Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barinder Sall is in Hiding

" What at a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

The Kash Heed election fraud case continues to grow bigger and bigger every passing day, today on question period Bill Barisoff shut down all questions about the(IMO) Kash Heed fraudulent election win, today in the Vancouver sun Vaughn Palmer stated in his column that he was perplexed why the NDP didn`t ask any questions in question period about the Kash Heed affair on Monday, isn`t that interesting, Vaughn Palmer went onto say that the NDP should ask questions about Kash Heed before the story goes stale, isn`t that special, Vaughn Palmer believes questions on Kash Heed should be asked and answered!

Perhaps Vaughn Palmer can explain why Bill Barisoff shut down the topic of Kash Heed before Mike Farnsworth finished asking the very first question?(read Vaughn Palmer`s column here) http://www.vancouversun.com/news/wealth+topics+question+period/2877417/story.html

On the evening news and also what Michael smyth reported this morning, Kash Heed`s campaign manager Barinder Sall has gone missing, his facebook page has been shut down, Barinder Sall was seen in California last week at a wedding, listen friends, despite what some gullible media and bloggers have to say this story does have legs,long legs! It`s big, bigger than any of you can imagine, why is Barinder Sall in hiding, in today`s world of cell phones,blackberries and a slew of other devices no one goes missing or can`t be found unless they want to be lost or not be found.

Kash Heed left West Vancouver with the cloud over him, complaints filed against him by fellow officers over Kash Heed interfering in a child pornography case, despite the fact that Jack Crone was ultimately convicted Kash Heed should of known better than to meet with a fellow employee of Jack Crone the morning of the day they were heading to Jack Crone`s home with a search warrant, who knows what other evidence was lost or not found,who knows if the investigation would have led back to jack Crone`s place of employment? Despite airy fairy thoughts by some on this matter we will never know the truth,Kash Heed fled West Vancouver with a massive severance package he wasn`t entitled too,he quit! It was obvious to ANYONE who followed the case and wrote about it that Pamela Goldsmith Jones wanted Kash Heed gone regardless of the cost!

Today on the evening news,again the printing company in Richmond is refusing to talk, this scandal that was CENTERED in Kash Heed`s riding and had tentacles reaching far and wide, for today we learn 15,000 more of these pamphlets were destined for Mable Elmor`s riding,they were intercepted at Canada post, Mable Elmore won her riding but imagine if those flyers got through?,how many more ridings have those phamplets been sent to ,what other ridings were the robo calls placed?....

Friends,in my opinion Barinder Sall is in hiding because he is either guilty or had direct knowledge of who made the pamphlets and authorized their release, because,even after Canada post stopped the mail out of the pamphlets they were still being delivered in plain brown envelopes.

And there is more,much much more, despite Kash Heed and the liberals downplaying this dirty,illegal activity,despite certain voices calling this affair trivial,inconsequential nothing could be further from the truth, do any of you think that the Chinese voters that live in Fraserview live there in isolation, how many Chinese voters are in Burnaby? Lots of Chinese voters live in Burnaby,look at how close the North Burnaby riding was, Richard Lee, a Chinese BC Liberal in Burnaby won by a handful of votes, do Chinese people in Burnaby know or talk to Chinese people in Fraserview? Of course they do, and we now know that these Criminal pamphlets went to at least 2 ridings, how many more ridings did they go to?

As far as I am concerned those criminal illegal flyers and robo calls cost the NDP at least 3 ridings, oh indeed friends, there will be a bi-election in Fraserview and Kash Heed will be toast,but so should Richard lee and Bloy, you know friends it amazes me, Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are habitual liars, why do the not so smart keep believing that on certain issues they must be telling the truth, Heed came to the Liberals dirty and he will leave the Liberals dirty.

And like I say, this story is going viral, Kash Heed has made public statements that he knew nothing, that he heard nothing until after the election, that`s pretty funny when Gabriel yiu complained to Kash Heed`s campaign about the dirty tricks,in fact the Vancouver Sun reported the story 3 days before the election and Kash Heed expects anyone to believe that he heard nothing until after the election....And the fact that the Vancouver Sun reported the story wouldn`t help the thousands of Chinese that don`t read the Vancouver Sun, or the thousands of Chinese that don`t read English period, oh indeed friends Kash Heed is going down.

But what I find amazing, in question period in years back when questions were asked about dozens of scandals(BC RAIL for one)....Questions were allowed to be asked, Gordon Campbell and Wally Oppal and Kash Heed might have answered..."It`s before the courts"...or "We don`t want to interfere with subject matter before the judiciary" and or many varied but similar answers.....But today my friends,Bill Barisoff refused even one question on Kash Heed to be asked, Gordon Campbell`s Government is in hiding and running from this one, in my opinion you will find a direct link between Barinder Sall and these pamphlets, and whether Kash Heed claims ignorance or not(Kash is good at that) matters not....In fact friends I expect Kash Heed to resign completely within a week to try and kill the story!

Kash Heed will be gone, we will probably never be able to connect to North Burnaby and a couple of other ridings but believe me,the Chinese are a tight knit honourable group and they like to talk,the criminal pamphlets had an effect on many ridings! (Here is a great picture of Barinder Sall, Wally Oppal and Colin Powell together for a photo-op here)http://www.nriinternet.com/NRIrestaurants/CANADA/A_Z/T/LA_TERRAZZA/Colin_Powell/index.htm

In my opinion Barinder Sall looks like a shady,dirty Character, and if you want to get right down to it the campaign in Delta south with Wally Oppal was another very dirty Liberal campaign!

I`m making the call folks, I say that Kash Heed will resign for good in an attempt to kill this story!

Think about this friends, the complaint to elections BC was filed last June, elections BC forwarded the information to the RCMP, Elections BC gave the name they got from Canada post to the RCMP, Elections BC refused to tell the media what name was associated with the mailing of the Pamphlets, the RCMP have had over 10 months, the RCMP have talked to the print shop in Richmond(who donated money to the BC Liberals),the print shop has refused to talk to the media, the RCMP have had 10 months, 10 months folks, if, if there was no connection to the upper crust of the BC Liberal party this issue would be long gone by now,the fact that Kash Heed has stepped down,Barinder Sall is in hiding, in an era of instant connections the Barinder Sall disappearance can`t be explained,what else that can`t be explained is the speaker of the Legislature Bill Barisoff not even allowing questions to be asked about the Kash Heed affair, I have never ever seen that before!

Goodbye Kash Heed, RIP Barinder Sall

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The Socreds committed the same LIEberal dirty tricks campaign during the May, 1979 election. Gracie's Finger, phony letters to the editor, phony this, phony that and the MSM nailed these Socred crooks every day in both the press and on the telly. Ahhhhhh - the good old days when the MSM was credible.

Same crooks operating today. What really makes me want to upchuck is that the same Socred/LIEberal crooks got re-elected in the May, 1983 election after that big stink.

And what's more pathertic is that the dolt electorate forgets everything and doesn't seem to care. What do we do?!

Grant G said...

8:25 PM.....I have your answere!

"Recall in the Fall"

Crankypants said...

Last I saw, these pamphlets may have gone to 3 different ridings and as you rightly point out, people talk. There is no doubt that the message was heard in pretty much every riding in the lower mainland. Very few people live and work in the same riding and because of that one must conclude that the results of last May's election may have been skewed.

This is just another example of why our political system is flawed and most of it can be attributed to political parties and how they go about their business. No parties-no bullshite.


Anonymous said...

And to think of the antics they went to the extreme, cameras set up,police, a great view of Glen Clark and his wive holding a baby in the kitchen,this is outrageous,oh ya who was it that said "SEAR CAMPAIGNS are our specialty"?HMMMMMMMM!

Grant G said...

Crankypants.....you are only half right,I don`t recall any dirty tricks by the NDP in the last election...

Let`s see, bill bennett(LIB) played the race card and ran a dirty ad and invited young people to learn to vote in a bar,with free beer...

The touching a breast affair on facebook,the NDPer quit the race,he shouldn`t have...

And the phony column by Michael Smyth super exagerating an ndp increase in the price of beer, a 50cent increase in beer price turned into $6.00 dollars,Michael Smyth didn`t retract or research,he published bullshit!

The media whinning about a bumby plane ride with Carole James, and they reported how bad Carole James was to be burning fuel on earth day or whatever it was...

The carbon tax lie..Gordon Campbell said the carbon tax was the equivelant of taking 400,000 cars off the road each day,the media went silent on that comment too.

Marc Jaccard with his phony,fake,inaccurate paper 2 weeks before the election claiming charging oil n gas companies for flaring gas would cost 61,000 jobs,and let`s not forget the Fraser institute phony,inaccurate story claiming raising the minimum wage would cost 51,000 jobs!

The media sucked on Campbell`s teet all through the election, and lets not forget the green sell out by the big phony David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman....And lastly the Robo calls from Professor Weaver..

Crankypants,it was a one way dirty trick campaign,name one dirty trick by the NDP during the last election?

Your broad brush Cam has painted way over the line.


Crankypants said...

Grant, I think you misread what I wrote. I didn't say that the NDP used dirty tricks during any election.

I believe that our political system would be better off if all MLAs and MPs run and win as independents. No party affiliation of any sort. What we have now is an elected dictatorship every time a party wins a majority.

All our system leads to is a polarized society where pretty much everything gets debated along

That's where I'm coming from.

party lines rather than on the merits of most issues.

Grant G said...

no problem Cam....For me it`s the media,if we had a media that wasn`t corrupted the real facts would come out..

It`s the media that has gone blind,a deliberately blind media makes for a blind electorate.

Crankypants said...

I agree with you on the role the media has played in shaping what we, the people, hear and see. Most people are either too busy dealing with their day to day lives or too lazy to delve a little deeper than a 30 second soundbite and accept what they see or hear as gospel.

Since I've retired I've gone to a couple of all-candidates meetings and was amazed to see the lack of attendance. Whether its complacency or ignorance, I feel that the interest in politics has taken a back seat to too many other facets of our everyday lives.

I also believe that the last election should be declared null and void and a new election called. Also any legislation, agreements etc. entered into by the BC Liberal party or Crown Corporations should be declared invalid. The citizens of BC deserve nothing less.


Crankypants said...

Oops, I forgot part of my last comment.

My reasoning for scrapping the last election is that there is no real way of knowing how many ridings were impacted by this brochure. Words and messages travel by many means such as television, internet and even the conversations carried out at the water cooler. When you throw a rock in the water, you see a splash, but the ripples from that action carries a long way. So does information and misinformation.


Grant G said...

Right on Cam

By the way,check out Vaughn Palmer`s Wensday column...

Vaughn Palmer has seen the writing on the wall,Vaughn now thinks the HST initiative will get the required signatures!

Damn stupid media, they just kept telling everyone that that public would forget about the HST...

Now,maybe finally the media has gotten the message,we won`t forget,we will get more than enough signatures,Gordon Campbell can still ram it through.
But it will be Political suicide for the BC Liberals....

One more thing Cam...In Vaughn Palmer`s column, most of the NDP MLAs are signing up to canvass for signatures,Leonard Krog,John Horgan and a dozen others.

Like I said before,I have never seen this type of anger across all political stripes before,EVER!

Bill Teileman will be in point Grey tomorrow with Sue Hammil of the NDP, you watch, they will get more than a 1000 signatures tomorrow!

I pick up my petition and ID card tomorrow at noon, I will have 200 signatures or more by Friday, I guarantee I will get at least 500 signatures myself, as of today Cam,according to Elections BC there are over 3000 canvassers registered with hundreds and hundreds more waiting to be processed....

Just think,3000 X 100 signatures = 300,000 signatures...That is more than enough....3000 X 200 signatures = 600,000 signatures....

that`s more like it.....3000 X 500 signatures = 1.5 million signatures.....

Or..With more and more canvassers everyday...

5000 Canvassers X 200 signatures = 1 million signatures....

90 days...90 days

Enjoy "The Long Hot Summer" Gordon Campbell


BC Mary said...

With 200 full-time staffers in Gordo's Public Affairs Bureau (larger than any News Bureau in all of Canada) pumping out their happy songs praising Gordo's Gang ...

how can the voters be blamed for believing what they read in the newspapers and watch on TV News?

I'd like to see somebody drilling down into the PAB Job Descriptions and On-the-Job Training program for recruits. Or do the applicants just "catch the drift" themselves and play along?

There are significant perks (besides a good salary) to being a PABster: after X-number of years, student loans are forgiven, for example.

One of their favourite half-lies is to say that the NDP had a PAB too ... a very convenient half-truth. It was in the NDP day much smaller and it wasn't used for propaganda purposes.

These days, the Gordo Gang has them right on camera when a Cabinet Minister speaks to the press: somebody right at his/her elbow, gimlet-eyed, taping what he says, and deciding -- this is especially annoying -- when the Minister will stop talking.

Strictly speaking, is this legal? Thinking logically: can it be legal that the public pays to have PABsters performing these political, un-democratic duties?

Heck, Ghengis Khan or Attila the Hun could be elected and re-elected with a set-up like this. And that's not even counting the dirty tricks played out at election times.

Evil Eye said...

An inside source has told the "Eye" that Bill Barisoff is involved and Farnworth knows it. It may well be that the very highest of level of the BC Liberal Party approved them!

Anonymous said...

In Parksville / Qualicum it looks like that riding was won on the promise of a medical center being constructed in Oceanside. The elderly population bought it hook line and sinker and today we have a ex Nanaimo council person originally responsible for the conference center in that community and ex remax realtor now the Liebral MLA in that area. Is this considered fraud or just insincere to promise such big projects and not turn a shovel after the statement. I love the fact that this party will die the slow death of the taxpayer. too bad it took so long for the decaying process to start.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on the Canwest/Liebral news today pertaining to this story. Just Christy Clarke and her support for anti-bullying day which I support 100 percent. She could take that a step further though and admit to the bullying promoted by Gordo and her gang towards children,the less fortunate and the elderly in this Province. Who knows her show today could be on exactly that Gordon the schoolyard bully.

Anonymous said...

Barinder Sal has had his head up so many people's ass that he doesn't know if the stink is comin from his mouth or his environment. He has acted like a big shot and done underhanded things before. Anyone working with him should be weary!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right - - - BARINDER SALL is a total scumbag piece of shit. I know for a fact that he tried to sell a business colleague of mine personal access to the Solicitor General on the promise of 'special attention' to certain matters of importance. It's great to see him get caught at being exactly what he is (see above). As for Kash Heed, there's proof that any moron can still get elected, regardless of his lack of judgment and absence of moral/ethical compass.