there on who pays for Olympic security...

It is my belief, Colin Hansen(under orders from Campbell) negotiated the HST deal while negotiating who pays for Olympic security costs..
And I further believe that we will never realize the HST bribe because.....

Drum roll please.........

Because we have already been paid most of the HST bribe,the money was buried in Olympic security costs and Federal committments..

I have a question for you Gordon Campbell/Colin Hansen...

Show me the MOU(Memorandum of understanding)...Show me,show the public when we will receive the first installment of the $1.6 billion right down to the last dollar of the $1.6 billion....

Show the paperwork, as far as I`m concerned,Harper and Campbell are playing HST bribe footsie...It`s also my intention that HST bribe money was spent on behalf of BC before Ottawa senate gave the HST the nod...

That is why there was no debate in the Senate in Ottawa,HST bribe money was already spent,PRE LEGISLATION EITHER PROVINCIALLY OR FEDERALLY.....

There is no way loosey goosey deals regarding $750 million dollars aren`t locked down to the minute...You have some explaining to do Flaherty/Hansen...Show me the signed MOU!

Gary E said...

I'm on, Grant. I received word today that my official status kit will be delivered in the next day or two. I was also informed that due to the unprecedented number of applications Elections BC is finding it hard to keep up. I will be in the Cariboo Mall (Safeway) in 100 Mile House on Saturday April 10. (exact time to be determined) and I will post it on my blog.

And, great detective work on your part, Sherlock.

kootcoot said...

"Show me the MOU(Memorandum of understanding)...Show me,show the public when we will receive the first installment of the $1.6 billion right down to the last dollar of the $1.6 billion...."

They'll show us the MOU above perhaps the same day they publish the picture of Gordon Campbell holding the giant $1 Billion Dollar check from that Texas railroad company for BC Rail. In other words the second friday after the end of forever (or the day the HarperCons and the rest of the Canadian Taliban leave the rest of us behind as foretold in Revelation! I'm really looking forward to being left behind and not having to see or hear those assholes....hurry!

Anonymous said...

Ask Crusty Clark about her been at Port Moody S. S. graduation ceremonies at BC Place..
Everyone was asked speak, principal, D Pac, BC Teachers Fed, Dist 43 Superintendent,
etc. They DID NOT ASK THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION, CRUSTY CLARK! She sat there like a lump. It was hilarious! The topping on the cake was when one of the students, mooned her majesty. The crowd howled with laughter, and she left not only the
stage, she moved out of Port Moody, and ran to the west side of Vancouver. Now a disgrace, a proven lier, on the radio. Still has her mouth around the lieberal ideals. Good work Crusty! The biggest bully is, and was her. When my daughter asked her about the minimum wage (which is appalling), her answer was typical of her ilk... " At least they are getting something". What a piece of work.

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

Great stuff Kam Lee...HA HA..I can picture Crusty Clark being oh so offended by a teenage butt,while squinting to get a better view!

Yes indeed,she definately has an attraction to Butt ugly...Have you seen her ex Mark M..

Well maybe she fell in love with those deep money green eyes of Mark M....

Thanks Kam..... You brought me a smile.


Anonymous said...

Very welcome. I was there, as my son was grduating. I am trying to find the pictures I took. I was informed by the fellow that was going to moon the queen. It was a magical moment for sure.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Further to the Crusty Clark saga...

My wife penned a poem about Crusty. Years ago. It still rings true.

A little holiday poem...

Every Liberal in town liked Christy a lot,
But the parents of children with needs, they did not.
They hated her tactics, her false speaking ways.
Now don't ask me why, for no one can say,
But, it might be her leaning too far to the right, Or it might be they found, she's really not bright,
But I think the most likely reason of all,
May be that her heart was two sizes too small.
But, whatever the reason, her heart or her brain,
They felt she had chucked all their kids down the drain,
They'd go to their meetings, their workshops and more,
To get their kid's rights and their funding restored.
"I must stop those voices" Christy said with a smirk,
Then she concocted a plan she though just might work.
She talked to her pal, BC's Gaming Guru,
And plotted a plan that was so foul to do,
A policy review, in the nick of time,
Would leave the charities without one thin dime.
"We'll take all their funding, their programs and staff, and we'll leave them to ponder our new baffle gaff."
"So," Christy thought, "that will silence the rabble."
"More choice! More flexibility!" she continued her babble, But Christy forgot, (we knew that she would), One thing that the parents of those kids understood,
You can take away funding and programs and staff,
But those parents are determined to have the last laugh.
They have a power that's too great to defeat
The power of love for their kids can't be beat
Nothing will silence them, no, nothing at all,
Those voices will ring and they will stand tall
To ensure that each child in a school will be served and the rights of their children are met and preserved.
So, be warned Ms Christy, of those parents and friends
Who see the real purpose of your plans in the end,
Pay attention to those that cry up to your towers,
Those parents are stronger than your political powers.

Merry merry!

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

when the people of BC want something done they have to do it themselves, government thinks they made a safety net for themselves of just how accountable they willing to be. when i was living in New West i had to chance to sign a petition to save a hospital in our city. everyone but our liberal MLA were behind the campaign to save the hospital, joyce murrey even wrote a letter that was puplished in the local weekly paper saying she had to do support her governments decision. within a few months the the Mayor of New West presented Joyce with more than enough signatures to make MRS. Murrey do a flip/flop on the issue making her a born again believer in the power of democracy and opened Campbell's eyes to the fact that one of his mighty could be fallen if thats what the people wanted. anyways thanks for another great article and i always get a good laugh when you bring up the mouthpiece crusty clark.

Crankypants said...

I also heard this last caller on Clark's segment on the HST, and all I could think of was the fact that she is allowed to vote. I don't know if she is a plant or just another of many that have no clue of what is happening in this province. Sadly I think it is the latter. The PST has not yet been repealed by the provincial government and won't be until the BC Liberal government invokes closure on the subject assuming the NDP fights it to the bitter end. The scary thing is that there will be some less informed listeners that will think this caller was correct. Christy should have corrected her instead of giving us a recap of how many callers disagreed with her.

I personally think that the Zalm will get the necessary number of signatures to get to the next level, but I suspect our egomaniac of a premier will continue to ignore the will of the people.

Maybe in the end the best we can hope for is to expose how undemocratic our supposed democracy really is.


jaydee said...

Grant G - Hate to say but I think the Elections B.C. lady was probably told what to say and the reason is that they have not hired any extra staff to cover the onslaught of the HST rebellion and especially when it is you, they have probably been told what to say when Grant G comes calling! They are so far behind that we should be allowed to change the last day of the campaign to however many days late EBC is....Here we go again, there's just too many people who don't have the petition. I too had received no info so after several calls yesterday and today I finally was contacted by an organizer in my Surrey/White Rock riding and there is a meeting at her place on Tuesday night. She has the cards but still NO PETITIONS. Grant, I would like to take a copy of your HST posts and suggest we print some out to leave when we do the sign-ups. I gave the organizer your website and she is very interested and will suggest she bring up your site on Tuesday. Also good news, Vander Zalm will be here at the Star of the Sea on Friday April 9, doors open 6:30, starts at 7:30 for anyone here who is interested. I will bring up this concern of under-staffing Elections B.C.(purposely)?? We all know Campbell and the guppy will ignore the voters but the humiliation should send them both into a raging fit, YES! Cranky...Believe it everyone the MSM lets speak are ALL plants and always get the last word in, lies and all. Kam Lee...So funny, great story.

Anonymous said...

Another Crusty story... At the "Golden Spike Days" in Port Moody a few years ago. There were many tents, food, info, banks, Hydro and other groups, etc. There were two of interest, Crusty's tent and a women's group. They talked about women's rights, help centres, their rights under the law, and for me fair-trade products, and where they come from and where you can purchase them. Well Crusty finally showed up and sneered at the other tent, which by the way had paid, like everyone else money to be there. She talked with her handler Tony, he in turn talked to a fellow named Gene V. , and to much outrage he asked the women's group to leave the following day! Their logic, "They did not show a balance" LOL, and Crusty did? What crap. Only a lieberal toadie such a Gene V, would do such an underhanded maneuver. That was the last time I attended Golden Spike Days, until Gene V. stepped down form the post of prez. A normal lieberal method..."If I can't win, cheat". Enough said.

Kam Lee

Leah said...

Morn'n Grant and everyone in gallery! If I may, I have a suggestion to make regarding the petitions. I've not received my "package" either, may have to wait a few days yet (I'll make up for lost time, I promise!)...but I have seen some of the directions for copying and printing. They are "ultra" specific...from weight of paper, to what the margins MUST be set to. Methinks that if either of these are overlooked, or thought of as not being as important as the signatures...we could find thousands of signatures thrown out! They make hurdles a precise height, so let's get it right the first time.

Suggestion: See if it's possible to have ALL copying done at ONE site/business willing to undertake this and make certain ALL criteria for copying/printing is met exactly. 20 pound paper a MUST, margins of 6 and 9 cms a MUST...etc.

Let's not take any chances on missing the mark - and I still think these specifications are a bit of a smokescreen for doing a quick sort...ie: making it easier to get rid of thousands of signatures due to carelessness on our part.

What do you think?

kootcoot said...

"but I have seen some of the directions for copying and printing. They are "ultra" specific...from weight of paper, to what the margins MUST be set to. Methinks that if either of these are overlooked, or thought of as not being as important as the signatures...we could find thousands of signatures thrown out! They make hurdles a precise height, so let's get it right the first time."

What a load of typical BC liaR Crap. If we actually had a justice system elections BC could be taken to court and forced to extend the sign-up period until ALL reasonable requests for materials have been satisfied. Perhaps a time for equipping and getting set up before the clock starts clicking. Otherwise is is like starting the stopwatch before shooting the starter's gun in a track race.

But win or lose on the petition to overturn the Hated Shitty Tax, I will consider it a good practice fun for November, the results of which, if I understand correctly CANNOT be ignored by the assholes pretending to be a government. Then all we need is 40% (easy) in seven or eight ridings, and of course we should go for 70% in Point Grey.

Can one be a canvassar in another riding, because I am proud to say we have no need to recall in my or a neighboring riding or two. I guess we are a bit smarter in the Kootenays than the denizens of Anaheim North, ooops, KurdledLowna.

Grant G said...

Leah,I am still waiting for my package of goodies...I`m sure we will receive the proper sized petitions...However,we on the coast have a fine team captain to take care of these issues,find out who your team captain is..

Remember,you will also get a voters list,make sure your group is organized,let people take on different areas, make sure to cross off names off the voters list once they have signed,use reverse phone books to call people and tell them you are coming...Roberts creek canvasser on the coast has already gathered hundreds of signatures...Leah,you must shoot for at least 50% of names on your voters list.

Thanks Leah,remember...3 months to gather signatures,make sure to hand out phone number where people you have canvassed can call you to sign up,have the people you signed up call and get their friends to sign up,we will do this Leah!

Grant G said...

Kootcoot..On recall you don`t have to be from that riding...A recall canvasser can have as many helpers as they can muster,that is why I am very confident about recall...

I picture 500 canvassers recalling Point Grey..50 signatures per canvasser = 25,000 signatures.


Kim said...

Compliments on your wife's poem Kam, very clever! Faxed my application to the Zalm this morning. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Gordo can do nothing but lose on the HST issue. If he keeps it, then the anger from us will only build momentum. This will help the recall campaign in the fall.

If he decides to not go ahead with it, admitting he was wrong (of which he has never done on any issue), then he will expose his weakness to all his puppets and will be eaten alive.

Oh joy!

Anonymous said...

hello to anon who asked if krusty kluck is a plant,well in the words of agt also known as the puke,kinsella told him he was working behind the scenes to get that witch (my words)a contract with scamwest glowball no news all the time well thank you my dear freind pedro thanx for dropping by and as always a pleasure,boy that's one blog that never gets any bad reveiws or alternative veiws,maybe hes trying to land a troll position with them,he fits right in,I had fat ass pegged from the begining.GENUINE.

Gary E said...

Genuine. Of course he doesn't get ant bad reviews or alternative views. He keeps banning people whose opinions differ from his. As I've said before "just like the schoolboy who owns the ball, if you don't play by my rules I'll take the ball away" Some people just never grow up.

Gary E said...

Hi Grant,et al.Sorry , got sidetracked in my previous post.

I just returned from Williams Lake and had quite a good discussion with the organizers there. Seems they were sitting in a local restaurant before meeting with me then going to a Area (constituency) Meeting. They were discussing the initiative and were overheard by some of the patrons there. Within two minutes they had about 15 unsolicited signatures. Not bad.
Anyway I got a kit that can be used this Saturday from 10 till 2 at the Cariboo Mall.
As more information comes from Elections BC they (the organizers) will update me. I have not heard about crosschecking with a voters list as yet. But we do have a system whereby people who want to volunteer to canvass can sign up and the paperwork will be sent to the area organizer to be forwarded to Bill Van der Zalm for signing thence to elections BC. This is in addition to those who have already signed up, like myself.There is also a system for submitting the sheets, But as I said I have not been informed of getting any voters list. That list is super confidential and I would assume there are scrutineers who could crosscheck it. You have to be sworn in to see that list.
I'm going to post something on my blog at http://howbadtherecord.blogspot.com but probably not until tomorrow. I should have more information by then.

Grant G said...

That`s fantastic Gary E...I was reading in Opinion 250..The first day of the petition in the Peace river riding...1800 signatures in their first day..I was a little concerned about that area,all the oil n gas money..

Heck yea!!! 1800 signatures...They will be more than done in a week in that area...

Once I get my paperwork I intend to nlog on the triaols and tribulations og the petition...

Stay tuned,same bat channel same bat time...


Anonymous said...

if you listened to NW "the top fraud", you would have heard Long Vaughn Baldrey say, and I quote.. " If it sounds like I am an governmnet apoligist, I guess I am" WOW! The first truth said out of his mouth! It is sickening that they, who have the airwaves can lie, cheat steal, and mis-direct energy away from "gordo the impaller" and his fellow criminals. HST lies, new roof lies, and insider information, again covering up. As they said it was perhaps newsworthy, but it is so small, like their minds. AGT is about the same. On with the recall of the drunk "gordo the impaller" I am so pissed, media scum.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Only a lunatic could have come up with a budget, such as we got. Is this insane budget to cover, Campbell and Hansen's, ass, in case the HST failed? I have signed petitions on line, with my name and address, I am waiting for a knock on my door. He is beginning to lose, some major battles. The Aboriginal People, are refusing to allow China's dirty oil tankers, in their inlets. I do believe, Campbell threw a tantrum in the legislature, over being flouted by the Native people.

Grant G said...

Oh indeed Campbell did throw a tantrum,as a matter of fact Campbell is in total freak mode,3 MLAs are insisting on resigning,the caucus wants the HST killed..

The knives are being sharpened,the HST initiative will have plenty of signatures,Canwest Golbal/CKNW/CTV have shut down the news,sorta like a lake full of gasoline and no one wants to make a spark.

Canwest have nothing,there is no BC political news,none at all.

Canwest Global/CTV/CKNW..It`s is like a deformed mentally challenged person with a giant goiter on their neck,that is our BC Government,Canwest Global news turns their head away and pretends the sickening site isn`t there!
Well the sickening site is there,the BC Liberals are in tatters,they can`t raise any money from people,a laughing stock,even Harper wants to avoid Campbell...The BC Liberal are done,it`s all over,throw em out,mop up the dirt,and start tearing up contracts and firing the guilty!

And I meant nothing ill towards any mentally handi-capped or disfigured person,merely trying to paint a mental image of the Canwest avoidence!


jaydee said...

As Vander Zalm would say....that's f a n t a s t i c news, Grant. O happy day! Our Star of the Sea meeting tonight should be in party mood!

Anonymous said...

Grant said: "3 MLAs are insisting on resigning"

Grant - Where do you get all of your inside information from?!

Kash Heed, BC's Solicitor General is now the first to resign!


jaydee said...

Anon 11:36 am...such a great day. Who is next???!!!

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly its Friday afternoon,take out the trash day this media is so glaringly blind its just not funny anymore ,how fucking obvious!

Anonymous said...

The media in this province,hell lets say country should have a new letterhead to adorn their letterhead,a pair of sunglasses and a red and white cane,the dog is out because,even a dog wouldn't lead us to the crap their trying to feed us!GENUINE.