Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Site C...Two hours with Norm Farrell and Canadian Glen....A look down into the rabbit hole..

(updated here, December 8th/2017)...Come election 2021, Site C will still be 5 to 6 years away from completion, or longer, cost overruns on Site C will drip out month in, month out...election 2021..all Site C cost overruns will be blamed on John Horgan's 2017 waffling...Election meme 2021 will be...why did Horgan not do the economically right thing for ratepayers.....As a political hawk...John Horgan has zero chance in 2021 if he approves Site C...many progressive voters, myself included will not vote they will have proven themselves to be merely BC Liberal clones...

First term governments, do the tough thing early in your mandate....the tough thing to do, actually, the easy thing to do is cancel Site C...

It's my belief that the want of power, the want of a second term as premier will trump all....and Site C will be cancelled...

Lastly.....I think Doug Routley would make a good new BC NDP leader....for if i'm wrong..John Horgan will be un-electable in 2021...NDPs 2017 platform..

$400 dollar renters grant promise...gone....$10 dollar utter disaster on all ability to stop Kinder Morgan as it is a federal jurisdiction problem...unafforadable housing crisis will not be resolved...ICBC rates will rise..BC hydro rates will rise with or without Site other words...The only election promise Horgan will have kept is toll elimination...Now that's funny in a way...For that Toll Elimination election winning idea came not from John Horgan and the NDP Party but from me...Grant G and The Straight Goods..The proof is here..

Update ended here.....


Below is Canadian Glen's Showpage....Grab some popcorn and twizzlers and something bubbly to drink(or coffee)....two hours on Site C...The bad, and the ugly....There is no "good" to be found..

Do Canada's Dam Disasters Come In 3's? Muskrat Falls, Keeyask...Site C?


Many things come in 3's. The 3 Musketeers. The 3 Stooges. 3 Blind Mice. 3 Ring Circus. Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil.
Are the 3 disaster dams for Canada:
  • Muskrat Falls - Labrador's money-pit will finish at close to 100% overbudget, years behind schedule and will multiply by 5 the monthly bill of every NALCOR customer for who knows how long, maybe forever
  • Keeyask - Hydro Manitoba went "too big to fail" but ratepayers can cover what has years to go and has risen 40% in cost with less than 20% done
  • Site C - BC Hydro's boondoggle may likely cost more than $12 billion if completed, costing ratepayers for at least 70 years for who knows the total
Muskrat Falls nears completion as a Commission of Inquiry seeks why they got a white elephant at double the cost before generating a watt. Keeyask may be the most remote of the 3 and is a long way from generating power as its budget skyrockets at this early stage. Another 100% overrun is possible.
Many things make Site C different. The Clean Energy Act 2010 for one. There are openings for Horgan to reverse-Clark on BC Hydro. The much bigger economy of BC. But what is clear is Site C output would have no market now or the foreseeable future.
Norm Farrell of and Grant G of join us to look at all 3, the similarities in risks and the big differences on Site C.


Send the blogcast to your friend, to your your them....Every little effort helps...This is our future, the insolvency of BC Hydro...

Special thanks to Norman Farrell....and our illustrious host Canadian Glen...

The Straight Goods

Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Another fine broadcast. Norm Farrell is always great and I thought you were particularly powerful in the last 15 minutes Grant, when you talked about how hopeful many British Columbians were when the NDP/Green Coalition formed government. I imagine the NDP have been left with a big mess to clean up, but I will be disappointed if they let Site C go ahead, and like many will be obliged to vote Green next time if that happens. A shame, but there it is.

Great broadcast, though. Thanks and well done. Many thanks also to Canadian Glen - great discussion and much more informative than our pitiful mainstream media.

Bill said...

Thanks for all all your efforts Grant, Norm and Glen .I have-mailed John Horgan, left a voice mail to him and also phoned and spoke to someone in his office to voice my concerns.

Easy to do, contacts found in seconds on google. We can reassure the premier and the NDP to do the right thing for all British Columbians for now and generations to come.


North Van's Grumps said...

If WAC Bennett Dam breaks, so too will all the other downstream dams eg. Peace Canyon Dam and Site C. Maybe the only reason that Site C has to be built is because the WAC Bennett Dam / Williston Reservoir needs to reduce the overall height due to the ongoing leakage through the dam that SNC Lavin hasn't fixed at $123 million. A billion maybe!?

Grant G said...

If that is indeed the reason for Site C NVG...The experts need to tell us such...

I never once heard anybody say that about Site C...You can't spend $12 billion for the stated purpose of future energy needs when the alleged real reason is other dams failing...

Sorry NVG....I ain't biting on that thought..

North Van's Grumps said...

Reference: W.A.C. Bennett Dam Design and Condition

The 2012 report issued by the Expert Engineering Panel (EEP), notes that the upper part of the dam may be vulnerable to internal erosion through concentrated cracks when the reservoir is HIGH. The EEP recommends that the three issues, rip-rap repair, seismic resistance, and vulnerability to cracking and internal erosion be considered simultaneously to produce a solution that addresses the three identified risks to the upper part of the dam. To better understand the risks the EEP recommends investigations into seismic stability and cementation of the high carbonate fines in the dam.

BC Hydro WAC Bennett Dam Expert Engineering panel report

North Van's Grumps said...

PS The EEP report, partially, is on Laila's blog post

Hugh said...

The 2010 BC Clean Energy Act is a bundle of crap which benefits IPPs at BC Hydro's expense.

So Site C needs to be looked at in the context of the CE Act, since it is part of that foul, corrupt package: the CE Act exempts Site C from scrutiny by the BCUC.

Brad Bennett, former chair of BC Hydro, said that Site C was needed in order for BC Hydro to be able to accommodate additional power from IPPs.

As you pointed out, IPP power is what is bankrupting BC Hydro.