Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another mirage from the RCMP

You know folks, some of the stuff I read I just shake my head, as you know I wrote about Wiebo Ludwig, the alleged Ecana bomber, and, it is my opinion that this was nothing but a fishing expedition, the RCMP and the Campbell government are held in such low regard that this arrest,press conference was nothing but a public relations exercise.

( Breaking news happened after I posted(I posted at 8:35 PM), there are shocking updates at the bottom of this story,an update at 11:00PM...Update at 12:35 AM....Update at 1:00 AM)

OK, so you think I might be a little paranoid, time will tell when they release Wiebo Ludwig without charges, anyways, I was glancing through some of the Canwest (fish wrap) newspapers tonight and I ran across this story headlining on the front page in the Sun,the Province and the Victoria times paper, the story is titled :Informants destroying B.C. gangs from the inside out, expert:

The expert who is quoted in this story is Darryl Plecas, an Abbotsford professor with lots of awards,degrees, and he is the Chair of the RCMP learning center, I wonder if he is related to Bob Plecas, ah but I digress, the headline alone sent my alarm bell ringing, so I read this story(comic) and I can`t believe what he said, Plecas states that gang members are turning on themselves, reeking havoc internally, Plecas mentions Clay Rouche, Clay was arrested by the American justice system on drug and money laundering charges and received a 30 year sentence(which he is appealing).....Plecas goes onto say that since Some upper level gang bangers have been caught that the gangs have had to recruit new inexperienced bangers and these new bangers are easily scared and are ratting out upper members of the gangs.

Lets cut to the chase with this story, the RCMP are so desperate for a good news story that now they are manufacturing good news stories, and they use Plecas with all his degrees and awards to pimp the story, and friends this whole story is nothing but a public soother and PAB trick, and, Darryl Plecas is connected with the RCMP, he chairs the RCMP learning center.

First off, this isn`t the police saying this, this is a so-called professor, is Plecas being kept up to speed by the RCMP? If he is, is that kosher? I don`t think so, and, think about it, if bangers are destroying the gangs of B.C. from the inside out through informing(ratting out) why would you tell the world that this was going on? If it was true would you want the gang leaders to know about it? I don`t think so, kill the golden goose, uh uh, and there is more, if there are gangs with lots of new recruits what`s going to happen? Who is going to get killed? get shot? Get set -up, you see if this story is true and informants are ratting out their bosses, and if gang leaders or upper echelon gang members are getting busted and they didn`t know why they are getting busted......Well now Professor Plecas(brain surgeon) you have just let the cat out of the bag and I would expect to have some shootings in the very near future!

You see folks, this story in my opinion is nothing but the RCMP still fishing for a story to hang their hats on, especially since Jamie Bacon`s brother has no charges against him and the court is going to rule on Thursday that the warrant they used on Jamie Bacon was invalid,not to mention they got caught taping and listening in on Jamie Bacon and his lawyer, talk about amateurs, (Look friends,I am no friend of bacon or bangers,I think their scum but that`s not the issue)

So the police are looking for feel good stories to soothe the public because Bacon and Wiebo Ludwig will be free.(Read the story here) http://www.theprovince.com/news/Informants+destroying+gangs+from+inside+Expert/2433598/story.html

Anyways, story after story about drugs, money, crime,how many gang murders have the RCMP solved, I read a story last week about how the youth and hard drug users can get dope in minutes anywhere in Metro Vancouver, the eastside of Vancouver has drug dealers everywhere, every block there is dope, heck they are allowed to carry Crack and heroin and go shoot up at :Insite: and they are going to do a legal heroin study in Vancouver, and Metro Vancouver is the hard drug, crystal meth,crack cocaine ,ecstacy capital of Canada, drug addicted sex workers all over the city, all over Nanaimo, drugs everywhere in Victoria,the fraser valley,the interior, not to mention the marijuana grow ops, estimated 6 billion dollar a year industry.(you can read Darryl Plecas`s credentials here,including his ties to the RCMP)
http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:tzomSmWPBxIJ:www.forumforglobalcities.com/en/pdf/2009/bios/Plecas09.pdf+darryl+plecas&hl=en&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjfawRBGKEe7FJ9WZzOCtOEJborKuhGoh5AdYDL6QCPeMmiKJxYQWsa3VdojD4k6KqFz9Ngf8bQiOWd32tPQF-ArQrqxUJCH6ASXyr2UmCZVDdCvoOEoLDKcDpgi_96dkFy8z38&sig=AHIEtbSZTt28TQM-acQ_rf6WUqvNO9-ZZQ "If it doesn`t make sense then it isn`t true" That motto will serve you well.

Yet Darryl Plecas comes out with this story, who is he trying to convince,himself, the gullible public, maybe the story is for the olympic visitors or the press core, we wouldn`t want the world to see our shame, of course our ugliness will be swept out of site for three weeks, so who is this story for? I suspect it`s a little of both, I just hope this story doesn`t start another shooting gallery, if it does, whose conscience will it be on? And lastly, if I was a gang banger I would fear a retaliation death sentence far more than I would fear the Canadian justice penal system!

(Updated at 11:00 PM Tuesday, 90 minutes after my post.....A man was shot in the chest in Vancouver tonight,the story had only a few details, it was in the west end, I hope for your sake Darryl Plecas that this shooting isn`t gang related,like I said, you might just start a shooting gallery, how`s your conscience feeling Plecas) read the story here http://www.vancouversun.com/news/shot+downtown+Vancouver/2434430/story.html

(Updated again tonight at 12: 35 AM......I just clicked the link above and mysteriously the Vancouver sun states "The story is no longer available" I suspect that the powers that be pulled the story because it`s a downtown(Olympic city) Vancouver murder story, I will look for more information, maybe they were wrong,maybe it wasn`t a shooting,why wouldn`t the story then say,with new information we discovered it wasn`t a shooting) Anyways, the story said a man in an older apartment (The Chelsea) was shot in the chest, police and ambulances were in front of the building according to a witness, the witness wasn`t sure whether the victim was still alive. Something fishy going on here....Vanoc, could it be that Vanoc and the IOC ordered the story buried? As you can see from the above link, the link states....SHOT +DOWNTOWN+VANCOUVER.....Curious.

(Updated again at 1:00 AM.....I called St Paul hospital to get information on the shooting,it was a shot in the dark, St Pauls hospital is the closest hospital to the shooting, the main switchboard transfered me to emergency department, I asked the woman who answered if the shooting victim from the west end was brought there, she said....." You will have to call the police for any information on the shooting" snip.....I then said to her, I`m a reporter with the Straight Goods, are you saying you won`t give me any information on the shooting?.....To which she responded......"No,I can`t give you any information on the shooting".....And with that the phone call ended........Well my friends, the lack of an answer spoke volumes, I tricked her into saying ...."I can`t give you any information on the shooting".......Like I said, it`s obvious to me that Vanoc, on the 30 day count down to the Olympics, with a worldwide Olympic push, they have shut down the bad news from Vancouver. You see folks, with the 30 day countdown being blasted around the world, people looking up information on Vancouver would hear about the shooting, is this what Vancouver is turning into, news being surpressed,news that the public has a right to know,news that has public safety implications?

If I get any new information I will keep updating,if any of my faithful readers and contributors hear anything,don`t hesitate in posting a comment.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes-Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant: I have to commend you for your prolific pace in posts and your diligence in digging up information on what's happening in our province. Your site is mandatory reading. Enough brown-nosing for now.

The comments made by Plecas about the RCMP harken me back to the history of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover and all the propaganda about his and their crimefighting, chasing bankrobbers and communists while organized crime (La Cosa Nostra)flourished during that period. History repeats itself here in BC.

Also, your comment about the drug problem throughout Vancouver and other smaller BC cities: I've seen the same things in Eastern US and European cities. Much of it comes from youth who don't have jobs because there aren't many and those available aren't paying enough to support them to live in those cities. I can't forget Clacton on Sea in Britain, a crumbling, old seaside resort where the public washrooms have blacklighting so the addicts won't be able to find their veins and won't hang around to shoot up. It's the future of Vancouver and BC if we keep following the road we're on with the Campbell Crime Family (thanks Kootcoot).

Just my $.02.

mr perfect.

Norm Farrell said...

The amateur sleuth in me supposes that the big players in the drug trade encourage little wars on the streets between mid-level dealers to keep the RCMP happily occupied and that part of the trade in fairly constant upheaval. Someone grows too big and wants to rise above their station and get into wholesale distribution? He falls victim to internal warfare. The police are fed tips to allow them success at the mid-level and below.

The heavyweights, the ones who have been on top for literally decades, get richer and richer and keep their names out of the news and spread their investments so widely their children will be so legitimate, they can own a sports franchise.

akston said...

Hey Grant, found your site through your link on the Globe article about Weibo. I don't think I'd agree with the guy on everything, but Encana and the RCMP should quit harassing him and, you know, blowing shit up. They're only giving his little religious commune's neo-luddite campaign a national platform. I run a site breaking down the news as well... statismwatch.ca

Grant G said...

Askton...This story wasn`t really about Ludwig,it was about the RCMP and Darryl Plecas and his story(Informants destroying BC gangs from the inside,expert)

I believe his story probably caused a murder in Vancouver last night,and because we are hosting the Olympics in 29 days,Vanoc ordered the Story surpressed...I spotted the story in the Vancouver Sun last night,2 hours after my original post, the story was about a man shot in the chest in the West end of Vancouver, I added the link and updated my post and an hour later the story vanished,the victim was taken to St Paul hospital I believe.

Since when can Vanoc order the Canwest media chain to surpress a story,Olympics or no Olympics,this is public information,a public safety issue...Vanoc doesn`t want any stories about our gang wars getting out to the world, we have a right to know!

As for Ludwig, I have two post on my home page on Ludwig....

(One man`s terrorist is another man`s freeddom fighter)


(John Les,ICBC,Kash Heed,nothing to see here)

I think you will find them informative.


jaydee said...

Hi Grant,
I predicted two weeks before the last provincial election while all was quiet on the western front that Bacon and his fall guy who got 15!! years for this Surrey slaughter would be released, case closed, right after the election. Update.....right after Campbell's games?? Are you familiar with the mother of the young neighbour guy who got slaughtered, Mohan? His mother (and I) are members of F.A.C.T. and she is a true hero, she stays on Bacons, et al and won't leave them alone. Really gutsy lady and might be a good contact for you. Thanks for all the great info and all your hard work. You make my day every day.

jaydee said...

PS, I have my doubts that Campbell has any control any more, I think the 'organized' gangsters do???

Grant G said...

Thanks Jaydee,I`ll look into it...F.A.C.T.

Although my specialty is organized "Government crime"

Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Grant, there is nothing on the VPD media release site, no press release, nothing.

Upon waking this morning, I received two email alerts to this shooting via CKNW, yet the story does not appear on their site yet.

The province, nothing

The sun, nothing,

CBC, nothing

News 1130 nothing

But, thank god for the Kelowna paper.....

who is running this on their site:


Man shot in downtown Vancouver
Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 | 1:41 am

Canwest News Service

Shots rang out on a tree-lined residential street in Vancouver's west end Tuesday night, leaving one man seriously injured, say reports.

It's believed the shooting took placeat 1219 Harwood St., near Bute, in an older apartment building called "The Chelsea."

Police would not confirm reports of the shooting, but a resident of the complex said there were multiple ambulances out front.

Global news told The Sun late Tuesday that the victim appeared to still be alive but in severe medical distress. Emergency medical crews were on scene treating the victim, who was thought to have been shot in the chest.

More details to come

* cut and pasted in its entirety in case this disappears too.....

Perhaps it would do to call the VPD media contacts directly, no? make them issue a release.

Grant G said...

Laila, I read the stort last night,then Canwest yanked it,I called St Paul hospital...Someone was shot...

Vanoc must of ordered the story gone, watching Global news this morning, the 6:00 am early news, they led with breaking news.."Cypress mountain closed to public skiing to preserve snow"
Then 90 seconds on Haiti..Then more Vanoc,Vanoc parking,Vanoc busses,restraurants preparing for Olympics,Then Vanoc transportation plan...

You see what is going on Laila,yesterday was the start of the world ad about Olympics,they (Vanoc/Canwest/Campbell)

Don`t want the world`s people googling,looking up on Vancouver and reading about "Our ongoing gang war" or Ludwig the bomber.

The news on Canwest Global T.V. news is sad, the biggest story of the year,thousands dead and they are talking about Cypress mountain,bus riding,parking,now that is sick!

I laugh at the Campbell Olympics,their cursed..H1N1..Flying terrorism..World recession...no snow...El nino...Now a massive earthquake in Haiti...6000 Canadians in Haiti and Canwest Global(Stevethe dork Darling) and his side kick are talking Snow,Cypress,parking.

Where are their priorities!

Grant G said...

Laila..Do you realize how stupid it is/was for the RCMP and Darryl Plecas to air that story about low level gang bangers ratting out.imforming on their bosses...

This shooting may well have been caused by that story,and,it may cause even more murders and shooting,.....

How FFFiing stupid are Canwest/RCMP and Darryl Plecas...What a bunch of idiots who can`t think outside the box.

A Public Affairs trick gone bad....IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

The grand masters of the drug trade masquerade as solid citizens of the community. But one must question how they accumulated wealth.

Where I live and have lived for over 50 years, the so called solid citizens were drug dealers and enforcers in my youth. Their money has been made on the blood of those addicted to their product.

For too long I have seen the rise in stature of these "solid citizens' and how they have married into (and bred into) legitimate wealth. The only goal of the drug lord in BC is to appear legitimate, to be a elite.

We are too polite to ask some very basic questions like "How did you make your money", for wealth in BC and not how you made your wealth, is the prime criteria in joining the elite classes.

As the majority of our politicians and their hanger on are in the 'elite' class, they hob-nob regularily with the drug gangsters.

The RCMP are too timid, too controlled to investigate the real drug lords, hell look what they have done to BC Rail gate.

I will remain anonymous with this post as the drug czars and their minions do scan the blogs and deal with those who try to expose them.

Even I was told to "watch your back" and "I think you are mistaken in school who were villains" by the thugs trying to endear themselves to their drug masters. And this in a local pub, by someone I barely knew who heard a conversation I had in my backyard!

BC Mary said...


Just ... THANKS.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous.

You shocked me there. Where did you grow up? In Canada. Oh, sweet privilege...Anyone having grown up in Europe and hearing it all from older family members, who lived through the 2nd WW and then the cold war, would know better than having conversations in his backyard. 'Feind hoert mit'. Have a care, man. Read the book:
At every door-way,
ere one enters,
one should spy round,
one should pry round,
for uncertain is the witting
that there be no foeman sitting,
within, before one on the floor.

(the Havamal)

Stay alive. We need you...in spades!

zalm said...

Don't be in too much of a hurry to say the hospitals are on VANOCs payroll. They have been dealing with PIPA laws for more than a dozen years and have lots of experience in keeping on the right side of the law. They're not allowed to say anything about a patient - not even whether he or she is in there or not - until they have that patient's permission, and that can be difficult to get from an unconscious and bleeding individual.

Also, all the majors have big media relations departments and all employees have express instructions not to talk to the media under any circumstances, but to refer all inquiries to the (often 24-hours-available) media officer. The alternative is a variety of spankings administered by bosses - I know because I've been on the wrong end of one or two of the early ones. Too many embarrassing details leaking out or something....

But keep digging - it would be no surprise to find out Canvas Goebbels is vetting all stories through VANOC's morning meeting.

Grant G said...

Zalm...I am in no way laying any blame or anything at the feet of the hospital or their employees,Canwest has some explaining to do.

The RCMP have some explaining to do..

In Bejiing,stories were stifled pre-Olympics,tourist destinations surpress the news too, Hawaii is good at surpressing the news...Mexico surpressed their raging gang war from big media for a long time,until it exploded and even they couldn`t stem the flow.

This is a classic Vanoc and the IOC...Yesterday they launched the big world push...The 30 day count down, and Zalm, the friendly gal in the emergency room at ST Paul hospital, did her job well, she told me what I needed to know,she all but admitted there was a shooting victim there...And,I never wanted information on the victim`s medical condition,I only wanted to know that there was a shooting victim.


Andrea said...

Yeah, I am looking on to the fact.

Thanks for this beautiful post.
Thanks, once more.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I spoked with Vancouver Sun editor Kirk Lapointe, who told me this incident was a suicide, in which they kill the story for consideration.

Grant G said...

Laila....Do you really think that Kirk Lapointe would admit that they pulled a story because of Vanoc or the Olympics?

They would never pull a story out of the paper that fast over a suicide, there was no Personal NAME mentioned...I have seen stories about abandoned cars on bridges...(they never pulled those stories because of suicide) or bridge jumpers...It doesn`t make sense Laila, how did the Vancouver sun know it was a suicide in an HOUR?

Sheesh....What excuse could Kirk Lapointe make?

When pigs fly!

Grant G said...

Well...Who knows...After all, Kirk Lapointe...The RCMP...The Vancouver police..

Kirk Lapointe is as honest in reporting as say "Mother Teresa"

Kirk Lapointe with a conscience? Ethical reporting,complete reporting, amazing how they knew it was a suicide SO FAST..Amazing,did the victim confess,was the gun or rifle laying near the body in a way that proved it was suicide SO QUICKLY,the CSI guys knew it was suicide that quickly,never mind,nothing to see here,move along!

No doubt they have been swamped with inquiries about the incident, what other story could they manufacture?

Lastly,at any time in the future there can be a charge laid for murder,like say after the Olympics.

BC Mary said...

Kirk La Pointe (going by what Laila reports) makes it sound like a legitimate policy at Vancouver Sun, to avoid publishing stories about suicides.

But they didnt avoid it. I saw that story last night. Chelsea Apartments and all.

I went back today to look for it again, using Grants URL. Only a message popped up: Sorry, this story is not available.

Uhh, what story was that, Kirk.

Anonymous said...

The night staff at CKNW and other outlets often print stories online to "break news",only to have to remove or modify them after they find out the facts. Do you think perhaps every bloody person in town responded to shots fired, then of course, they have to go in, then they secure the location.... only to find a suicide note and a dead person?

The Kelowna story is part of the canwest chain,they didn't update it and all other media outlets dropped it within the same time period. In fact, some didn't bother reporting it.

Mary, Grant, I've made some more calls,and as far as I can determine and for all intents and purposes,it was a violent suicide.Ask any newsperson, when a "shooting" or a police incident turns out to be something of this nature,if a story was printed, it is dropped, names or no names,in consideration of any family who might come across it. Often reporters and editors on the night beat will automatically put something online in an effort to be the first to break the news, only to find within a short time they have to take it down, or correct it. Not defending, just saying that is the way it is.

If someone can provide something to show differently, I'd be glad to see it and will stand corrected. But until I can find something else to indicate this is a cover up,this is where I'm leaving it. And contrary to what you claim Grant, suicides are not routinely reported or mentioned, unless it happens to be a jumper tying up the bridge, then it is referred to as a police incident.

Anonymous said...

zalm AKA GWest

Anonymous said...

Laila is correct in that it is standard media policy not to report suicides. I'm aware of people jumping through plate glass windows on the 30th floor in downtown Vancouver to people putting a pistol/shotgun in their mouth in order to blow there head off.

Very violent and sad stuff but it historically is never reported by the media.

Even when the Lions Gate Bridge and other bridges are closed for "jumpers", the media typically only refers to it as a "police incident" with very rare exceptions.

Grant G said...

You can think what you want Laila...The IOC trumps our courts,our laws,Vanoc trumps everything in Vancouver,Vanoc controls libraries,private businesses, our government, they control every message, including if a message even gets out..They control roads, ferries, borders,they control signs you have on your store front,even if they have been there forever, even outdoor umbrella for cafes have to be removed if there is ANY writing on it...
Even Gregor Robertson is being pushed to Drive a GM Hybrid car and not drive his Mitsibishi Hybrid.

And suicide, either jumping,overdose, gunshot,wrist slitting, they`re all violent,and.....

A story last year in the Canwest chain..A Woman falls 16 stories to her death in Victoria after trying to get down to the lower floor, they mentioned the building,the suite number.

Who were they trying to protect last night, allthey had to do was update by saying accidental shooting or domestic,remove the apartment name.....

And lastly Laila...I read the story last night,it came out with few details,it said details to follow....15 minutes later the story WAS UPDATED ..With mention of witness,with mention of the apartment and...There was even a map of the west end with all the streets,cross streets and a big bright red spot exactly where it was.

Thanks, I think you have done all you can for this story, I`ll take it from here, we will see after the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Grant, I see that you posted this over at Laila's place:

"And why was a police officer trying to contact me today, well,asking where I live? A police officer connected to the premier"

Holy S#$@ man, that has to be the biggest news story of the day!!

What's going on???!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead Grant,you do that. I see that I have been dismissed. But be sure to tell more about the RCMP officer who is connected to the premier who was asking where you live. Because that, that is truly a story that needs to be told, names and all.

Grant G said...

Look friends, my original post was about the Darryl Plecas story, it`s my claim that it was a stupid mistake for the Plecas story to be aired,I wrote about a potential for triggering violence,and I stand by that...I posted my story at 8.35 pm...90 minutes later there was a shooting,a coincidence? Perhaps...

My post ended directly above the three updates,now I don`t know whether it was suicide or murder,as for Kirk Lapointe...

For him or his paper to claim honest reporting...well, Canwest has no problem in deceiving the entire province,omitted facts,blatant shlocky reporting,Canwest has no difficulty in bad,no brutal reporting,no research,one sided research so excuse me if I don`t trust Kirk Lapointe and Canwest....

As for the police, tasering,resigning to avoid investigations,including Kash Heed, Ian Bush,that other guy shot in a field, monty robinson,and other police deliberating lying.

If you want to look at something,go to craigd lists and look at the rants, I read a rant yesterday that was ranting about the Van Sun..His rant was...I was in the story they reported,they don`t know what their talking about(The Vancouver Sun) and there are loys more like that there.

Kirk lapointe on Translink,on Canada line,on Golden ears bridge,on BC Ferries,on run of river, ON NAIKUN...Misleading lying press releasing that I reported on...

So for me to make a leap of faith and believe Kirk Lapointe or police in this province..Here are a few more,no charges over ICBC rigged auction...The guy the police shot in north van on Sunday, monday he was in recovery after surgery, he talked to his lawyer,his family after the surgery,2 hours later he was dead.


Anonymous said...

Grant - Gordo the Scumball using the RCMP for his own personal purposes to shut you up?

That has to be the BIGGEST breaking story of the New Year!

If I were you, I would have Brian break the news on the three stooges at CKNW this Friday. For that matter, take it to the major news media. I'm sure one of the outlets will bite.

You seem to have enough information to take Gordo the Scumball down yourself.

And when that happens, we will ALL be PROUD of you!!!!

Grant G said...

Here`s the deal about today...A month ago I sent Campbell an email, I called him a fffiiinnggg asshole for all the cuts to everything, I said you deceived BCers about the deficit,about the HST, and I finished with "Me and my volunteers are looking forward to recall in November 2010"

It was an Email, I wasn`t hiding,anyways my IP address links to a Burnaby phone number, my dad took a phone call in Burnaby from this person,my dad then called me and gave me this guy`s phone number,I called him,got an answering machine,I left this message.."Hello, look,I am no threat,there was no threat in my email,yes bad language should never be used,I won`t email Campbell agian,my language was bad but the deception from Campbell about the cuts,the deficit,the HST is far worse,Campbell misled the entire province,and I imagine that 3.5 million people feel the same way I do,anyways I won`t email Campbell again" The end.

20 minutes later my phone rang,it was my dad,heasked if I had talked to this guy,I said yes,I got a machine and left a message,my dad said he didn`t call you back, I said no,WHY?

Dad said this guy called him back and said he got my message and he wanted to talk to me,dad gave him my number,so dad thought he was going to call me,but he didn`t, then dad told me he wanted my address which he gave.

Why didn`t he call ME Back? Why the address?

Does everyone who used the f bomb on Campbell get a call or visit,I can`t be alone in letting rip on Campbell.

How dangerous could a curser be using a traceable email and IP address?


Evil Eye said...

Over 60 people have been killed by SkyTrain since it began operations in 1985, yet because most of the deaths were suicides, the media does not report them. This gives the impression to the public that there has been no deaths on SkyTrain.

Of course TransLink doesn't say anything to the contrary and carry on with the charade that SkyTrain is extremely safe.

In Europe, EEC safety laws demand that automated (driverless) metros like SkyTrain have sliding platform gates to prevent suicides. TransLink has rejected and thought of installing sliding platform gates, so the SkyTrain deaths go on and on.

It is a damn scandal!

Grant G said...

Things that make me go HMMM...The incident under debate occured on Harwood street...

I heard on the radio this morning a rather odd story, although probably not related..

Last night on Harwood street several blocks from the "Incident"....The report stated that there was a small fire in a building,according to the report which didn`t make much sense to me..The words spoken on the radio were from a firechief..

He said...We think the man was sleeping and was woken by the noise, we believe the man was confused,he went out the wrong exit and somehow plummeted to his death from the balcony.
The firechief then stated ....We quickly had the fire exstinguished.

Harwood street seems to be a lively place,just food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Yep, must be another cover up. Here's the story. http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/local/2010/01/14/12463176.html

Man falls to death during apartment fire

A man desperately trying to escape from an apartment fire died late Wednesday night after falling from a sixth storey balcony in downtown Vancouver.

Fire crews were called out to a 23-storey apartment at 1021 Harwood Street, near Burrard, around 11:45 p.m. to find the man, in his mid-30s, suffering from injuries on the street.
Firefighters believe the fire likely woke the victim but he may have still been disoriented while trying to escape, which led to his fall from the balcony.

Firefighters quickly put out the fire, which was contained to a single unit on the sixth floor.

No other injuries were reported.

Grant G said...

Laila....That`s a cheap shot!!!!!

The radio report said there was an exit he could of went out,the report said he made a wrong turn.


By the way...LAILA

My sources told me...

The "Incident" on Harwood "The Shooting"

There was a tenent meeting going on in the lobby of the buliding at the time of the shooting,the manager AT the meeting never heard the shot,according to my source, The man shot was friendly,appeared happy,had a girlfriend who was at the tenent meeting, my source told me when I mentioned the suicide claim...Stated "that was hard to believe"

And..Police are still treating as a crime scene,and the police were there most of that night,and, the next day(yesterday) police were in and out most of the day,there was also reporters milling around, my source has told me that the police have still said nothing to people in the building as to murder or suicide!

And ..Apparantly the victim was a Buddist.

Anyways Laila, why you want to go after me is odd, I never asked you to run with the story or to call your new friend Kirk Lapointe from the reputable Vancouver sun(insert sarcasm here)

Maybe you can find more information from the bc lIBERAL web site :Vote Smart:

Grant G said...

I didn`t read the story about the fire, I listened to the words on the radio from the fire chief and only reported what was said.

My interest was, it was on the same street, Harwood.

We will see Laila,not about the fire, lets see if Vancouver goes without ANY MURDERS BEFORE the OLYMPICS..A whole month,I have my theories.

Anonymous said...

Here's the issue I have Grant.

You claim to be open-minded, but from what I have seen here,you have shown yourself to be exactly the opposite.
May I remind you of the ridiculing manner you went after me recently,simply for asking you some very valid questions about John Horgan and how people are expected to vote for him when no one knows who he even is. I brought up several real concerns that to this day, you still haven't addressed. You were not even willing to look at my points, you just jumped down my throat and starting calling names.

To me, that one attack was so demonstrative of the attitude many NDP'ers are trying to get away from. You see your answer, so therefore anyone who questions it or has a differing opinion,must be the enemy.

If your idea of passion and your quest for political change within the NDP means calling names, saying people are being brainwashed and using foul language,you can keep it.What you represent here, is more of what they are offering now.

Personally,I looked at the Rants and Rave sections in Craigslist, and found nothing but a bunch of bizarre group of more than slightly insane ramblings from people I suspect live in their parents basements and don't get out much.I don't have time to read crap like that,nor would I choose to.That you would even refer to the Rants and Raves to make a point, is doing a dis-service to yourself, and your work.

That brainwashing slag directed to me was, in my opinion, so clearly demonstrative of the attitude that many NDP members are trying to get away from. Closeminded and not open to questions and challenges. You've simply wrapped it up in your own agenda. Shutting people up who don't agree with you is just the same shit,different pile. You can have it. I would like to see an NDP where peaple are allowed to speak where they aren't ridiculed.

You have brought some great stories to the blogosphere, some issues that would never have seen the light of day had you not pursued them. I've been blogging a hell of a lot longer than you, and I know very well how the media works at burying stories. I, and other bloggers, have called them on it time and time and time again,so don't feed me your condescending bullshit line about how I don't know anything about what they will and won't cover up. Been there,done that. I pride myself on revealing truth through facts, not supposition and outright falsehoods.Blogger credibility depends on checking your facts before you post.For far too long we bloggers have been the subject of mockery, and we have strived to bring the best to the public. And this is done beside the fact that there are many bloggers who do print garbage,do venture into slander and libel, and make it harder for the rest of us to make a living.

Will the media suppress stories over the Olympics? Yes, indoubtibly.But not everything is a conspiracy Grant.

Grant G said...

No Laila, your wrong, my brainwash story was not directed at you,it was a factual story.

Anyone who watches our legislature knows who John Horgan is, obviously you don`t watch government at work!

You googled up Horgan and quoted from VOTE SMART...VOTE SMART LAILA? Like the attack on the NDP`s KIM who resigned from running over touching a breast!
WOW....John Horgan,the best the NDP have,you would know that if you watched the legislature.

I am not an NDPer...I`m an independent, and as you can see I have gone after the NDP in many posts.

You obviously don`t listen to radio or watch the legislature...In fact every LIBERAL MLA gets a talking point sheet,mention fast ferries,doom and gloom 90s...job loss 90s every chance you can get.Did you ever read a story The Tyee reported :It`s not answer period,it`s question period:....And the media was complicit in the brainwashing

"Repeat a story over and over again and eventually it`s regarded as true"

And no the story wasn`t directed at you.

Your cheap shot about the so-called fire was uncalled for!!!!!

Read the story in the province, the police are still investigating the incident...Who knows, maybe it was robbery, bonk someone on the head,light a fire,toss someone off the bacony then flee,cover one`s track....It`s possible,wouldn`t be the first time...And no I am not saying that is what happened.

Check out a justine Hunter article, She said that John Horgan was at the top of the list for NDP leadership....Just because you are not up to date doesn`t mean everyone else isn`t.

Last point...Your shot was cheap! I`ll put my integrity up against Kirk Lapointe and Canwest everytime!

Laila Yuile said...

God grant, you just keep digging, don't you? Go back and read what you wrote, you said I've been brainwashed.and you go further everytime you imply, through your choice of language, that I am stupid, naive and not up to date.
Me, not up to date? I guess you don't spend a lot of time reading my site,nor do you have a clue what I do. Wouldn't it be nice if did? Because then you might not be so inclined to turn on those that are working towards the same cause.

You are still missing the point,by a mile.

AS I said before,I quoted from votesmart to show you what the average person would find when they went looking for information on John Horgan, and to show you that the average person might take that as fact, because the fellow really doesn't have much of a public persona with the common people in the rest of BC.

That is fact.

As is the point that the average person in BC does not watch Legislature TV, so to rely on that as a vehicle for getting word out about this Horgan, is akin to hitting your head on a brick wall.

You are operating on the idea that everyone in BC has the time and inclination to dig out truth from fact,and they don't, remember?

There is a large percentage of the population who never read blogs,never read the Tyee, and rely on either The Sun,The Province and their local papers for all the news they get.

And I can tell you, there hasn't been much about him in any of those mainstream venues.

IT doesn't matter how many writers, political analysts or columnists say how great he is, if he has nothing tangible out there for regular people to build on. And the fact that BC Mary had to ask who he is should set off some alarm bells in you head,or would you say she is not up to date either?

And you must know what I am saying here, I think this is pretty clear. I'm not saying he is the wrong person, in fact, I never said that.I am, and have said, that he doesn't have the province wide persona that I think is needed to be a successful leader. I also questioned his past business ventures, and what he is currently working on. Hardly a crime.

Grant,if you are an " independant", Why then are you advocating so hard to get Carol out and John in? One could argue an independant wouldn't give a hoot who ran for leadership of the NDP. And, one could also argue that an independant would hardly make the time to travel to the convention to chat up John Horgan et al. Not that it is a bad thing,but all this doesn't jive with much of what you've written.

Anonymous said...

Grant said - "John Horgan,the best the NDP have". I certainly HOPE that you are right!!

Blogger Jonathon Ross, who is heavily linked with Vision Vancouver and the Vancouver NDP recently posted this:

"And now I have received a few emails that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is quietly preparing for the day that Premier Campbell announces his departure. More specifically, a major staff shakeup in the Mayor’s office as of January 1 has indicated to many political observers in the know that Watts is building her organization in a more formal and structured way."

"Couple this with a Carole Taylor run that at this point seems inevitable"


So Grant why isn't John Horgan setting up a political machine to replace CJ and what do you think about Horgan's chances against Watts or Taylor?

Grant G said...

I think he`s a shoe in...People don`t like to admit it but there are many in this province who won`t vote for a female premier.

And I think the NDP are making a huge mistake by not changing their leaders first!

Carole James is the glue holding the BC Liberals together,she`s hanging on thinking Campbell is going to run,he isn`t,I don`t know what Slow Mihota is thinking!

Grant G said...

One more thing about Dianne Watts or Carole Taylor.....Every BC Liberal is complicit with the election fraud, all Campbeel`s cabal are ignoring their constituents....

So I put it this way, having Dianne Watts or Carole Taylor as leader of the BC Liberals is....



Anonymous said...

The true colours of Dianne Watts are appearing. I thought when she started things would change, but they're the same old same old when it comes to developers as McCallum. And spending 3 million for an olympic party is absurd. Taxes are high enough and lookout when the party's done! She's just another liberal sidekick as far as I'm concerned.

Laila said...

At least we agree on this Grant.

I live in the southern part of Surrey now, lived in Newton for some time, but if she runs the province like this city, we are all in for a rude awakening. Look at the Georgia Straight for how she does things: http://www.straight.com/article-280543/vancouver/watts-dodges-questions-about-family-business

This has been going on since forever.But hey, it's not her business...

Some say she has done wonders, but talking recently to a Watts supporter who claims she walked into a big mess left by previous mayors, I gave an example of what she is responsible for allowing to happen.

She and the RCMP ran roughshod over Whalley, to clean it up, and attract businesses. Didn't work really, but there were some interesting things that happened following these sweeps.

One thing was that all the crime and dimer bag hookers and crackheads moved down King George into Newton. That happened within the last 5 years she has been in power, no one else. Newton is a disaster, despiter efforts to clean it up now too.

The still relatively new mall back up at Surrey Central is half vacant,and only appears to be busy during the week days when SFU students are walking about. Other than that, it is a ghost town. Hardly a whopping success- who wants to go to Whalley to mall shop?

Development has run rampant with no structure or forethought to accomodate all the influx in terms of utilities, services and schooling. Of course, then we have the secondary suite debacle, still ongoing. Toss in some new casino plans and slots and you have a wonderful, family mecca of safety and community.....


I live here. I see what she has done,and I fear her as much, if not more than Campbell. She is well known in the lower mainland for being the developers best friend. Just drive around here.

Anonymous said...

Farmland disappearing, forests disappearing at alarming rate. This under Watts. And Laila is right about the suite issue, some councillors have these illegal suites. Oh and every once in awhile the Surrey papers have pics of her and her bud Falcon doing the smooze with someone in town. Yeah, another lieberal in training.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Bill Tieleman can talk sense to CJ regarding stepping down thereby allowing time to rebuild? He seems to be respected in the party...

Grant G said...

Bill Teileman Like myself believe the NDP should lean harder left,workers rights,seniors rights,improve social conditions....And no it`s not socialism.
Big business won`t play ball with the NDP no matter what, so no point in losing votes by bootlicking,there are far more workers in BC than there are CEOs.
Right now the party is in flux,go right,go left,by going right they`re going wrong.

The BC Liberals are being led by a madman,the NDP is rudderless.

Carole James is being very selfish,she can step down and still be making good money.

God damn this province...$600 million dollars plus for a retractable roof.....

($500 thousand dollars for Haiti relief.)

$10 billion dollars to save GM Canada, that works out to over 1 million dollars per worker.

$ 400 million dollars plus for subsidies to oil n gas in this province this year,and $200 million dollars in subsidies to BC Banks this year,that deal inked by Campbell and Carole Taylor, I hove Carole Taylor is enjoying her $ 300 hundred thousand dollar a year gig with TD bank!
Priorities right? Ethics wrong!

Leah said...

If we could stop ourselves from thinking right or left - and start thinking right or wrong...we might end up with with respectable government!

Right now we have no decent party in this province to vote for...we have the liberals, and liberals light. Neither of which is worth blowing to the hot place.